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I’m awakened by a buzz coming from beneath my pillow. My heart is racing, my clit is numb, and I feel a sensation lingering on my lips as if my dream had actually been reality. I take a deep breath and pull my phone out to see the text message icon glowing on the screen. I open it, my eyes focus to see that it’s from you, then “good morning.” I smile and my heartbeat starts to speed up again, my fingers stumble across the keys. “Mornin.” send. I roll over and stretch and find myself smiling again. I take in another deep breath. I sit up and look around to notice that the bed is empty. The house is empty. I finally get some time to myself. Moments later the phone goes off again. This time when I open it I read, “I’m alone.” I start to feel the excitement build when I type in “me too” and send it. I sit up and throw the covers aside. My hair falls over my nipples, still erect from my wet dream. I go turn on the shower while I wait for a response, but none comes so I jump in.

The water running down my naked body is soothing and seems to wash the sleepiness away. My mind starts to wander, I try to recall the dream I was enjoying before I woke up but I cant remember anything, no matter how hard I try. Then I start to think about you again. About how you make me feel. How I’ve been craving to feel you inside me again. How I get kinda nervous around you like I’ve never done around anyone else. The way you text me just to see how my day is going, almost like you’re too good to be true…Thinking about all of that makes me curious to know what the next text will say when I get out of the shower. For some reason I can’t seem to get enough of you, you’re like an addiction. I come back to reality to notice that I’ve been standing there too long, so I finish cleaning up and shaving, etc and get out. As expected, there is a new text message. “I’m home, have lots of time.” I tell you, “sounds good, give me 20 minutes” and get dressed.

I get to your house, by now my hands are shaking, I have butterflies in my stomach that I don’t think I’ve felt for a long time, I can’t wait to make you feel the way I do. I knock on the door and wait for you to yell “come in” as usual. I come inside and close the door behind me, taking off my coat as I make istanbul escort my way to the couch and toss it on the arm. You turn to me and ask, “so what do you want to do?”

Instead of saying I don’t know and doing that whole awkward thing, I straddle your chair and sit on your lap, carefully taking off your hat and glasses and setting them safely on the desk behind you. I pull my hands back, run them from your shoulders, slowly down your chest and abdomen, down to your pants. But not as far as you want me to. They slip under your shirt, easing it up as they slide around your hips, up your sides to your back. I feel the muscles in your back tense up under my hands as a shiver runs through you. They continue up your shoulder blades and lift your shirt over your head.

I drop your shirt beside the chair, and when I look back at you I see smile on your face, I feel the sensation on my lips that taunted me when I woke up, I want to kiss you so badly but I hesitate. I leave you hanging for a moment, my lips inches from yours, I decide to go for it. I press my lips to yours and feel a rush of adrenaline shoot through me. My need to feel your dick inside me gets stronger, I can hardly wait to fuck you again. I love the way you make me feel. I pull away and work my way down to your pants again. I undo the button, ease the zipper down, and slip my fingers into your waistband to pull your pants off, but leave your underwear on. I love your boxer briefs, they’re so fuckin sexy on you. Your hard cock stands up through your boxers as I slide them down over your hips to your knees. You help pull them the rest of the way down and kick them to the floor. You’re anxiously anticipating my next move, you can’t wait for me to put my lips on your dick.

I take a deep breath to steady my hand as I wrap it around your cock and drop to my knees between your legs. Your eyelids drop closed when I put my lips on your head, my tongue lightly grazes the tip and gives you a chill through your body, and another as I slide my wet lips down your shaft then back up, my hand trailing behind it, following the movements of my mouth as it goes up and down your dick, and again. My left avcılar escort hand moves from where it rested on your knee and slides up your thigh to your nuts. You tell me how good it feels to have your cock sucked. As much as I would love to taste your cum, I don’t want you to go yet. I’ve been waiting to feel you again. I slowly pull my lips to the top and release the suction on the head. I look up at you and ask what you would like me to do to you, kinda expecting a typical response like “I don’t know, its up to you.”

But of course you surprise me when I least expect it.

Without a word you hook my belt loops and stand up out of the chair, pulling me up to you. You unbutton my pants and slip them over my ass and down to my feet. I kick my shoes off and help you get them the rest of the way down. You grab the bottom of my shirt and lift it over my head, dropping it to the ground. You smile when you see I didn’t wear a bra. You take each of my nipples into your mouth just long enough to tease me, then release. It feels so good it makes my knees weak. You lay me on the couch and proceed to kiss your way down my belly. When you get to my underwear you look at me and grin…then pull them down with your teeth. I aide you lifting my hips up. With my thong out of the way you see how wet you’ve made me. You have an irresistible craving to taste me. You lick my hood and slowly descend, you feel the juices on your tongue before your taste buds sense it. You can’t wait to be inside me. You push a finger into my pussy. A moan escapes my mouth as you push it just a little deeper. It seems tighter that ever. A few more licks and your desire gets the best of you, you just can’t wait any longer. You spread my legs and climb between. I run my hands down your shoulders and back, feeling every inch of skin and your muscles, almost to the bottom. God, I want you so much. The temptation getting so strong you can’t stand it.

You put the head in position and thrust your dick into me. The sensation of you entering me is so incredible I start to come. I cant describe how great it is. I feel like my heart just stopped. I notice my tight grasp on your ass and release, trying not to inflict any pain. I şirinevler escort slide them gently back to your shoulders. I hear you tell me how good I feel as you start to pump in and out. My orgasm gets stronger, I can’t help but moan. Mmmm, it feels amazing. You can feel the muscles tightening around your cock as you continue to thrust into me, bringing you closer to climax. You like being in control, and making me feel like this. The orgasm starts to subside, You slow down and ask me “Do you feel better now?” I smile.


I try to calm my breathing but my heart is racing too quickly. You pull back, teasing me with just the tip. You pull out, not wanting to come yet. You ask, “Can I fuck you in your ass again…?” After a second I reply.

“You can do whatever you want to me.”

“Really, anything….?” you ask, almost surprised.

“Yeah, anything you want, why not?” You laugh.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” You sit up on the couch and tell me to hop on. I suck your dick a little while longer to lube it up, then straddle you. I slide your cock across my wet pussy to my ass. I carefully lower myself onto you, the sensation as incredible as the first time you entered me. Finally its all the way in. I start to ride it up and down, its been so ling since I’ve done anal…well since the hunting trip. I go a little faster as I get close to coming again. You grab my ass and thrust me harder onto your lap, your dick going deeper and deeper. I feel my cunt getting wet again, the pressure building, pushing me closer to ecstasy with each stroke. You kiss the side of my neck, and again, you bite down just hard enough to hurt. I flinch, all the muscles in body tense up and tighten in my body. It sends me over the edge, making me come again. The feeling is overwhelming, You’re amazing.

The combination of pain and pleasure keep me suspended in a state of bliss. I expect the orgasm to settle but it doesn’t waiver. The tingling feeling in your nuts gets stronger, you’re gonna come soon. You stop. Tell me to kneel in front of the couch, I do as told. You get behind me, reenter me doggie style. You start moving in and out, in and out, triggering yet another orgasm as your dick rubs back and forth across my g-spot with every thrust. A shock races through your body and you go into overload. It makes your nuts go numb and spreads through your legs. You fuck me even harder, you get the urge to spank my ass. Oooh, that’s so fucking sexy. You come, and all the pressure that’s been building rushes out of your body while you give me the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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