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You walk in the door from work and find the house dark except for a few candles lit on the table. Next to them is a note. As you read the note a wicked grin appears on your face. You put the note back on the table and start up the stairs, dropping your clothes on the floor as you go. You open the bathroom door and see a steaming hot bath drawn, the tub surrounded by more candles. There is another note laying next to the sink, you begin to read it. The note says you have 30 minutes to relax in the tub and think about what is in store for you next. You glance up into the mirror and notice how hard your nipples have become, instinctively you begin to rub them and pull them. You turn and ease yourself into the hot bath water. Your body immediately begins to relax as the water wraps around you like a warm blanket. You lean back and close your eyes thinking about what could possibly be coming next. Your hand drifts down between your legs as you unconsciously start to rub yourself.

A smile comes to your face as that warm feeling starts to build inside you. Your fingers slide inside and slowly start to work their magic as your imagination begins to run wild with the possibilities to come. Imagining a hot cock deep inside you your fingers go deeper, your back arches and your head tilts back, a soft moan escapes your lips as a gentle orgasm washes over you. Your body relaxes canlı bahis again and you smile knowing that was just the first of many to come. Remembering what the note said you get out of the tub, quickly dry off and head for the bedroom. Opening the bedroom door you glance around but no one is there. The note said for you to put on what was laid out on the bed. Looking to the bed you see nothing but a blindfold. You put the blindfold on and lay down on the bed, just like the note said to do.

Laying there, naked and blindfolded, you start to wonder what is going to happen next. You hear something from the other side of the room. Suddenly you feel a presence next to the bed. A hand touches your ankle, you flinch a bit, it pulls your leg. You feel something being put around your ankle, then the other leg is pulled and something goes around that ankle. You realize that you can’t move your legs, they are secured to the bed. Next you feel your arms being pulled up above your head and something going around your wrists. Now you are spread eagle on the bed, naked, blindfolded, and bound by the wrists and ankles. You start to speak and a voice says “no talking, if you talk you get punished”.

The next sound you hear is a low buzzing noise. At first you don’t know what it is, but as soon as you feel something touch your nipple you know. It’s your 8″ vibrator. Your nipples start to bahis siteleri harden immediately. The tip of the vibrator circles first one nipple and then the other. It continues to move from one to the other, making larger circles each time. Behind the vibrator you feel a tongue following it. The vibrator starts to move down your body, slowly down your stomach, then down the outside of your right leg and back up on the inside stopping just short of the top of your leg. You can feel the heat starting to build inside you as the vibrator crosses over and goes down your left leg and starts back up. You can feel your outer lips starting to swell and the moisture starting to spread. Suddenly the tip of the vibrator touches your swollen lips, you flinch and then try to raise your hips up to meet it. You want to get the toy inside you but you can’t. It rubs up and down your lips, teasing you. Then it touches your clit and your body goes stiff as an orgasm rushes through you. You moan loudly as your body reacts to the sensations.

Now you are really wet and wanting something inside you to finish the job. You want to say something but don’t want the pleasure to stop. Suddenly you feel the vibrator being shoved into your hot, wet hole. It slides in easily and in one thrust you have the entire 8 inches inside you. As your muscles tighten up around the vibrator you notice something hot on bahis şirketleri your nipples. At first you don’t know what it is, then you realize it is candle wax. Hot candle wax being dripped on your nipples and tits as the vibrator buzzes away inside your pussy. The sensations are amazing as you lay there trying to sort them all out. The vibrator is being shoved in and out of you as the wax continues to hit your skin.

You notice that the wax is hitting you lower and lower……making it’s way down your body. All at once the vibrator is shoved hard all the way in you as hot wax hits your clit…… scream as your entire body stiffens up and you start to cum harder and faster than you ever have before. As you scream in ecstasy you feel hot cum hitting your tongue, stream after stream. You swallow quickly and open your mouth again, wanting more of the sweet juice. Your tongue searches for more. Another stream hits followed by the feeling of hot flesh. You wrap your lips around it and suck it into your mouth, licking and sucking it as it slides in. You get the last drop as this hot flesh throbs in your mouth.

Your body starts to relax, your muscles loosen their grip on the vibrator and it is slowly pulled out, followed by a stream of juices. Your mind is reeling from all the sensations and as you lay there in the afterglow you drift off to sleep. When you awaken you realize that the restraints have been removed and the blindfold is gone. You look around the room, but you are alone. Was it real or was it a dream?

Ok, now I am yours to do with as you please….:)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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