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Standing face to face their eyes meet. She allows her fear to show in hers but it is tinged with a desire that seemed alive. His eyes to were warm as for a moment they simply stood there both of them thinking the same thing. Both knowing that a bed lay only feet from them. Her mind races with thoughts and insecurities but in one strong push she buries them determined she is going to show this man just how much he means to her.

Besides she had been waiting far to long for this to turn back now. She steps closer her eyes never leaving his until she stands barely an inch from him. Her hand reaches up caressing his face gently a smile curving her lips. Then with one last look in his eyes she presses her lips to his.

The kiss starts out slow as they explore one another’s lips for the first time. She feels a shudder travel down her entire body; a moan threatens to emerge from such a simple kiss. Unable to stop she deepens the kiss pressing closer; His arms come up around her waist pulling her tight against him as he kisses her back. Letting her arms wrap around his neck she is pulled flush against his body.

This time the moan does escape as she savors the feeling of his body against hers, his arousal pressing into her stomach. Knowing she is the one that caused that causes her own arousal to worsen.

Still kissing him she teases the seem of his lips with her tongue until he allows her inside where she teases him some more barely allowing her tongue to touch his. He seems to like this, his tongue engaging hers as his hands run up her back and into her hair tilting her head for better access. Closing her eyes she becomes lost, all her doubts and worries are gone replaced by nothing but this man and this moment and how long she had been waiting to be here in this place even before she knew it herself.

The kiss soon goes from sweet and loving to passionate and her body begins to rub against his. Her arms tighten around his neck, his hands leaving her hair sweeping down her back down till he cups her behind pulling her tight against him. Another moan escapes her lips and is lost in his mouth as he continues to devour her.

Realizing she is losing control and that is not what she wanted she forces herself to pull away. A question in his eyes has her canlı bahis kissing him again to reassure him before taking his hand and leading him to the bed. She grabs the hem of his shirt with her hands tugging on it letting him know without words she wished for it gone. He quickly complied leaving his chest bare for her touch.

And touch she did as her hands roamed all over his skin enjoying the way his muscles seemed to tighten under her hands. Letting her hands slide down to his stomach and lower she unbuttons his jeans her hands teasing just above the waistband. His eyes seem to heat at her touch his hand running through her hair. He attempts to pull her in for another kiss but she resists a mischievous smile pulling on the corners of her mouth. She motions for him to sit on the bed which he does his eyes never leaving her as she backs away a bit reaching for her shirt and sliding it over her head in one smooth motion. His eyes darken as he takes in the fact she isn’t wearing a bra. How had he missed that? He wonders silently.

She runs her hands up her own sides teasing him with glimpses of her caressing her own breasts before giggling softly and approaching him. Gently she pushes on his shoulder urging him to lie down which he does without complaint. Crawling up his body she stops when she is even with him her lips hovering over his teasingly.

Barely she brushes her lips against him but not allowing him to kiss her. Her hand travels over his shoulder and down his arm back to his shoulder before traveling down his chest stopping at his lower abdomen before traveling back up to thread into his hair when she finally allows the kiss to take place.

His hands come up roaming over her back as she kisses him. Spreading her legs she straddles his waist feeling his arousal pressing in the one spot that craved it most. A moan bubbles up as she lets herself rub against him feeling the delicious friction through her pants.

Finally forcing herself to pull away she sits up her breathing coming fast and an ache between her legs causing her to unconsciously undulate her hips against his. Determined not to lose control she leans forward kissing his lips very briefly before kissing a path to his ear teasing for a moment, nibbling a bit before traveling down his neck bahis siteleri her tongue sneaking out to tease a spot here and there.

Leaving his neck she travels down to his chest her lips leaving a path of fire in their wake. Meanwhile her hands travel down his side following loosely the path of her lips kissing, then touching, licking then touching, basically worshipping his body as it was meant to be worshiped. She feels his hands tangle in her hair as he tilts his head back closing her eyes a small moan escaping his lips.

Feeling her own body clench at the sound she moves lower over his stomach now. His pants were already unbuttoned; all she had to do was hook her fingers into the waistband and pull. Helping her by lifting his hips they slipped off revealing a pair of boxers which soon joined his jeans on the floor.

Taking a moment to admire him, she licks her lips unable to prevent the heat pooling between her legs. Leaning over him she goes back to her trail of kissing moving lower now that his pants no longer proved an obstacle. His hand is back in her hair but his eyes are open as they watch her unable to take his gaze away as she moves closer and closer to the one place that begs for her lips. Letting her hand travel over his him she moves it closer to the middle her lips teasing his thigh.

A noise escapes his throat when she finally allows her hand to wrap around his length squeezing oh so slightly as her lips travel closer. Her hand strokes him once, twice… her thumb teasing the tip of him causing his hips to arch helplessly into her caress. Hearing another groan slip out from his she finally takes pity her lips hovering over the tip of his arousal. Looking up at him she catches his gaze then with an aching slowness she licks him from the base up… up until she reaches the tip where she proceeds to taking every inch of hi in her mouth in one movement.

A strangled sound escapes him as his head falls back his hips arching off the bed slightly. Moaning softly in response she pulls up until just the tip remains in her mouth before sliding all the way back down in a slow controlled movement making him squirm from the sensations. Getting a rhythm now she begins to stroke him with her mouth keeping a continuous suction that has him groaning bahis şirketleri softly with each stroke. Using her nails she lightly skims his thighs one hand leaving to encircle the base of his arousal allowing her to move faster.

Feeling he is rather close she pulls away her hand still idly stroking him as her gaze meets his. Her eyes are heated as she sits up and unbuttons her pants smiling a bit as she slides them off of her hips and lips taking her underwear with them. Without another second to waste she is back over him her lips kissing his her body pressed against his rubbing against him as she straddles his waist once more. His hands move over her back as he returns the kiss one hand then moving to the front teasing his nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he pushes his hips up into hers.

Unable to take anymore she sits up reaching down to position him at her opening before sliding down taking every inch in without stopping her body already aroused and welcoming from giving him pleasure. Her eyes close and she moans his name softly the feeling of him filling her to indescribable. His hands rest on her hips holding her against him.

She begins to move her body sliding up and down on his, the friction building a fire that is already hotter then should be possible. Overwhelmed she leans over him her lips finding hers her hips moving at an ever increasing speed and strength.

Soon neither of them can think only feel as they rock together forcefully his hands cupping her behind pulling her to him with each thrust while she buries her face in his neck her thighs tightening around him her moans escalating to an almost wail. His name a continuous litany on her lips as she races towards completion. He groans her name as her teeth nip his shoulder in her passion her hips pounding harder and harder against him until…

Finally the damn breaks and her orgasm floods through her causing her to stiffen her hips spasming against his. Somewhere in the distance she hears him shout his body convulsing slightly as his orgasm rushes through him as well…

Panting she takes a deep breath her eyes opening and her heart clenching as she remembers it was all in her mind. Sadly she sits up her heart beat returning to normal her gaze turning out the window knowing he is under the same sky aching for him more then words can describe. Yet a smile curves her lips, they will be together soon and when they are she will make sure of one thing, he will never want to merely fantasize again

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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