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Derek was in San Francisco for convention. Even though he had retired, he was still active in the industry society. And he loved being in the City by the Bay. He spent many vacations there with his wife; but now she was gone, and the kids grown. Sometimes he felt alone, but his friends in the society were good company.

He was an unassuming man, but carried himself with a certain pride that bordered on arrogance, so he was careful to be extra friendly among strangers. He had grey hair and dark eyes, and a smile that made his demeanor seem open and friendly.

When he checked into the hotel, he noticed that there were an unusual number of tall, thin, stunningly beautiful women around; in the lobby, in the bar, and by the pool. He did not recall this much beauty on his previous trips, but then again, on this trip he was alone and more outwardly focused. It was not until he read the hotel schedule that he realized that a charity fashion show was occurring that night, and he was in the presence of such beauty for the event.

Since the conference did not start until the following day, and he had arrived earlier than his friends and former colleagues, he thought that a charity fashion show might be a good, relaxing event to attend. Little did he know what would become of his evening, and relaxing was not on the agenda.

He found his hotel room, cleaned up from his travels, and donned his business suit thinking that black tie would be appropriate. The dark suit and grey hair made him look like a distinguished gentleman. He smiled at himself in the mirror, and then made his way to the elevator to head downstairs to have a drink in the bar before the event began.

“Hold the door, please” came a cry out from down the hall. Startled out of his own little world, Derek hesitated at first; and then flung his hand into the closing door just in time to catch it and smashing his knuckles in the process. Gripping his aching hand, his jaw dropped when a gorgeous, tall, thin brunet came through the elevator door. She wore a short, golden colored gown that showed off her long legs.

“Are you ok?” she asked. “I saw your fingers get caught in the door.”

Derek was still speechless, partly from the pain in his hand, and partly because he was in the presence of such beauty. “Please let me see it” she asked. Derek held out his hand, and she took it in hers. Her long fingers caressed his aching hand.

At this point, he was putty in her hands, so to speak. With some effort, he was able to manage to speak. “I think I will be alright, Miss.”

The doors of the elevator opened, and she stepped out and walked briskly toward to the convention hall. Looking back, she said “I am sorry to have to run, but I am late for make up.” Derek realized then that she was a model in the show. He chuckled thinking to himself that he just was holding hands with a beautiful young model. Too bad he was in pain while doing so.

Derek ordered a drink at the bar and thought of the events that just happened. Who was this young lady? She was of such beauty and such poise, yet caring and concerned. His recollections of women of admirable beauty were, well, difficult and unapproachable. He finished his drink and made his way to the fashion show.

The crowd was gathering in the hall. The music was pulsing, the light show had begun, and the Master of Ceremonies was ready to start the introductions. He found a chair near a couple of well-dressed middle aged women that gave him the snub when he tried to be friendly. Well, at least one model was friendly. He watched intently as the models glided down the runway and back, but soon he was losing interest. The fashion was a bit too outlandish for his tastes, and the music was a bit too loud, and the lights were just annoying.

He had just about had enough when the girl from the elevator appeared and floated down the runway. He was again taken aback by her beauty and poise; absolutely mesmerized by her. Seeing her was certainly worth putting up with the music and lights and outlandish outfits. He settled in his seat ready for more.

Three more times did she appear on the runway, and three more times he was captivated. At the grand finale, when all the models appear, he stood with the crowd for the final ovation. As the models retreated with the designer, she looked over her shoulder at Derek, and mouthed the words “please wait for me.” Taken aback, Derek sat down and waited.

After a short time, as the crowd thinned, she came out dressed in the gold gown, and sat down next to Derek. “My name is Angelina. I recognized you from the elevator, and was pendik escort kind of surprised to see you here. Is your hand ok?”

Maybe it was the drinks, or the situation, but Derek found his confidence and courage from within. If this beautiful woman was going to take an interest in him; he was not going to shy away. “Angelina, I am Derek. My hand is a little sore, but it will be fine. Tell me young lady, would you like to have dinner with me? I am here alone until tomorrow, and I find your combination of beauty and compassion most interesting.”

Angelina was surprised by his courage and forwardness. But his soft smile and gentle, non-threatening demeanor also gave her pause. Besides, she was on a strict budget and a free meal would be great. “Yes” she said with a smile.

“I know a little Italian restaurant close by if that would be ok?” Steven asked.

Again “yes” was her response.

They then made their way out of the conference hall, through the hotel lobby, and out the revolving doors to the street.

Over salad, he talks of how he lost his wife to cancer, his children have left home to be one their own, how he retired a few years ago, and how he was adrift in life. No real purpose, just living. He had a few hobbies and church which kept him busy, being alone in this wonderful city made him realize how lonely he really was.

When the main course arrived, Angelina spoke of her days in modeling training, how she was a daddy’s girl and how she lost her parents at a young age. She too was without deep meaningful relationships, and had the same feeling of being adrift in life. They were striking similar; both adrift in life. And an implausible encounter in an elevator brought them together.

After they finished the bottle of Chianti over a shared dessert of spumoni, they made their way back to the hotel and into the elevator where they first met. Derek was still astonished by her beauty, grace, and poise. What an amazing woman he thought to himself. Angelina had thoughts of how she seemed connected to this gentlemen, how he understood her. She had always been attracted to older men, and this particular man seemed to have touched her heart.

They arrived at his door first, as her room was further down the hall. Derek spoke first. “I must tell you Angelina, I had an incredible evening. I thoroughly enjoyed being with you; I enjoyed you. If I were a younger man, I would invite you in for a nightcap.”

Angelina then replied, “I too had a wonderful evening, and enjoyed your company. And you do not have to be a younger man to invite me in.”

“Would you like to come in?” he responded.

She smiled and nodded in response. With that he slipped the key in, opened the door, and let her in.

Once inside, Derek offers Angelina a chair and a drink from the mini-bar. He takes off his coat as they recount the evening meal; how the pasta was exquisite and the Chianti was too dry. Then Angelina notices Derek’s smashed hand. “Oh my, your hand is swollen and bruised” she said with concern in her voice.

Like in the elevator, Angelina takes Derek’s hand and caresses it lightly with her long, elegant fingers. But unlike the previous time, he is not in pain; he is feeling something quite different. He looks into her dark eyes, transfixed, and then kisses her. After a brief moment, she returns the kiss. Their tongues dance together in the locked mouths.

Derek breaks the kiss, and again looks into her eyes. He just wanted to be sure he is not taking her someplace she does not want to go. But the look she gives is a sensual invitation for more. So he returns his mouth to her mouth, his tongue to her tongue. She is still caressing his sore hand, and with his other hand he runs is fingers though her thick hair to lightly stroke her neck and shoulders.

He breaks from the kiss to move to her long, elegant neck with his lips, gently kissing and nuzzling her soft skin. He lightly nibbles Angelina’s ear, to which she responds with a light sigh. The sound of Derek’s breathing and his hot breath on her ear gives her pause, and she runs her fingers over his shirt underneath his tie. She then grabs the knot of his tie and returns his face to hers to kiss him once more. Her other hand begins to unbutton his shirt.

Derek is caressing her neck and shoulders while they kiss and she works on his shirt. Once the majority of the buttons are undone, Angelina runs her hands on Derek’s bare chest. With some urgency, Derek then pulls off his tie and quickly unfastens the remainder of the buttons as to take off his shirt.

Derek’s kartal escort caresses move from her shoulders to her back, and he unzips the gold gown and places his warm hands on her bare back. Pulling the material forward, he kisses the exposed skin of her shoulders, collarbone, and chest. He finds a nipple with his lips, then sucks it gently while swirling his tongue around the hardening flesh. Angelina moans in response and begins to work on Derek’s belt. He then shifts to the other nipple to provide the same treatment. Back and forth, his tongue trailing across her soft skin of her breasts he sucks and licks her nipples until they are hard as pebbles.

Angelina now has Derek’s belt undone is working on pants while gently stroking his hardness through the material. Once his zipper is down, she reaches in to feel the soft skin of his hard cock and clutches it with her long fingers. Derek groans in response as she rubs her thumb over the head, already slippery with pre-cum.

At this point Derek retreats from Angelina’s nipples and reaches down to untie his shoes, as he does not want to be caught in the immobilizing predicament of having his pants around his ankles. While Angelina continues to stroke is cock, he quickly sheds his shoes and steps out of his pants to be standing naked in the room.

He then coaxes Angelina to rise from her chair and helps her out of her unzipped and dangling gown. He reaches into her panties to find her smooth mound and wet crease, and slides her undergarment off her round ass and lets them fall to the floor. Both bare to each other, they embrace and kiss a long passionate kiss, her hand still gripping his cock and his fingers exploring her pussy.

Derek grasps a handful of Angelina’s hair and gently pulls her head back so to break their kiss. Through his labored breathing he whispers “I want to taste you. Please sit on my face.”

“I want you in my mouth” was her response.

They made their way the short distance to the bed and Derek crawled up and lay on his back. Angelina carefully straddled his torso on her knees and slowly lowered her dripping pussy to within inches of his chin. The scent of her flowing juices filled his head with lustful thoughts; he grabbed her hips with both hands and forced her down upon his watering mouth.

Derek sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and thrust his tongue into her velvety hole. Angelina responded with a loud “Oh”, then gripped his cock at the base and slipped his stiff member into her mouth and throat until her lips touched her thumb and index finger.

Derek moaned into her folds from the hot, wet sensation of her mouth and tight throat against the head of his cock. Derek went to work on her swollen clit with his tongue applying slow rhythmic strokes. Angelina was stroking his cock into her mouth, sucking and bobbing to her own rhythm.

As her first orgasm begins to build, Angelina begins to moan while sucking his cock, and the vibrations add another level to the extreme pleasure she is providing him. Derek contemplates joining her in the pending orgasm, but holds back rather than bucking his hips and driving his throbbing member into her waiting mouth and throat. Instead, he concentrates on her pleasure, sucking her swollen lips and licking her clit with increased pressure.

She releases cock from the seal of her lips and announces “Oh God, I am coming” as waves of ecstasy pass through body. Derek decreases the pressure of his tongue to allow her orgasm to subside as Angelina grabs both of his thighs to steady herself, still convulsing.

Angelina recovers enough to spin around on the bed and lay next to Derek, her head on his chest as Derek gently stroked her thick hair and soft skin. “That was amazing; intense; the most intense I have had in a long time,” she said in a soft voice. “How did you keep from joining me?”

“It was difficult,” he replied. “I had to concentrate on satisfying you to keep from thinking about the pleasure you were giving me. But I am confident that by nights end I will have my satisfaction too.”

Upon hearing this, Angelina reached down and lightly caressed his semi-erect member. “Let’s get you hard again, Baby. I want you inside me,” was her response.

Between Angelina’s suggestion and the work of her soft hands and long fingers, Derek is hard in a few short moments. Keeping her grip on his member, Angelina swings her leg over his body to straddle his hips, and then rubs her wet hole with the head of his penis. And though they are both enjoying the sensation, she wants more. She re-positions slightly, maltepe escort and then sinks down just a little onto him until his head is buried in her pussy but no more, as the resistance is too much. Angelina rocks forward and again lowers herself onto his cock, a bit further than the previous attempt. Encouraged by the subsiding pain and impending pleasure, she repeats her movements a few more times until she is completely impaled by his twitching, throbbing cock.

Derek lets out a low moan from the sensation of this hot, tight pussy on his cock. He clutches Angelina’s hips and slowly guides her motions to begin their lovemaking. Angelina falls forward to her hands, her long hair tickling his face. She offers a kiss and Derek greedily accepts, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Now that a comfortable rhythm is established, Derek moves his hand from guiding her hips to cupping her gently swaying tits, and rolls and softly pinches her nipples. Angelina moves closer so Derek can take a nipple into his mouth. He sucks and licks her hard nipples, first one then the other, back and forth.

“It feels so good; you inside me,” she says in a hushed tone.

Collapsing her arms, Angelina lies down on Derek, her smooth, naked skin against his, her hard nipples rubbing against the hairs on his chest. They again lock in a kiss as Derek begins thrusting into her to compensate for her loss of mobility in the prone position. Derek breaks the kiss by gently but firmly pulling her hair and begins to kiss and lightly bite her long elegant neck and soft shoulders. The sound and feeling of her hot breath next to his head is music to his ears. The feeling of her tight pussy on his engorged member is incredible to him, as he has not felt this blissful sensation in years.

Wrapping his arms around Angelina, he rolls them over and begins thrusting into her at an increased pace. “Oh Derek, it feels so good” she tells him in a labored voice. Angelina wraps her long model legs around him and locks her ankles around his back to gain leverage and met his every thrust.

“Baby, I do not know how long I can last like this, but I want you to cum with me,” Derek says in broken phases between thrusts.

Sensing his climax was fast approaching, Derek shifts positions, guiding Angelina to the edge of the bed. He stands, puts her ankles on either side of his nick, and enters her again. Once he re-establishes his pace, Derek wets his thumb in his mouth, reaches around Angelina’s beautiful leg, and finds her swollen clit with is moistened digit.

“Oh Derek, if you do that, you are going to make me cum again,” she admits.

This was just the encouragement he need. Applying pressure with his thumb in an oval pattern, Angelina began to moan and grip the bed sheets tightly in her fists. Derek, his own orgasm building, increased the pace of their lovemaking. The sounds of Angelina’s moans and the slapping of Derek’s hips against her thighs and ass filled the room. Then her body stiffens, her clit throbs against his thumb, and the first wave of orgasm careens through her body. The sight and sounds of this beautiful creature in ecstasy put Derek over the edge; grinding his hips into her shuddering body, hot jets of semen fill Angelina’s pussy as Derek grunts and convulses erratically.

Both spent, Derek crawls into bed beside Angelina. They kiss, cuddle, and recount their recent experience.

“I have not felt this good in years” he tells her. “You have opened my eyes to what I have been missing and made me feel like a new man.”

“You are really special” she tells him. “I have never been with such a considerate lover.” After more smiles, kisses, and pillow talk, they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning, Derek rises early and readies himself for the first day of the conference. In the shower, his thoughts are scattered. He feels like a new man, reborn. What an amazing night. Did it really happen? But what if she regrets last night? Will she be gone forever by the time I finish my shower? Exiting the bathroom, Derek finds Angelina awake in bed with a smile on her lovely face.

“I thought you might want to go another round, but I see that you are already dressed for your conference” Angelina says. “Probably better than we did not, as I have a flight to LA to catch.”

“I have a better idea.” Derek responds, again finding his confidence and courage from within. “I have a conference in San Diego next month. Why don’t you meet me there for a long weekend?”

“Sounds wonderful” Angelina replies as she slips on her gown and gathers her things.

“Send me an email and I’ll fill you in on the details.” Derek says as he hands her his card.

At the door of the hotel room, they embrace and kiss a good bye kiss; then she disappears out the door and down the hall. He thinks to himself, “What an amazing night. What an amazing woman. I love San Francisco.”

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