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His cock was oozing with precum as Rebecca jerked him off with both hands, and the sight of her huge tits constantly leaking milk mesmerized him completely. The intensity of his moaning told her that he was not far from the edge and she could not wait for him to empty his humongous ballsack. The thought of the insane amount of cum that must be stored up made her grip tighten and her hands started to move faster, up and down the thick shaft. Her heavy juggs had no intention to stop leaking and he was now more eager than ever to get a taste of her sweet breast milk.

He was just about to reach out and grab her tits but was interrupted. He clawed the bedsheets and made a powerful thrust with his hips and shot the first spurt of his load. It went high and splattered all across the bed. Rebecca was amazed, this single spurt alone was bigger than any load she had seen before. And there was a lot more to come. Rope after rope shot out of his massive cock, soaking both of them in a thick layer of cum. He twitched and screamed in pleasure and she kept jerking him off, hoping it would never end.

When it finally subsided canlı bahis there was a long while of silence. His cock quickly became flaccid but maintained an impressive size, his balls remained as unproportionally huge as before and still rested heavily on the bed.

“Now,” he said “it’s my turn to empty you”. There was no need to say it twice. Rebecca straddled him, put her hand behind his head and pulled it towards her engorged juggs. He opened his hungry mouth put his lips around her leaking nipple, then she woke up.

Rebecca gave out a moan of frustration. Her bed was soaked with milk, her tits were painfully engorged and her pussy was dripping wet. It was far from the first time she had a dream like this and it made her mad every time, not because they made her tits leak but because the dreams always ended eventually. And here she was, back in the same old reality where she would never find a man that could produce enough cum to satisfy her.

She sat up on the wet sheets and picked out her electric breast pump from the nightstand. She switched it on and placed the suction cups on her nipples as she closed her bahis siteleri eyes. The milk started to gush out immediately and the tugging made her fantasy stud reappear in her mind. The pumping always felt good, when she kept her eyes closed and pretended that it was his mouth draining her it felt even better.

Afterwards Rebecca took a long proud look at her result. Forty ounces of milk. She was increasing her amount by the day. She took a picture of the filled plastic bottles and uploaded it on her MooMoo page. There was already tons of comments on her last upload, mostly guys telling her how hot she was but also a lot of jealous girls asking how she can produce so much or what she did to get tits that big. On MooMoo she was a celebrity. She loved the attention, it made her feel sexy and confident.

Men often sent her private messages with pictures of their dicks or the load they blasted when they watched her material. The loved the fact that there were so many men that repeatedly drained their balls to her, but it was not enough. She always hoped, childishly, that one day one of the many messages or friend requests bahis şirketleri would be from the man she so often dreamed about.

After a few minutes of reading fresh comments like “wow” or “so fucking hot” Rebecca suddenly received a friend request. This was nothing unusual, quite the opposite really. She instantly accepted the request as she always did and continued to browse her fans’ comments. There was only seconds before she got a message from the user she just accepted.

“Hey beauty what’s up? <3" it said. Rebecca chuckled when she realized his user tag was only "Big Balls", thinking he probably thought a bit too high of his package. “Not much u?” she responded. She made sure to always reply at least once to not appear to be arrogant. She picked up her comment browsing and the stranger did not write back, for a while at least. Rebecca was just about to put her phone away when she got a new message. “You made me cum so fucking hard!” Original, Rebecca thought sarcastically, amused by how he had initiated a conversation and then decided to jerk off before following up her response. He then sent her a video that made her gasp. The video featured a naked man sitting on the edge of a bed or a couch, and that instant she understood why he picked the user tag Big Balls, though big was definitely an understatement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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