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It was dusk when Ray heard the doorbell ring and he flicked on the hall lights for the daylight was gradually fading.

‘Coming Goddammit,’ he yelled as the doorbell rang a second time.

He swung open the door scowling at his two friends Lawrence and Hugh who grinned amiably back at him. ‘Didn’t you see me switch on the hall light?’

‘Didn’t you hear the bell?’ Lawrence quipped.

‘I suppose you both better come in,’ Ray said gruffly.

Grinning at Ray’s truculent welcome his two friends bustled inside following Ray into his living room.

The poker table was ready and occupied the centre of the room, three chairs placed around it, glasses and a deck of cards on the table.

Lawrence, like Ray, was a big man, years of good living had made their mark and his girth if anything exceeded Ray’s. Time though had been kinder on top as he retained his thick head of hair, though it was now completely silver, its lustrous chestnut brown long consigned to the past. Hugh, was the polar opposite in looks to his two friends, his frame was lean, his skin tanned and bronzed. He was completely bald and wore round wire frame glasses that gave him an impression a hawkish college lecturer. Lawrence and Hugh, pulled up their chairs sitting down at the poker table. To their amusement Ray sat down too. Lawrence raised an eyebrow in mock disapproval. ‘Aren’t you going to offer us a drink, Ray?’

‘He’s broke after last time, when we cleaned him out,’ Hugh laughed. ‘Maybe tonight we should let win a few hands then, next time we come he’ll be able to buy some drinks.’

Lawrence pursed his lips. ‘That it Ray? You too poor to buy your pals a drink? Maybe we should play with matchsticks instead of money tonight, what do you say?’

Ray, failing to suppress a smile at his friends joshing, gave a small shake of the heads. ‘Boys, I didn’t offer you a drink, because unlike you two cheapskates I have employed a young lady to act as waitress tonight.’

Lawrence gave a grunt of disbelief, folding his thick arms for effect. Hugh looked around the room in an exaggerated manner, a broad grin on his face. ‘And where is this ravishing maid servant, she’s not invisible is she?’

‘Or make pretend, Ray,’ Hugh chimed in. ‘That’s it, you finally lost your marbles. I knew you’d be the first to go gaga of the three of us.’

Ray, in response to their sceptical remarks reached into his trouser pocket and produced a small silver bell, that he placed carefully on the green felt of the poker table as though like a magician he had produced some wondrous feat.

His friends’ eyes alighted on the small bell.

‘What’s that for?’ Hugh asked.

‘This, you two uncultured Bolsheviks is what civilised gentry folk like myself use to call for service.’

‘Let’s see if it works,’ Lawrence scoffed, lifting the bell and giving it a ring.

A soft female voice from the doorway drew Lawrence and Hugh’s attention. ‘Gentlemen, may I offer you a drink?’

Ray grinned, savouring his friends’ surprised expressions, for there stood his granddaughter, Shelly, holding a tray with three chilled bottles of beer on it. She still wore her blue denim cut offs, with a loose fitting low cut t-shirt that clung to her ample bra free breasts. Her feet were bare after her grandfather had told her he found young ladies going barefoot turned him on.

Shelly, smiling with anticipation at the evening ahead, placed the tray on the table not taking too much care to conceal her cleavage as she bent to serve the beers.

‘Young Shelly isn’t it?’ Lawrence said, pleased he had recognised her and now understanding how his friend had procured such a sexy young helper.

‘That’s right,’ Shelly said. ‘I used to see you sometimes when I came over with my mum and dad.’

Lawrence shook his head, ‘You’ve certainly grown since I last saw you.’

‘And not just upwards,’ Shelly teased, noticing his appreciable glance at her prominent breasts.

‘Quite a firecracker ain’t she?’ Hugh observed.

‘She’s that all right,’ Ray agreed with a smile.

‘Now boys, shall we get down to business? Shelly dear, would you be so kind as to cut and deal the cards.’

‘Yes, grandpa’ Shelly said obediently. She took the deck, expertly shuffling it then offered the deck for both Lawrence and Hugh to cut. ‘Five card straight?’

‘That’s right, darling,’ Ray confirmed, pleased she’d taken on board what he’d taught her earlier, even if she kept distracting them both with her sexual proclivity.

Shelly dealt three hands, while each of the players produced from their pockets their respective stakes for the evening. Each player had a small pile of coins and notes, though Ray attracted the curious attention of his two friends for along with his money he placed a number of small folded pieces of white paper.

‘What’re those?’ Lawrence asked gruffly. ‘IOUs?’ he gave Hugh a sardonic grin.

‘These?’ Ray smiled, ‘These are part of my stake. If I have a good hand I put one of these instead of cash. You win istanbul escort the hand you get some attention from young Shelly here.’

‘You mean she tops up our drinks?’ Lawrence said sceptically.

‘That and perhaps something else, maybe a dance for you, maybe a shoulder rub or something else. Depends on how high the bidding goes,’ Ray answered mischievously, relishing the expressions on his friend’s faces.

‘She gonna do all this after we cash up after?’ Hugh asked, clearly warming to the notion.

‘No, you have to cash in those notes as soon as you win the hand, that’s the deal.’

Lawrence, sat back and rubbed the back of his neck in contemplation. He looked across at Hugh. ‘Well, Hugh what do you think?’

‘Well, I suppose, if I mean, if young Shelly’s okay with it.’

‘It was Shelly’s idea, if that answers your question,’ Ray grinned, pleased at their reaction.

‘Well, in that case let’s get a game going,’ Lawrence said lifting his cards.

The first few hands were uneventful, with not much to show than the odd pair. Small change accumulated on the table, but no decent bids meant the small pile of notes containing Shelly’s treats remained with Ray. As well as acting as dealer, Shelly dutifully topped up their drinks, and stood to the side of Ray in the manner of an obedient servant.

The players, settled into the game and fortified by drink, began to risk more in their bidding. Soon a small pile of coins and notes began to grow in the centre of the table. Ray and Hugh called Lawrence’s hand, Ray using one of his folded ‘Shelly bids’ as he called them. Lawrence, with a grin revealed a flush, and on his friends folding their hands and conceding defeat, scooped up his winnings.

‘Now,’ he said, carefully unfolding the piece of paper, ‘Let’s see what treat I’ve won.’

Shelly padded over to his side of the table, as he read out his winnings. ‘A shoulder massage, – very nice.’

‘I’ll take over dealing duty,’ Ray offered, as Shelly placed her small hands on Lawrence’s broad shoulders.

Lawrence let out a satisfied sigh as Shelly applied more pressure, her palms and fingers kneading shoulder muscles, working loose any knots of tension, her thumbs pressed upwards either side of his spine to the base of his skull.

Lawrence looked at the fresh hand dealt but clearly the pleasant distraction Shelly caused made him take longer to decide what cards to discard from his hand. Shelly’s hands moved from his neck back to the broad expanse of his shoulders. She leant forward and Lawrence felt the warmth of her breasts through the material of her t-shirt.

‘Take off your shirt, Lawrence,’ Shelly asked quietly.

‘Ray, your granddaughter wants me to take off my shirt.’ Lawrence said awkwardly, unsure of himself.

‘Why don’t you. You’ll enjoy your back rub a lot more,’ Ray responded, his eyes on his own cards.

After a moment’s hesitation, Lawrence began unbuttoning his shirt. His friends gave no reaction, no more than if he had taken another sip from his glass. Shelly helped him remove the shirt, then folded it carefully and placed it on the sofa behind them. For a moment Lawrence was aware of the room’s cool air on his bare skin, then Shelly’s gentle hands were back on his shoulders moving, caressing, her soft hands like warm velvet. Lawrence tried to relax himself, tried to ignore his hard cock that strained against the constraining material of his pants. He felt Shelly’s hands move rhythmically over his broad back, then felt the soft touch of her hair as she nuzzled her head close against him. Lawrence took a sharp intake of breath as he felt the tip of her tongue trace a path slowly up his back.

‘Your call,’ Ray said, a ghost of a smile on his lips.

‘What? Oh,’ said Lawrence trying to focus on his cards. ‘Actually, I’ll fold,’ he decided as Shelly’s thumbs stroked the base of his neck.

‘Well, I’ll see what you got, Ray,’ Hugh said putting a twenty down.

Ray revealed his hand; three queens.

Hugh smiled, ‘I got that beat,’ he turned his cards over. ‘Twos over eights.’

‘Well, some you win,’ Ray shrugged his shoulders.

‘Certainly do,’ Hugh said, eagerly taking a folded piece of paper from his winnings. ‘Shelly, darling. I just won your services.’

Shelly planted a final wet kiss on Lawrence’s cheek. ‘Sorry, Lawrence, I have to pay my grandfather’s next gambling dept.’

‘Thanks for the back rub young lady,’ Lawrence said, wishing she could have gone on all night.

Shelly moved over to Hugh, noting the glimmer of anticipation in his eyes. Shelly felt herself grow moist between her legs. Servicing her grandfather’s poker buddies was really turning her on.

Hugh handed her the paper and she read her own handwritten words on it. ‘A foot rub,’ she said aloud, then gave Hugh a wink. ‘I’ll need you to turn to the side a bit, the card table’s too low for me to get under and give you a proper rub.’

‘No problem,’ Hugh avcılar escort said obliging her.

Shelly got down on the floor and began undoing the laces on his shoes. She removed each shoe gently then pulled down his socks and removed them. Like Lawrence’s shirt, she took care to fold them, and put them in Hugh’s shoes which she placed carefully to one side. Then, as the next poker game got underway, she took one of Hugh’s feet in both hands and began massaging slowly, using her palms, her fingers to caress and rub the sole of his foot. When Hugh’s attention was on the cards, she raised his foot so it went up under her t-shirt. Shelly used her breasts now on the sole of his foot moving her torso to and fro so her big breasts caressed the sensitive underside of his foot. Hugh glanced down at her, seeing her upturned face, her eyes round and innocent as she pleasured him. He opened his mouth as if to speak, then, turned his attention back to the game. Shelly finished his left foot then began to repeat the process with his right.

‘Shelly, Honey,’ Ray called down to her. ‘You’ll have to finish Hugh’s foot rub, I’m afraid Lawrence has won you back. He played a damn mean hand to win too.’

‘One moment, grandpa,’ Shelly said, then to Hugh; ‘How was that?’

‘That was the best damn foot rub I’ve ever had,’ Hugh smiled down at her.

‘Thanks,’ she smiled then stooping down took each foot in turn and gave a slow circular lick over the sensitive sole. Hugh closed his eyes with pleasure. Like Lawrence, his erection strained uncomfortably against his underpants.

Shelly stood and returned to Lawrence’s side where he handed her the slip of paper. She read it out. ‘A lap dance. I was hoping grandpa would bid that,’ she grinned clearly delighted at her next treat. She skipped over to the hi-fi, and pressed play on the CD. Guns’n Roses ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ began, and Shelly began her dance moving close to the big framed figure of Lawrence, whose eyes feasted on her lithe voluptuous body as she gyrated her hips and chest to the guitar work. Shelly, completely turned on from her duties, placed one foot on the edge of the card table, bucking her hips forward provocatively, her hands scrunching the material of her t-shirt as she kneaded her breasts, tossing her hair from side to side. Her grandfather and his friends banged their hands on the table to the beat of the music. Shelly danced and whirled around the table shaking her breasts close to each of her eager audience, the slap of breast on breast audible over the song. To the whoops of the old men she performed too she lifted her t-shirt up and over her head, and danced topless as the song reached its climax. The song ended and the poker players applauded her performance. Shelly went to each of them and kissed them all on the cheek, then perched herself on Lawrence’s lap. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

‘Ray,’ Lawrence said, his voice thick with arousal. ‘What say we suspend the poker game?’

‘Shelly, what do you say?’ Ray smiled at his lascivious granddaughter.

‘I want to play a different game,’ Shelly said, closing her eyes as Lawrence pinched her nipples between his large sausage-like fingers.

‘Well, I guess we could play strip poker, but I think we’ll skip that and get straight down to stripping.’ Ray said, standing. He began to undo his belt.

‘Jesus, Ray,’ Hugh said, concerned. ‘Are you sure, I mean she’s your granddaughter for Christ’s sake, I know we have some fun tonight but . . .’

‘Hugh, don’t be such a stuck up prig.’ Ray chided. ‘My granddaughter is fully grown young woman. She can decide for herself what and who she wants.’

‘No,’ Hugh said firmly. ‘I think this is wrong. I don’t want to be part of it. We’ve all gone too far tonight. I think it’s time I left,’ he picked up his shoes and made for the front door.

‘Hugh, come back, for God’s sake,’ Ray called after him.

‘Let me go grandpa,’ Shelly said, hurrying after Hugh. She found him in the hallway, stooping to put on his socks and shoes.

‘Wait,’ she said, gently putting a hand on his arm.

He straightened and looked at her. ‘I’m sorry Shelly, I don’t mean to offend you, but I don’t think this is right.’

‘Didn’t you like the foot rub? My dancing?’

‘Of course I did, of course, and if I was 30 years younger, hell even twenty, then maybe. And if you weren’t Ray’s little granddaughter . . .’

‘Please stay, Hugh. Just try it, if you don’t like it you can leave.’

‘I am leaving, I don’t know what a beautiful young woman sees in an old man like me.’

‘Isn’t that for me to decide? What can I do to make you stay?’ Shelly moved closer to him. His eyes took in her stunning full breasts, her slim waist and her cream white complexion.

‘Nothing, there’s nothing you can . . .’

The sentence was cut short as Shelly kissed him full on the lips. There was a moment’s resistance, a heartbeat of time. Then he was kissing her back his tongue in her mouth, his hands şirinevler escort on her young firm skin, moving with a sudden frenzy. Shelly found his erection in his trousers with one hand, squeezing it firmly. Pressing the palm of her hand to it she broke off the kiss and looked into his eyes. ‘Stay Hugh, stay and fuck me with my grandfather and Lawrence. Stay.’

Hugh nodded slowly. ‘I’ll stay,’ he breathed.

Shelly gently began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked.

‘I want you naked, Hugh. You’re not running out on me again.’

Shelly knelt and unfastened his trouser belt as Hugh removed his shirt. Hugh’s trousers slipped down to his angles and he stepped out of them, one hand on Shelly’s head for balance. He stood now before her in his white cotton underwear. Shelly ran delicate slender fingers over the outline of his erect cock. Hugh looked down on her, his breathing deep. Shelly hooked her thumbs over the elastic band of the pants and eased them over the head of Hugh’s cock which sprang gratefully free. The underpants slipped down his legs and Shelly put her face to his cock, nuzzling it with her face, inhaling the musky scent of the old man’s sex. She kissed his balls, running her tongue over the wrinkled old sac to the base of his cock. She traced her tongue up over his shaft, felt his hand on her head. Hugh let out a whimper as Shelly engulfed his cock in her mouth, taking him deep into her velvet moist throat. She pulled up, a thread of come linking his cock to her lips.

‘They’re waiting for us,’ Shelly said in a low voice. She took his erect cock in her hand and as though it were his hand, began to lead him back to the living room.

Ray and Lawrence were waiting. Both stood naked, their big bulky frames either side of the poker table. Both men were fully erect, holding their stiffened members, keeping them hard for Shelly.

‘Hugh changed his mind,’ she grinned triumphantly.

‘I thought he might,’ Ray said, with a wry smile.

Shelly released Hugh’s cock, so she could tug off her shorts. She wore no panties so now everyone in the room was completely naked. One 20 year old girl in her youthful prime and three old men whose combined age was just over 200 years.

Shelly looked at each of the men around her, eyes smiled with knowing anticipation.

‘Take me on the poker table grandpa, after all, I am the winnings,’ Shelly said.

‘You certainly are, darling,’ Ray said. He lifted her and laid her on her back across the table, cards unwanted now fell to the floor. Shelly’s head was over the end of one side of the table, her hips on the opposite edge. Her grandfather positioned himself between her open legs and Lawrence approached her head to fuck her in the mouth. Shelly, tipped her head back to facilitate his entry, but before his cock stifled her, she called on Hugh to suck her tits. Hugh lent over the table, his gnarled hands scooping up her big dough like soft breasts, his puckered lips seeking out her hardened nipples. Her face disappeared beneath Lawrence’s vast belly as he pressed his thick cock into her eager mouth. Shelly was delighted to find his cock was even bigger than her grandfather’s, filling her mouth and pushing down her throat. At the same time her grandfather’s cock slid inside her sopping shaved pussy, his big belly resting on her smaller flat stomach. Had there been a camera placed directly above the poker table it wouldn’t have shown Shelly, such was the smothering effect of the three old men who fucked and groped and penetrated her youthful body.

Lawrence’s big hands supported her head as he bucked his hips back and forth, withdrawing from her mouth allowing her to suck in a gout of air before shoving his thick old cock back into her throat, his pre come mixed with her saliva to lubricate her mouth more effectively. Ray likewise slowly slid his full length deep into his granddaughter’s smooth pussy, his hands held her thighs to support her weight better, his big belly juddered with each thrust. Hugh’s mouth slobbered over her big breasts, intermittingly finding her darkened hard nipples sucking hungrily at them, as though seeking to draw out life nourishing milk. It was as though Shelly were being devoured by the three old men. The triumph of old age over youth, the devouring of the healthy fit young by the unfit, infirm and aged. Shelly loved it. She was being smothered by them as the sated their lust on her, filled her with their ancient desires. How many girls and women had they fucked in their lives between them? Yet these old men, still fertile and hungry to mate were taking her, pleasuring her, filling her with their seed.

Shelly could feel her orgasm beginning to build. She could feel Lawrence’s grip on her head intensify as he thrust faster into her mouth, grunting as he did so, his big cock pushing deeper into her throat.

He gave an animalistic cry as he came, pumping his seed into Shelly’s mouth, coating her throat as she gulped it down. Shelly’s view of the fleshy mountain of his stomach receded as he withdrew from her mouth. He backed away, breathing hard from the exertion. Shelly’s grandfather was still inside her as he bucked her harder. Shelly was ready to come, but suddenly she felt her grandfather withdraw, Hugh was still on top her devouring her big breasts like some ancient cannibal.

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