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The kids let me in and I went down stairs to watch the game. Kevin was the only one down there. I took my place in the recliner just before kick off.

“Where is everyone?”

Kevin nods for me to sit next to him so I get up and take my seat. Kevin immediately leans over and starts kissing me. I kiss back and lean into him like a high school girl. I push my hips closer knowing I’ve cleaned my hole out like the internet advice said. I’ve used the dildo on my backside a number of times so I hope I’m ready. Kevin pulls me on top of him and I straddle him, kissing him, his hands grab both of my cheeks and he rubs and squeezes me.

As I kiss him, feeling his hands all over me I position my ass over Kevin’s cock and I can’t wait for him to break me in.

Kevin easily puts me aside and positions me on the couch facing away from him. He kisses the back of my neck, my ears. He grinds himself into my ass and I’m getting wet. My precum is starting to flow. He whispers into my ear as he wraps his arms and pulls me into him.

“You really love giving me head, what do you think about when you’re sucking me?”

“I think about my wife, or past girlfriends who gave me head, I watch blow job video’s and I try to do what they do. I want to make you feel good.”

“You my cock bitch right?”

I reach behind and instantly rub my hand over his crotch.

“You ever pretend you’re a woman when you give head?”

“I guess, it just feels natural when I do it.”

“If you put on whats in that box, that would help me, and it might help you”

I wondered what was in the box, then hear the footstep of the kids. He turns me around and holds my head with both hands and kisses me, “Think about it, you don’t have to.”

Kevin leaves. My heart thumping wildly about whats in the box. I don’t want to wear a bunch of leather or anything like that. I pick up the box and sit on the couch. I lift the lid and see woman’s clothes. He wants me to be a cross dresser?

I notice how rock hard I am as I pull out a pair of high heels. In my other hand thigh highs. Red plaid skirt and white top in the box.

I hear the door upstairs close and I look at the clothes, thinking about pleasing Kevin. I strip off my shoes, pants, socks. I think about my wife getting dressed before we go out on the town. I work one of the thigh highs and bunch it up, then slip it over my toes and work the silky material over my foot, past my calf and up my thigh. I repeat the process and now my legs canlı bahis are covered with a fine fitting black hose. I take the red plaid skirt and hold it up, then slip my legs into it and pull it up over my hips. I stand looking down at my legs and the skirt. I love the feel of my thigh highs. I walk around the room ignoring the football game on TV. Walking I feel the rush of air around my legs. I take a seat and cross my legs. I like how my legs look in hose. I take the shoes and and slip them on. They’re just my size, Kevin has been thinking about this just as much as I have. I stand and totter, this is something completely new. I take my first steps and it’s like my ankles want to roll. Short tiny steps and I steady myself. I walk across the floor careful not to twist an ankle. I make it and turn around and stride across the basement. I practice walking, I check out my legs in the mirror. Then I see Kevin watching me.

“I dropped the kids off, and you look nice. Come here.”

I walk across the basement to him more than aware of how I look. Self conscious about my steps, and wanting to please Kevin.

“Nothing gets me hotter than see a fine looking bitch in hose and heels.

I get to Kevin and he embarrasses me and I wrap my arms around his neck, his arms pull me in and he kisses me deeply. Holding my body next to his my head is swimming with emotions. He grabs my ass with both hands and works my cheeks, his tongue swirling around my mouth and against my tongue. He mouth drops to my neck and raise my chin giving him better access. My hand caressing neck and shoulders. Every part of me is his.

“You’ve got me so fucking hot baby.” He whispers into my ear. He breaks off his kisses and leads me to the couch where he sits and looks me over as I stand before him. Hose, heels, skirt, he leans forward and reaches under my skirt and removes my underwear.

“You don’t need these.” He leans forward and takes my penis into his mouth and engulfs it. I’ve never had a man do that to me and I nearly cum right there.

He pulls me onto him so I’m straddling his thighs and he runs his hands over my legs which I love. His breathes are deep with lust as he feels me. Kevin pulls his shirt off, kisses me deeply and I kiss him back. I feel like a sexy bitch.

“Work your magic baby.”

I take my cue and move my lips from his face to his neck. My hands explore his hairy chest and I transfer my kisses from his neck to his pecs. I slip between his thighs and I’m literally high bahis siteleri on emotions as I travel down to his stomach and recall my excitement when my girls took their time going down on me. As I reach his rock hard stomach my hands roam across his chest. He hands caress my head. More kisses on his stomach my hands find his pants and I work to unbutton and unzip them.

Kevin takes his cue and lifts his ass up so I can pull his pants off. As I do this his cock springs up and I can see precum forming already. I put his pants aside and see my covered legs and skirt, Kevin’s hard cock, and I love it. I lick his shaft and it’s huge. I grab him and he’s rock hard. I lick again and his precum is flowing and I lap up the delicious clear fluid. I have to have him in my mouth and my lips cover his head and I go down on his shaft. He’s harder than I’ve ever felt him and that’s because of the outfit I’m wearing. I work his hard shaft in and out of my mouth. My lips sliding up and down getting his hardness wet. Filled with lust I go down, relaxing my throat and taking his entire shaft down my throat. I slowly pull up enjoying how his hard cock is slipping between my lips and tongue. I deep throat him again and as I pull away I stroke him and Kevin sighs with pleasure. I work him rapidly only taking half his cock. I look up at Kevin with his cock in my mouth and we make eye contact. With one hand up pulls up on the back of my head and leans forward and we kiss. With his other hand he slips a lubricated finger in my ass. We kiss and he fingers me. He works his finger inside of me, then he pulls up a bit so I stand and he pulls my skirt off. He’s rock hard, I’m rock hard as I kiss him and stroke his cock.

“You’re ready.” Kevin slips a condom on and lubricates his cock as I stand before him in my heels and thigh highs. Then he reaches between my legs and lubs my opening. He nods at me and I straddle him again. I remember how I practiced this at home and guide his head to my hole and lower myself. Even though we’re both lubricated it’s not going in. I gently rise and lower myself on him and I can feel his head slowing spreading my cheeks, his tip in my opening. Working him he’s making his way into me. I picture myself as a woman, I’m losing my virginity and in that instant he popped inside of me and my ass filled with pain. The pain seemed to engulf my body as a whole and then just my stretched ass.

Kevin embraced me.

“Easy, relax and the pain will go away.”

Hearing his words didn’t bahis şirketleri help the pain in my ass, but it helped my confidence in him. I took several deep breathes and held on to Kevin. The pain did subside and I looked at Kevin who gently kissed me. Kevin was inside of me and I slowly experimented with him by slowing moving my ass up and down. It might have only been an inch, but it seemed like a mile.

“Hmmmm, you’re hole feels so good.” Kevins hand roamed across my ass to my thighs, and back again. I started moving more and more working Kevin’s cock in and out of my opening.

“There you go baby, take your time.”

I just closed my eyes and worked on riding my man’s cock. Working him more and more in and out. As I did this it just felt so natural now that I had him inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked down seeing my covered thighs, my legs working so my lovers cock would explore my insides. I looked up and Kevin kissed me, his tongue exploring my tongue, his cock explore my ass. He broke the kiss and said.

“You’re ready.”

Kevin pulled me off his cock and stood up. He grabbed my hand and walked me around the couch. I walked unsteadily on my heels, aware of the lubrication in my ass. Kevin had me face the back of the couch.

“You look so good like this.” Kevin whispered from behind, I could feel his hairy chest on my back, his rock hard cock between my thighs. “you’re heels put you and just the right height for me.”

That was when he guided his cock back into me. I leaned with my arms resting on the back of the couch, Kevin with his hands on my hips and his cock sliding into me. He was all with way in, his hips against my ass cheeks, his cock filling me completely. Then he started working himself in and out of me. My eyes closed concentrating on him entering me, feeling him inside of me. Inside his cock bitch. He has a steady rhythm going, I hear and feel the slap of out bodies coming together. He’s working at a quicker pace and then he pulls out and turns me around. In the same instant he pushes me down and Im on my knees as he takes off the condom. Next thing I know his cock is in my mouth, his hand on the back of my head and I start sucking his cock.

I hear him groan and he stiffens, his body shudders and his cum is shooting into my mouth. My hands steady our bodies on his hips, his hand on the back of my head and the couch as he finishes cumming. I swallow his juice and with his cock still in my mouth I look up and I can see sweat dripping down his face.

Kevin wipes his sweat off, then pulls me up and strokes my cock and almost instantly I cum and he catches my ejaculation in the towel.

He kisses me and whispers. “I can’t wait for the next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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