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Introducing Mike Browne…

Mike Browne was not one to frequent bars, especially bars like this one, but a lot had changed in the last few years for this 57 year old insurance agent.

His daughters had both graduated from college and were married, and as he settled into the life of an empty-nester with his wife, it became more and more difficult to keep living a lie. It was a lie that he had managed to live for the 30 years of his marriage, but when he finally came to grips with the fact that while he liked and admired his wife, he didn’t love her. Not the way she deserved to be loved.

“I’m gay, or at least I think I am. Probably always have been,” Mike told Emma one night, and his wife’s response was not what he expected.

“Oh,” Emma said softly. “I always suspected as much.”

As it turned out, Emma had a secret of her own.

“I’ve had several affairs of my own over the years,” Emma admitted. “I guess I didn’t consider it cheating since the affairs were with other women.”

Mike Browne hadn’t really been with another man since college, but the yearning had never left him. It had gotten worse when their daughters had been dating, because Mike would find himself lusting after their boyfriends.

With these revelations that Mike and Emma shared, their split was amicable and quick, with none of the bad-mouthing and ill feelings that often accompanied divorces. Now Mike was on his own, free to do whatever he wanted.

Mike was in good shape for a guy nearing 60, and while he was raring to make up for lost time, it wasn’t easy to make the adjustment. Furthermore, Mike soon discovered that he wasn’t attracted to men of his generation, finding himself drawn more to college age guys.

Maybe it was because he still thought of himself as being that age, having had many wonderful experiences with fellow students back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when he was young.

Nothing wrong with that, Mike reasoned, but so far he hadn’t been able to find any young fellows who had a hankering for a guy his age. That changed one early evening at The Waterworks, a bar in downtown Albany that Mike had never visited before.


Chapter One: It was Todd.

It was sheer luck that I saw him first, because judging by his reaction when I came around the bar and sat next to him, if he had seen me first he would have bolted.

I had recognized Todd Connors right away, because when you live next door to somebody for all those years, they become as familiar as your own family. Having watched Todd grow up, from being a grubby little guy rooting around in his sandbox to the tall and studious looking young man now nervously looking around the bar, I was stunned to see him in a place like this.

Not as stunned as Todd was when I slid onto the stool next to him, because he practically jumped in the air when he glanced over to see his old neighbor smiling at him.

“Mr. Browne?” Todd yelped, looking like a rat trapped in a maze.

“Mike,” I corrected, sticking out my hand. “Good to see you again, Todd.”

“What are you doing here?” Todd asked.

“Same thing you are, I guess,” I said, nodding at the bottle of Smithwicks in front of him. “You’re 21 already?”

“19,” Todd whispered after making sure the bartender was out of earshot. “Fake proof.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” I said, squeezing his leg under the bar.

“I meant, I didn’t think that you were – you know.”

“I guess I didn’t know myself,” I told my former neighbor. “Got tired of pretending I was something I wasn’t. Do you frequent this place?”

“Never been here before,” Todd said.

“Me neither.”

“Wish I knew that you were – you know,” Todd mumbled. “Gay. I can usually tell.”

“I guess I fooled a lot of people,” I said.

“Can I tell you something?” Todd asked.


“I’ve always had the hots for you,” Todd confessed. “In the summer, when you used to be out on your deck and in the pool, I would be up in my room jerking off while looking at you. Stupid, huh?”

“No,” I said. “I figured that you were up there studying all the time, seeing as how you were the Valedictorian in high school.”

“I did a lot of studying, but sometimes I got distracted. I’m glad you aren’t offended.”

“Offended?” I scoffed. “I’m flattered that a young guy would find an old guy like me attractive.”

“I like older men,” Todd said, blushing. “Guys my age don’t do anything for me.”

“Oh really? That’s funny because I feel the same way.”

“You do?” Todd said, startled at my confession. “Oh man, when I think of all those days stroking myself while looking at your hairy chest, and dreaming about what was under your trunks.”

“Well, bahis firmaları you were kind of young back then, so I can’t say that I thought about you like that,” I reminded him. “Although you look just like you did back when I lived next door to you.”

“I missed you after you moved out,” Todd said. “Didn’t know why you left.”

“Now you do,” I told him, and Todd nodded and exhaled, which I suspect was caused by my hand returning to Todd’s slender thigh. “I think I’ve had enough of this place.”

“Me too,” Todd said, draining his beer and jumping out of his seat.


Chapter Two: In the car.

“I live down here but have a roommate,” Todd told me after we got outside.

“I live in Clifton Park now,” I explained to Todd as we hopped into my car.

“Fifteen minutes,” Todd sighed. “I’ve waited this long, I suppose that I can handle that, although…”

Todd’s hand slid onto my lap as I turned the ignition on, and when his hand found my cock hard and pinned to my right side, we both groaned.

“Oh man,” Todd said as he felt my stiff member. “If I wake up and this was a dream I’m going to be pissed off.”

“Gonna be tough to drive like this,” I reminded Todd. “Hate to get into an accident.”

“Then don’t drive yet,” Todd said, looking around the sidewalks, and seeing nobody in the vicinity, unbuckled his seat belt and dove over to me.

I hit the seat adjustment to give Todd room, and despite the cramped quarters he was working in, he managed to pull my erection out through the fly of my trousers.

“Beautiful,” Todd groaned before his mouth took me in.

For about 30 seconds Todd worked over my cock furiously, his lips going right down to the base of my cock, which is rather average in length but rather thick. Bringing his mouth slowly back up to the tip of my member, Todd nibbled at my foreskin and tongued the dripping and tender opening before letting his mouth sliding down again.

I was on the verge of cumming when Todd straightened back up, leaving me very aroused and wanting more.

“That’s to keep you interested in me on the way to your place,” Todd said as I put myself away, with a lot more difficulty than there was in taking it out.

“I was plenty interested in you before that,” I informed Todd as I pulled out on Central Avenue. “Not nice to tease me like that. I’ll get you back though.”

“Can’t wait,” Todd said, returning my grin and holding on tight as I made record time for the 15 mile commute.


Chapter Three: Identical boxes.

“Home not-so-sweet home,” I remarked as I swung into Twin Lakes, the apartment complex that I had called home since the divorce.

“Seems like a nice place,” Todd remarked as we swung around the circle to my building.

“A bunch of identical boxes inside of bigger boxes,” I explained.

“Better than my place,” Todd said. “Our place is like a slum.”

“Is your roommate gay?”


“Are you and him – you know?”

“No, because he is a she,” Todd said with a laugh. “Works out well for us that way.”

After parking, I walked with Todd along the path, checking him out as we made our way up the stairs. Todd was a little taller than me – about

three inches more than my 5’10” – but was very slender, probably weighing no more than 150 pounds, which meant that I outweighed him by about 25 or 30 pounds.

Todd’s hair was long, curly and blond, like it had been for as long as I could remember, and while he was built like a model he wasn’t strikingly handsome. He looked a little nerdish and still had a baby-face, which made me feel a bit strange until I recalled what he had done with my cock back in the car. That made any guilt disappear, as did the sight of his cute ass in those snug jeans of his as I walked behind him.

“Nice,” Todd commented as we went into the apartment.

“Care for a drink?” I asked, hoping that the answer was no.

Todd shook his head and smiled as he came up to me, whispering “I know what I want.”

Todd’s fingers flew down the row of buttons on my shirt, and after he pulled it off of me he moaned while raking his fingers through the mat of hair that covered my chest. I hoped that the dusting of gray that had appeared recently didn’t turn Todd off, and judging by the way that Todd bowed his head into the pelt it didn’t seem to.

I stroked Todd’s sandy locks while leaning back against the wall, feeling the pressure of Todd’s teeth on my nipple, gently nibbling on both of them while he undid my belt. As my pants went down to my ankles Todd kept licking and sucking my nipples, his leg rubbing into my crotch as he did.

Todd lifted my arm by the wrist and buried kaçak iddaa his face in my armpit, causing me to squirm and moan as I felt his tongue working around the jungle of hair while his teeth and lips kept nibbling away. My cock was so hard and throbbing that it felt like it was going to tear through my boxer shorts, so it was merciful that Todd unclasped them.

I managed to maneuver Todd a few steps to the right, where my bed awaited us. I hadn’t made it that morning, which would save me the trouble of pulling the covers down, but there was the matter of getting Todd unwrapped first.

After I kicked my pants off of my ankles, I grabbed the bottom of Todd’s’ t-shirt and lifted it off of him. His body was even more lithe and lean that I had imagined, his pale chest smooth and hairless and his nipples tiny and pink. I pinched them and gave them a kiss before kneeling down and undoing his belt.

Even through the jeans I could see the outline of Todd’s cock, my eyes following the bulge that stretched over to his pocket. After working his jeans down, I found the most crowded tighty-whiteys I had even seen. The bulge that his cock created in the cramped cotton made it clear that Todd was no kid, and as my hand ran along the length of the bulge I was stunned my the size of him.

I carefully pulled the briefs away and down, and as he did Todd’s cock sprang out at me, wildly swinging around as I ducked to get his underwear off, but never taking my eyes off of his cock, which was breathtaking.

Todd’s manhood was built like the rest of him. Long and lean – absurdly long, and while his penis was very slender, the length of it was amazing.

I wrapped both of my hands around the shaft of Todd’s circumcised dick, and noticed that despite the size of my beefy paws, they only covered a little more than half of the length of it. The gumdrop-sized head of his member had a pearl of pre-cum on it, and after I licked the tip of it clean I took it into my mouth.

It had been years since I had experienced the joy of having a cock in my mouth, and I hoped that it was like riding a bike in that I hadn’t forgotten. As my lips slid down the long, pale tube, I could feel Todd’s organ reacting, with the blood surging through it.

He tasted so sweet, and as I began to move my mouth up and down as much of his cock that I could take, I slipped one hand off of the shaft and brought it down to Todd’s balls. The orbs hung low and a long and wrinkled pouch that was hairless, as was much of Todd’s body.

His calves had only the lightest dusting of pale hairs on them, and the rest of him was smooth, except for a little nest of hairs above his dick and sparse wisps of hair under his arms. This turned me on, like everything else about Todd did, and as I continued to suck on his dick I heard Todd’s voice.

“Mister,” Todd started to day before correcting himself. “Mike. I can’t – I’m gonna.”

I felt his cock lurch a second before the first jet of cum flew down my throat. I swallowed it, along with the series of spurts that were accompanied by Todd moaning, “Oh!” each time. He kept coming and coming, and I struggled to keep letting it slide down my throat without choking.

Finally, Todd’s orgasm ended, and I let his cock get soft in my mouth. After I had drained him completely, I let his flaccid dick go and let Todd help me to my feet.


Chapter Four: My turn.

Todd eased me down to the bed and climbed down to join me, grabbing my erect cock as he did. He nibbled on my foreskin before peeling it back, exposing the taut glans before letting his mouth engulf it. His lips rode down to the bush that surrounded it, and I could feel the tip of me against his throat as he wiggled his head back and forth.

My balls weren’t neglected, as Todd gave them each a through sucking before returning to my cock. Up and down his head went, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming. Todd drank my cum like he was dying of thirst, and as I came in his mouth I tried to remember the last time I had such a satisfying orgasm.

Todd curled up next to me for a while, stroking the hair on my body, which he apparently found as erotic as I did his smoothness. When he rolled over onto his back and looked at the ceiling, I rolled onto my side and stroked Todd’s chest.

Glancing down, I found myself chuckling when I saw Todd’s dick in it’s relaxed state, which bore no resemblance to the full engorged model that I had just had in my mouth.

“What’s so funny?” Todd asked.

“I’m not laughing at you, babe,” I said, taking Todd’s very wrinkled and very little stem between my fingers. “I can’t believe this.”

“I know,” Todd said, covering his face. “It’s embarrassing how skinny kaçak bahis it is.”

“Not that, Todd,” I said. “It’s just that some guys are showers and others are growers, and you, my friend, are definitely a grower.”

I stretched the little wrinkled stem, amazed at the elasticity of his organ, and after a few pulls I could feel it starting to come to life.

“Amazing,” I said as his cock got stiffer and longer with every pull, and soon the tiny stem that couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 inches to start with had blossomed to what I had first seen. “You’ve got to be almost twice as long as me.”

“I like yours better,” Todd declared, returning the affection to I was giving his cock. “I know where I would like to have this big boy go.”

“I’m afraid that I’m not as resilient as you are, seeing as how I’m an old man,” I reminded. “In the meantime, if you wanted to do that to me, I wouldn’t put up a fight or anything.”


Chapter Five: Dip stick.

“Not all of it,” I cautioned Todd as he pulled his finger out from my anus.

“I would never hurt you,” Todd assured me. “I have a feeling that this won’t last long, no matter how hard I try. Your back is as hairy as the rest of you, and that turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.”

Todd climbed behind me, and when I looked over at the dresser mirror he looked like a praying mantis, all arms and legs as he crouched over me, that absurdly long cock glistening with lubricant as Todd brought it to my puckered ring.

“Oh!” I moaned as I felt his cock penetrate me, and while it wasn’t that much thicker than his finger had been, it was a whole lot longer.”

“You okay Mike?” Todd asked as he leaned over me.”

“Yeah,” I grunted. “Keep going.”

It not only didn’t hurt, it felt exquisite, and as Todd kept gently working more and more of his dick into me, I tried to imagine how much of it I could take.

“Sorry,” Todd said when I let out a little yelp when he hit the wall.

“It’s okay,” I gasped as Todd pulled his cock back out of me as slowly as it had put it in. “Oh man, that is so good.”

It had been so long that I had forgotten how good this could be, and while I didn’t know whether it was because it had been decades since I had experienced this, or whether Todd’s unique tool was responsible, the fact was that I was getting off on this.

Todd kept slowly sliding his cock in and out of my ass, nearly extricating himself completely before impaling me one again in the same incredibly slow and tender way. Todd’s arms came around me as he brought his body against mine, and when his hand slid down and grabbed my cock, he groaned.

“Oh man, you’re hard again,” Todd exclaimed.

Not for long, unfortunately, because almost as soon as Todd’s hand grabbed my cock, the combination of his fist wrapped around me cock and the sweet sensation of his cock working in and out of me did me in.

“Argh!” I moaned as my cock sprayed all over the sheet below me, and I had just stopped ejaculating when Todd groaned himself.

With just the tip of his dick inside my anus, I felt the warmth of his orgasm as he coated my bowels with his hot cum. After he stopped cumming, I collapsed onto the bed, and Todd crumpled down along with me, both of us laughing.

“I usually last longer than this,” Todd said with a giggle. “I swear. It’s just that I’ve never been so turned on by any body in my life as I am with you.”

“Same here,” I admitted. “You’ve got me feeling your age.”

“Out of curiosity, how much of that dip stick of yours did you manage to get inside of me?” I asked. “Half?”

“Just about all of it,” Todd said with a smile. “I couldn’t believe it. Once you got loosened up you had it all. I figured if I was hurting you you would say something.”

“I was feeling something, and judging by the mess I’m laying in, it wasn’t pain,” I assured Todd.

“Well, since you’ve been able to get it up twice already – not bad for an allegedly ‘old man’ by the way – I hoping that you’ve got a third one in you, because I think what you left in the sheets was supposed to go someplace else,” Todd reminded me as he rolled over onto his stomach.

“It might take all night,” I warned him, slapping his pale little butt gently.

“My first class isn’t until 10 tomorrow morning,” Todd informed me.

“In that case,” I said, climbing up to my knees and parted his cheeks, exposing the tiny pink puckered ring that was as hairless and innocent looking as the rest of him. “Maybe we could take a shower, and I could call and get a pizza delivered. Who knows, by then maybe?”

I left the question open, and after I jiggled his low-hanging balls while giving his balloon knot a quick lick, we went into the shower. For the record, the pizza was mushroom and rather ordinary, my cock most certainly did rise again, and Todd’s ass was every bit as sweet as the rest of him.


thanks for reading

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