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It hadn’t taken me long to have a delicious little orgasm, with my sisters’ ardent help. Linda had held the massage shower for me, aiming it right there where it mattered. Of course, she’d had a lot of practise on herself! We giggled and laughed and chatted while we dried off, and rubbed lotion all over our bodies and over each other’s backs.

“So, now what do you want to do, Kay?” Linda asked. “Do we just wander into the kitchen naked? Do we join Jack for breakfast, or what?”

“Linda! Damn! Thank you, you are brilliant!” I exclaimed, “Fuck! Guess I got a little distracted this morning, eh? How could I forget…?”

“Forget what?” Linda looked a little confused.

“Oh hon, I had this special birthday breakfast planned for Jack, you know, with all kinds of…hem…ah well…with all kinds of goodies he likes, just for fun!”

Linda still looked puzzled. “What? Like flapjacks, eggs and bacon, French toast, what?”

I guess my grin sounded pretty wicked. “No, actually, Linda, my dear little sister, it isn’t so much about the WHAT, it is really more about the HOW!”

“What do you mean?”

“Jeez, well, you know: it’s not about the food, it’s more about the presentation” I giggled.

“Now you’ve really lost me! Come on Kay, quit teasing me, spit it out, what’s all this shit about making breakfast for Jack?” Linda insisted as she shook me, with in her voice more than a hint of that impatient irritation I knew so well from when we were kids.

“Alright, alright! Stop shaking already!” I laughed. The look on her face changed from incomprehension to shocked disbelief to sheer impish excitement in mere minutes, as I explained what I’d had in mind for my husband this morning, after the little birthday celebration in the bedroom last night.

“Goodness, Kay, you are one hell of a creative, sexy nutcase” Linda burst out laughing. “Are you sure you want me in on this? If you’d rather be alone with Jack, I understand.”

“Now who’s the nutcase? You know just as well as I do how much Jack enjoyed last night! He’ll go crazy when we do this together! What do you say? You wanna get wild with me?” I gave my sisters’ arm a friendly punch, and I gave her another one when she nodded wholeheartedly.

“Let me see what Jack is up to, hang on…!” Carefully I poked my head around the door. “We’re alright; he’s having his coffee and reading the paper in the living room. As long as we’re quiet, we can get to the kitchen no problem! Let’s go sis!” Softly, I tiptoed past the doorway, pulling Linda behind me, both still naked like the day we were born.

In the kitchen, we stifled our giggles as we prepared ourselves and each other as best we could, half sitting – half lying down, without making too much noise. Finally, we looked at each other, and I had to bite my lips hard not to laugh out loud.

“Do I look as ridiculously delicious as you do?” I asked Linda, who was studying my body.

“I’d say so” she grinned, “although I think you could do with a little more cream there”

She grabbed the whipped cream and added another swirl to my left breast. “Are we ready then, you think? The cream is starting to melt off my tits already! Best call Jack before it all drips down!”

Very carefully, we stretched ourselves out side by side on the kitchen table.

“Thank god you’ve got such a huge, wide table” Linda said a little nervously, holding on to my arm not to roll off the edge. For the last time we checked each others bodies.

“You look so bloody hot it’s not even funny!” I complained, staring at my sisters’ cunt.

“So do you, you moron! Now hurry!” my sister urged with a fat grin. “I’ll start laughing if you don’t hurry, and everything will fall off!”

“Alright then, are you ready? It’s Showtime!” I grinned back, and yelled with my best ‘wanna-come-play’ voice “Oh HONEY! Your breakfast’s ready! Come and get it baby!”

That tone of voice never failed to get my husbands immediate attention, and sure enough, within seconds he came bounding into the kitchen, where he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…!” Linda and I sang with straight faces, looking at Jack’s astonished face. “Happy birthday dear JAAAAAACCKKK…Happy…”

“OH MY…!” Jack stuttered, and stared at the naughty little buffet in front of him. “KAY!! LINDA!! Then he burst out laughing. “OH MY FUCKING WORD!”

“Are you ‘ungry, Sir?” I asked sweetly, with a strong French accent. “We ‘ave plenty of specials on the menu for you today. We are, I mean we ‘ave jam tarts”, (both Linda and I had a heart of jam painted on our faces) “strawberry and cream cupcakes”, (our tits were covered in cream, topped with strawberries), “custard and fruit pie”, (a little mosaic of mango, grapes and raspberries glued to our tummies with thick custard) “and your choice of a delicious, sweet banana split” (a peeled banana, sticking out of Linda’s chocolate covered snatch) “or a moist and succulent blueberry muffin” (my pussy smeared with cheesecake and blueberry jam, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with a trail of fresh blueberries leading down my furrow).

“Oh FUCK! Oh you wild little bitch, Kay! My sweet fucking angel, you are such a nut!” Jack grinned and stood there staring at us, almost transfixed, not knowing whether to laugh or devour us. In the end, he decided to do both!

He kissed my mouth deeply, before licking the jam off my face. “Hmm, you taste good!” he laughed. He wiped some jam off Linda’s cheeks with his finger, feeding it to me.

“You sure taste sweet, little sis!” I giggled. “A little sticky, but I kinda like sticky!”

Jack chuckled and kissed my neck, then bent over and sucked a strawberry off one of Linda’s tits. “Hmm, nice and juicy!” he said. He sucked one off mine, and offered it to my sister. She appeared a little shy to accept the strawberry from between his pursed lips, but when he only smiled, she wrapped her lips around it delicately and ate it with gusto.

Like a kid in a candy store, Jack slowly, lecherously worked his way down our bodies, licking and sucking and wiping the cream off our tits with obvious delight. He took his time, making sure there was no cream left anywhere, before he moved to our tummies. He softly nipped at our flesh, devouring the mosaic on our bellies, generously feeding us grapes and berries and pieces of mango. With his mouth and fingers he painstakingly removed the creamy custard, occasionally offering me or Linda his fingers or lips to have a taste as well.

Giggling and squirming, we watched my husband clean our bodies with obvious delight, and by the time he neared our pussies, all three of us were more than a little heated.

“Hmm, now, let’s see here” Jack said in that voice that always turned my insides to liquid honey. “What shall I eat first: that juicy sweet creamy blueberry muffin, or that beautiful rich chocolate and banana split? I think I may just have them together, what do you say?”

Linda and I leaned on our elbows, moving our lower bodies closer together. He pulled our asses to the edge of the table, positioning us almost diagonally opposite each other, with himself in the middle. We found that we could now look at each other, while still being totally accessible to my clever husband. Then, he pushed our legs up high, and told us to hold them up for him. We were so horny we were quite happy to oblige.

“You both look so fucking naughty, and so delectable! I don’t know what gave you the idea” he grinned at me “but thank you honey! This is the best birthday I’ve ever had!”

“My pleasure, my love, trust me!” I smiled, “I am so glad you’re having a good time!”

Jack’s tongue snaked over Linda’s chocolate covered mound. “Delicious!” He smacked his lips, and bent over to have a taste of my ‘blueberry muffin’. “Divine too!” he grinned.

He took a bite from Linda’s banana, purposely pushing it farther between her legs, and although it wasn’t exactly stuck inside her cunt, it pressed up between her lips enough to make her squirm nicely. When he started munching on my cheesecake covered pussy, and his agile tongue began digging the plump blueberries out of my split, he had me twitching in no time as well.

“Hmm Kay babe, Linda honey, you know what would be way too fucking hot right now?” he asked, with a dreamy husky voice. “Do you know what would be incredible, what I would really, really like to see?”

“DOH! Men!” I snorted and laughed, “Somehow, I think we can quite easily guess, can’t we Linda?” I asked, looking at Linda’s blushing face. “Are you in for a bite little sister? Would you like to eat my muffin while I lick your split?”

“Don’t mind if I do, I am absolutely starving!” my sister giggled, much to Jack’s delight.

“Careful, don’t fall off!” Jack warned, and helped us turn around on the table, positioning us on our sides so we wouldn’t lose any of our fruity coverings. “Kay, Linda, if you can manage, please don’t cum yet! There’s something else I’d like to try, if you’re in for some more fun!” he added, and I knew he had something naughty in mind.

Before I could ask though, Linda’s mouth hungrily engulfed my quim, licking and gently chewing on the last bits of cheesecake and the blueberries Jack had left behind. My cunt jolted with the exquisite feel of her soft lips and snaking tongue, and the torturous nips of her sharp little teeth on my mound and clit.

“Fuck Linda!!” I gasped, “Easy girl, don’t go too fast there, Jack said not to cum yet!” but like my sister, I was horny as hell too. Greedily I went down on her, devouring the piece of banana Jack had generously left for me, and licking the dark rich chocolate from her pussy. By the time I’d cleaned her up nicely, her tasty sweet juices were flowing profusely, and I could feel my own cunt oozing abundantly as well.

I was already trembling pretty badly when I heard a deep moan, and I looked up from between Linda’s thighs. The sight of Jack jerking off, stroking his beautiful fat swollen leaking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri prick while staring at us in awed concentration, was almost enough to push me over the edge.

The veins on his shaft stood out like cords under his squeezing fingers, and his head was glossy and sticky with pre-cum. He stroked his dick the way I so liked to watch him stroking it, his hand sort of upside down around his shaft, with his thumb pointing down towards his balls, pulling and jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow! There was so much pre-cum oozing down his pole, it made nice wet squishy sounds, and I must have moaned unwittingly.

Jack caught my hungry stare and chuckled. “Linda’s cunt not taste sweet enough for you baby? Need a little something on the side?” He laughed aloud at the look on my face.

Linda looked up, saw Jack pointing his drooling prick at us, and giggled. “Not so little! Keep doing that, it looks very nice from here!”

Jack complied and kept masturbating his fat wet prick while Linda and I went back to eating each others pussy and looking at him with one eye, but we’d lost momentum and somehow we couldn’t stop giggling.

“Since you’re distracted now anyway, why don’t we all get a little more comfortable? Let’s get you off the table and on the couch, shall we?”

“Whatever you say, birthday boy!” my sister said. She gave me one last long naughty lick before she disentangled herself from me and my cunt was throbbing like mad when I let go of her body as well.

Jack helped us get down from the table, took us both by the hand and led us to the living room, his dick sticking out in front of him like a signpost, guiding the way. We sat on the couch with my husband in the middle, and he deftly started fingering our pussies, while leaning over and sucking our nipples, taking turns.

“Thank god I’m ambidextrous!” he grinned, churning his fingers in and out of our wet slippery slits. “Hmmm” he moaned, “Listen to those beautiful juicy sounds you make!

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Soaking wet, slurping, soppy, delicious fuck juice noises!

You little bitches are so fucking hot, I love it. Fuck you make me so horny. I am so fucking hard it’s almost painful!”

Linda blushed fiercely, and I smiled at her. “I know sweetie, Jack and I are always rather outspoken, don’t let it bother you!”

“Bother me?” she asked incredulously. “Just cause I’m not used to hearing things like that said out loud doesn’t mean it bothers me! If you must know, it arouses me like you won’t believe!”

“We feel the same way, honey!” I said. “We’d never use language like that to hurt each other, it’s never meant disrespectfully, it just arouses the shit out of us both!” Jack and I looked at each other and grinned merrily. He’d not for one second stopped probing and pummelling our pussies, and I couldn’t help but moan and lift my ass up to grind myself into his fingers when he pressed his thumb against my clit.

“I think it’s about time, don’t you?” Jack gave our swollen clits another few flicks and looked at our faces.

“Time for what?” Linda asked excitedly, trying to control her hips to no avail as they rocked and gyrated against Jack’s hand.

“Time for a little squirting game!” my husband announced, and laughed wickedly when he felt my cunt responding. By the look on Linda’s face, he’d given her a mean little g-spot rub when he said that, too! He got up from between us, pulling us close to each other on the couch. Then, he grabbed a pillow and sat himself on the floor in front of us.

“Now masturbate each other, finger your sisters’ pussy: make each other gush for me!” My husband’s prick jerked when he said that, and I just had to bend over and give him a longing lick, moaning when I tasted his sweet salty cock juice.

“No trying to influence the jury!” Jack moaned, and pulled me off his dick. “Oh fuck, Kay, I want you to suck me, so bad, but I want to watch you two cum even more. Please, for me?”

With a broad grin at Linda, I reached over and started sliding my fingers over my sisters’ slick pussy. The feel of her smooth slippery swollen lips made me moan, and when I let my fingertips slip inside her hot tunnel, I felt my belly contract with need. Then I probed deeper, amazed at the way her cunt sucked me in, delighted by her heat and wetness. She started rocking her hips again, and I loved being able to make her feel that way.

“Oh fuck Kay” she moaned, “Oh fuck, I am so wet!”

“No kidding!” Jack and I both said at the same time, and laughed aloud.

Linda looked up long enough to see the loving glance passed between us, and she sighed a little wistfully, then turned slightly towards me and took my cunt in her hand. She slipped her hand underneath me, fingers pointing towards my ass, and pressed her full palm against the swollen lips of my sex, rubbing the mouse of her hand into my clit in tiny circles.

“Feel good?” she enquired, but I think the look on my face said enough, for she laughed and put more pressure güvenilir bahis şirketleri on my pussy.

Under Jack’s fascinated stares, we started stroking and fingering each other, rubbing and teasing, flicking and probing, until we were both panting and moaning like mad. I found that Linda responded best to deeply probing her slick twitching cunt and lightly flicking and caressing her sensitive clit. For a while, she seemed a little uncertain about whether to be tender or rough with me, but Jack gave her some knowing instructions.

“Kay likes it when you softly squeeze her clit. Yes, oh yes, look at that pussy flow! Try pulling her clitty, yeah, like that!” he’d whisper, or “Now spank that pussy, that’s it, slap it a little, it’ll drive her insane!” and Linda grinned at my loudly appreciative reactions.

After that she grew bolder, and we both became even less inhibited in our moves and language and in the way we studied the reactions of each others bodies.

“You’re hovering on the edge, aren’t you honey? Uh-huh, I know you are. You are so creamy, you can barely stand it, can you Kay? I know how close you are, look at you! Your sweet creamy fuck hole is talking to me, I can see it clenching and unclenching!” Jacks’ soft voice drove me just about as mad as my sisters’ fingers inside my slit!

“Hmmm, just look at your sisters’ little pink cunt, baby! See that? You’re making it throb so nicely, I can see her wet pussy hole pulsating from here! Are you getting close again, Linda? Are you ready to let go?” Jack asked. He pulled us closer, with our asses a little over the edge of the couch.

“Let me help!” he offered, “It’ll be too hard to concentrate on your own orgasm when you have to finger each other. Work your own clit, and let me finger your slits!”

I was nodding like mad and Linda must have been too, for Jack moved a hand to each of our pussies, and started working his fingers into our wet holes immediately. Don’t know what he was doing to Linda, but she mewled and started bucking against his hand, while she lightly strummed two fingers on her clit. Jack’s fingers were busily fucking my cunt and my ass at the same time, as I firmly stroked my clit with two fingers, diagonally, back and forth, moaning and squeezing my muscles around Jacks’ probing digits.

“Come on girls, do it for me! Make yourself cum, rub your clit, make those pussies cum, make them gush! You are going to squirt for me, aren’t you?” Jacks’ eyes darted back and forth, left to right, from Linda’s cunt to mine. He was so aroused his cock jumped and leaked so much, I thought he might climax with us!

“I’m there, I’m there, I’m gonna cum” Linda screamed, “AAAHH FUCK NOOOWW!”

Jack gave her cunt another couple of wild strokes, and withdrew when her entire body went rigid, then started shaking. My sisters’ back arched, and a clear fountain of juice sprayed from her cunt towards my husband. A lot of it missed him, but even so, both Jack and I stared in delight at the little streams of her cum running down his body. Then he curled his fingers inside my cunt, and hooked them up against my g-spot, and I was lost.

“FUUUCCCCK…JAAACCCKKK…I AM CUMMMING!” I screamed, and my body contracted in huge spasms, squirting copious amounts of pearly creamy cum juice all over Jack’s face and chest. “AAAAAHHHH!” I screamed, as he shoved his fingers back into my cunt and ass and moved them in and out rapidly, causing another jet of cream to shoot out past his fingers. I felt like one giant convulsing cunt!

“OH FUCK, you look so hot, so fucking amazing! Look at all this cum cream! Oh fuck, I can’t wait anymore!” Jack got on his knees and roughly pushed my legs up high.

Staring at his straining dick, I whimpered softly “Oh baby, yes, I need! Gimme please?!” With one huge thrust, he shoved his leaking prick into my still spasming cunt. I screamed with the exquisite feel of his hot swollen cock filling my sensitive hole to the brim.

“Babe, oh yes, that feels so good!” I moaned, as he started to fuck me.

“Not fair”, moaned Linda beside me, staring at the unification of our flesh. “NOT FAIR!”

“Oh heck, why not, Linda, top or bottom?” I asked, and laughed about my sisters’ and my husbands’ confused look. Pushing Jack off me, I rolled over, kneeling over Linda’s body. “Open your legs wide” I instructed, and brought my cunt closer to hers. “Will that work for you?” I asked Jack, looking over my shoulder.

“Kay FUCK, one of these days you’ll kill me!” Jack exclaimed, before he positioned himself behind us. Carefully, he slid his fat oozing dick into Linda’s slippery pussy.

I watched her face closely, smiling when her eyes closed with the pleasure she was feeling. He held still for a while, relishing her heat no doubt, then moved in and out once again. Then he withdrew, and with one fluid move, he slipped his prick into my eagerly waiting cunt. Sliding in and out once more, he withdrew to fill Linda’s pussy, and then he came back to stuff mine.

“OH GOD! OH JACK” We were all moaning and panting. The feel of my tits and hard nipples rubbing against Linda’s titties and stiff nodes was exquisite, as was the feel of her belly contracting every time Jack shoved his fat dick into her sopping hole. Her hands were clawing my ass, and she was breathing hard against the side of my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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