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Well this story has been a long time in developing, so bear with me. I had been chatting on the Internet for a couple of years and had made some friends. One day, I was in a chat room called younger women for older men. Not being interested in the chatting going on , I passed the time reading the public profiles of the women in the room. Most are intentionally vague but I noticed one that stated that she was from Tennessee, which is my home. I pm’ed her and asked what part of TN. she was from. It turns out, she lived in the same city I grew up in, although now I was living an hour away. We chatted for a while and found that we even had attended the same high school ,though years apart. This led to a deep friendship and something more.

We confided in each other and told each other what was going on in our lives. This was kept intentionally vague because you just never know who you might meet on the net. She was unhappily married with two kids. I was a workaholic with a long distance relationship. Coming home every night and talking to her was becoming my routine. Early on , we realized we were very attracted to each other and made plans to meet and see canlı bahis what happened. But, even though she was married to a philandering ass hole of a husband; she couldn’t bring herself to be in a

situation where she might cheat. As you might expect, by now we had shared much of our personal details. We knew where each other lived and last names. We talk on the phone but always with her calling me. For two years, we talked about life , love and our desire for each other. I moved three times with my job and she had another child. Finally, I moved closer to her. A number of times , we planned to meet ;sometimes just for lunch ,sometimes for more but , she always chickened out.

Tonight was different. When she came online ,she initiated the sex talk ;which was unusual. I enjoy her taking the lead, so I asked her what she wanted to do. She replied “David, I want to suck your cock.” Playing along I said ” When would you like to do it?”

“Right now ” she replied. Laughingly, I replied ” I can be there in an hour.” This was a game we had played several times to our mutual excitement. This time she just said ” OK .” Slightly confused, I typed the bahis siteleri witty comeback ” huh?” She said ” David, I want you to drive down here tonight , come to my house and make love to me. “

“Am I being clear? ” I couldn’t help but ask “Are you serious?”

“Come and find out” she said.

After a little more convincing. the plan was made. I was to arrive at her house after the ass hole had gone to sleep and she would come out to meet me. Trembling with excitement I drove the hour to her house. It was 2 am and the street was quiet. I turned out my headlights and pulled into her driveway. Would she come out? I waited nervously for a few seconds, then a figure slipped out from behind the house. She was wearing only a thin nightgown, that the cold wind pressed into her body. She slipped into the car and sat there staring straight ahead. She was shivering and I don’t think just from the cold. I ,the smooth talker, was at a loss for words. All I could get out was “Hi.” She finally looked at me ,and smiled and said ” hi.” Then somehow our lips were together, kissing passionately. After a few glorious moments; she broke the kiss and said ” I need bahis şirketleri to hurry back inside but first. . . “

She quickly undid my pants and pulled out my hard cock. Before I could say anything , she had it in her mouth. It was indescribable, the sensation of this beautiful woman sucking me off. The cold night air contrasted with her hot mouth on the down stroke. She was trying every trick in the book to make this quick ; whereas I never wanted it to end. All I could do was stroke

her soft blond hair and watch myself disappear repeatedly into her welcoming lips Soon enough that old familiar feeling grew in my groin. I moaned ” I’m going to cum” which were the first coherent words out of my mouth since “hi.” She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes and proceeded to take my whole cock into her mouth. I couldn’t help it then and proceeded to cum. The feel of her swallowing me was a pleasant torture. She licked my cock clean, tucked it back in my pants and kissed me. Whispering “I love you, David” she was out of the car before I could do more than reply “I love you, Lanie. “

In a flash, she was back in the house and I put the car in neutral and backed quietly out of the driveway. I’m sure I had a silly grin on my face. Driving home, I thought of her lying next to another man with the taste of me still in her mouth. I’m sure it won’t be our last time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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