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James sat on the edge of his bed. He wiped a hand through his blonde hair as he contemplated his next actions. He wore a plain white shirt and faded blue jeans with thin but stylish tears that ran horizontally across the knees. His blue eyes glanced over at the digital alarm clock that sat on his dresser. Across the hall was the bathroom, steam rose up in thin wispy coils from beneath the door. The light glowed through the cracks in the door and James could clearly see that the door was not completely closed nor was it locked. His mother, Claire, never shut the door. James contemplated his next actions, the same way he did almost every morning.

The shower turned off and the curtain drew open with a sound of metal rings moving across a metal rod. James went rigid and a few moments later his mother walked out. The door opened and a blast of warm humid steam filled air rushed into the open hall. Clair was a beautiful woman in her early forties. Slightly taller than average with brunette hair that hung down past her shoulders, a body that she worked on every day in the gym. She had kind blue eyes and full pink lips that smiled with the warmth of the sun in a summer day. A pink fluffy towel was wrapped around her body and another towel wrapped at her head. Her large breasts jiggled and bounced as she walked out of the bathroom. Her hips swung naturally from side to side and the towel only just covered her perky ass. James stared at his mother and his everything went stiff.

“Good morning sweetie.” She said.

“M-morning mom.” He stuttered in reply.

“I’ll be out in just a few minutes to take you to school. Make sure you have all your things together.” She said and walked into her room and shut the door. James wiped away the sweat that covered his forehead and hands. He stood up and grabbed his backpack and checked to ensure he had all his textbooks. James glanced over his shoulder to the hall and contemplated doing it. James was eighteen and a freshman in college.

He was taller than the average boy, slightly more muscular and to top it all off, he was in love with his mother. He hadn’t realized it until he noticed he was having feelings that he had only had about his first girlfriend. For two years he had been pining over his mother. He wanted to tell her. Wanted to touch her and kiss her and…he turned away and zipped up his backpack and headed down the stairs. James couldn’t tell his mother about how he felt. He was sure that she’d reject him or maybe send him away to a boarding school or to go live with his father across the country. Neither of which he wanted to do. He only had two more years left of school. Once he was twenty and going to work he could tell her the truth. James swallowed hard and adjusted his pants. He wondered if he could wait another two years.

Clair sat on the edge of her bed. The warmth of her skin from the shower was spreading to places. The feel of the soft fabric on her skin brought about a sensation that triggered sensual thoughts. She let the towel unravel and fall to the bed. She got up and walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. In it were all her delicates. Thongs, panties, bras and such. She pushed them aside and at the front was a small little tab. She pulled it and the hidden bottom lifted up and under the fake drawer were several sex toys. A series of anal plugs. A couple vibrators and some dildos. She pulled out the shortest vibrator and sat back down on the bed. She opened her legs and switched it on.

The toy hummed to life and she pressed it against her soft wet lips. Pleasure crept up her vagina and along her labia and she moved up and down. She leaned back and tilted head back as the vibrating dildo reached her clitoris. Claire stifled a moan and pressed the head of the toy against her clitoris with more pressure. “James” she gasped softly, barely a whisper. She moved the head of the vibrator in slow but steady circles around her clitoris. The pressure inside of her was building. “James” she said again. She stifled another moan which escaped in the form of a whine as she climaxed.

She twitched as the orgasm pulsed through her body for a few more seconds. Claire wished that James would accidentally walk in on her at that time, it was why she left every door unlocked and cracked open. Claire wanted to tell him just how much she wanted him, how much she loved him and desired him. Claire sighed and turned the toy off and sat up. She was in love with her own son. She mentally berated herself for having such thoughts but at the same time she couldn’t help it. James was growing up and he was looking more like a handsome man with each passing year.

He was tall and strong. In fact, last time they went into the doctor’s office he was measured at being six foot and one inch and there was still room for him to grow taller. She stood up and tried to wipe away the thoughts. The kind where she went to her son and expressed her deepest love for him and where he embraced her and took her in bakırköy escort the thralls of passion. Claire knew that wouldn’t happen, it couldn’t happen. She put on a par of satin blue panties and a blue lace bra. She slipped on a deep grey beach dress. It was strapless and went all the way down to her ankles but it was tight and showed off her curves. Claire grabbed her purse and walked down the stairs.

“You ready to go?” She asked.

James smiled and stared at her. The beach dress she wore hugged her D cup breasts and her ass tightly. His crotch tightened and he turned away from her so she wouldn’t see. They walked out and got into the four door sky blue van and headed down the road. James tried to keep his eyes on anything besides his mother’s nipples which he could see through the fabric of her bra and dress. His pants suddenly felt way too tight. He fantasized about unzipping them and pulling it out and imagined her stroking him with her free hand. His pants got too tight and he could clearly see the outline of his penis. It was only a five minute drive to school. He tried to think of anything else.

“What’s your plan for the day mom?” He asked.

“Well I have to do some grocery shopping and then meet Elizabeth at the cafe and probably go to the gym after that.” She replied. The van came to a stop outside of the school front and James was quick to get out. Standing outside of the doors was a gorgeous girl with thin glasses and a thin frame and long brown hair. She was short and her curves were subtle but there. “Thanks mom.” He said as he opened the door.

“Hi Amy.” Claire waved as the gorgeous girl, Amy, walked up. Amy and James had gone to the same school since they were in first grade, they were practically siblings.

“Good morning Ms. Lumin.” Amy said.

“You two behave and have a good day.” Claire said.

James shut the door and walked with Amy to the school.

Claire drove off all the while rubbing her moist wet pussy with her free hand. She noticed it when she was driving. The outline of her son’s hard cock through his tight jeans. It was evident and she imagined pulling over, unzipping his pants and stroking it. She imagined the look of pure bliss on his face as she stroked his cock slowly. She rubbed her pussy a little more vigorously as she fantasized about how big and thick his cock looked. How it would feel in her hands. The thick veins and the swollen head and the warm precum that would leak out and onto her fingers. Claire stopped at the light and pinched her clitoris and fingered her pussy and let out a loud moan as she climaxed into an orgasm.

“So? How’d it go?” Amy asked.

“It didn’t go. I couldn’t do it.” James replied.

Amy took him by the hand and led him down the stairs and across a long hall that emptied into a dead end hallway. Hardly anyone ever came there. She put James against the wall and stared at him, brows furrowed and eyes narrowed.

“We talked about this yesterday. And the week before that and then before that.” Amy said. “You love her don’t you?”

James blushed but nodded. “I love you too though.” He added.

“And I love you but we agreed you’d tell her. I don’t mind sharing you James but you pining over your mother for two years just won’t do.” Amy said and leaned in and kissed him softly. “I want us to be happy James but you need to tell your mom.”

“What if she denies me and then sends me to live with my father?” He asked.

“I’ll move there with you.” She replied and kissed him again. Her hand traveled down to his pants and slowly unzipped the zipper. Her fingers slid in and wrapped around his cock which flopped out. A smile graced her beautiful face and she got down on her knees.

“James. Promise me you’ll tell your mom tonight.” Amy said. “I’m tired of hiding our relationship. I want our fantasy to become a reality.” She wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked on just the head.

James had what Amy referred to as ‘porn star cock’ it was nearly three inches thick and well over six inches long.

“I promise.” James moaned. “I’ll tell her. I want us to be together. I want all of this.”

Amy moaned as she drew in his cock. They had been training each other for years. Amy had been training James on not cumming too quickly while he had been training her on how to deep throat. James no longer came within the first five minutes and he could even last up to thirty minutes on good days. Amy however wasn’t able to last long, she just couldn’t quite take all of him. Even as she took his cock it stuffed her mouth and she couldn’t help but gag as his cock hit the curve of her throat just before the throat barrier. Amy was already pink in the face and her vagina was dripping. Sucking a massive cock always made her pussy wet. She pulled away and stood back up. James gave her a disappointed look.

“Tell your mother tonight, and I will finish you-” she smirked, “-unless of course your mother beşiktaş escort finishes you herself.”

Claire sat in the Preggo cafe, a high class Italian bistro. The tables were all square and had just enough space for two people. Her friend, Elizabeth Smithers,(Liz) a thin brown haired woman with brown eyes and jagged cheeks sipped her mocha across from her. Occasionally dipping a biscotti in the coffee.

“So?” Liz asked with a thin mischievous grin, “did you tell him yet?”

Claire blushed and sipped at her medium blend coffee, she shook her head though.

“Why not?” Liz asked, “what is the worst that could happen?”

“The worst?” Claire asked. “He could hate me or could move away from me or…or…”

“Or he could reciprocate your feelings.”

Claire huffed out a harsh chuckle, “that is unlikely Liz.”

“As unlikely as it was when my own son did?” Liz replied. “When I told Henry he was just as loving as me. James might love you too.”

The idea that James might reciprocate her feelings brought a ripple of emotions that Elizabeth could almost see like the tide of an ocean. She grinned and touched Claire on the wrist. Claire blushed and met her friend’s gaze.

“Tell him Claire. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t.”

“How?” Claire asked almost helplessly.

“I got all dressed up in the sluttiest outfit and waited for Henry on his bed. Why not try that?”

Claire blushed but couldn’t think of any better way of doing it.

“The longer you think about it the more time will pass. Just do it Claire.” Liz said.

Claire nodded and sipped her coffee.

“Do it. Tonight.” Amy said and squeezed his hand and then got on the bus. James watched his mom pull up in the van and he got in.

“How was your day?” She asked, voice ever so shaken.

“Good.” James said simply. His thoughts cluttered and his heart beating as he decided how he would tell her. Amy wouldn’t allow their relationship to go any further until he cleared his mind and accepted his love for his mother. The drive home was exceptionally quiet and very slow.

Claire noticed that her son was rather quiet and not his usual self. It didn’t make her resolve to tell him about the truth feel any easier. Claire was dressed in her beach dress but she had taken everything else off. She no longer had a bra or panties on and she had taken care to wash herself very thoroughly.

“Honey?” Claire asked, “what’s the matter? You don’t seem yourself. Did something happen at school?”

James swallowed. His throat felt dry and his body felt stiff. He wanted to tell her. They pulled into the driveway and she put the van into park.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

“Sure. You can tell me anything sweetie.” She replied.

“Inside?” He said.

Claire furrowed her brow and nodded. They walked inside and they sat on the couch. James on one end and Claire on the other end. Silence ensued for a long moment before James opened his mouth and Claire focused on him intently.

“Mom. You love me…right?” He asked.

“Honey. Of course I love you. There isn’t a single thing you could do that would make me not love you.” She replied.

“You mean it?” He asked.

“With all my heart I-“

James leaned up, rushed forward and kissed her on the lips. It was a small quick kiss but it was enough to get his point across without any words. Claire stared at her son, eyes wide, lips parted slightly. James was rigid with anxiety. It was the moment of truth. She would be angry or…something. He wasn’t sure. He watched her face but it remained frozen upon the expression of surprise.

“Mom?” He asked after a long moment. “Mom talk to me. Please say something.”

Claire wasn’t sure what to say, not right away. James’s heart pounded. Faster than if he had run a mile. Harder than if he had been working out for two hours straight. He couldn’t help himself this time. He wanted to do this for years. He dreamed of doing it for years. He leapt forward and pressed his lips against hers again. Though this time, her lips rose up to meet his.

Their lips embraced each other and for a long moment they simply kissed. Tongues intertwining and saliva mixing and breath interchanging. They pulled away, faces red and hands shaking and hearts pounding.

“Is this real?” She asked. “Do you…are you in love with me?”

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean to be but…your so…beautiful. I love you. I can’t help it.” James replied. He wanted to cry and smile, shout and laugh all at the same time.

“I love you too.” Claire said. She reached up and pulled down her strapless dress. Her large breasts popped out, dark nipples erect. She pulled it down over her hips, revealing trimmed pelvis. The dress fell to the ground and Claire blushed, face as bright as a rose. James’s mouth fell open and all he could say was; “gorgeous” and stare.

Claire leaned forward beylikdüzü escort and started undressing her son. She pulled off his shirt. His muscles were toned and rigid, standing out against his tan skin. She traced her fingers over his abdomen muscles. James reached up and took her breasts in his hands. They fit perfectly in his hands and he massaged them, the same way that Amy had taught him. His fingers moved together, massaging both separately and in unison. For the very first time in his life, James heard his mother moan. She moaned at his touch. His hands squeezed and loosened, cupped and shifted, gripped and massaged. His forefingers and thumbs pinched her nipples gently, slowly applying pressure over time.

Her skin was so soft and breasts so perfect, so firm yet so plush. Claire suddenly found she couldn’t control herself. She traced her fingers down to his pants and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. James leaned up, and clamped his mouth around her nipple. Claire froze in place. Her son, whom had once suckled at that very tit for milk was now sucking at it again. Only this time it was with the intent of a lover. His tongue circled her erect nipple and his teeth gently teethed the flesh gingerly. She had never felt so much pleasure. Not from any of her lovers and boyfriends and not from James’s own father. Her son was bringing her to a climbing climax with only his mouth and hands as he pleasures her breasts. Claire had forgotten what she was doing as she released herself into the embrace of the pleasure.

James worked the way that he had practiced so many times with Amy. His hands moved and he realized that he was taking control. He pushed his mom against the soft cushions of the couch. His hands slid along her smooth skin. He pushed her down and allowed his practiced motion to take over. His fingers caressed her stomach and moved to the inside of her thighs. Claire couldn’t think. She simply followed the movements of her son as he directed her. His hands pushed open her legs as fingers moved slowly up and down her thighs. James stared down at his mother’s pussy. It was moist and wet with fresh cum.

Labia were open and clitoris exposed as if ready for him. James would have been completely lost if he had not practiced this same thing with Amy many times. He leaned down and extended his tongue and licked her pussy from top to bottom. Claire gasped as his tongue parted her pussy and gently touched the hood of her clitoris. “Again” she whined. James didn’t delay. He licked her bottom to top and then top to bottom. He pressed his tongue into her and then licked her up and down again. James pressed his lips around her clitoris and started flicking the pink fleshy thing with his tongue. Claire gripped his hair and moaned. Not a quiet moan of stifled breath but a free moan that filled the room. She felt the pressure on her clitoris as he licked and tongued it and teeth it. She felt a finger slide into her pussy and suddenly she couldn’t control herself.

It was like James, her own son, was coaxing out her orgasm. Quickly at that too. “Yes…Yes! Oh god!” Claire shouted as she came. James started licking the fresh cum that was coming out of her pussy. Claire quivered with each pass of his tongue until her nerves settled.

“How? How did you do that?” She asked. James blushed. This was the second moment of truth. “Amy.”

Claire’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“You’ve done all this with Amy?” She asked.

“I have. We’ve been dating, sort of, for a long time. We’ve taught each other how to do…most of this.” He replied.

Claire was suddenly unsure of how to feel. Her innocent son was dating a girl that was nearly like his sister and was also giving her orgasms. Before she could say anything else, James leapt forward and attacked her again. His mouth and fingers worked in unison and brought her to another orgasm. One that left Claire gasping for breath. Her thoughts were a blur in a way that she had never experienced before.

She should have been feeling guilt, or at least she thought she should, yet she was feeling…excitement and bliss, passion on a whole new level. Her eyes caught sight of her son’s pelvis as he shifted, his pants had fallen slightly and she could just make out the trimmed pelvic hair beneath his boxers. She wondered what lied within. She remembered washing him as a very young boy. However, James was no longer a young boy and she wanted to see just how much he had grown. If his height and musculature were any indication than she was in for a treat. She leaned up and took James by the unzipped portion of his pants.

“Let mom show you pleasure. Let me show you what I have dreamed of doing with you for so long.” She said. James didn’t argue or protest, he simply followed his mother’s lead as she guided him so that he sat on the couch. She pulled off his pants and ran her hands up his legs. Strong firm muscular legs that tensed at her touch. Her fingers reached his thighs and the edge of his boxers. His green and white boxers though were not able to contain the monster within. Claire felt her vagina drool at the sheer thought of wrapping itself around her son’s penis. She needed to see it, free from the fabric prison of the boxers. She slid off the boxers and was speechless for a very long moment.

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