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Apparently the women could smell breakfast.

I was cooking eggs, bacon, and hash brown potatoes when Melany came into the kitchen. She was wearing thong panties and a loose tee shirt.

“Good morning,” she mumbled, and then kissed me.

“How did you sleep?” I asked, kissing her again.

“You should know – you were there.” She almost giggled as she said that.

“Smells fantastic!” The voice was Lynda’s, and she came down the stairs following her nose. Right behind her was Joy. Both girls were wearing only panties.

“I guess you took my dress code seriously,” I commented, putting down some slices of multi-grain bread in the toaster.

Joy commented about the fact that I was wearing only briefs, so I couldn’t say anything about her panties. “Besides, you getting a hand job in the hot tub last night suggested that we didn’t need to dress like nuns this morning.”

Melany took a jug of orange juice from the refrigerator and took it and some glasses into the dining room. Lynda asked of she could help. I pointed at the cupboard that contained the plates, and she started setting the table.

“So, what do you ladies want to do today? We have many options.” I had no idea what they would want to do on their first full day in America.

“I want to sleep some more. I am still wiped out from all the travel yesterday.” Joy was still rubbing her eyes as she spoke.

“Well, feel free to go back to bed after breakfast. Or you can stretch out around the pool, if you want. It will be pretty warm today.” I suggested the pool hoping that they might consider sunbathing in the nude.

I was serving up breakfast as the girls discussed what they wanted to do. So far, more sleep seemed to be the activity of choice. No decision was made by the time we finished eating. The girls helped clean up after breakfast, and I put the dishes into the dishwasher.

Then Lynda and Joy walked up the stairs and headed to their rooms. Or, as I suspected, to their room.

I took a moment to look into Melany’s eyes, and then pulled her to me. We kissed long and passionately. I leaned against the counter, still kissing her, and gently grabbed her tight ass with both hands. Kneading her cheeks, I heard her moan softly into my mouth.

“What about you? Going to bed?” I asked with a smile.

“To bed, yes. But not to sleep.” She returned my smile, but with a glint in her eyes.

She took my hand in hers, and led me to my bedroom.

Looking me in the eyes, she pulled her shirt over her head, freeing those beautiful C-cup breasts, her nipples already showing signs of becoming erect. She walked up to me with that wonderful smirk.

“Want to finish undressing me?” She smiled that wonderful smile of hers and I again marveled that I could be so blessed as to have such a beautiful and sexy woman in my bedroom.

I knelt in front of her, pulling her panties down to her ankles, and putting her pussy just inches from my face. I stuck out my tongue and spent quite some minutes making that smile of hers even bigger.

Then we climbed into my king-size bed and snuggled together. We kissed as if we had never kissed before, taking quite some minutes to explore each others’ mouths with our tongues. Then I felt Melany’s hands on my hard cock.

She rolled over onto her back, pulling my on top of her. We lay there for several minutes with our tongues exploring each others’ mouths and our hands exploring each others’ bodies.

“Make love to me,” Melany said in a soft voice.

“Protection?” I asked quietly.

“I am healthy, are you?” she asked. I nodded. “Then I trust you.”

I positioned myself between her thighs, and gently pushed forward an inch or so. I found her pussy so wet that I slid in further than I expected. I carefully pushed in all the way, feeling her cervix stop me. And I just lay there without moving, kissing her lips, her neck, and her ears.

After a moment, I pulled out almost all the way, leaving just the head of my penis inside her. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me back into her. I began a gentle movement in and out, with her hips rising off the bed and meeting me with each stroke. We established a slow rhythm that was very pleasing to both of us. After a few minutes, Melany began to moan. I stepped up the rhythm, and both of us started moaning.

Melany started thrashing her head back and forth, making all sorts of sounds from deep in her chest. I raised myself off her onto my knees and elbows, and began pistoning in and out with passion. Both of us were making noises now.

“I am about to cum. Where do you want it?” My question came through clenched teeth.

“I want you to cum in me as I cum.” Her smile was a beautiful mixture of love and lust.

She arched her back and went silent again, her pussy muscled clenching around and massaging my cock. This caused me to lose it, and I gushed into her pussy with stream after stream of my love juices, which combined with her juices to make her hole so bahis firmaları slick.

After a moment, I rolled off her onto my back. Melany snuggled against me and we fell into a warm and sweaty sleep.

That afternoon I took the girls shopping. Actually, I took the girls to one of the largest shopping malls in Florida. None of them had ever seen anything quite like this mall, with so many huge stores in one location. I gave each of them $500 to spend on what they wanted, and they went around literally like a kid in a candy store. But nothing caught their interests like the Victoria Secrets store.

Each of them purchased several sets of bras and panties, ranging from lacy things to sexy push-up bras, plus one or two sexy blouses. And to my GREAT pleasure, they wanted to model each purchase to me before actually buying it. So I spent a couple hours inside the dressing rooms, gathering looks from the service women in the store. But this was, after all, Victoria’s Secrets, and they were apparently used to this type of behavior because none of them said anything to me.

So we walked out of the mall carrying a number of large and small bags, with the girls excitedly discussing what was inside of them.

As I drove home, I informed them all that I was taking Melany to dinner and that Lynda and Joy were going to have to fend for themselves for their supper. Amidst expressions of disappointment and “That’s not fair!” I assured them that there was plenty of food in the refrigerator for them to eat well.

But I was firm, claiming that I had planned this for weeks. And I promised that all the other meals during the week would involve all three women. So they gradually quieted. Melany, during all this discussion, was silent.

Two hours later, I was at the foot of the stairs waiting for Melany to come down.

Melany was excited! I could practically smell her excitement! I had promised to take her to my favorite restaurant and promised that she would love it. I could tell she was excited because her eyes were shining as brightly as I had ever seen them, and her eyes shine a lot.

She came out of the bedroom and walked down the stairs wearing the dress I had bought her earlier that day, and my heart actually skipped a beat. The little black dress was made of a light material that I could not identify, and it softly clung to her beautiful body. Her perky breasts stood out just enough for everyone who saw her to know that she had a perfect and sexy body. And the material clung to her breasts, putting her erect nipples on display. The fact that her nipples stood out as much as they did was another indication of her excitement.

I simply could not get enough of looking at Melany’s perfect body. As much as I had seen it over the past 24 hours, I still felt a little guilty for enjoying it so much. I did not want to give her the impression that our relationship was based on my sexual attraction to her because, since she came to America to visit me, I had fallen even deeper in love with her. But, DAMN IT! I WAS sexually attracted to her. More so than I have been to any woman I have ever known. So I tried to look at more than just her nipples, which was difficult, but not as difficult as I had expected. After all, her face was so beautiful and her eyes always attracted my attention.

I finally allowed my eyes to travel down her body, seeing her firm flat stomach, the swell of her hips, and her awesome legs, as if for the first time. I grinned and shook my head, lowering my eyes for a moment, and then raised them again to her eyes.

“What?” Melany asked, with a teasing smile tugging at her lips.

“As if you don’t know,” I answered with my own smile.

“Is anything wrong?” She held out her arms at shoulder level and slowly turned around, adding a little flair that was almost a dance. Her dress fit perfectly, hugging her shapely body. Her shoes had short, two-inch heels and were held on by sexy straps. She had obviously spent a great deal of time in front of the mirror, getting just the right balance of colors and shades on her face to create a beautiful impression, and yet she had worked hard at not using much makeup at all. Her face was one that needed no makeup, but she clearly knew how to apply just enough makeup to highlight her natural beauty without the makeup itself becoming the dominant feature of her face. Melany knew how to use makeup to enhance her beauty, and yet used only enough to make it seem like there was no makeup there at all.

As she turned, I could see no panty lines, making me wonder if she were wearing a tiny thong or no panties at all. Either way, she was turning me on. And her dress was short enough to show off her sexy legs in ways that I knew would make things even worse for my self-control.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she already knew there was nothing wrong.

And I realized again that I was not lucky, I was blessed.

“You are a vision of loveliness tonight, sweetheart. Everyone who sees you will kaçak iddaa be very distracted.” I pulled her to me and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. I lingered just long enough to slide up her cheek to softly kiss her ear lobe.

Melany shivered ever so slightly and said, “Don’t do that or we may not make it to the restaurant.”

“So we better leave for the restaurant quickly,” I quipped, hoping to not lose my self control.

The night was warm, as I took her arm and walked her to the car. I opened the door and she gently slid into the front seat, pausing just long enough to tease me with a wonderful view of her long and shapely legs. Melany giggled at the expression on my face, which I quickly tried to hide by closing the door and turning away.

I tried to engage in small talk all the way to the restaurant, which she made very difficult by resting her hand in my lap. As I drove through the traffic, her hand subtly slid further up my leg, until she was gently touching my cock. Each time we stopped at a red light, she softly caressed it. Then, as I accelerated with the green light, she moved her hand an inch or so. If this keeps up, I thought to myself, I am going to have to turn around and go back home to change my pants.

Somehow we made it safely to the restaurant. As I parked, the wonderful smells from inside wafted through the air, making both of us more hungry. As I came around the car to open the door for her, Melany looked directly into my eyes and slid out, giving me an even more erotic view of her sexy legs than before. I quietly chuckled at this gorgeous temptress less than half my age.

Who knew when I met her over the Internet that I would fall hopelessly in love with her? And who knew that she would return my feelings? And who would have ever guessed that she would come to America to visit me, with the intention of staying for a week?

As we walked through the door, I checked with the hostess and she said something about us being just in time. She was just then calling out my name from her reservation list. We were quickly seated, although not without me noticing the lustful looks of the several men and what looked like jealous glances from more than a few women. There were even a few disapproving looks as people noticed the clear difference between our ages. I struggled with that myself for a moment, but decided right then to never care what others thought about our relationship. I even nodded with approval to myself over making that decision.

We were directed to a large table with eight other guests. I noticed with pleasure that there were three children who appeared to be between six and ten years old. I immediately knew this was going to be fun from past experience.

“Is this their first time here?” I asked the woman who appeared to be their mother.

“Yes. Why?” she responded.

“Well, children seem to really enjoy the show that the cook always puts on. Especially the volcano.” She smiled and nodded, as if she knew what I was talking about.

The restaurant I had chosen for tonight’s meal was what is known as a Japanese Steakhouse, where the meal is cooked in front of you on a wide cooking surface where everyone sat around the grill. The chefs, most of them apparently Japanese, put on a real show during the preparation of the food. They flipped knives in the air, tossed shrimp tails into their chef’s hats, and in general entertained us while we ate their preparations. This truly was my favorite restaurant, and I loved the fun as much as the food. And the looks on children’s faces who had never seen anything like this was priceless. Part fear, part fascination, part entertainment, the expressions of almost all the young children I had seen here showed they loved the experience.

I pulled out Melany’s chair for her to sit, getting a polite thank you from her and a warm smile from the older couple a few chairs down.

“That was nice of you,” the lady said. “I don’t see men show such respect to their women like they used to.”

“Thank you, but she is an easy lady to respect,” I responded quietly.

Melany took my hand after we sat down and placed it in her lap. Her dress was short enough that my hand was partially on her dress material and partially on the soft bare skin of her thigh. I looked carefully to make sure no one could see my hand, but the young couple to our immediate left could see just enough to probably guess the source of my grin. I gently caressed the skin I was touching, getting a smile from Melany that lit up the room and electrified me to my core.

We all ordered, and soon the show began. Knives and spatulas flipped into the air, entertaining us all, and then the chef began building his volcano. He took a thick slice of a large onion and separated it into rings. He then stacked the rings in descending size to create an upside down cone with a small opening at the top. Pouring in some unknown liquids, he lit the top of the cone with a cigarette lighter. The flames soared out of the volcano, kaçak bahis to the wide eyes and delighted squeals of the children.

Throughout the dinner, I found it easy to leave my hand in Melany’s lap, since she was sitting to my left and I am right-handed. Handling chopsticks was a one-hand activity, anyway. Halfway through the meal, I had worked her dress up several inches and had my fingers just an inch away from her sweet spot. But I moved my hand no higher. I just satisfied myself with softly caressing her soft upper thighs.

I could feel the heat emanating from Melany and I loved the almost tortured expression in her eyes. My teasing her with soft and gentle strokes high up her thigh was made all the more exciting, considering the conversation that was flowing around the table. She was forced to engage in small talk with the others while getting more and more turned on by my touches. Of course, I had the same problem. I knew I was going to have to stop playing soon or, when I stood to leave at the end of the meal, everyone would see that I was very turned on.

As the meal ended, we all paid our respective bills and stood to leave. I was glad that my erection had diminished enough to be easily contained by my pants. Still, if anyone looked closely, they would see the obvious swelling hanging down my left leg. Since I never wore underwear, the slight restraint from any underwear was totally missing.

We walked out into the main foyer, which we had barely noticed when we walked in and were seated so quickly. I pointed out the artificial pond in the middle of the room and led my sweet date over to it. It was somewhat oval in shape, and in the water were a couple dozen of the large goldfish that is often associated with Japanese culture. There were artificial trees and bushes surrounding the pond, especially around the back side of it. Because of the placement of the bushes, no one could get to the back side of the pond without pushing into the bushes. I gently pushed Melany around the pool to where she had to slide between the bushes and the pond. She leaned forward to get a better look at the fish, and I pushed behind the trees. From our respective positions, she was in clear view of most of the two dozen customers waiting for a table, yet I was almost totally hidden by the trees. I quietly told her to hold still, and she stood there, half bent over the railing surrounding the pool.

I reached through the bushes and gently caressed her hot and curvy ass. Melany jerked slightly in surprise, and then froze in position. I continued caressing her ass, which was pressed into the bushes just enough that no one could see my hand or what I was doing with it. I gently slid her dress up a couple of inches and pressed my right hand between her exposed thighs. I was thrilled to discover that she had worn no panties – I had direct and complete access to her ass and her pussy. And it was no surprise to discover that her pussy was drenched with her juices and her clean-shaven lips were really slick from her secretions.

Totally hidden by the bushes, I played with her lips for a minute or two. Then I pressed further to make gentle contact with her sweet spot. Melany jumped only slightly when I touched her clit, but she seemed to show no other emotion. I took that as approval, and continued teasing her. In a couple of minutes I could feel the flow of her juices increase and I removed my hand for just a moment. I raised my hand to my mouth, and sucked on my fingers. I had to taste her. Then I slid my hand between her thighs again.

I pushed one finger inside Melany’s pussy, finding no resistance because she was so wet. I could see from the muscles in her arms that she was getting very tense. But I continued sliding my finger in and out, enjoying the heat and the wetness there. I then added a second finger inside her and her arm muscles tensed even more. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew everyone in the room could, so I knew she had to keep her expression under control. If not, others would surely notice and we would eventually be asked to leave the restaurant, and maybe even arrested.

The sexual smells were turning me on unbelievably, and I could tell from the flow of Melany’s juices that she was going to cum very soon. I continued to gently play with her lips and clit.

It seemed only minutes before she jerked back against my hand and I could feel her pussy muscles spasm, clenching my fingers with surprising strength. Mingled with the wonderful odors of the food, I could smell it as she came in my hand and I savored it by breathing deeply several times. I reduced the movement of my fingers to such a slight motion that my hand seemed to not be moving at all.

A couple of minutes later her spasms diminished, although the aftershocks were evident for another minute or so. I removed my fingers and could not resist tasting them again. Hidden in the bushes, I licked my fingers clean. I knew Melany needed me to lick her thighs clean, but I decided that would be impractical. I just had no room to kneel where I was. I knew she would have to walk out of the restaurant with her juices dripping down her thighs, hoping that no one noticed. That somehow made the experience even more exciting.

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