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Another boring day at work and another boring dinner party. That’s all it ever seemed to be these days, monotony. I was so tired of the endless routine that seemed to be my life these days.

Being a single 30 year old woman and a corporate accountant wasn’t exactly the high profile exciting life I envisaged when I was at Uni. Pompous senior accountants and executives seemed to have a way of ruining that theory.

Mr Buntine, the CEO, has particularly requested that I attend tonight’s dinner, asking that I take particular care to entertain Mr Robuck, who he was trying to entice over to our company. God, another stuffy old drone was all I needed!!

I headed out of the office about 6.00pm so that I had enough time to get home and shower and change before the taxi arrived at 7.00pm to pick me up.

I quickly bustled in the door to my apartment. Stella my cat was waiting to greet me. Leaning down and picking her up I said ‘Stella, I’d rather spend my evening with you’. I knew though that life wouldn’t be worth living tomorrow, if I couldn’t tell Mr Buntine that all went well.

Knowing I was on a tight scheduled I quickly feed Stella and made my way to the shower. Standing under the steaming water was rather refreshing and had my skin tingling and awake in seconds.

I lathered my skin and as my fingers glossed over my breasts a yearning settled upon me. I rolled my nipples between my fingers and felt the sensation flow through my body, as my nipples became rather erect. It had been a while between drinks, if you know what I mean!

I knew that I didn’t have time to stand there and satisfy myself, not that I would call masturbation total satisfaction anyway. It would just have to wait until later. I quickly stepped out of the shower, toweled myself down and padded naked into my bedroom.

Leaning on the wardrobe door, not at all enthusiastic about the evening, I scanned my vast array of clothes and wondered what I should wear? Glancing about the room, I spied myself in the full-length mirror and began to analytically appraise myself.

I was only 30 years old and kept myself in very good shape. I was physically fit and enjoyed sport, such as tennis and squash. I had shoulder length dark blonde hair, milky white skin and deep green almost oval shaped eyes. My breasts were rounded, but not too large, 12 C. I had a rather curvaceous figure, definitely not model material, but I guessed I looked passable in most clothes I chose to wear, from the smart office suits to my casual weekend jeans and t-shirts. I was 5’11’ tall and I know some men found that a little intimidating.

Standing there assessing myself I started to think ‘I’m only 30, I should be able to dress like I am only 30 and I am tired of dressing to please all the tired old bored men, who think you should be demure and basically seen, but not heard’

With a moment of abandonment I withdrew a little black dress from my wardrobe. It wasn’t exactly totally inappropriate, but at least it was sexy, if not a little revealing. It had narrow straps, which met the bodice just above the swell of my breasts. Although it wasn’t really low cut, with my pushup bra it certainly gave me a nice cleavage. It tapered into my waist and molded my hips comfortably and fell to about three inches above my knee.

What the hell, I’ll give the old boys something to ogle, as long as one of them doesn’t go and have a heart attack Mr Buntine will never know. I’m sure stuffy old Mr Robuck would think it totally inappropriate to mention my dress sense to Mr Buntine and after tonight I’m never likely to see the old guy again.

After my moments of teasing in the shower I was feeling a little brazen and decided to wear some sexy lingerie. I opened the drawer and tossed a few items around, wondering which I should wear. What’s it matter really, who’s going to see it, I said to myself. That’s right I thought, ‘WHO IS GOING TO SEE IT?’ What the hell, I grabbed my wondabra and a little black ‘G’ string. I slipped into my dress, stepped into my strappy black sandals, dashed on some make-up and lip-gloss and was ready for my BIG night out, with my boss’s old school boys.

Arriving out the front of the 5 star restaurant I once again groaned about the evening ahead. I steeled myself against the smell of cigars, musty old suits and intoxicated old men and their toffy nosed wives and made my way inside.

I stood in the foyer scanning the crowd inside for familiar faces. I spotted old Mr Augustus, but he’d hardly recognize me, as he can’t see passed the end of his nose. There was Mr & Mrs Cardinal. The latter dressed to the nines, with her regal nose stuck in the air. I really was dreading making my way inside.

I was trying to fix a smile on my face, one that didn’t look totally false, before stepping on in, when a voice beside çiğli escort me said ‘Are you trying to find an excuse not to enter too?’ I glanced up and up and up; the man beside me must have been 6’5′ and had the biggest shoulders I had ever seen. His eyes had a glint in them as he gazed down steadily into mine. He was the most attractive Negro man I had ever laid eyes on. He gave the impression of being solid rippling muscle. He was smartly dressed in a tailored black suit, but gave the impression he’d be more comfortable at the gym.

I stuttered and then said ‘Is it that obvious?’ He laughed back saying, ‘Well, kind of, when you’re almost hiding behind the potted palm tree’. We both laughed, as I stepped out from behind it.

Glancing inside and surveying the crowd, he asked me ‘How did you got conned into attending a dinner with a heap of old folks?’ Throwing caution to the wind I said ‘I’m on a mission at the request of my employer to sweet talk some old boy called Mr Robuck into joining our company.’

He laughed out loud at that and I asked him why he was here? He said, ‘I couldn’t think up an excuse quick enough to get myself out of it.’

I asked, ‘Well, seeing we’re both here under duress do you think we should make our way in together?’ With a dash of ceremony, my new found friend placed his arm out for me to take his elbow. By the way he said, ‘My name is Chad and you are?’ I quickly replied, ‘Chelsea, Chelsea Anderson to be precise.’ Chad replied with a laugh, ‘I am very pleased to make your acquaintance Chelsea Anderson.’ The glint in his eye and the easy smile on his lips was almost breathtaking.

We’d no sooner entered the dinner room when Mr Abernathy from our legal department called Chad over and extended his hand. ‘Ahhh, Miss Anderson, I see you’ve already made the acquaintance of Mr Robuck’

Oh god, I could have died. Hadn’t I just stood in the foyer and told this man I was here to sweet talk him and called him and ‘old boy.’ I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. A reflex action made me attempt to pull my hand away, but I realized Chad Robuck was gently gripping my handing, preventing me from doing so.

My eyes flew up to his. I knew my checks were burning. There in his eyes was that glint that I’d seen earlier in the foyer. He wasn’t laughing at me, but was certainly enjoying the moment.

Chad, replied to Mr Abernathy saying, ‘Yes, it was my pleasure to bump into Miss Anderson in the foyer.’ Looking down at me he continued, ‘It does look like to night is going to be enjoyable after all.’ Again by checks were burning.

As chance would have it we were seated directly opposite during dinner and for some inexplicable reason our eyes kept meeting across the table. It didn’t matter who we spoke with our eyes kept wandering back.

I glanced up at one stage and his eyes were almost penetrating right through me. It almost took my breath away. So much so that I took a large intake of breathe. His eyes quickly diverted to the swell of my breasts. There was that ever present glint in his eyes again as he looked back into my eyes again. Oh no, I could feel myself blushing again.

It was during dinner that I learnt that Chad Robuck was an international athlete and Mr Buntine was pursuing him in a bid to represent him. How or why I had never heard of him before I’ll never know.

He was a very impressive looking man and had the smooth casual style of someone very confident within himself, but didn’t appear to have an arrogant disposition at all. He was obviously well educated and easily made conversation with everyone at the table.

It was the glint in his eyes and the raise of his eyebrow, whenever we caught each other looking towards each other that really had me mesmerized.

Chad leaned across the table towards me and asked if I would care to dance. How could I refuse, not that I wanted to anyway, in front of everyone else? We stepped out onto the dance floor and he quickly engulfed me in his huge arms. He was a sensational dancer, gliding easily across the floor.

At the end of the first dance the band moved into a slow waltz and Chad pulled me tight against him. Our bodies seemed to meld together as we gently swayed together.

I relaxed in his arms, but our bodies were touching from shoulder to knee. Before I really realized I had done it my body was pushing up close and hard to his, almost grinding my hips against his pelvis. I heard Chad chuckle and he leaned down and whispered in my ear, ‘You keep that up young lady and I’ll have to drape my jacket down the front of me before I can return to the table.’

I quickly tried to break away, not daring to look up into his eyes, but Chad’s arms held me tightly pulling me even closer into his body. I could now feel the çiğli escort bayan definite hardness of his penis pushing against my stomach, as we continued to sway to the rhythm of the music.

All too soon the song finished and we parted slightly. Mr & Mrs Cardinal were right beside us. Mr Cardinal stepped forward and suggested we change partners for the next dance. It was my turn to chuckle, as I saw the fleeting glance of panic cross Chad’s face. I glance up into Chad’s eyes and gave him a quick wink, as Mr Cardinal swept me away across the dance floor.

After the song had finished Mr Cardinal lead me back towards the table. As I headed towards my seat I heard a whispered voice say, ‘Don’t think you can get away that easy.’

Chad draped his jacket over the chair and sat down again. Once again seated opposite each other we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. There was definitely something happening between us. It was instant attraction. This big bear of a man just took my breath away and my heart was hammering in anticipation of what was to come.

Mr Taylor, who sat beside me, was trying to engage me in a deep conversation on all the political woes of the world, when I jumped as if being scorched by a branding iron. ‘My Dear, is everything alright’, he quickly asked? With a laughing that even sounds light and brittle to me I answered quickly, ‘Everything was just perfect’

Chad had removed his shoe and was trailing his foot up the inside of my calf. Sitting there in front of these stuffy old people, playing footsy with this stunning man, was almost more than I could bear. I nearly laughed out loud.

Chad continued to teasingly inch his toes higher, almost touching my knee now. All the time he had this wicked glint in his eyes. I couldn’t look away if I tried. I am sure I had almost stopped breathing, waiting to see where he was going next.

I could feel myself tensing all over, but it was a wonderful feeling. It was really quite exciting playing this private little game. Chad’s toes were very definitely between my thighs now, inches my legs slightly apart. His toes continued to climb higher and I parted my legs even further to accommodate him.

Ever fibre of my body was alive now. It was like I was electrified. Wriggling in my seat I inched my skirt higher, so Chad wasn’t restricted in the path he was traveling.

Higher and higher his toes traveled. I had to control my breathing, as my heart continued to hammer inside my chest. I was becoming very aroused and knew that I was starting to moisten between my legs. A little throbbing between my thighs was beginning to happen.

I knew Chad’s leg must almost be stretched to the limit, but he still hadn’t reached that magical spot. I slid forward in my seat using the excuse of reaching for the wine bottle to refill my glass.

For the first time Chad’s toes reached that now electrified place between my legs. I small sigh escaped my lips, as his toes brushed my panties, but I quickly covered it with a yawn.

I placed a hand down below the table, as I tried to remain interested in Mr Taylor’s conversation. I grasped Chad’s foot, guiding his toes with my fingers, so that they were now pushed up firmly against my pussy.

His wriggling, stretching toes gently began to massage my pussy, as I pressed harder against his toes making them massage and caress me in all the right places. I knew I was extremely aroused now and that a very damp spot was forming between my thighs. I tried to place an arm casually across my chest, as my nipples were beginning to protrude through my dress.

I could feel my checks burning and an odd glance from Mr Taylor told me I wasn’t answering his questions with any kind of sense. That couldn’t be helped. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but Chad’s toes.

The glint in Chad’s eyes was now matched by a cheeky grin, but I could tell that he was more than a little aroused too. He was breathing a little hard too.

Just as quickly as Chad’s foot had arrived, it left. I quickly looked towards him, as I heard him say ‘Miss Anderson, you are looking quite flushed. It is a little warm in here. Perhaps a walk around the grounds might cool you off?’

He leaned behind himself and grabbed his jacket before he stood, draping it across his lap. It was an unusual action, but one I instantly understood. He was as equally aroused as me.

I quickly accepted the offer of a walk in the grounds, but making sure to adjust my dress before standing.

We almost strode towards the exit, bustling out the door. We descended the steps two at a time and rounded the corner into a quiet alcove. Before I could utter a word Chad grabbed me and dragged me into a deep embrace. Our hands were ravishing each other’s upper bodies, as our lips locked escort çiğli and our tongues devoured each other’s mouths.

We broke a part, both panting heavily. Chad said, ‘Damn, you’re a minx. I wanted to lean across that damn table and drag you onto my lap.’

I almost feel towards him, breathless saying, ‘That’s nothing I thought I was going to have an orgasm right in the middle of a conversation with Mr Taylor.’

Our hips were grinding together and our hands roved over each other’s bodies. My chest was crushed against his, as we pushed hard against each other. I could feel his swollen penis throbbing against me, almost bursting from his pants.

I slid my hand down and stroke his throbbing penis through his pants. He moaned deeply. ‘I’ll be damned if I am not going to take you here right now, Miss Anderson,’ he groaned out.

I felt the skirt of my dress ride up over my hips as his huge hands frantically grasped at me. He was fumbling in his haste trying to remove my ‘G’ string, when with a quick rip he torn it away and tossed it into the bush beside us.

I quickly grabbed at his pants and unzipped them, diving my hand inside. Oh my GOD, his penis was enormous. I struggled to release it from inside his pants. With frustrated hands I quickly dragged his penis out. Looking down I gasped, he must have been 11′ long and my hand couldn’t even circle his shaft. It was big and black and throbbing and the most awesome sight I had even seen.

We stood for a second, his hands fondling the cheeks of my ass, when with a rush I said, ‘God, just fuck me with that HUGE PENIS’

He quickly spun me around, so that my shoulders were against the brick wall and lifted me so easily into the air, like I weighed nothing.

My legs locked around his waist, I reached between us and grasped his penis. With a moan he said, ‘If you don’t hurry up woman I am going to cum where I stand.’

I furiously guided his penis to my eagerly awaiting and very swollen lips, as his hands on my hips trust me down. It was like being impaled by this huge black penis.

I grabbed his shoulders and pushed down hard, driving him deep inside me. As he began to drive even deeper inside me, my shoulders hit against the brick, but I was almost oblivious to the pain.

‘I need you to fuck me HARD,’ I moaned, as all 11′ drove inside me. His hands were pumping my hips up and down his shaft.

‘My GOD woman you’re so fucking wet. I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman to be so aroused,’ he panted.

We were as one, pumping, thrusting and groaning in unison. His lips were against my ears and I could hear his ragged breathing as he said, ‘I’m going to explode inside you, like I’ve never done before.’ I responded quickly, matching his aggression, and said, ‘Fuck me harder with that big black penis. I want to feel every inch of you.’

I could feel my orgasm mounting deep with in me, as with each stroke of his penis, he rubbed hard against my clitoris. I dug my fingernails deep into his shoulders and rammed down hard against his penis. Chad knew instantly that I was almost beyond the point of return.

‘Tell me how much you want me to fuck you,’ Chad groaned out in my ear. ‘Fuck me so damn hard. I want you to feel my orgasm quiver all the way down your shaft,’ I eagerly replied.

Faster and harder we thrust until I could no longer control my orgasm. My legs locked hard around his waist. It took every ounce of my control not to scream out in ecstasy when my shuddering orgasm ripped through my body. ‘Oh Godddddddddd, I am cumming,’ I moaned. Chad pumped harder as each wave of my orgasm wracked my body with spasms. I felt Chad’s body tensed and his penis swell inside me, as with one long hard final driving thrust his own orgasm released inside me. His body shuddered and he groaned from deep inside throat, ‘Ohhhhh Christ, ohhhhhhhh Christ.’ It was almost as if he was in pain.

My head collapsed on his shoulder, but my legs were still wrapped tightly around his waist. I wanted to savor the moment, his softening penis still deep inside me, as my heart started to beat less erratically.

Moments later we untangled and Chad gently lowered me to the ground on shaking legs.

He quickly put his semi-soft penis away, as from around the corner we heard voices, where moments before we couldn’t have cared less.

The front of his pants were soaked wet with our combined juices. I adjusted my dress, but without panties I could feel the sticky moisture between my legs.

We leaned against each other both totally breathless from our experience. I looked up to see that glint was still in his eyes. I hesitatingly asked him, ‘What now?’

‘What now,’ he asked. ‘I can tell you what now. I am going inside to tell the dinner guests that you aren’t well, a bit breathless, and I am going to see you home.’

‘And the minute I get you inside the limo, that your boss so kindly provided, I am going to repeat the exercise, until this time you beg me to stop.’ I threw back my head laughing and said, ‘You, Mr Robuck, can fuck me all night and I’ll still beg you for more.’

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