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Angela gazed through the steam of her morning coffee as she sipped from it. Her stare was a thousand yards into the distance, and she wasn’t looking at anything in particular while her mind mulled things over. “Penny for your thoughts?” asked Mark. She had the day off and Mark’s shift didn’t start until early afternoon so they were having one of the rare mornings when they could have breakfast together. Hmmm, would you really pay to know what I am thinking about doing to your best friend tonight she mused.

“Oh, wondering if we’ll be parents this time next year” she replied innocently, avoiding eye contact. “We’ll it would be great if we were” he replied enthusiastically. The silence between them went on a little too long. “Look” continued Mark “I know that this hasn’t gone the way we planned it, and it’s normal that you have some struggles with what you’ve had to do for the last few nights”. Wait, did Mark suspect something was the thought her mind immediately leapt to. Did he know that she was asking Tom to personally delivering his baby batter to the front door of her womb?

“But think of then end goal, the family we want” Mark continued, placing his hand on her wrist. His words had echoed her earlier skewed reasoning and it comforted her a little, but she was still felt the sting of betrayal. She smiled and grasped his hand back. “Your right’ she nodded in agreement. “It’ll all be worth it in the end”. She cast aside her licentious thoughts and steered the conversation onto other topics and once breakfast was finished, she did some household chores whilst Mark left to run some errands.

Whilst vacuuming the carpets she often caught herself daydreaming of the last two night with Tom. She knew she was ovulating and was naturally horny however this was different. Tonight was the last night of planned breeding with Tom. Would this be the end of it? Could she just put this genie back in the box and return to a normal married life with Mark? If not, it would destroy her life and have unpredictable impact if she were pregnant. Her mind wandered over all the possibilities.

Mark loved her. Tom fucked her… and he fucked her good but whilst she wanted his child, could she have anything more than a physical relationship with him. And what if she wasn’t pregnant this time? Would she repeat their nights of delicious procreation until she was? Would Tom voluntarily stop wanting to fuck her or blackmail her to force her to choose between him and Mark? The arguments and outcome revolved around and around in her head throughout the day. The choice between love and lust played out in her mind until she finally came to an agreement with herself.

Mark had left for his evening work shift and Angela prepared for Tom’s arrival, showering and donning her robe. She took her time and braided her hair into a single long plait, something she did often when she was younger but now only occasionally as a luxury given how long took. As she worked on her hair, she rehearsed the words in the mirror she would say to Tom again and again, worried that she might misspeak or be stuck dumb again by indecision. Or was it that her lust might tip her to say something else. She sipped a whiskey and soda beforehand hoping it would calm her nerves but when the knock on the door finally came, she sprang up and sprinted to the front door, nearly yanked it off hinges with her haste to open it.

Tom was there on the doorstep, like a bit of a rogue as ever, but he sure did look good. Did he appear different or was it her impression of him that had altered. He wasn’t just a family friend, but her lover and potential baby daddy. She quickly ushered him in closing the door firmly behind him. She took his hand and led him directly upstairs to the bedroom. ‘Okay, okay Angela, keep it together… slow down and focus’ she said to herself feeling herself in a fluster. She stopped him and herself in the middle of the bedroom.

“Before anything happens…” Angela started turning and facing Tom but not making contact. “I want to say… I need to say… Thank you” she almost stammering. “I’ve asked a lot of you Tom, put you in an awkward position and you’ve been nothing but kind to me. And I would be unfairly lying to you if I didn’t say these nights with you have been amazing, you’ve been amazing.” She reached out and touched his chest tenderly. “But” she stammered “I love Mark, and this cannot become a regular thing”. Angela raised her gaze to meet his. “I hope this works and I’m pregnant with your child” She place her other hand on her stomach as a gesture and looked down “but this can’t go on beyond tonight” she trailed off. She really was afraid. Afraid that if he wished, Tom could destroy her life, her marriage and her future and it really would be all her fault.

Tom heard the conflict and hesitancy in her speech. He paused to take in her word then spoke up saying “I understand what you are saying”, putting his hand over hers. “I accepted your conditions for us to be together and stand by them” he continued. “I started this out to help you both, and I’ll stand by that”. “I’ve enjoyed our time together immensely. You’re an incredible woman Angela and well, if tonight is all I can have you for then, well let us make the most of it”.

She smiled; it was what she needed to hear. He was the friend she hoped he’d be and the nerves she had felt all day eased. She had made the choice to enjoy their last night to its most full, embrace her sluttiness, but it would be the last one. It turned out compromise was acceptable to them both. “Yes, lets!’ she responded with relief.

Her nerves calmed; Angela walked to the bed. Then turned and perched on the corner of the mattress, hands loosening the belt on her robe. Its fabric fell partially open, still covering her breast but revealing her naked stomach and bush. “Strip for me, big boy” she commanded. Tom complied, pulling off his t-shirt, kicked off his shoes, then loosen his belt and dropped his jeans to his feet. Angela watched him intently, the sense of arousal gathering in her body.

Tom had a good physique with the manual labour and hours spent at the gym appreciated the show. He pulled off his socks leaving only his black boxers. Tom looked back to her and saw Angela slightly biting her bottom lip with a sly smile. He placed his thumbs into the sides of his boxers and pushed them down until they fell around his ankles. He stepped out of the pile of his clothes, fully naked and a partial erection. She could see the veins along his thick shaft and the glisten of pre-cum at the end of grey purple gland.

She patted the mattress next to her as a gesture for him to join her and he walked towards her stopping next to where she’d indicated she had wanted him. Angela stood up, their eyes locked, and she circled around, whilst Tom moved so as to keep facing her. When she had Tom between her and the bed, she closed the distance between them. Her hand came up slowly, fingers stroking his thighs, then brushing his balls and cock.

Further up over his abs and to his pecks. When she reached his nipples, she pushed forward with some force. It was not violent but firm enough so that Tom understood she wanted him lying face up on the bed so let himself fall backwards onto the mattress. She had added another blanket covering the bed, presumably to catch the splash from any fluid that they would be liberating.

He looked down where Angela was still standing and watched as she shrugged of the robe revealing her ample breast. Angela then lowered her head forward towards his groin, her hands touching his knees then running longingly up his thighs and meeting at the base of his hardening cock. She grasped his shaft then started to give it little kisses. The kisses continued along his length until her chin rested on the bell of his cock.

She gave him a wink and a little smile, then took him into her mouth. Her tongue ran down and around his hard member while one of her hands started to massage his balls. “Hhhhmmm” said Tom, “that feels so good”.

Angela continued her ministration licking and caressing Tom’s cock with her lips and tongue. She tried to take in more of him deeper into her mouth but her position between his legs made it awkward. She wanted him all in her mouth moved to the side and onto the mattress, whilst still keeping her lips around his bell end. ‘Dammed this feels good’ thought Tom as Angela slurped and sucked on his rigid hard on.

The position on the bed improved her access and she tried to deep throat Tom’s cock. Angela forced canlı bahis more of his man hood into her mouth, her jaw straining and feeling a gaging pressure at the back of her throat. She was inexperience in trying this but really wanted to please him, so she suffered the discomfort until she had to gasp for air. Tom loved the warmth and suction on his cock. He looked down and Angela’s face was now buried in his groin, but her ass had come further around to face him. He could see her pussy lip and mound between the top of her shapely thighs. Again, Angela deep throated him and he groaned with delight.

When she next paused to get breath Tom reached over with his furthest hand and grasped her nearest ankle, pulling it towards him and over him so she ended up straddling him, pussy resting on his torso. Angela looked down and backward to see Tom face, now beneath her. “Let try this together” said Tom then curled his arms under her thighs and pulled her backwards and up his chest so her pussy was against his chin.

Tom had closet view possible of her moist slit, with his nose almost in it. An inch above it was her tight puckered anus. Angela must shave or wax down there as it was free from hair save the short landing strip of neat bush. His hand gripped spread her ass wider as buried his face into her groin. All he could taste and smell was pussy. His tongue sought out and had no trouble finding her swollen and distended clit. Each lick brought a tremble to her legs and she gently bucked atop him. He inserted his index finger into her slick pussy which brought a loud gasp from Angela.

She tried to start back on the blow job but the feeling of pleasure Tom’s tongue and his fingers brought was a distraction and clouded her thoughts. The sixty-nine embrace was delicious for both of them and they each continued their oral assault on the other.

Angela tried again to deep throat Tom’s cock, running her tongue from the tip to the base, trying not to gag on his cock. Tom groaned again with delight then moved his head upward with his tongue move up from her sopping slit, along her taint and in contacted with her anus. Angela’s reaction was immediate and unexpected. Her back arched upwards as an electric tingling sensation shot up her spine, so she was supported by her arms. She started to gag so release his cock from her mouth. ‘Fuuuucckkk’ she mouthed as the blissful tingle from her ass joined in rising tide of her orgasm. Tom’s circled her chocolate starfish with his tongue again and again whilst his finger now found and worked on her clit

The sensation from her clit and anus were like complimentary melodies of joy, each with their own rhythm and tone. The feeling of being fingered and rimmed overwhelmed her senses, making her legs jitter and verbally repeat a mantra of “Holy fuck, holy fuck!”. Round and round his tongue went and as her orgasm built. She knew she was about to come hard and her whole body tensed in anticipation then jerked reflexively as surges of carnal pleasure peaked again and again.

On and on Tom licked and rubbed feeling her whole body now spasm on top of him and her thighs squeeze, sandwiching his head. He went on until he heard her cry out, body tensing then felt a wet warms gush from her snatch, onto his neck, across his clavicle and onto the bedcovers. Angela final went limp and silent on top of him, her head nestled in his groin, nose and lips against his cock.

She didn’t move for a full minute, then took a deep breath to recover and recompose herself. It had happened again, that incredible orgasm and blissful spurting release that was her losing control completely. What was it that he could do with her ass that made her lose control in that way? “You reaaallly know how to show a girl a good time” she said aloud. “Always happy to be of service” Tom jokingly replied.

“Well now, I need to service you” came back her retort and she kissed his cock with her lips. She knew she needed to move, the fellatio had been divine but she was too sensitive for another direct oral onslaught and so she sat up halfway, still straddling him.

She moved her pelvis down and across his stomach until it touched his still erect cock. She raised herself up and grasped the root of his cock and pointed to her slick pussy the lowered back down impaling herself on his shaft. She groaned as penetrations stretched her and felt Tom’s hand on her ass. She took a moment get accustomed to the dick now filling her, then placed her hands on his knees for support and started to rock forwards and back.

Tom had watched intently, and Angela had grasped his member and dropped herself onto him. Her pussy was wet but snug and warm. The friction from her motion was gentle but effective. Her weight on him prevented him from thrusting and she was in control. He was happy to let her lead and set the pace so put his hand on her just for the touch. Angela continued her rocking motion, back and forth. The sensations radiating from her groin sure were nice, but she felt something was missing. What was it she wanting that would satisfy her?

The answer slowly dawned on her. Intimacy, she wanted the intimacy. Sure, there was one sense of intimacy with Tom balls deep in her, but she now wanted something more emotional than that. She paused, lifted herself off Tom and rotated herself to face him, then reinserted him into her, sitting astride his hips. Angela place her hands on his pecks and started again rocking. Both felt the connection, the rhythm of their mutual motion and building feeling that slowly increased it frequency. Angela lifted slightly and dropped to vary the sensation of their fucking. She looked directly into Tom’s eyes and he returned the gaze. Yes, this was the connection she desired, and she leaned forward above him.

Tom reached up and cupped her breasts, finding her nipples and gently squeezing. Angela felt the building sensation in her groin, the deep penetration and craving for release her body demanded. Tom watched the woman above him intently, letting her lead as she pleasured herself atop him. He felt his seed beginning to rise as her pussy exquisitely massaged his cock.

He tented his legs to give him some leverage and started to thrust up in time with her downward motion. The increased impact made them both moan with a rising volume and Tom closed his eyes.

Angela’s climax was nearing but knew she needed more. She lowered herself even further, so her breasts rubbed against Tom’s chest. Yes, closer in. She could smell his musk and it was intoxicating. Her pelvis moved autonomously, thrusting and lifting to drive her clit against the impaling cock. Yes, so close, but needing to be closer still, to share the sensations and be in the moment with Tom. Her free hand when unthinkingly to the nape of his neck and she pulled herself close, pressing her open mouth to his.

Tom was nearly there, then sudden unexpected kiss caught him off guard. He felt her warm tongue insinuate itself into his mouth and caressed his in tongue in an exhilarating feeling. One free hand was on the small of her back and his other free hand instinctively went to the back of her head and pulled her in as the kiss deepened. Tom drove his thighs up as his orgasm arrived and his semen shot up and into Angela, saturating her insides.

The kiss had been something Angela hadn’t done consciously, but as their lips touched she knew that was what she’d craved. She felt herself melt as the orgasm washed over her and Tom’s warm release pulsed into her. The peak wasn’t as intense as her first orgasm, but it was delicious release none the less and delivered the closeness she’d yearned for. Again, she collapsed on top of Tom as he held her body relaxed in the most intimate of embraces.

Angela lay unmoving on top of Tom relaxing in their post coital glow, his cock still filling her pussy, holding its creamy payload against the entrance her fertile womb. Tom also treasured the carnal cuddling. He’d normally have already been planning his excuses and exit had she been one of his normal ditzy conquests, but instead he felt contentment in the closeness and touch of Angela’s body.

After a few minutes, his erection finally subsided and he slipped out, their combined fluids flooding onto his groin and pooling above his pubes. Angela rolled off him onto her back, off to the side of him but stayed close so their bodies touched on one side from shoulder to toes. Save their slightly elevated breathing there was silence as they together, neither quite wanting nor sure how to bahis siteleri break their quiet calm.

Angela chastised herself think of the conditions she demanded of Tom. She asked him to father her child but not allowing him to kiss her. The last two nights had change things forever between them. He’d earnt her trust and affections, conditions be dammed and she to feel everything he had to offer.

Finally, Angela rolled onto her side facing Tom, head propped up on her bent arm and ran her other hand down from his pecks down to his groin, touching with a single index finger. She found the pool of semen still there and stirred her fingers in it. ‘That was fun’ she said, raising her fingers and brought them to her mouth, them made an exaggerated motion with her tongue and licked her fingers clean. ‘You really do know how to give a girl what she wants’ she said seductively. The deed was done but Angela really felt the need to tell him what she felt.

Tom felt a swell of male pride and smiled uncontrollably as his ego inflated. “You need only ask” he replied. Angela’s hand again went to his groin and she ran a fingertip along the top of his now flaccid cock and into the puddle of cum it rested next to. She coated her fingers in it then brought to her breast and stroked her nipple, coating it with the white stick fluid whilst not breaking contact with Tom’s gaze. She repeated the process for her other nipple and then licked her fingers clean again. She brought her face close to his and kissed him softly at first then, as he returned the kiss, more passionately.

Tom felt his tumescence returning from the kissing Angela broke the kiss as she felt this erection press against her. “Want to fuck me again? You can take me from behind?” “Sure” said Tom “Anything to help out a friend”. Angela moved onto all fours, head toward the pillow with her ass in the air and exposed. Tom moved behind her on his knees, his cock ready for action again.

He placed his knees on either side on her calves and lined up, easily finding her sloppy distended slit. There was little resistance to his entry and he grabbed the top of her hips with both hands. Angela groaned as he pushed deep into her and bottomed out deep inside her. Tom started to slowly thrust in and out controlling the penetration.

He then took one of his thumbs into his mouth and coated is liberally with saliva. Angela ass was exposed and he place the wet thumb between her cheeks and started rubbing Angela’s anus “Hmmm, that feels so good’ Angela moaned. Tom gently applied more pressure and his thumb entered her. Her tight anus resisted, and she squirmed a little but Tom’s firm grip on Angela hip and his strong digit entered her.

Tom was loving the feeling of control and sensation as he plunged deep into her pussy. He increased in speed a force to maximise the pleasure. He saw her plait lying long her spine and grabbed the hair taught, pulling back Angela’s head and causing her to gasp.

She thought she would be spent from the earlier orgasms but again the excitement began to build for Angela, the cock in her pussy filling her again and again. The penetrating digit in from her anus put her on edge but in a good way that complemented and contributed to the pleasure. Her head was pulled back and she was starting to pant, starting to sense the shape of the building orgasm between her leg and knew it would be a big one. Like a wave drawing back, it heralded the finale she wanted to end on.

She felt a jerk on the plait the heard Tom grunt with a deep thrust into her pussy and ass. Wait she thought, not just yet. Tom held fast in her and she felt the warm rush of his cum inside her. Tom grunted a few more times as he discharged his load again into her wanting snatch.

Tom fell forward on top of her, lying on top her sandwiching her between him and the bed, cock still entrenched in her pussy.

The was no accompanying high for Angela, yes, the build-up had felt really good and well, she could not be too disappointed that her just done exactly what she asked of him. Fill her with cum and make sure as hell she got pregnant but… But she now wanted more than that. She had embraced her inner slut, the needed to be satisfied that she’d take to its logical conclusion, if even logic no longer applied here.

What she had experience should have been more than enough, but she needed to be fully satiated and not wondering if she wanted more. As she lay under Tom and his recuperating body pressing down on her she wondered what would give this fulfilment she craved. The first orgasm should have been plenty but a carnal image popped into her head. No, she couldn’t do that! She wouldn’t! The idea both thrilled and scared her. She mulled the depraved idea over in her head, back and forth. The good girl against depraved slut. She never thought she be considering this but then she never thought she’d have done the things she had she had done in the last two nights either. ‘Be brave, it might be your last night with him. You know you want to’ was the winning thought.

“Tom?” she gently asked. “Yes?” he replied in a post climax haze. “Could I ask one more thing of you?” Angela asked, willing herself to be bold. “Sure?” he replied a bit intrigued. “I want you to fuck me again…” she trailed off. “Dam woman, how much more pregnant do you want to be? You after twins?” her interjected. ”Twins would be great” she retorted, but this request is a something for me”. She bit her lip trying to be coy. “… but I want you to put your cock in my ass” she said tentatively.

Tom lifted his weight up off her saying “Seriously?” he said with some incredulity and a surprised look across his face. “I liked what you were doing before with your fingers before and wanted to see what it felt like” she replied. “If you are not up for it….” she trailed off. “No, no I’m definitely up for it… I guess I didn’t think you’d be wanting to do try that kinda thing” came his quick response.” “What can I say, you bring it out in me.” Angela said, almost as an admission.

Tom lifted off Angela fully and kneeled behind her. He could see his cum and fluid all around her distended pussy lips.

She reached forward and from the bedside drawer pulled out a pink rabbit sex toy and a small tube of lube, the latter or which she passed it back to Tom. “Don’t skimp on the lube” she told him.

Tom opened the lid and squeezed some of the contents onto his fingers then applied that to her anus. Angela tensed as the cold gel made contact. Tom slowly rubbed the gel around the puckered opening, occasionally pushing his index finger against her orifice. The massage and warming gel made a delicious tingle mixing with anticipation and trepidation. He then slowly penetrated as far as the index finger would go, holding it for a while to trying to gauge her response. He then withdrew and crossed his index finger with his middle finger and inserted both slowly into her tight sphincter. Angela groaned but didn’t try to dislodge the intruders. “Go on” Angela encouraged with a hit of trepidation. Tom gradually rotated and pushed deeper probing for a minute without a negative response. Angela mulled on the feeling from the invasion to her rear. Without any sensations from her clit this wasn’t blowing her mind but as Tom took things slowly she didn’t feel discomfort she’d feared.

Tom withdrew his fingers. He added more lube to the tip of his cock and then stroked it down the shaft giving it a liberal coating in addition to all the fluid from their earlier fucking. Tom was a little surprised he was erect again so soon after coming twice but these nights kept on surprising him.

“Ready?” he enquired, half expecting her to change her mind. ‘I guess it’s now or never’ Angela thought to herself, just relax and enjoy. “Yes, but go slow, I’ve never done this before”. She chastised herself for her first time for being with the largest cock she’d had, but she knew she needed this and would regret it if she didn’t at least try to see where this new experience might lead. To try to turn the

“I will” Tom reassured her. He brought the tip of his cock to touch her anus then slowly rubbed it up, smearing the clear lube over it. He had a firm hold of himself under the bell end, making sure his dick would go only where in needed to and lined it up with her chocolate starfish. Slowly he started to push forward, trying to feel where the tight sphincter would give way first.

Angela felt the intrusion from behind and whilst it felt unnatural to her, his earlier bahis şirketleri effort with his fingers meant it wasn’t uncomfortable. Tom gently increase the pressure as the tip of his glans started to bend as her body resisted the entry, then a sudden motion as her sphincter yielded and his cock was admitted into her. Angela gasped at the entry into her, it wasn’t like a hard thrust but it still felt intense as her body resisted the entry presence of such a large object in such an unaccustomed place.

Just the head of Tom’s cock was in her ass and whilst she knew he was large, the stretching sensation was something between a tingle and stretch, both a little nice and not. He paused, enjoying the squeezing around the tip his member and waited while her breath steadied. She relaxed as best she could focusing on the good sensation then slowly pushed back, taking caution. Tom stayed still, looking down as his cock disappeared between Angela’s ass cheeks. No woman had ever asked him for anal and here was Angela letting him be the first to penetrate her virgin ass.

Slowly she pushed back, pausing again and again to acclimatise to sensation until she felt his thighs against her butt cheeks and knew his fat cock was fully inside her rectum. The feeling was indescribable, like being totally full but also being pushed empty at the same time. When she felt comfortable, or a close as what might pass for it, she rocked hesitantly slightly forward and back feeling the changes as her anus stretched around the rod now invading it.

Tom placed his hands on her thighs to steady her and keep himself ensconced in her bowels as she constricted around his member. His cock had never felt so snug and while there was only gentle movement between them, the tightness and contraction magnified the sensation tenfold.

Angela decided that she kind of like the feeling, yes there was some mild discomfort that set her on edge but the tingle and feeling of fullness was new and intense. Her nipples felt tight and tender from the dried cum coating them. She knew she wasn’t going to come just from the stimulation of her nipples and anus alone so she grabbed her pink rabbit sex toy Mark had given her for lonely nights when he was on shift work. The toy’s small plastic ears facing her vacant snatch, and she turned it on to its lowest setting then gingerly brought it to her swollen vulva. The first contact was electrifying, and she involuntarily contracted all the muscles in her pelvis accompanied with a loud panting exhalation. Tom’s cock didn’t yield and became a focal point of the sensation.

She immediately backed off to let the shock subside. Then again, she cautiously made contact with her clit and the buzzing from the toy brought ripples of delight radiating outwards. She groaned as she moved the toy around to moderate the sensation from overwhelming her. Dammed it felt so good and she could again sense the shape of a massive orgasm building. She turned up the toy up a setting and the intensity made her legs tremble. “Fuck me slowly” she said to Tom between gasps.

Tom had kept his hips forwards to keep his cock within Angela’s body had tried to push him out. Now he gingerly retreated halfway and then gradually pushed forward with his hips, burying his cock between her butt cheeks. ‘Fuck, she’s so tight’ was all he could think. A slow but steady motion built up and he sodomised her quivering body.

Angela turn up the toy again and the shaft of the pink silicone phallus began to buzz. She pulled it away from her clit, inverted it and pushed the toy inside of her sopping pussy. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” she yelled as the vibration hit all the pleasurable nerve ending and Tom continued his debauched assault on her asshole. She was so wet and aroused that the toy could easily slip out of her snatch, but she held it firm pushed it in deeper.

Her arms could no longer support her weight and she dropped so her shoulders and head to supported her. This raised her ass higher and allowed Tom to fully bottom out his length into her. Tom felt like he was living out the starring role in his own personal porno. He was a literal stud, with this wanton bitch craving his seed. He wasn’t quite used to coming three times in a night and was wonder how much he had left in his balls, but all the intense sensations and sight of cock filling her asshole brought the exquisite tightening in his balls and sensation of his inevitable ejaculation to the front of his mind.

Angela was no longer thinking but reacting on animal instincts, driven by the pleasurable impulses with no sense of logic or guilt in her mind. The orgasm she had expected was now like an impending tsunami and in the same fashion, she felt the drawing in of her breath, anticipating the crowning wave of bliss that was about to crash over her.

Tom could feel the vibration of the toy through Angela’s body and it pushed him over the edge as her body suddenly clamped down hard around him in a vice like grip. He groaned loudly, pulling back on her hips and a thrust forward as the pulsing of his cock pumped what little of his seed remained in his balls deep into Angela bowels.

The cresting wave of all differing sensation crashed into Angela’s consciousness and the orgasm it brought was unlike anything she expected. Fireworks exploded in her mind and with her pussy involuntarily spurted fluid clenching around the plastic phallus. Her abuse ass convulsed and protested hostilely against the intruding member.

She was wordless and unable vocalise any sounds, gasp as her diaphragm spasmed, teeth clenched, and eyes screwed shut no longer under conscious control. Holy fucking god, her body felt divine. This was the release she needed, no craved and it was all too much for her to maintain. Her hand relaxed, no longer grasping the sex toy and it slid out of her spasming, soaked vagina bringing an end to her climax and a welcoming oblivion after so much stimulation.

She collapsed forward onto the bed, every consciously controlled muscle in her body relaxing as her body went limp. Tom was still in her ass as she pulled away from him. His cock finally slipping free and leaving her anus gaping and ragged. His climax passed and fell off to the side of her as they lay together spent on the soaking and stained bed.

No words were needed or spoken. Tom was too exhausted to move. After several minute he realised that Angela was even more out of it than he was. There was no talk needed to conclude the experience that they had just shared.

The grand finale was done, and the experience was over. Wordlessly he lifted off the bed and started to hunt for his closed. As he dressed, he was transfixed by Angela. She hadn’t stirred and lay face down on the bed legs spread. Her ass and pussy were gaping and smeared with his cum. He would have loved a photo for the spank bank but the sensitive of the situation meant he would just have to settle for trying to commit it to memory.

He finished dressing and went to the head of the bed. Angela wasn’t quite awake but also wasn’t sleeping. He covered her with a blanket then bent down and kissed her cheek. “I’ll never forget that” he whispered, then left.


Angela sat on the toilet staring straight ahead, willing herself not to glance down at the little white plastic stick she’d just peed on. She had had time to think in the last week and still couldn’t really make sense of it all. She was not even sure what how many little blue lines she was wanting to soon see. Two mean the start of a family with Tom’s child, one meant she could try again and liberate her inner slut again.

She’d been sore and sensitive for two days after their last entanglement but it had been so worth it. She had made love with Mark last night. It had been intimate and reaffirmed her love for him, but it was a world away from the animalistic fucking from Tom. She glanced at the little egg timer ticking the seconds away, a minute to go. Would anything compare to that last night with him she had worried silently? This was a secret she could not dare share with anyone. She had tried experimentally to play with her toy and her ass, but it hadn’t provoked anywhere near the same sensations. She thought of Tom again reminiscing about that night. She had only her memories to go off but found herself touching herself intimately, trying to relive the sensations.

Brrrrrr, the timer sounded loudly, breaking her reverie and bringing her back to reality. She picked up and stared at the stick, unsure what answer her heart wanted it to show her. She brought her hand over her mouth as a laugh and happy smile broke across her face. So, she would have a memento of those night after all.

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