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He had circled the bar several times now, building the courage to park, and to go inside.

He knew it to be a ‘meeting place’ for gays and lesbians. He had known it for the entire five years he’d come to the city on business…knew it, thought about it, but did nothing about it.

Until this night…

Up until this night, the few times he had been with other guys were always in the context of threesomes with either his wife, now, or with other women he had dated. Those times, rarely but not entirely so, resulted in some guy-guy touching, fondling and, on a couple of occasions, he being sucked by another guy. The most he had done, himself, was stroking another guy’s dick in the throes of a threesome and once, he licked another guy’s dick as it fucked his wife.

Didn’t mean he didn’t want to do more, he just had not done so.

Not until tonight, that is.

He was on a mission that night, a mission to give in to the urgings he heard inside of his head, a mission to fully explore his curiosity. He knew he had no problem with a guy sucking his dick. Been there, done that. But this night, this night was for him to find out if he could, or would, pick up a guy so that he could indulge his desire to suck cock.

There, there it is, out there to do with what he would.

Finally mustering up the courage, he parked, took a breath, and walked into the dimly lit bar and took a stool, ordering a beer from the barkeep.

Slowly sipping his beer, he took in the surroundings, took in the few couples on the dance floor, the women locked in slow-moving tight embraces, their hands freely roaming over each other. He took in the fewer male couples doing the same, their hands massaging each other’s crotches as they moved slowly on the darkened floor.

Focusing on his stool-mates at the bar through the back-bar mirror, he notice a nice looking, younger güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri guy, a couple of stools over from him. Their eyes locked in the mirror, a small smile creeping onto the other guy’s face. Silently, the younger guy picked up his drink and moved to the stool next to his.

“Quiet night,” he said by way of greeting after he sat next to him.

“Appears to be,” he said back to the younger man.

“Live in town?” he was asked.

“No, here on business,” was his reply.

“Just out for a beer?” he was asked.

“That, and maybe, a little fun-time,” was his reply.

“First time?” he was knowingly asked.

“Does it really show?,” he replied, a bit disconcerted the his stool-mate had picked up on that vibe so quickly.

“Not really, I just seem to have a sense about these things,” came the reply from the younger guy.

After he had said that, the younger guy, casually, but very matter-of-factly, placed his hand onto his lap, found his semi-erect penis and squeezed it softly before beginning his strokes.

He sat there, eyes straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, watching as the younger stranger stroked his, now-fully-erect, cock through his suit pants, the bar’s overhanging lip providing a bit of ‘cover’.

“Feel good?” Younger guy asked as he continued stroking his dick.

“Yes,” came the terse, but, truthful, reply.

Reaching over, the younger guy took his hand, carried it down from the bar-top, and placed it onto his own crotch, onto his own erection under his pants before resuming the stroking of him.

He wouldn’t have been able to explain it, had you asked him, but, the feeling that overtook him when he felt the younger guy’s dick in his hand was, well, it was sort of magical.

They were quiet, the two of them, there, at the bar, not saying a word, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sipping their drinks as they played with each other’s cocks, there, in public. Nobody was really watching or noticing, of course, but it wouldn’t have mattered to either of them. They were enjoying the feel of another man’s hand on their respective cocks.

Enjoying it immensely.

“I live a block away,” the younger man said to him, “if you’d like to take a walk with me…”, leaving the rest of it unsaid.

He stood, laid his money on the bar, and followed the younger man out, walked with him to an older, remodled, smallish house, neither of them speaking.

Upon entering, he took in the fact that the house was neat, clean, orderly, and dimly lit. ‘Homey’ would have been the term he would have used to describe it.

“Want to share a joint?” The younger guy asked him.

“Sure,” he replied, knowing that the ‘smoke’ would send him into that zone, that it would make him horny.

They did…they shared the joint, passing it between them as they sat on the sofa, the younger guy’s hand continuing to stroke him through his pants. When they had finished the doobie, the younger guy stood, took off his clothes, and kneeled between his legs, the younger guy holding his eyes with his own. Unbuckling his belt and zipping down his pants, the younger guy reached into his pants, pulling his erection free and immediately sucked it into his mouth.

The younger guy sucked on him for what seemed like hours, deep-throating him, licking his shaft’s underside with his tongue, greedily sucking on him, licking his nut-sack, willing him to cum into his mouth.

And he did, for what seemed like forever, for what seemed like a gallon of cum that the younger guy eagerly slurped and swallowed. When the last drop of cum had been swallowed, the younger guy güvenilir bahis şirketleri stood, and climbing onto the sofa, pushed his head until it was resting on the sofa-back.

Kneeling with his knees on either side of his head, on the sofa, the younger guy led his erection to his opening mouth, slowly feeding his dick into his mouth and throat until his lips were on the younger guy’s pubic bone and hair. Slowly, methodically, his mouth was getting fucked, the pelvic thrusts urging the cock down his throat. Sucking with all of the emotion that he was feeling, he let himself get mouth-fucked, loving the feel of the younger guy’s cock sliding in and out, down and deep, loving the feel of the younger guy’s ass-cheeks as his fingers gripped them tightly, forcing the younger guy’s cock deep into his sucking mouth.

When the younger guy came, he did so as he grabbed his head, forcing the dick deep into his throat, the feel and taste of cum bouncing off of his throat’s walls. Eagerly, he sucked the last drop from the younger guy’s dick and when he was finished, he got up, neatened his pants and all, then walked to the door and let himself out, a few drops of cum at the corners of his mouth which he licked with his tongue, the younger guy looking confused that he was leaving, that there wouldn’t be more between them.

Walking the block back to his car, he was savoring the fresh taste of cum that lingered in his mouth, enjoying the memory of what had just happened, those thoughts causing his freshly-sucked cock to throb, just a bit.

Arriving back at the bar’s parking lot, he was about to turn towards his car when he noticed two guys entering the bar, both of whom had caught his eye with their own, smiling seductively at him, afterwards. The two guys were slight of build, almost effeminine, but not entirely so.

Hesitating but a second, he then turned on his heels and walked towards the bar’s entrance.

It was still early, he thought to himself, as his hand reached for the doorknob and, maybe, time for another adventure? Maybe, he thought to himself as he entered the dimly-lit bar once more, time to meet a couple of new friends?…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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