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(This story was inspired by a request as well as another story I read on this site and liked. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

(This is a prequel to Part 1)

We all think about doing it, parking in a handicapped spot while we run in and do a quick errand. What could it hurt? Well, if the few spots are now filled up, it means someone with a disability has to park in a standard spot and hoof it to the store. Come on now, if they drive a car, how bad off can they possibly be?

Celeste Rhodes ran into the Manx Emporium for a quick errand. Things didn’t work out that way as she remembered one or two other things she needed to get. Tate O’Connor had to use both an oxygen tank and a wheelchair, but he was determined to live his life on his own terms until the bitter end. That end came while he was rolling down the parking lot at the Manx Emporium when a harried mother with two kids in the car backed out of her spot a bit too fast and hit Tate, fatally injuring the frail man.

Celeste Rhodes saw the whole thing because Tate almost made it to her Handicapped spot she had taken. The Mother got out and started screaming for help. All Celeste could see was a law suit by the man’s family. She got into her car quickly and sped away. She wasn’t alone in witnessing the tragedy. The woman who had been in the next checkout line at the Manx Emporium was right behind Celeste. She found Celeste’s reaction to be very interesting. That woman put her bags down and pulled out her phone. She snapped a quick picture as Celeste pulled away.

As Margret Lassiter drove home, she thought about what she’d witnessed. Had the woman done something wrong? Maybe wrong but she certainly acted guilty, and was most certainly vulnerable to legal action. She didn’t worry much about it. A morning search of the local paper told her the man had died in the hospital from injuries suffered. Death made everything much more interesting indeed.

Now she had to find out who the woman was. She walked around her cubicle hell at was her humdrum workplace, running down the list of people who could help her, and would help her. She singled out Walt the IT guy. Getting Walt to confess he could get the information she needed was easy. The price was not so easy, but one night of stale, awkward sex would give her access to the goddess she’d seen running away. The Goddess had a name — Celeste Rhodes – and a phone number and address. Convincing Walt that they were not ‘ready to take it to the next level’ was even easier. Unwanted sexual advances in the workplace could do that.

Celeste Rhodes was on face book and mentioned in the news. She had a store that sold custom upholstery. Her husband was an ad executive with what seemed to be a successful firm. Margret rode by their house and was suitably impressed. It was way beyond her price range. Margret took a chance and picked up their mail to see what she could find out. She dumped the junk mail back in the box but kept the bills. She did this for three days, burning through a few hours of comp-time each day. On day three she was rewarded. The Rhodes’s were running a huge credit card debt. They may not be underwater, but the family ship wasn’t in good shape.

Now that Margret knew Celeste was vulnerable, she had to decide what to do about it and what she thought she could get away with. Margret decided the first step was to find out if Celeste would play ball. Margret felt shivers go down her spin as the phone rang.

“Celeste Rhodes,” the sultry voice answered.

“Hello, Ms. Rhodes, I wonder if you remember what happened last week in front of the Manx Emporium.” Margret heard the sharp intake of breath.

“I’m not sure I know what you are talking about,” Celeste responded nervously.

“Oh, in that case you won’t mind me sharing the picture I took of you leaving the handicapped spot as Mr. O’Connor was dying. I’m sure his family would be very interested.”

“Wait … no … he died?”

“Yes, he died at the hospital from his wounds. Maybe if you hadn’t sped away from the scene, the outcome would have been different.”

“Oh God … I didn’t know. I’m sorry, please believe me,” Celeste pleaded.

“I was going to hand the information over to the police and let them handle the matter, but on second thought I was wondering if we could reach an accommodation.”

“What do you want?” she asked nervously.

“For starters, how about a show of good faith.”

“What is it?” Celeste asked.

“At twelve thirty tomorrow, go back to the Manx Emporium and by a single red silk rose and place it at the spot Mr. O’Connor died.

“What if I’m seen?” the fear creeping into her voice.

“That is a chance you will have to take,” Margret commanded. She could feel Celeste faltering.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Celeste agreed. “Will this be it?”

“No, this is a show of good faith on your part. I need to know you are committed to undoing the wrong you’ve done. At any time you choose, you can receive the judgment you have coming.”

“How do I know you are acting in good faith?” Celeste asked.

“You canlı bahis don’t. If I chose to punish you, you get punished. Whether this is private, between us, or in the public arena is up to you.”

“Are you … are you going to hurt me?” Celeste questioned fearfully. Margret had to be careful now. Running to her husband this early in the game could throw everything out of whack.

“No,” Margret assured her. At least she didn’t plan to do the beautiful woman any permanent harm, so that wasn’t a lie.

“What happens next?”

“Let’s take one step at a time, shall we?” Margret said.

Margret took the pictures of Celeste placing the rose down. The woman looked fearful, but not terrified. Margret needed that fear. Margret was thrilled with the sense of control she held over another person. She was already imaging the next phone call to Celeste.

“Celeste,” Margret said the next day right about closing time for Celeste’s store.

“Hello,” Celeste sounded dejected.

“You did very well yesterday. I really believe we can resolve this to our mutual satisfaction.”

“Thank you, but what do you mean?” Celeste asked. Margret had her a bit confused.

“Here is what I want you to do next. Tomorrow I want you to wear the skimpiest, sexiest underwear that your husband adores. If you don’t pick out the right pair, I’ll know,” Margret lied. “If you don’t do this, you know what happens.”

“But … why do you … I mean, you are a woman,” Celeste stammered.

“Yes, I am a woman. Now I want you to go to the lingerie section at Manx, go into the changing room, take out the camera you will find stuck under the seat and take several pictures of yourself in the full length mirror. Take them from different angles, so I can appreciate how beautiful you really are.”

“I … okay, I’ll do it,” Celeste said defeated.

“And smile; you have a very nice smile and I want to see it. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” Celeste agreed softly.

Margret kept looking over Celeste in her beige lacy panties and bra on her computer. The panties were not quite a thong, but they made her ass look even more enticing. The bra was clasped in the front and barely contained her D-sized breasts. If anything it made them look even larger. Fortunately Celeste had shown great skill as a photographer, capturing several alluring angles. Margret couldn’t help feeling wet and had to go into her dresser drawer to find her favorite dildo. She came in record time.

“Celeste, you have made me very happy,” Margret began the next day.

“Does that mean we are done?” Celeste hoped.

“No, but you have earned a bit of forbearance. I want a tape of you masturbating. I was going to have you do it somewhere public, but I now think that would be cruel,” Margret lied again. At this point in the game, there was no chance that Celeste would do that.

“Where … what,” Celeste sighed. “Where do you want me to do it?”

“Do it in your bedroom. If you don’t have a camcorder, get one. Set it up so I can get a good angle. Prop yourself up so that I can see your expression as you do it. Take your time and get into it, or I will make you do this again.”

“Very well; where do I drop the tape off?”

“Manx again; put it in the back of the generic pain killers. Once I see you leave the parking lot, I’ll retrieve it, but don’t wait too long or something unfortunate could happen. This falling into the hands of the Manx Emporium store manager wouldn’t do either one of us any good.”

“Very well; when do I have to do this?”

“Your husband goes to work first. Wait until he is gone tomorrow morning and drop it off during your lunch break, say twelve-fifteen. I’ll be waiting.”

“I understand,” Celeste said quietly. Margret thought she heard an undercurrent of excitement in the woman’s voice as well.”

Margret sat back in her chair; the picture on her TV was frozen. She was panting heavily in time with Celeste right up until the moment that she came. Celeste wasn’t done yet, but Margret needed a rest. She’d become wet when she realized what Celeste had done. Instead of putting the camcorder on a stand, or dresser, she had chosen to masturbate with one hand while filming with the other. Margret got all kinds of angles including several close ups of Celeste’s angelic face embracing the rapture of erotic bliss.

Margret sat up and took another drink of wine. Celeste had proven to be very creative, using a variety of toys as well as hand techniques. Celeste was clearly very good at this. It made her wonder what her home sex life was like. Was her husband unable to perform? Margret decided that she needed to find out.


“Yes? Did I do what you wanted?”

“You were very creative and I am very pleased. I need only two more things to complete our business. Are you ready?” Margret said.

“Okay, but did you like it?” Celeste asked eagerly. Margret had to smile.

“Yes. It touched me deeply, if you know what I mean. You looked like you were having a good time, which was what I was aiming for. This does not have to go badly for you.”

“I bahis siteleri understand that. What are the two things you need?” Celeste inquired.

“The first I will tell you right now and I think you will enjoy it. The second I will tell you after your current task is completed.”

“Alright,” Celeste answered.

“I want you to tape a session of you and your husband having sex, and I mean a good, full round of sex. Leave nothing out,” Margret insisted. There was barely a pause.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

“He is not to know, of course. He doesn’t need to know any of this has happened,” Margret lied yet again. If Celeste’s husband was a dud, she could take him for a little bit of money to offset time and expenses she’d gone through. If he was good, maybe she could have a little piece of him too. Margret felt herself getting juicy all over again.


Margret found herself really hoping Celeste’s husband wasn’t a dud. He had excellent muscle tone with just enough tan to be delicious without looking like a slave to the tanning booth. He worked out. His hair was sandy brown and his beard shadow was full and dark though he shaved it daily. His chest and abdomen looked smooth and was responsive to Celeste’s touch. Even his ass looked to be sculpted from marble. Margret found herself feeling jealous of Celeste and her good fortune up to now. The woman was close to having it all. No wonder she was doing whatever Margret asked to save her situation.

They were heard before they came onto the video engaging in playful banter. He (his name was Jesse) was intrigued with his wife’s ardor. He wasn’t complaining; it was more teasing and playing hard to get. He was ‘tired’ and ‘only wanted to cuddle’, but Celeste was clearly revving him up for some intense sex. She pulled him onto the bed and into sight. He landed on top of her, pinning her hands over her head with his hands. He was wearing gray draw-string shorts while Celeste was in a see-through light pink teddy with matching panties. The outfit was tantalizing and only made Margret want her more. Hell, Margret wanted them both.

Celeste struggled weakly and unsuccessfully as Jesse pinned both her hands with one of his and brought the other down to play with her hair. He looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply several times. Celeste squirmed beneath him. Jesse than began working his lips down to her neck and his hand down to her breast, which he drew circles around. He didn’t grab it, he brushed and teased it. Celeste gave a moan from the combined pleasure of his gentle sucking on the neck and the sensations coming from her chest.

“Please,” Celeste begged.

“No,” he teased, “you’ve been bad.” Celeste moaned again, this time deeper and more guttural. Margret wanted those lips on her neck and that hand on her breast. She began teasing her own breast in the same manner that Jesse was teasing his wife. It was really turning both women on. Margret wanted him, she needed him, and she was going to have him.

Jesse kissed his way down to her other breast and breathed on it. The nipple became clearly erect. His lips were so close to it that Margret had to rewind twice to be sure his lips didn’t make contact. He then let go of her hands, which Celeste left where they were while he kissed down her stomach along the center line toward her crotch. His hand reached down, caressed her waist, hip and thigh before settling on a spot behind her knee. Celeste moaned again from his briefest touch. Margret repeated the gesture on herself and it felt really good.

Celeste began purring with pleasure as Jesse’s hands slid underneath the hem of her teddy and pushed up, fingers making small lines along her body while the back of the hand provided the impetus for the fabric to move up. This time, each finger unerringly found each tormented nipple and briefly circled and flicked it. Celeste’s back arched. Margret was mirroring the path of his hands on her and felt a strong tingling down below. She’d have to find a suitable reward for Celeste, if the rest of the performance was this good.

When Jesse got the teddy over her head, he bent in for another deep kiss that left her lips and tongue wanting more. Margret licked her lips in anticipation. The teddy went up until he bundled it at her wrists. Celeste pouted.

“I want to play with you,” she told her husband.

“That’s not good enough,” he taunted her. “I want you to scream it.” Margret could only imagine the hunger in that man’s eyes as he looked down at his wife.

“Next time I’m on top,” she moaned like a wanton whore, “and you get pinned down.”

“Fair enough,” he smiled back. Margret nearly came right there, imaging him bound up and at her mercy. To have them both bound and at her mercy — that thought alone made Margret come.

Celeste was wiggling under Jesse’s tongue and lips as he played with her neck and ears. He shifted slightly to the side so that he could stroke her waist, hip and thigh right at the pantie line. This was clearly a game Celeste enjoyed. This was the closest Margret had been to sex without having sex herself. It made many bahis şirketleri of the empty encounters she’d experienced a bitter drink indeed; even those trysts that had lasted more than a minute had never had this intense a session of foreplay. Boys only seemed to be interested in putting it in and getting off in her. Celeste had a man who saw her body as a lush playground instead of a receptacle for his sex.

Jesse’s tongue and teeth upon her nipple sent Celeste crashing over the edge. She had an intense, loud orgasm which Jesse stroked her gently through. Margret had to rewind because she’d gotten thought in her lustful thoughts. As Celeste purred contently, Jesse slid down to her legs so that he was partially off the bed. With one hand he pulled his shorts down and kicked them off with his feet. Margret had little doubt this man was a dud. It was hard to judge size, but he certainly beat Walt the IT guy in spades.

“God Baby, I need it,” Celeste pleaded.

“You got it Honey,” he said soothingly. He reached up and pulled down her panties. Margret could tell those panties were already wet. She wondered how they smelled like. They probably were intoxicating. Jesse thought so, because he held them up to his noise and inhaled. Jesse didn’t hesitate long. He slid up her body on his hands and knees, settling into her as she raised and separated her legs open wide.

Like a couple long accustomed to each other’s wants and needs, he lowered himself onto his lover. Margret could tell the moment of penetration as Celeste’s head pitched back and she moaned loudly. Even now, he didn’t pound into her like some slab of meat; he eased his way in letting her sex expand to accept his girth. Celeste began pushing up toward him, urging him onward. Her hands wrapped around his neck and he

lowered himself down for another deep kiss. He held it for his first full thrust. Celeste grunted and Margret gasped in pleasure too.

“Harder Jesse, harder,” she pleaded. Jesse acquiesced and his hips began pushing harder and deeper into her. Celeste’s legs moved up around Jesse’s ass, crossing and pushing him even deeper. Celeste’s giant breasts were now shifting obscenely to their rhythm. Jesse began to glisten with sweat.

“Come on,” Celeste panted, “come on, make me feel it.”

Jesse shifted his weight down one elbow. With his free hand he began to twist and pull on her nipples. Celeste bit her lower lip and made these sensual little whimpering noises. Hell, Margret wanted to rip into the screen and rape the woman right then. She wanted Celeste to be urging her on … or maybe she wanted to have her legs wrapped around Jesse’s ass, pulling him deeper into her. That thing would split her open and wrack her with orgasms, and she’d be left wanting more. ‘Fuck both of them’, she thought. This was so unfair.

Jesse was really giving it to her now and Celeste was giving it right back, thrusting up to meet each penetration.

“Are you close?” he panted. Celeste could no longer speak she was panting so heavily. She nodded vigorously. Jesse stopped playing with her nipple and reached back to Celeste’s ass. He bent her hips farther up and Celeste shuddered. Now Margret could see Celeste fighting a losing battle against her inner fire. Jesse was building up and finally rasped out a ‘Yes’. He must have come because Celeste immediately hit her own orgasm. Jesse was still pounding away at her. The bastard was rolling one orgasm into another until Celeste’s arms fell away from him.

Jesse made only a few more strokes. Margret was sure that Celeste had passed out, but when Jesse leaned down and kissed her, she responded in kind.

“Anything else I can do for you tonight?” he breathed into her.

“How about I do something for you?” Celeste managed to pant out. Jesse looked intrigued. Margret hit the pause button and went and got a towel.

It didn’t take long for Margret to figure out what Celeste was doing. She coaxed Jesse around so that he was feet first towards the camera. She then knelt beside him and took his semi-rigid into her mouth. Margret imagined what their combined juices must taste like. She had no doubt it would be better than honey for her.

“Damn baby,” Jesse groaned as he looked up at her, “you are on fire tonight.” In response, Celeste worked on his member harder and pumped him with her hand. When he laid back down Celeste looked up and stared at the camera’s hiding spot.

“You could say I’m inspired,” she smiled to Margret before she going back to work on his cock. Margret wanted to reach through the screen and kiss Celeste right then. She’d like to taste him on her tongue as well. Celeste certainly loved sucking his big dick, of that Margret was sure. She pumped and sucked on him harder. She could see his well-muscled chest begin to raise and fall rapidly.

Finally, he sat up and pulled her to him. They kissed deeply. He brought her body next to his then slowly rolled her onto her stomach. Instinctively she arched her butt up. Jesse moved behind her and put his hands on his hips. Margret couldn’t see him penetrate Celeste, but she couldn’t bring herself to blame the woman. The woman looked at the camera while Jesse began to gently stroke into her. It was straight sex again; maybe Celeste didn’t do anal. She certainly was into doggy style though.

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