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Marilyn and her son, Brandon, were at Heathrow airport.

Her husband, 60 years old, Fred Jacob, was a self made multi millionaire. His construction company had contracts all over the country. Lately, the business expanded internationally and Fred was always travelling, sometimes for weeks on end. He was flying to Dubai to secure a road construction contract.

She had married him when she was 20 and he was a young civil engineer.

Their only child, Brandon, was born 2 years later. Brandon was in charge of Fred Jacob Associates UK facilities. He is married to Jean and they have no children.

There were rumors that Fred was having an affair, but Marilyn never broached the gossip with him.

When his father’s flight was announced, Brandon wondered if he imagined the rather cool farewell between his parents.

As he made his way in the London traffic back to his parent’s apartment, Brandon noticed that his mother was quiet and not her usual demeanor.

“Anything wrong, mom,” he enquired?

“What do you mean,” she countered.

“I noticed you are rather quiet,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, looking at him. “I was contemplating whether we should move to Dubai if your father’s contract is successful.”

“You can always hop on a flight whenever you miss London,” her son said jestingly.

“I know, but it’s not that. What are you doing after this? Care to keep me company for a while?” she said.

“Of course, anything for you, mom” he replied. “Jean has her committee meeting today and I’m eating out alone, anyway.”

“You poor dear, your wife should be looking after you,” Marilyn countered.

“It’s ok, I would rather spend time with you,” he smiled at her.

It was late in the evening when they arrived at the apartment.

“Make yourself a drink while I change,” she said, walking off to her room.

“Ok, anything for you?” he asked.

“No, I’ll get it later,” Marilyn replied.

Brandon sat down on the sofa and looked around the living room. He had a good relationship with his father but it was Marilyn that he dots on, even when he was a kid. He loved her to a fault and sometimes he wondered if he was secretly in love with her, not as a son but as a woman. That was a fantasy he kept locked, deep in the recess of his mind.

Brandon wondered if there were problems between his mom and dad. After years of marriage, nothing should be a problem, he thought.

“Oh, there you are,” Marilyn said as she walked into the living room.

Brandon had not been around his parent’s apartment for quite some time. He usually meets his mother for lunch at the restaurants. She looked nice and fetching in her home casuals, a satin blouse and long skirt.

“Gee, mom, you look great, I could fall in love with this woman anytime,” he teased her.

“I bet you say that to anyone in skirts,” she laughed.

She sat down and crossed her legs.

In the stillness of the late evening, Brandon instinctively knew that his mother wanted to pour out something to him.

“What’s pendik escort between you and dad,” Brandon said.

“We hardly talk anymore. Do you think there is something wrong with me?” Marilyn said, with a catch in her voice.

“Why do you say that,” Brandon replied.

Brandon felt the sadness in Marilyn’s voice and he stood up, walked over and sat beside her.

“I know your father is seeing someone else, people are talking and I feel such a fool,” she said.

“Jesus, mom, there is no one out there who could hold a candle to you,” Brandon replied.

She smiled at him and he noticed the glistening of tears on her lower eyelids.

He embraced her holding her tightly.

“I’m here for you, always, I love you,” he said, kissing her cheek and smelt the freshness of her odor.

Marilyn was taken aback by her son’s protective act and turned to face him.

It was a moment in time between a man and a woman, not between a mother and son and it consumed them.

Suddenly, his lips were softly upon hers. Taken by surprise, Marilyn sat immobile in his arms.

Brandon released her immediately and stammered, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

She felt him trembling in despair and horror.

Marilyn felt his love and care for her and her hand reached up and touched his face.

“It’s all right,” Marilyn said softly. “I understand, and I love you.”

She did not know why but she kissed him back. It was a kiss of love and the loss of innocence.

“I love you too,” she said gently.

Her mouth opened and he entered her deeply. Mother and son kissed passionately.

Marilyn felt her son’s hands reached under the back of her blouse. They were on her bare flesh. Brandon’s fingers were shaking as he unhooked her bra.

His hands moved to her front and touched her breasts.

Marilyn shuddered and moaned.

Their lips locked together as Brandon kneaded his mother’s breasts.

Brandon pushed up his mother’s blouse.

It was the first time since he was a baby, that Brandon or any man, other than her husband, had seen Marilyn’s breasts.

For Brandon, it was only in his lost dreams that he had held and worshipped them.

Marilyn laid her body on the sofa backrest, her head thrown back.

Brandon unbuttoned his mother’s blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. The bra followed.

Marilyn’s body convulsed involuntarily as her son kissed and tenderly sucked on her nipples.

Brandon was beside himself, unable to think rationally. He stood up and quickly pushed down his pants. His penis was free, hard and firm. Standing facing Marilyn, he took her hands and placed them, encircling his girth.

Marilyn held the throbbing warmness and looked up. Brandon moved his mother’s hand, in a stroking movement.

‘He wants me to masturbate him’, she realized..

Brandon stood on shaking knees as he guided his mother to stroke him.

He called out, “God, mom, oh God.”

He came almost immediately, kartal escort ejaculating onto Marilyn’s chest.

When it was over, he dropped to his knees, watching rivulets of his semen dripping down Marilyn’s breasts onto her belly.

Marilyn sat, transfixed, unable to fathom what really happened. Her fingers were sticky with her son’s semen.

Brandon stood up walked to his mother’s room. He returned with a towel and wiped away the wetness from her body. He pulled up his trousers.

“I have to leave. Will you be all right,” he asked her.

“Please go, I want to be alone,” she replied.

Brandon bent down to kiss her mouth but she turned her face. He kissed her cheek.

They had not spoken to each other since that night at the apartment.

It was only three days ago.

Fred had called the office to inform that the contract was secured and he will be flying home the following day.

On the pretext of his father’s announcement, Brandon had called Marilyn to inform her and that he will be dropping by at around 10 that evening.

Marilyn kept looking at the time. The small bedside clock showed 9.43pm. She had been lying down for the best part of an hour, her mind in deep turmoil. She was fraught with foreboding.

When Brandon called to inform that he will be coming, she had begun to feel flustered, unsure of her own feelings or what would happen when Brandon came.

She heard the sound of his car.

He walked into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. Marilyn turned her and looked up at her son. She reached out her right hand and Brandon took it, caressing the softness of her palm and fingers.

“I miss you,” Brandon said, kissing his mother’s hand.

“What’s to become of us,” Marilyn replied.

“I don’t know, mom, all I care is you and you only. Nothing changes where I am concerned,” he said, looking at her tenderly.

“What happened was wrong. I could and should have stopped you,” Marilyn replied.

“Maybe you could have refused me, but I wanted you,” he said.

“Your father will be back tomorrow, this ends here,” Marilyn said.

Brandon placed his hand on the exposed part of her leg and stroked gently, pushing her toweled night gown until the swell of her hips showed. Marilyn eyes were on her son’s face when he untied the knot of her gown. The towel belt loosened and her spread the gown open. Brandon touched his mother’s tummy, her pale flesh revealed the white panties and bra which covered her womanly secrets.

“Oh mom, you just drive me crazy,” Brandon said, as he rubbed her tummy.

Brandon crept up onto the bed and dropped his head to her chest. He pushed the bra strings off her shoulder and pulled the cups down. He kissed her bare nipples alternately and sucked on them. Marilyn’s head dropped onto her pillow. The exquisite sensation of the son’s lips on her nipples caused her to open her mouth in a quiet moan of pleasure.

Brandon pushed himself up and unbuttoned his shirt. He unhooked maltepe escort Marilyn’s bra as she unbuckled his belt. As Marilyn caressed her son’s chest and midriff, Brandon cupped his mother’s breast. He felt her protruding nipples hardened.

Brandon pushed his jeans down his hips and stepped out of them. He was already stiff when Marilyn held his penis in her hand. She pulled him down to lie beside her. He placed a leg astride her hips and kissed her breasts while Marilyn stroked his penis.

He moaned as Marilyn’s tongue licked his flesh. He anticipated what would happen next and he cried out softly when her soft lips took his penis in her mouth. Brandon held his mother’s head as she began to suck him. She caressed his balls. Marilyn licked her lips. Brandon knew that his precum had seeped out and his mother had tasted it.

He got up and moved beside her. Brandon pulled down Marilyn’s panties. She knelt and crouched on her knees. He moved behind her. Marilyn was already sopping wet when Brandon put his face against the valley of her buttocks. He licked her crotch, and tasted her wetness.

Marilyn gasped when Brandon pushed his tongue into her vagina.

Holding her hips, Brandon mounted his mother. He penetrated her with ease. The sound of flesh flapping against flesh resonated as Brandon fucked her from behind.

Marilyn’s voice cried out softly, “Brandon, oh baby, oh baby.”

Brandon pulled out and Marilyn lay on her back. She crossed her legs to embrace her son’s back in a scissor’s hold as he entered her in the missionary position. His mouth was on hers. He raised himself up off her and their hips were joined. Marilyn looked at his son and felt as though he was trying to push himself as deep as he could into her body. The constant thud of his balls meeting her flesh seems to grow louder as he plunged into her.

Brandon was insatiable. It was the same for Marilyn.

She wriggled off him and made him lie down. She climbed on top of him. As she fucked against him, his hands grasped and kneaded her hanging breasts.

Time seem to stand still as they satisfied their need to consummated their new found illicit love for each other.

He took her lying sideways, pressing her thighs together, so that Marilyn could feel the width of his throbbing manhood.

Marilyn could sense that Brandon was reaching his climax. She had to warn him.

“Don’t come inside me,” she said haltingly.

“I know mom,” he replied.

He pulled out and ejaculated on her buttocks. Brandon smeared his sperm onto her anus. The touch of his knob against her brown opening caused her to shudder. Brandon did not try to push in. He had never felt such complete fulfillment before, not even with his wife.

In the aftermath of their consummation, Marilyn reached behind and rubbed her son’s sticky secretion onto her quivering buttocks.

She knew how close she was to the fact that Brandon could have come inside her. Still capable of conceiving she could have Brandon’s child growing inside her. The sinful thought brought back her to reality.

She savored his love making. It was an aphrodisiac that she never imagined possible.

She heard the sound of the shower from her bathroom. She wondered what Brandon felt and how it will all work out.

But this night will be long and fulfilling…

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