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Rodger walked into the cold house and wanted to scream. He and Mom deserved better than this, but nothing ever came their way and he was sick of it. They both worked full-time jobs and still couldn’t afford the basics, like heat and Christmas was in five days.

“Hey sweet heart, I’m in the living room,” Rodger’s mom Beth called from the other room and he went to her.

He walked in the living room and wondered what was going on. Mom was making a giant bed made in front of the fireplace and it was set up for two people. “Hey, what in the world are you doing?” he asked and hoped that Mom wasn’t having a man over, but she hadn’t dated in the last ten years and this was a big surprise.

Mom wasn’t a beauty queen, but to Roger, she was a knock out and he stayed hard for her. She was five-foot-five inches tall, weighed around one hundred and fifty pounds and she had short coal-black hair. Her big, blue eyes could look at Rodger and he’d be hard in a split second. Mom had large D cup breasts and her big nipples were easily seen through any of her blouses. Her tummy wasn’t flat and it had some extra meat, but he loved it too. Her legs weren’t long, her thighs were meaty, like her tummy and they molded into Mom’s chunky ass perfectly.

She stood up and Mom smiled with her puffy lips. “Hi baby, how was work?” Beth asked with love and could see his dark eyes were on her large, swaying breasts and she loved it. “The weather man said that a bad cold front is coming and it’s going to drop below zero, all week long and if we stay in here, we should be fine,” she said and walked to hug her son.

Rodger was medium height, black hair like his Mom’s and a wonderful body. He worked in a warehouse loading trucks and it showed. He had big, thick arms and a manly chest. He may have been her son, but Beth still looked at him and very often, thought of him while she pleasured herself and never thought it was wrong. She wasn’t fucking him, just thinking of him and Beth figured it was fine.

He smiled as she stood and came towards him. He reached out and hugged her, but she jumped back and shivered. “No hugging until you get those cold clothes off!” she said and saw a shocked look on his face. “Keep your shorts on, but all the rest will have to go and then, we can snuggle in the bed with some hot chocolate and talk or does it bother you to be in bed with your old Mom?” Beth asked as she watched Rodger taking off his coat and kicking off his shoes.

He didn’t know what to say, but if she wanted to snuggle, it was fine with him and was more than willing to be close to his sexy Mom. “You’re not old and I’d love to snuggle,” he replied and saw that Mom was watching him unbutton his shirt. “What are you going wear?” he asked with a big smile and she blushed.

She heard him and wasn’t sure if she should keep her small robe on or not. Beth knew that Rodger loved being close to her and she loved it too. He was so handsome, so caring and he also had something very, very big in his pants. Rodger had a massive, nine inch cock that stayed hard day and night. Beth wasn’t a pervert, but she truly enjoyed when he lay with her and was hard.

“I’ll keep my robe and panties on, is that ok with you?” she asked with a submissive tone that Beth hadn’t used in years and she chewed her lower lip. She loved Roger as a son, but over the last year or so, her love was growing deeper and she started having odd feelings towards him.

He smiled, unzipped his jeans and could feel his cock growing hard. “I don’t want you getting pissed-off at me if I um…well, you know,” he said, slowly pushing his jeans down and it looked like Mom was going to cum in her panties. “What color are your panties and are they hot?” Rodger teased and Mom reached to slap his arm.

She heard him and her insides were burning. “None of my personal things are very sexy and as for the color…I’m sure you’ll see soon enough.” Beth said with a soft tone in her voice and looked down to the front of his shorts. “It looks like he’s excited about this, but he’s always like that, isn’t he?” she added with a hint of sex in her voice and gave him a lustful smile.

“Hey, I can’t help the fact that he likes you and you are a very pretty woman, Mom.” Rodger smiled as he walked towards her in only his shorts and they looked like a small tent. “Now may I get a hug?” he asked as Mom eyes were on his stiff shaft and she moved into his arms.

“Oh Lord!” Beth moaned when Rodger’s massive cock pressed against her upper thigh, next to her excited pussy and she felt like screaming, but she held it in and slowly pulled away from him. “I know you stay hard, but please behave or we’ll have to figure out a new sleeping plan, ok?” she said with one of those motherly tones and went to poke the fire.

Rodger felt like a dumb ass and he came close to fucking up a very nice thing. “Sorry Mom, but you are a pretty lady and I can’t help it,” he said as he moved beside his Mom and put his arm around her shoulders.

“I think you’re crazy, but I do love hearing istanbul escort you say things like that.” Beth replied and peeked at his cock. “Just try and keep him under control,” she added, returned his hug and smiled. “An eighteen year old boy and you get hard for your old Mom. What am I going to do with you?” she said with a soft voice and Beth knew what she ‘could’ do, but it was against the law and she didn’t want to fuck up their lives by doing something like that.

Rodger loved her so much, but incest was wrong and against the law. “I’ll try and keep it down or away from you,” he said and noticed that Mom’s little, silk robe, had came open and he could see both of her breasts.

She knew her robe came open, but it thrilled Beth when her son looked at her with such lust and need. “We’ll talk about this and try to figure out why you get so hard when I’m around you.” Beth said and knew they had to be very careful.

He just smiled and looked up into her pretty eyes. “I told you before, you’re hot Mom and you um…turn me…um…on.” Rodger said with a teasing wink and gave her a playful slap on Mom’s meaty ass.

His strong hand felt so good when it hit her ass and Beth’s knees grew weak. “Ouch, you shit head! Slapping your mother’s ass, you should be ashamed,” she laughed and gave her chunky ass a little rub, thinking of him slapping it while she orgasmed around his long cock and how wonderful it would feel.

He smiled and put a log on the fire. “You liked it just as much as I did and you know it.” Rodger said as he looked into her pretty eyes and he wanted her, mother or not.

“I’ll never tell,” she replied with a girlish giggle, thinking of him loving her lonely body and pleasing her needs. “Pour some water into our cups and we’ll head under the covers.” Beth added and couldn’t help but noticing he was as hard as ever. She could see it pulsing with the beating of his heart and Beth wondered if she could do something so wrong, with her only son.

Rodger could see Mom looking at him and he was in turn, looking at her. He couldn’t wait to feel her body against his and he hoped for the best. He knew Mom was just as lonely and as much as they loved each other, this would be natural. “Sounds good to me,” he said, pouring the water and they moved to the bed. “Oh, I forgot to ask, how your day was?” he asked with interest as he watched Mom bend down and slip into bed. “Mmmm, pink is one of my favorite colors!” Rodger said with a wide grin, as Mom’s pink panties and chunky ass filled his eyes.

“I thought you liked dark colors.” Beth said as she thought about him looking at the black suit, black stockings and black panties, she wore to work every day and how hard she made Rodger.

He snuggled into the bed and lay on his stomach, hoping to keep his cock under control and away from Mom. “If you’re talking about the suit you wear to work, hell yes I love that, but I love other colors too and with your dark completion, light colors look great on you, Mom.” Rodger said, turning on his side facing Mom and hoped his cock didn’t stab her or get to close.

“I love when you look at me like that and say how pretty I am.” Beth said, feeling like a young girl on her first date and close to being seduced.

“You are very pretty Mom and I wish…”

She caressed Rodger’s face and had a good idea of what he would wish for, but Mom’s and sons’ didn’t do those kinds of things. “What would you wish for or…should I even ask?” she said with a soft voice and Beth was on fire.

He just smiled and moved closer to Mom, pushing his cock down and he leaned to kiss the side of her face. “I’d wish that for just one night, you could be my date and not my Mom.” Rodger said as he kissed her again, but this kiss was on the very side of her mouth and he felt her suck in a breath of air.

Beth couldn’t believe her ears, but her pussy loved the idea and his soft kiss, warmed her. “Wow, now that’s one I’ve never heard before and kind of odd, don’t you think,” she asked, but deep down, Beth loved Rodger’s idea and her pussy was dripping. “You really need to make time and start going out more. You’re a very handsome man and with what’s in your pants,” she said and felt her face getting red. “You’ll have the ladies lining up for it and you.” Beth added as she shifted closer to him and could feel the heat coming from his young body.


“Well, it’s true and you know it, Rodger,” she said looking into his eyes, wishing she could be with him and enjoy something so big.

“It is Mom, but…I love older women like…you and nothing is going to change my mind,” he said with a soft voice, leaned towards her and Rodger lightly kissed her again, wishing he had the nerve to tell her the truth. Just like before, Mom sucked in a small breath of air and she smiled.

His lips touched hers and she felt like exploding. “Well, I don’t know what to say about that, but I think it’s very sweet of you and I also think you’re avcılar escort crazy.” Beth replied, as she caressed his face, turned on her stomach and reached to sip her chocolate, knowing his eyes would be down the front of her robe.

Rodger watched Mom’s breasts swaying inside her robe and his cock was at full hardness in a second. “Nah, I just know a good thing when I see it,” he replied, inching a little closer to Mom and at last, his hip was against hers and her skin was hot.

Beth was right about his eyes and her nipples began to grow. They were thick and when hard, they were the size of a Chap Stick top and she had very wide areola circles. “What’s so good about me and um…why do you get so hard?” she asked, turning on her side to face him and waited for his reply. He turned to face her and Beth saw his cock lift the covers. ‘Oh my fucking God!’ she thought and couldn’t look away from it.

He had the smile when Mom saw his cock and the look on her face. “Well, when you dress for work…you look so business-like, so in charge, it’s hot! Your black suits look awesome and there’s one that’s real short,” he paused to reach down and shift himself, before his cock broke in half and Mom’s eyes on his hand the entire time. “I can see more of your thighs, legs and those sexy…fucking stockings! Yum!” he growled and acted as if he was going to bite her.

Beth leaned back and she laughed hard. “So, you like my ‘feel sexy’ skirt, huh? I like it too,” she said, thinking of him looking at her body and just how hard Rodger’s cock would get. “I wear it when I’m um…how do I put this?” she laughed, knowing her face was red as hell and it felt like her nipples had grown so big, they were close to exploding.

“Come on, spit it out, woman!” he teased with a laugh, reached over and gave Mom’s ass a playful slap.

She jumped, but his hand felt wonderful and the stinging rushed straight to her pussy. “Ouch, that’s two I owe you so, be ready!” Beth laughed and inched a little closer to him. “When I’m in a good mood or um…horny,” she said, feeling the blood rushing to her face and turning it red again.

He heard and already knew the days she would wear it. Mom would wear it after a good night snuggling on the sofa and few days after her ‘monthly’ thing. “I will be sure to remember that,” he winked, reached to caress the side of Mom’s face and Rodger had to try something. He lightly ran his index finger over Mom’s lips and she gave it a tiny kiss, plus a little grin.

Beth loved it when he caressed her so softly, but when Rodger’s finger ran over her lips, she wanted to suck it and she wanted to suck it hard. Rodger didn’t know this, but his Mom loved sucking things and he had what she loved to suck. “I bet you will,” she purred, as they looked into each other’s eyes and she wanted to crawl inside him.

He smiled and Rodger wanted to know more about her. “So Mom, since I answered your questions, can I ask you a few?” he asked like a kid that wanted a cookie before dinner.

She smiled and wasn’t sure about this, but he did tell her some things about what he liked and it was her turn. “Ok, ask away!” Beth said, moving closer to him and she could smell him now.

Rodger thought for a few seconds and he thought of something. “When we snuggle on the sofa…what do you enjoy the most about it?” he asked and couldn’t wait to hear what Mom said.

She smiled and took a deep breath in. “I like the closeness and your arms around me. I feel so safe when you hold me.” Beth said with a low, innocent voice as she chewed her lower lip.

He caressed Mom’s face and he inched closer to her. “If there was one thing that I could do to make it better…what would it be?” he asked, reached towards her face and her lips parted. Rodger moved his fingers to Mom’s lips and she kissed them.

She kissed his fingers and quickly knew the answer to his question. “I like my back, shoulders and um…my neck kissed and nibbled on, but…don’t get any ideas, buster!” she said and moved a little closer to her son’s body.

“I would never do anything like that, mother,” he laughed and just like with her dress, he already knew that Mom loved to be nibbled on and now, he would have to give it a try.

“Yeah, right!” Beth laughed and looked deep into his eyes, seeing his love for her, but it could never be or happen. “Well, guess we should try going to sleep. Six a.m. comes early,” she said and saw a disappointed look on his face. “We have all week long, so relax and take things slow,” she whispered, leaned over and Beth kissed Rodger on the lips. She looked into his eyes as her lips pressed against his and Beth felt him flex his long cock.

“Ok, Mom.” Rodger whispered back, as their lips stayed together and he had to flex his cock. “I love you,” he added with that same whisper.

“I love you too.” Beth whispered as she pulled away and turned on her other side, putting her back to him and she hoped he would snuggle against it.

Rodger watched Mom turn şirinevler escort over and he carefully moved behind her. “Is it ok if I snuggle against you, Mom?” he asked with a soft voice, making sure his cock stayed away from her and it didn’t touch her.

“Mmmm, I’d love that, but um…what will you do with…him?”

“I’ll do my best to keep him hid or something.”

“You better or I’ll make you move, do you understand?” Beth asked with her ‘Mom’ voice.

“Yes Mom, I understand.” Rodger said, as he held back a laugh and he slowly moved behind her, keeping his hips angled down and his cock away from Mom. He reached his right arm over her body, the same way they snuggled on the sofa at night and his hand rested on her tummy. He slid his left arm under Mom’s side and it too, found her tummy. Rodger felt her let out a low sigh as he gently hugged and he wanted to kiss her neck. “There’s only one thing missing,” he whispered in her ear and Mom pushed her ass to him.

She heard him and pushed back, hoping he wouldn’t get carried away. “Behave or I’ll turn the other way.” Beth purred as he turned and she sucked in a deep breath of air. His cock was harder than ever and it felt good pressed against her butt.

He heard Mom and quickly turned. His cock was resting on her ass and it felt great. “Mmmm, I was talking about kissing your back, shoulders and neck, but this is much better!” he said and had to try something else. He pushed Mom’s hair from the side of her neck, he ran his lips over her flesh and Rodger lightly kissed her. Mom sucked in another breath of air and he had to smile.

“Ahhh God, Rodger,” she moaned with lust, as he kissed her neck again and his right hand slid up her front, between her breasts and wrapped his fingers around her throat. He knew the other thing that excited her and his fingers felt wonderful on her neck.

“Want me to stop?” he teased and Mom’s hand grabbed his, she held it tight and wasn’t letting go.

She heard him and quickly grabbed Rodger’s hand. “No…not yet.” Beth moaned as he kissed her again and his left hand started doing something new. It was gently caressing her tummy and Beth felt it inching towards her old pair of panties.

He held her tender neck with one hand, while his other hand was inching towards Mom’s pussy and Rodger flexed his cock on her meaty ass. She didn’t pull away or scold him, but she did push back to him and Mom let out a soft moan.

“Ohhh, baby…easy or…”

Rodger’s right hand covered her mouth, he shifted his hips, moving his cock-shaft into the deep crack of her ass and he flexed again.

“Ohhh God, please don’t baby, please.” Beth moaned as her son held her and she realized something. Rodger was a strong young man and if he wanted, he could very easily take and Beth would be totally helpless. “Oh baby, please…no…no,” she whimpered as he held her tight and she was in heaven.

Rodger figured that he better stop and he knew that Mom could be his in a day, maybe two at the most. The poor thing felt like she was on fire. Mom’s skin was hot to the touch and he could only imagine what the inside of her pussy would feel like.

“I know Mom, relax and enjoy. I won’t do anything more than this.” Rodger whispered, kissed her ear, then her neck and he flexed once again. Mom pushed back to him and the poor thing moaned louder than ever. “Doesn’t this feel sooo good, Mom? I won’t do anything else, unless…you tell me to, ok?” he whispered again, leaned down and he lightly bit the side of Mom’s neck.

Beth couldn’t talk or move; she just moaned and felt his hand sliding over the tops of her panties. “And um…where may I ask is that hand planning on going?” she panted and enjoyed his soft touch, hoping like hell she could stop this.

“I’m helping you to relax and that is part of my treatment.” Rodger said with a laugh and moved his hand back up to Mom’s tummy.

“You didn’t have to move it; I was just asking what you had planned.” Beth smiled as he quickly moved his hand back down and on her panties.

He continued to hold Mom close and other than kissing the back of her soft shoulders, Rodger stopped everything else. He wanted this to happen, but he wanted Mom to want him, as badly as he wanted her and if that meant taking his time, so be it.


He woke the next morning and Mom was completely against him, facing him. He could feel his cock against something very warm and Rodger looked down to see where it was. ‘Oh shit!’ he moaned to himself and fought the need to flex. His cock was between Mom’s legs and on her pussy.

“Good morning, baby.” Mom said with a lusty voice and she looked down too. “Does that thing ever go down or take a nap?” she teased and looked into his eyes.

“Not when you’re around.”

She laughed and loved the feel of his thick, manly cock on her most private place. The same place that Rodger came from eighteen years ago and Beth had a very good idea that he was trying go back inside her. “You need to find a lady to go out with and get you a good piece of ass.” Beth said as she ran her fingers through his hair and Rodger moved his right hand over her ass. He started caressing and gently pulling her hips to his, driving her crazy. His cock was sliding back and forth, teasing her pussy to no end and Beth had to stop this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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