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Chapter 2: The Beachhouse

The engine of the Holden Statesman purred along as traffic going the other way whizzed past the three in the car heading for Byron Bay. Steve was at the wheel with Amanda in the front wide awake and Katie in the back seat dozing.

Steve took the Byron Bay exit, drove for another two kilometres before turning onto a dirt track and approaching an old Queenslander style house ablaze in light. He stopped the car in front of the house and turned off the engine.

“We’re here,” said Steve jumping from the car and being greeted by his boxer Jake.

Jake was pleased to his master and jumped up to great him. “Good boy. Did you miss your dad?” cooed Steve to the dog.

The girls were lifting their bags from the boot of the car, when Steve appeared to give them a hand. They all climbed the steps to the front door of the house and the girls could hear and smell the beach.

As the girls entered the house they were struck by the antique furniture and the photo’s adorning the wall. Both girl’s were a little slack jawed as they traipsed down the Queenslander’s long hallway to the back of the house.

“You two can stay in here” said Steve, opening the door to a massive bedroom which had as it’s centre a massive four poster bed. Amanda and Katie looked at each licking their lips.

“Dinner will be ready shortly” laughed Steve as he turned and headed for the kitchen leaving the two girls’ alone.

“Have you ever seen a house like it?” asked Amanda.

“Only in House and Garden” replied Katie stripping off her work clothes and heading for the bathroom that adjoined the bedroom, “care to join me” she winked at Amanda.

“Sure, but we will have to be quick ” smirked Amanda quickly disrobing and running after Katie , who was already under a steaming hot shower.

Katie quickly lathered up Amanda taking care to wash between her legs slipping a finger in her cunt. “Oh god” yes sighed Amanda crushing Katie’s lips on her own and snaking a tongue into her lover’s mouth. Quickly Katie pistoned the finger in and out of Amanda’s slick cunt bringing her lover to a quick orgasm.

“My, my” tutted Katie after Amanda came back to earth. “That was quick. Been thinking about someone or something have we?” asked Katie as she turned off the water and started to towel Amanda dry.

“Well, you mostly, but sometimes our host. After all he is handsome….” sighed Amanda…..

“…and he’s your boss” retorted Katie, although she too had the same inklings after meeting Mr Steve Turner in the flesh. She wondered what would be between those strong musclier legs of his….

“Dinner is served ladies” yelled Steve from the dining room, placing plates of cold cuts, chicken, salad and fresh crusty bread on the table.

Both girls quickly tied their hair back in “Melrose clips” and threw on sarongs with no underwear and hurried to the dining table.

Steve did a double take when the entered the dining room. Both girls wore sarongs that were see through in the right light and neither was wearing underwear and both girl’s nipples stood erect stretching the flimsy fabric.

“Please, help yourself” croaked Steve as he quickly canlı bahis sat down trying to hide the hard on that was forming in his boardshorts.

Both girl’s spied the bosses feeble attempt to hide a 10″ hard on and looked at each with a glint in their eye. Each sat opposite Steve and proceeded to ensure that he got a great view of their tits when they leant forward to pass food between them.

“Do you have any wine?” asked Katie looking straight into Steve’s eyes. It was as if she was looking into a deep pool in the ocean his eyes were so blue. Her cunt started to throb.

“Sure in the fridge,” said Steve.

“I’ll get it” said Katie jumping to her feet so quickly the split in her sarong fell open, giving Steve an eye level view of her smooth cunt. “Thank god I shaved this morning” thought Katie as she swanned off to the fridge to get out the wine, fully aware of Steve’s eyes burning into her back as she walked away.

When Katie returned, she poured Steve a wine giving him a full view of her deep cleavage.

“Enough” she asked with a cheeky tone in her voice.

“For now” replied Steve coolly. “I can play their game too” he thought, “this will be fun.”

The meal continued for a while in silence until Amanda, “Do you have a stereo?” she asked.

“Sure. Let me put some music on” said Steve rising from the table ensuring the girl’s spied his cock almost poking out the top of his shorts. “Any requests?” he asked looking back over his shoulder at the two girls who were giggling a little from the effects of the wine.

“Something slow and sexy” said Katie looking at Amanda with lust in her eyes.

Steve flipped through his CDs and spied the latest from the Beuna Vista Social Club – group discovered by Ry Cooder but one which Steve had seen live on a quick trip to Cuba last year. “It’s not exactly slow, but I’m sure you while find it sexy” said Steve as he reentered the dining room as the CD began to play and so had someone else…….

The girl’s looked up with a start when Steve came back into the room. They were now sitting next to each other and both girl’s hands had been below the table until Steve had disturbed them. Suddenly the faces were red with embarrassment.

Steve said nothing and just sat back in his chair to listen to the music and finish his meal. The smell of wet cunt wafted around the room and soon Steve began to grin and then laugh.

“What’s so funny?” asked Amanda worried she may have offended Steve with her behaviour.

“You think I don’t know don’t you” he addressed both of them with a smile on his face. “I have known from the first time I saw Katie pick you up from work.”

“Please. I don’t have a problem with it. It is your private life as you know I guard mine jealously.”

“Why is that?” asked Katie getting a little braver and putting her hand back into Amanda’s lap.

“Well it’s really no ones business who I’m doing or for that fact who’s doing me” he answered as the girl’s looked at each quizzically. “Just don’t do it with someone in the office as its too complicated if anything goes wrong.”

“Now that we have that out of the way, please relax. You are my guest here this bahis siteleri weekend. We will do a little bit of work in the morning after breakfast and after that time is yours. No one can see us from the road and there isn’t a neighbour within 5kms. I often have naked days here when I’m here alone or with friends” said Steve with the emphasis on “friends”.

“Now, I’m off to bed. The surf sounds like it will be up in the morning, so I will be up early. Please help yourself to anymore wine and the stereo. I’m a heavy sleeper so I don’t mind how loud the music gets. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight” said both girl’s in chorus as Steve left the room.

“So who do you think his friends are?” quizzed Katie.

“I’m not sure but by the sounds of things it could get quite interesting some weekends” said Amanda, rising from the table and heading for the hallway.

She turned on the hallway light to get a better view of the photo’s she had glanced at on the way in. She studied them closer now. All of them were black and white “artistic” type photo’s of naked men and woman. Amanda stopped halfway down the hall and looked closely at one photo on particular.

“Katie” Amanda almost whispered.

“What is” said Katie coming over to the picture gulping at her wine.

Both girls stood and admired the two men in the picture. Both were naked and were kissing, their hands reaching down to stroke each others cocks. One of the men in the picture was Steve.

“So, no wonder he doesn’t have a problem with us” laughed Katie, “He’s gay.”

“No, I don’t think so” said Amanda, biting her lip as she felt her cunt juices flow from the excitement of looking at her boss kissing and stroking another man, “more likely bi, and hey aren’t we all” she chuckled as she felt Katie start to kiss her neck and a hand start to likely stroke her cunt.

“Oh that’s good” sighed Amanda as she leant back into her lover.

“My, my looking at men kissing has got you really wet hasn’t it my love” whispered Katie into Amanda’s ear.

“Yes” hissed Amanda, “it just looks so sexy and look at the size of Steve’s cock.”

Katie glanced across Amanda’s shoulder to gaze at the 10″ of cock that stood out from Steve’s groin in the photo. “Mmmmm, can you just imagine getting that from behind” teased Katie as she started to finger fuck Amanda as they stood in the lit hallway.

“Oh god yes” snarled Amanda as Katie began to really pump her cunt with one, two and then three fingers.

“Quick, lets go to bed and make love” said Amanda turning to face Katie. Both girl’s ran off towards the bedroom at the back of the house turning off lights as they went. They left the music on so they could hear the Cuban sounds as they made love.

Katie tore off her sarong and jumped onto the bed. “Leave the door open” she chuckled to Amanda “so Steve can hear us.”

“Come to me lover” said Katie as Amanda unwrapped her sarong and tossed it onto a cane chair in the corner. She leapt into Katie’s arms and started to deep throat her lover with her tongue.

“Oh god. I’ve been waiting all night to taste you” said Katie diving between Amanda’s legs and licking her girlfriends wet slit. bahis şirketleri She held the lips open and took long licks of Amanda’s wet wet slit.

Amanda began to moan initially worrying about waking Steve, but as Katie began to suck on her clit Amanda almost screamed. She pushed Katie’s head down into her cunt as her orgasm began sweep over her and Katie finger fucked her cunt while sucking her clit. It was too much for Amanda.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk I’m cummmmmmming” screamed Amanda as she flooded Katie’s face with her cum.

In his room Steve was frantically pumping his cock and watching all the action on a close circuit TV. What the girl’s didn’t know was that Steve had cameras everywhere in the house to capture the action from his “parties” he held at his place from time to time. As Amanda had cum so had Steve dumping his cum onto his chest. He now wiped it from his chest and licked his fingers clean savouring the taste of his own cum. He turned to continue watching the action on the TV……

Katie had now made her way up to Amanda’s face and Amanda was savouring the taste of her cunt on Katie’s tongue.

“Mmm, that’s nice. You are so good to me Katie” whispered Amanda into her lover’s ear as Katie idly twisted at Amanda’s right nipple.

“I think were both good for each other” replied Katie now turning her attention to the other nipple.

“Did you see the way Steve looked at you when he got an eyeful of your cunt?” murmured Amanda who was lying back enjoying all the attention she was getting from Katie.

“Yes” said Katie looking up from sucking on Amanda’s nipples, “I think he fancies you though.”

“Do you think so?” said Amanda, who was now running her hands over Katie’s ass and teasing her silken cunt lips with her fingers.

“Oh yes” sighed Katie as she was diverted from her attack on Amanda’s nipples to take enjoy the fingering she was getting.

Katie got on all fours pushing her head into the pillows, turning her head to one side so she could continue to tease Amanda while the younger girl pleasured her.

“I think he would love to fell your hot lips on his cockhead as you deep throat him” teased Katie as Amanda started to lick her slick cunt lips. Katie’s juices where starting to flow and she was really getting into describing what sex would be like with Mr Steve Turner to the younger, who was by now underneath Katie and licking her cunt in earnest.

“I bet he would love you to suck him off while he’s sitting in his chair at work on an important business call”

“Mmmmm I wonder what it feels like to suck cock and feel it cum in your mouth” murmured Amanda in between licking the cunt of the blonde Katie…

“Like this” thought Steve as he erupted again onto his smooth chest in the other room. The excitement of watching his PA lick out her girlfriend in the other room, while talking about what it would feel like to suck his cock was too much for Steve. He cleaned up again, switched off the TV and rolled over to go to sleep looking forward to the next day.

Meanwhile Amanda was now thrusting two fingers into Katie’s wet cunt bring Katie off with a rush. Cunt juices flooded over Amanda’s face as Katie pushed her cunt into her lover’s mouth when she erupted.

When both girl’s come down from their high they lay beside each other listening to the rolling surf and drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…

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