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Big Dicks

I lifted my head and you pushed my shirt up and off me, allowing me to be completely free to your mouth and hands. You went crazy like a kid in a candy store might, nipping and sucking, tugging and pinching at my nipples. I could feel the heat radiate down to my cunt and the moisture that was there before has now become quite apparent to both of us.

You lowered one hand down to my crotch and began rubbing my pussy through my jeans. It took all I had to not yelp out in pleasure at your touch. I wanted more, needed more from you and of you.

I grabbed the back of your shirt and pulled it up over your head and threw it to the floor and then reached down between us to find the buckle of your belt and started to unbuckle it. ‘God I want this so bad.’ was all I was able to think. I fumbled with your belt buckle a bit, but then freed it and started working on the button and zipper of your pants. My fingers couldn’t work fast enough and it seemed like forever before I had your pants undone.

You rolled away from me long enough to take your pants down to your ankles and to pull them off, tossing them onto the floor with your shirt. As you were pulling your pants off, I too had already started taking my own jeans off. After getting them off both legs, you grabbed them greedily and threw them onto the floor. Quite the pile of clothes was forming on my bedroom floor and we weren’t done yet.

I pulled you back to me, pulling you tight to me so that I could feel your exposed skin. I could feel your cock so much better now that all you had on were some cotton boxer briefs. Your cock throbbed canlı bahis as you climbed to lie on top of me, forcing your tongue into my mouth again. I took it eagerly and excitedly, the want and desire growing more in both of us.

I reached down between us and grabbed your cock for the first time. You moaned deeply as you pressed yourself into me. I too moaned at the feel of you.

You returned the favor by slipping your right hand down to my crotch and sliding your fingers under the side of my panties. Feeling my wetness, your cock jumped in my hand. You broke the kiss and started to slide and kiss your way down my neck and over my breasts. Stopping to nibble and tug on my nipples for a moment, knowing how much I enjoy that. Slipping down over my stomach and stopping just short of the top of my panties, you looked up at me with that devilish little grin. Pulling your hand free from the side of my panties, you grabbed the top of them and pulled them down as I lifted my hips to assist you.

Here I was, totally naked and exposed to you, wanting and yearning for your touch. I had an insatiable appetite that wanted to be filled; a feeling I never even knew existed within me. I wanted to be your bitch, your slut, and your whore. Something that I had never really thought about before, but now the thought was turning me on.

You lowered your head to my pubic mound and took in a breath so deep that I could hear it. There was a groan that came from you, almost like an animal growl. ‘Wow, that is so fucking hot.’ I thought when I heard it. You spread my cunt lips with your fingers and bahis siteleri began lightly licking and flicking your tongue on my clit. I grabbed the back of your head and pushed your face into me as I raised my hips. You assaulted my cunt with your lips and tongue, pushing your tongue deep into my wet hole.

It was all I could do not to scream in the pleasure brought forth. I was now grasping for any part of your body that I could get. You knew what I wanted, and you took your underwear off, kicking them onto the floor. Moving to reposition yourself above me, allowing me to see for the first time your cock piercing. I was fascinated by it, never having been with a man with his cock pierced, I wanted to play with it and feel it.

You had told me that nobody had ever been able to take all of you, due to the piercing and I was about to prove that it could be done. I wanted to please you like no one else was able to, I wanted you to throat fuck me. I couldn’t believe that I was having these thoughts, that I was being so dirty, that I was actually enjoying it all as much as I was.

I placed a hand around your cock and guided it to my mouth as you had already returned to pleasuring my cunt. The taste of you, my first true taste of you made me moan as soon as your cock was in my mouth. The frenum 10-gauge U-bend piercing that you have was so intoxicating to me. The metal of the piercing clinked against my teeth as I took you in.

My hand still wrapped around the base of your cock, you pushed your hips forward, pushing your cock further into my mouth. I could feel the piercing run along bahis şirketleri the roof of my mouth as you slid deeper into it. I started to suck your member, running my tongue around your piercing. My own hips matching the movements of your hips, as we slowly fuck each other’s face.

I can barely recall anything except for the ultimate feelings of pleasure that you were giving me. The details of your assault on my cunt are simply a blur, all I can remember is you moaning and thrusting your hips as you continued to fuck my throat, my lips hitting the base of your cock as you pushed yourself further down my throat.

I had given head before, but never like this, never this intense. I had also never allowed a man to cum in my mouth; I wanted to taste your cum so badly though.

I felt my stomach tighten a bit as your assault on my pussy sent an orgasm racing through my body. It wasn’t the most intense orgasm I would experience with you, but it was still awesome in its own right.

I felt your cock throb right after I came and I knew you were about to cum. Normally at this point, I would have taken the cock out of my mouth and stroked it to a finish, but I allowed you to continue to fuck my throat and dump your load down my throat. You came with such force that I thought it was going to come out my nose. I swallowed hard, swallowing your entire load, my first load of cum. The taste was something I wasn’t expecting, hearing all the tales of it being salty or even a bit metallic; you can’t really understand the taste until you have tasted it firsthand.

You lie beside me, catching your breath as the overwhelming feelings of an intense orgasm race throughout your body. I lay my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, smiling from ear to ear the only thing I can think now is ‘I want to fuck him.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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