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Note: This short story contains elements from most all fetishes. Light amounts of anal, bdsm, cross-dressing and masturbation. Hopefully you will find it entertaining.


Well my love, I just can’t think of anything to get you this Christmas. You’re already the perfect husband and partner. A magazine subscription or new head covers for your golf clubs just won’t express my feelings the way I want. So I was thinking back over our ten holidays together and of course how our “private” gifts to one another have always been sexually related and I came up with an idea that I think you might enjoy. A combination of all your fetishes past and present now spread out before you for a holiday banquet.


One slightly overweight and balding husband, clean-shaven with body hair completely removed.

Four leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

One fur lined leather blindfold.

Four 6 foot lengths of soft wide nylon rope.

One black nylon teddy with lace trims. (The one you think you outgrew because it fits too tight in the crotch area).

Prostate stimulator, curved four inch variety with fresh new batteries.

Two soft rubber balls.

One pair of black nylon thigh high stockings with seams.

One pair of Red 5 inch CFM high heel shoes in size 10.

Two bottles of lube-one thick and one thin.

One double-ended penis gag with leather strap.

One opened pack of 120mm cigarettes and an ashtray.

One bottle of red wine, one glass and a serving tray.

Roast illegal bahis with low heat for about an hour and turn up the temperature to high during the last five minutes. You’ll prepare yourself in the bathroom to the above condition while I light some candles in our bedroom and put on some soft music that I like. Once you’re prepared and your bladder and anal cavity are emptied, you’ll take your place sitting on the edge of our queen sized bed. I’ll be wearing my cooking apron with nothing on underneath. You will sit still while I place the blindfold over your eyes and put some basting lotion on your freshly shaved legs. Once the lotion is thoroughly rubbed in, I will roll the nylon stockings up your legs.

Next you stand and place your legs into the teddy and I will lift it up over your body and put your arms through the wide lace straps. I will direct your semi- erect penis into an upright position to allow for expansion during the roasting process. Once the straps are tightly fitted onto your shoulders, you will crawl onto the bed, taking a position face down upon a bath towel that I have placed near the foot rail of the bed. With your knees against the foot rail and your feet elevated above your buttocks, I will then garnish your wrists and ankles with the leather cuffs. The next step is to truss your wrists and ankles together in a crisscross manner and then fasten your knees to the foot rail approximately two feet apart. It’s very important to complete this position in a comfortable manner because of illegal bahis siteleri the time necessary to complete the roasting process. Once I have strapped the shoes to your feet and placed the balls into your hands we can begin the roasting.

I’ll start the roasting by running my fingernails around your back while watching closely for small beads of sweat to develop around your neck area. When they begin to appear it’s time to add the heat to the rear of the roast. I will then slide the wide crotch area of the teddy to one side. While using the bottle of thick lube and my fingers, I will liberally coat the exterior of your peritoneum and ass cheeks. Taking a small amount of lube, I will then coat the prostate stimulator, leaving just the right amount on the tip. Turning on the vibrator, I will gently position the tip touching the exterior of your rosebud. Watching closely for clues to your temperature level, I will gently begin inserting the stimulator. I will add more pressure as my roast begins to push back against the butt plug. Once the stimulator is completely inserted into the roast, I should be seeing larger beads of sweat developing along the entire backside. I’ll ensure the stimulator does not back itself out by replacing the wide crotch area of the lace teddy.

It should be time now to begin heating the front of the roast. I can tell the front is ready because the mouth should be in the full open position. I’ll begin by elevating the front and head area with a firm pillow. Next I will insert the canlı bahis siteleri 2″ end of the penis gag into the mouth cavity and run the leather strap to the back of the head. I’ll secure the clasp and make sure there is no room between the leather strap and the head. Large beads of sweat should now begin to accumulate around the brow area above the blindfold. It’s not reliable to look at the chin area, as massive amounts of saliva will be found there. Now I’ll spread the thinner lube along the 6″ end of the penis gag. I think I’ll take a moment to admire the beauty of my roast. Perhaps I should take a photograph of my roast in this position so that my friends can view my work of art.

Now comes the best part. I’ll remove my apron and position myself so that my vagina is resting on the end of the lubed dildo. My knees and lower legs will be parallel to and just resting on top of your arms with my back against a wall of pillows. My cigarette case and ash tray will be sitting on the tray with my glass of wine. Using my finger vibrator, which you got me last Christmas; I will begin heating it by running it around my erect nipples, adding moisture to my labials. It won’t take very long for the heat to build and once I’ve become sufficiently heated, I will slide myself down on the dildo, taking its entire length. As my vaginal walls adjust I’ll light my first cigarette and take a sip of wine. How relaxing this is. My hard work cooking is beginning to pay off. Now I just have to continue to vibrate my clitoris to multiple orgasms.

I know my roast will not finish before I do. But when the balls drop from his hands, I know that the roasting is completed and there should be copious amounts of white cream gravy underneath.


My Thanks to SlimV for editing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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