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((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

Okay, here’s Part 2 of Doctor Franchetta’s remarkable birthday.

This was going to be the final part, but some of the feedback from Part 1 suggested that 8 pages was a bit on the chunky side, so I’ve decided to release the remainder of the story in two further parts instead which I hope will make them more acceptable.

As with all multipart stories, it will make most sense if read in sequence, but here’s a quick precis of ‘events’ so far…

Doctor Fay Franchetta, CME and head of the Corpus Christie Forensic Centre, has big plans for her special day. Most of which involve spending a lot of time in bed with her FBI husband, Ben! For a variety of reasons these quickly go awry and instead she has to deal with with Detective Sarmino, her ex-Investigator, and the big crush he has on her. Then there are some ex-employees who are currently dressing as Aliens and robbing/assaulting people in the vicinity who give her a hard time, along with some college freshmen. Finally there are major blow-ups with the CCFC Union, led by Earl, her own Head Of Security. Life and birthday were getting distinctly complicated as she chased satisfaction!

Duke ))


12- Birthday So Far – Interesting!

Looking out of the window of my plush office, high in the CCFC building, I was immediately struck by two things.

One was how nice the day was, just a few small clouds dotted about an otherwise clear blue sky and the warm summer sunshine just getting past its peak strength as the afternoon progressed towards tea time.

The second was how ridiculously tense and horny I still felt!

Okay, it was my birthday and I’d had big plans to spend a strenuous afternoon and evening making love with my strong, FBI husband, but all that had gone wrong at lunch when he’d unexpectedly been called away yet again. In the end I’d come back to work to try and take my mind off the disappointment. Of course, I hadn’t needed to but as Chief Medical Examiner of Corpus Christie County I always had something that demanded my attention, and running a complex operation like our big forensic centre, the CCFC, was no mean feat, even for a sassy ‘not quite middle aged’ woman such as myself!

But, whilst the events since lunch had certainly been a distraction, they’d not had much to do with running my ‘business’ though!!

I sighed as I finally left the window and it’s peaceful view, and sat down my comfortable leather chair at my wide, modern desk. It was a typical swivel affair, deep and welcomingly soft and I was soon subconsciously rocking it back and forth as I took stock of my birthday so far. I sighed again and shook my head. It had been pretty unbelievable really!

I mean, meeting up with my husband, Ben, at the fancy hotel he’d booked had started pretty promising. After we’d been apart for a good few weeks, it was so good to feel his strong arms around me, and our passionate kisses had quickly developed into some serious groping! But then the sodding FBI had called and whisked him away from me on yet another ‘national emergency’! I really can’t understand why they can’t train someone else up after all this time and leave him to me!!

That’s when my birthday celebrations had started to go downhill, and my sense of sexual frustration had started to peak. The erotic incidents with our local police detective and long time admirer of mine, Gene Sarmino, probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been feeling so horny, or wearing the sexy lingerie that I’d specifically bought to titillate my husband! Mind you, as an ex-Investigator at the CCFC who had recently worked for me, I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty. I should probably have exerted a little more control on him!

Then there had come voyeur time! First watching Pam, my best friend and Chief Forensic Officer getting laid by my handsome deputy ME, Lutz Zeller. And then the almost surreal sight of my favourite niece, Layla, and her partner Jane getting together in a serious lesbian encounter with my live-in dog carer Penny. Frankly, I wished now that I’d never watched the damn security camera footage. It had done nothing to quell my sense of sexual frustration and done everything to complicate how I was going deal with our relationships going forward. I mean, I’d known for a long time that my unpredictable and brilliant niece and Jane were gay, and was actually quite pleased that they’d settled down together, but Penny as well?!!

And why had I found it so arousing as well? What did that mean? Aaaaaaargh…stop thinking that way!!

And finally of course there’d been the slightly ridiculous encounter with our ‘Aliens’ and the ensuing gang-bang in the nearby park that had left me as sexually frustrated as ever, and full of ‘Earth Seed’! I was leaking so much of the damn stuff out of my poor, over-worked vagina that I’d had to get some tissues from my bag , roll them into bursa escort a tight wad and stuff them up my fanny so that I could get back to the CCFC without looking like a highly successful ‘street lady’!

Still, I’d made it back in one piece, fled quickly up to my office and into the en-suite bathroom where I’d, with huge relief, managed to clean myself up and have a shower. The stinging hot water hadn’t flushed away my on-going, and still unsatisfied horniness, but it had made me feel fresher and ready to face the world again. And when I’d admired my naked body in the mirror, I’d felt a resurgence of my old confidence flood through me. I really didn’t look at all bad for someone in her late thirties, or somewhere in that vicinity!

Slipping back into my sexy lingerie had felt good too. The lacy, cream bra and panties weren’t entirely fresh of course but I didn’t have anything else to wear, and when I’d rolled up my stockings and attached them to the matching suspender belt and their frilly cream bows, I felt quite distinctly Amazon like before covering everything up with my utilitarian white lab-coat!

13- Pam Sympathises

I hadn’t realised that I’d been daydreaming for quite so long when a quick tap at the office door shocked me out of my reverie. Then a head popped round to see if I was in.

For a fleeting second, I thought that it might be Sarmino again, in which case the heavy stapler that I’d picked up would have been instantly winging its way into his face!

Fortunately it wasn’t, and I replaced my weapon on the desk as, with a smile, I bade Pam into my office and to take a seat on the sofa. I joined her there. She’d looked a little apprehensive as she’d peeped in which wasn’t too surprising given that the last tie she’d done that she’d caught me being fucked up against my bathroom door by my ex-Investigator. My VERY MUCH EX-Investigator!!

She was wearing her own lab coat, and as I sat next to her, she crossed her legs, the material gaping a little and revealing her shapely calves and knees. She was a little shorter than me, and not quite as busty, but she had a good figure. There was a competitive streak to our friendship which ensured that we both looked after our bodies, and our attempts to outdo each other as snappy dressers was the stuff of legends in the CCFC!

She looked at me quizically, clearly not sure what to say. I wasn’t sure myself at first, but in the end the whole story about Detective Sarmino came tumbling out. Well, most of it. I censored the bit about watching her making love with Lutz! She’d always been a great, sympathetic listener, which I found useful when I needed to get things off my chest, but as her eyes got wider and wider, and her mouth gaped, I realised that my story was stretching credibility to the limit!

“Gosh!!” she spluttered as I finished, “…what a day you’ve had!”

I was pleased to note that I could laugh at her expression of incredulity. It was much better than dissolving into a sobbing heap! And she’d only heard the half of it!!

Then her face lit up, “And you’re not the only one to get a surprise sexy moment either!”

It was my turn to look mystified, but she explained that she’d been walking with Lutz in the park earlier, and they’d come across the two ‘Aliens’ that Sarmino had been warning everyone about! My eyes widened as I remembered what had happened to me.

“No…they didn’t did they?” I gasped.

“Yes…they robbed us and well, you know… I still can’t believe it, Lutz had to fuck the female Alien and I got well and truly rogered by the male one!!” Her eyes went a little distant before adding a little dreamily I thought, “…Jeeesus, I can still feel him in me now…AND, what’s more…” she gave me a conspiratorial look, “… I think that I know who they are!!”

She’d finished on a note of triumph, but I rained on her parade.

“Desmond and Tess,” I said calmly, referring to our two recently sacked junior members of staff.

“What! How…?????”

I had to explain that I’d been caught by the pair in the park too, with much the same result!

She looked at me in disbelief, “But how did you know …?”

” I recognised their voices so they took their masks off.”

“So, they didn’t actually…”

“Oh yes they bloody did!” I responded with feeling!

She looked at me carefully, “I didn’t actually report them to Sarmino… I somehow felt a bit sorry for them …we really shouldn’t have sacked them you know…”

“Mmmmmm,” I said, putting my management voice on, even if I did have some sympathy for them myself. And it had been my office manager, Bruce, who’d insisted that they had to go in the end after we’d caught them doing some petty pilfering. Still, theft was theft after all.

She’d seen the moment of doubt in my eyes and pounced.

“He’s just as big as we thought!” she laughed, referring to the times we’d mused together on how well endowed Desmond had looked around the office.

“Absolutely bursa escort bayan ginormous!!” I laughed back as the memory of how he’d filled me came rushing back, and triggered yet another little bonfire between my legs!

“So…are you going to tell Sarmino?”

Probably not I thought, but I still had the potential problem of his promise to me to deal with. After he’d fucked me in the park clearing he’d been distraught that, because of various distractions, I hadn’t had a climax myself and his parting words were a promise that they’d come round to my house later to ‘…finish the job!’ I still hadn’t decided what I thought about the prospect of that but the fact that I was considering it at all showed what a sexually frustrated state I’d got myself into!!

I was about to articulate my thoughts when I was interrupted by my desk phone.

“Sorry,” I said, getting up to take it.

It took only a few seconds of listening for my brows to narrow and my heart to sink.

‘Earl’ I mouthed at my friend.

Her face spread into a wide grin as she saw my expression. She knew exactly how much I enjoyed the company of my Head of Security. Then she got up and, with a quick wave left me to it.

I regretted her going. I had some big problems to sort out with Earl and I could have done with some back-up! As well as his security job, he was also chief union negotiator for the staff at CCFC and we’d already had a big bust-up at a management/union meeting earlier this afternoon when I’d lost my temper over his persistent demands for extra staff bonuses. In return for not very much as far as I could see!

Bruce hadn’t been happy after the meeting and had more or less torn a strip off me for what I’d said, but I’d thought it had gone okay in the end because Earl had backed off. Bruce wasn’t so sure though.

Anyway, as far as I could see, my big problem with Earl wasn’t the union meeting, it was the fact that he’d got security camera footage of that big moron Sarmino fucking me over his cruiser bonnet in the car park after he’d brought me back from my frustrating meeting with my husband at lunch! Of course I shouldn’t have blamed the unexpected sex entirely on him because it takes two to tango after all, but he’d caught me at a moment of incredible sexual weakness and taken advantage, and now my union nemesis Earl had a hold over me. At least he hadn’t brought it up at the meeting though. Maybe he’d let it go. Maybe pigs would fly!!

I listened to him for a few minutes. He wanted me to go down to the staff rest room on the first floor to see what he’d ‘set up’. He was making me angry as usual because how wouldn’t say what that was, only how important it was as a follow-up to our meeting earlier. He was being vague, mysterious and slightly intriguing, and in the end I’d got so exasperated that I’d given in!

“Okay Earl, I’ll come down…but this had better be really, really fucking important!!”

14 – A Shocking Surprise!

When I reached Floor 1, I found Earl and his trusty sidekick Jesse waiting for me as the lift doors opened.

Earl was looking his usual military style self in the company grey tunic shirt and sleek black pants. His shoes were shined to a level where you could see your reflection in them. He really was ex-forces, and I suspected that deep down he still wished he was pounding the world with all the other Marines, but now, in his mid-forties his short, dark hair was sprouting flecks of grey and there was a distinct bulge in the tummy area!

He hated it when I stared at it, so I glanced that way before drawing my eyes up to his and saying snappily, “Okay Earl, here I am, now what’s the drama!”

In his clipped, military tones he responded, “I wanted to show you what we’d arranged in the nurses room. You know, so that you’ll be comfortable with it all.”

I’d naturally fallen in step with him as he started to walk down the brightly lit corridor towards the staff rest room, but I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. The big rest room was an essential part of the complex because, given the nature of our work, people could be in and working all hours of the day and night. It contained a couple of pool tables, pinball machine and dart board for entertainment purposes and had some vending machines for drinks and snacks and a small kitchen section with microwave cookers for those eating late at night. Along one side was a group of deep, comfy leather sofas facing a big flat screen TV on one wall. I was quite proud of the effort I’d put in for staff support and I know that they appreciated it’s availability.

The nurses room was accessed from a door in the rest room and was fully equipped to provide medical support in the event of any urgent staff accidents or illnesses. Another facility that I was very proud of.

We’d almost reached the rest room door when I finally lost patience and hauled Earl back by the arm.

“Look Earl, I’m not going any further until you tell me what this is all escort bursa about.”

He gave me a strange look, and confused me even further!

“But you must remember the meeting Doctor Franchetta. All that I’ve done is to follow up on your wishes,” he actually sounded mystified that I wasn’t somehow reading his mind!

“What wishes?!!” I snapped back, getting even more angry with him.

He actually looked hurt, “Well, I can’t remember your exact words, but…” and he turned to his faithful lapdog behind us, “…Jesse, you’ve got the meeting minutes there haven’t you? What exactly was it the Doctor agreed to do?”

He pulled out some folded sheets of paper from his pocket and studied the wording.

“I think this is the bit you’re referring to Earl. She said ”Look Earl, this is getting us nowhere! You know I’m not going to give way on paying bonuses for not much of fucking anything back!! Frankly I’d rather fuck the staff every month than give in to such blatant fucking blackmail! Fucking well get real and let’s move on!!”

It was all said so calmly in the corridor, but now that he’d read it out, I did remember making some such statement after we’d gone round and round the subject for way too long. I was slightly appalled at my rather limited use of the English language, but I’d been goaded into it by the ultra devious Earl! Still, he’d stopped talking about bonuses hadn’t he? What was the problem? Then I felt a slight shiver run up my spine as the meaning of my words hit home!

“So,” Earl continued, now smiling triumphantly at me, ” …it wasn’t easy to arrange, but we managed to do a telephone vote with our members on your proposal after the meeting and I’m pleased to say that the staff have accepted your offer!”

“WHAT?!!” I spluttered.

“The one where you offered to fuck the staff every month instead of paying the bonus. I’ve got to say that the response was pretty unanimous Doctor Franchetta, you’re clearly well regarded by everyone!”

My eyes were wide and my head was spinning. I spoke slowly, in shock.

“No way …absolutely no way …Jeeeesus …I never meant …”

“It’s in the meeting minutes and they’ve been approved by Bruce!” he responded cheerily, “…you can hardly back out now!”

Bruce had what?! I was going to kill him!

But before I could react, he took me by the arm and started walking me to the rest room door, at the same time leaning close and whispering in my ear, “…and of course, there’s that little matter of the public, illicit sex in our car park … I’m sure that you wouldn’t want us to have to prosecute the perpetrators would you?? Come along now, we’ve got everything ready for you in the nurses room and I’ve arranged a schedule for the participating staff … which is practically all of them!” he finished even more cheerily. Maybe he thought this was just a big joke?! Maybe he was just trying to teach me a lesson of some sort and he’d pull back eventually?

Aaaaaargh!! How had I got myself into this mess? And, even more importantly, how was I to get out of it? He seemed to have all the angles covered!

15 – Reality Kicks In – Hard!

My mind was still refusing to function as he guided me through the big rest room towards the nurses annex. I immediately spotted a few small groups of men and women chattering excitedly, and I knew exactly what the subject was about as most of them went silent as we walked, or was it staggered, past! Some looked amazed to see me here! So was I!!

They were mostly a mixture of clerical and manual support staff because my senior staff weren’t allowed to be union members, so at least I wasn’t going to face the shame of giving myself to my direct subordinates! It wasn’t much of straw to grab at though!

Then we were through and into what appeared to have become my designated ‘whorehouse’. The room was brightly lit as you’d expect but with no external windows. Only one way in and out, through the main door. Most of the walls were covered by a variety of shiny cupboards and drawers, and in the centre was normally a full length, padded examination table. Today it had been pushed to one side though and centre stage was a new contraption. I gaped as I realised what it was. Where the hell had they got a gynaecological examination chair from?!!

It probably wasn’t the most sophisticated such model on the market, but the stirrups, although comfortably padded, looked like they’d do a good job of lifting and separating my legs while the padded sand coloured backrest was tilted forward at about forty degrees so that I’d be able to see what was going on in between them. My eyes were wide and my mouth was gaping open. I know that I looked like a trapped fish, but I just couldn’t help it as Earl and Jesse almost dragged me to it!

“Wow, Doctor Franchetta, I…I …well, I never actually thought that you’d turn up! Did you really say that at the meeting?!”

It was an effort to drag my eyes away from my potential torture site sideways to where I spotted our female security guard, Portia, dressed in full uniform like the others but looking decidedly uncomfortable! My mouth worked on a few responses but in my shocked state no sound came out.

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