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It was Thursday afternoon Sophie and I were in the living room talking about our sexual encounter earlier in the day. “That was my first fuck in over a year.” Said Sophie.

“That was my first ever fuck and I fucking loved it, I was beginning to think I’d never get laid, but you were the best teacher I could have ever had, thank you sis, I’ll never forget today.”

“I’ll never forget it either Paul, and just remember we must keep this secret, I’m happy to help you in any way I can. But please don’t tell Lynn that we fucked, she bullies me too but nobody sees it and I feel she controls me.”

“Well Sophie, let’s turn things around and let her think she is bullying and controlling us but in reality we can work together and control her.”

“Yes, let’s do it. I can’t wait.”

Sophie sat next to me and hugged me tightly. “Thank you so much brother, I’ve wanted help to sort Lynn out for a long time but didn’t know who could help me.”

“You’re welcome sis, I’d do anything for you.”

Sophie was laid on her back with her head in my lap, I was stroking her hair as we chatted. “Can I kiss you Sophie.” I asked.

“Yes, of course you can, any time you want to kiss me just do it, in fact just treat me as a girlfriend when we’re alone.”

Sophie put her arms around my neck and I held her in my arms and we spent about an hour just kissing. “You’re getting really good at it now, I’m really turned on.” Said Sophie.

“I’m turned on too, and I love the way you kiss me, you’re a great teacher.”

Sophie went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I followed her and she stood at the sink looking out of the window, I realised for the first time what a great arse she had as she stood there in her tight jeans, I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist pressing my cock against that perfect round arse. “Your hair smells lovely.” I Said to her.

I kissed the back of her neck and she said “oh Paul, I love that don’t stop.”

I moved my hands up her body and held her boobs as I kissed her neck, Sophie put her hands around her back and grabbed my hard cock, stroking it up and down through my shorts. I left one hand on her boobs and put the other one on her bulging camel toe sliding my fingers up and down her slit. “Let’s go to bed, I want you.”

I took Sophie’s hand and led her upstairs, I was about to turn to go into my bedroom then I remembered the hidden camera in Sophie’s room so I took her into her own room. I started to hurriedly rip my clothes off and Sophie removed her clothes with the same haste, within seconds we were facing each other stark naked, I pulled her to me and kissed her, my hard cock was pressed against her pussy and her boobs pressed against my chest, holding and kissing my sister like this maybe wrong, but it felt so right.

“I want you to fuck me this time Sophie, I want güvenilir bahis to know what it’s like to have a girl ride my cock.”

“My pleasure little brother, get on the bed.”

I laid back on the bed and Sophie straddled me, my hard cock was laying flat against my body, Sophie positioned her pussy against my cock and slid up and down the underside of it, I looked down and saw the amazing sight of her pussy lips parted either side of my shaft and her juices soaking my cock as she slid back and forth without actually putting my cock inside her. I saw the head of my cock oozing pre cum as she continued her slide. She then leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest, this enabled her clit to rub along my length and I held her swinging tits as she said “I’m going to cum already.”

“Yes, let me feel you cum sis.” I replied.

Sophie gasped and held her breath as her face reddened and her body shook as she cum, I could feel her juices dripping from her and down my cock, balls and all over my groin area. All this and my cock hadn’t even entered her yet.

Sophie regained her breathing reached between her legs and lifted my cock away from my body, she guided it into the entrance to her pussy and slid the full length into herself. She leaned back and put her hands onto my thighs and rode up and down on my cock, her tits gently bounced up and down and I thrust my hips up each time she dropped down onto my length. I reached forward and using my thumb I rubbed her clit fast and within seconds Sophie screamed and I felt her pussy pulsating on my cock as she sat motionless in orgasm. “That was fucking amazing Paul.”

I pulled Sophie down on top of me and felt her great tits against my chest, “kiss me.” I said, we kissed passionately as she moved very gently on my cock, I was desperate to cum so I thrust my cock into her furiously and my cum shot deep inside her pussy, the head of my cock was so tender and I grabbed Sophie’s hips as she sat back up to keep her from moving on my throbbing aching cock head. Sophie raised her pussy up my shaft and stopped on the head of my cock, I watched as my cum emptied from her pussy and slid real slow down my shaft, it sat in a pool at the base of my cock, she then slid down my shaft once more and the pool of cum squashed between her pubic mound and my pubes. Eventually Sophie moved and fall on the bed exhausted, I laid there too, equally breathless and soaked in our combined cum. We looked at each other smiling, “this is amazing Sophie, I hope it never stops.”

“I agree, its so naughty but I love it.

“Me too, i want to discover everything about sex with you, teach me everything you know.”

“I’ve only had sex with one man before you brother, so we need to learn together.”

Later in the day we were talking about Lynn, “she’s going to be so angry if she finds out about us.” türkçe bahis Said Sophie.

“We wont tell her sis, she’ll never find out. But we mustn’t let her bully either of us again. Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Yes, She’s been with him for about eight months.”

“If we could install a hidden camera we could blackmail her.”

“But, where would we get one?”

“They’re easy enough to get hold of, they come disguised as many things, I once saw one hidden in a pen, ill get one of those.”

I already had a pinhole camera pen that contained a usb memory stick but didn’t want Sophie to know, so I told her I’d ordered it and it would arrive the following day. I didn’t want Sophie to find out about the clock, so I decided to keep it a secret.

Later that evening we were sat on the sofa watching a movie before bed time, i was sat one end of the sofa and Sophie was laying against me with her feet up, I had my arm around her back and she had her hand on my leg. I stroked down from her back and reached her arse, I loved how her arse felt in my hand and just stroked it gently. Inevitably my cock started to harden and it wasn’t long before Sophie felt it against her arm. “Ooh you naughty boy, is my arse turning you on?”

“Yes, come with me I want to do something.”

I took Sophie upstairs but this time I took her into my room, “strip off and get into my bed.”

Sophie got into my bed as I’d asked, I stripped naked and got in beside her, I laid on my side propped up on one arm, Sophie was laid on her back next to me. The room was dimly lit and warm, I reached out and felt Sophie’s face I stroked it and turned her slightly towards me, I then kissed her gently and with more passion than previously. I caressed her boobs as we continued to kiss, her nipples hardened between my fingers. I continued down and reached Sophie’s pussy, I realised straight away that she was wet, I eased her legs apart and got between them, my hard cock touched the wet opening and I pushed my cock into her. I laid on top of Sophie and kissed her again, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me into her as we kissed, then she put her lags around my waist and dug her heels into my back and gently thrusted her hips upward to meet my own thrusts. Our tongues danced in each others mouth as we kissed non stop, my hard cock continued to slowly slide in and out of Sophie’s wet pussy until she broke off our kiss, “I’m going to cum Paul, cum with me.” She whispered in my ear.

She grabbed my head and we kissed once more as my cock pumped spurts of cum into her pulsating pussy. “I love you Sophie, you’re so beautiful and sexy and an amazing lover.” I said.

“I love you too Paul.”

This was different from our earlier sex sessions, they were fucking, this was making love. Fucking is amazing but making love takes it to a different level and I wanted güvenilir bahis siteleri more of it. With the bedside light now on I could see tears in Sophie’s eyes, “whats the matter sis?”

“This will all end soon, and I don’t want it to.”

“I’m sure that if we’re careful and keep it a secret we can continue as long as we want to, if we’re both happy then let’s enjoy each other.”

“Ok, you’re right let’s enjoy it while we can.”

Sophie then went to get showered and return to her own bedroom. About an hour later there was a knock on my door, and Sophie walked in and said “will you come and sleep in my bed with me tonight? I don’t want to be alone.”

“Yes, I’d love to.”

We got into Sophie’s bed and cuddled, The next thing I knew it was morning and the sun was shining through the gap in the curtains. The previous days exertions had taken its toll and we had both slept soundly all night.

We had all day today to be alone, then Lynn was coming on Saturday morning to stay for the weekend. We’d had an amazing day of sex yesterday and I hoped today would be equally amazing. We had done many things yesterday but I’d noticed Sophie had hardly touched my cock. I’d kissed, licked and sucked her boobs, I’d kissed, licked and sucked her pussy too but my cock was neglected. I asked Sophie “have you ever sucked a cock?”

“No, I’ve hardly ever touched one either, I’m too nervous as I’m not sure what to do.”

“Would you like me to help you?”

“Yes, okay then, but you will have to tell me what to do as I don’t want to hurt you.”

We went to Sophie’s bedroom and I stripped naked and laid down on her bed, my soft cock laying on my thigh, Sophie sat on the bed and said “where do I start?”

I took her hand and placed it on my cock, “pick it up and hold it.” I said to her.

I then showed her how I liked to be stroked, she soon had the hang of it and it hardened in her hand. She pulled back the foreskin covering my cocks head and it was already dripping with pre cum. “Use that pre cum as a lube and stroke it all over my cock, and use your other hand and play with my balls. Mmmmm thats it, that’s perfect sis, just do what feels right to you.”

“I actually like how it feels in my hand, is it ok to suck it?” Said Sophie.

Before I had the chance to reply her lips were on my cock, this was a first for me too and it felt amazing. Sophie licked, kissed and sucked on my hard wet cock and I desperately wanted to cum, “I’m going to cum Sophie, take it out of your mouth if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth.”

Sophie lifted her head from my cock just as my first jet of cum spewed upwards, the next few spurts quickly followed and there was an almighty mess, sophie continued stroking my cock using my cum as a lube and it felt different from when I masturbate, but it was great, much more satisfying than when I do it.

In just a couple of days Sophie and I had learned so much from each other and given each other a lot of sexual satisfaction. But tomorrow Lynn would be back and this time Sophie and I would be ready for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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