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The moment she entered his life, he was hooked. She had no idea he existed. 2 different worlds. On course to merge.

He learnt about her from his friend. Saw her pics when his friend uploaded some. He was hooked. He was captured. After some thinking, connected with her on a social networking platform. Using connected in the loosest form possible.

Liked every picture of her. For 2 reasons: First, because he genuinely liked all of them. Second, with tiniest hope and intention that it’ll get him noticed. But she was happily oblivious to him, not for any of her fault. It was a genuine obliviousness. Like she doesn’t knows Dr. Shah who has a practice in Delhi. He never dared comment or message. The fear of messing things up made him control himself.

Few years pass of his imaginations with her. Vivid and lustful imaginations. Of how did she sounded, how was her laughter, was she a good kisser, was she a freak in bed. Because he sure was a freak in bed once he gets going.

One day, due to sudden loss of control of his emotion, he messaged her. He didn’t expect any answer in return. She has no reason to reply to him. A woman so beautiful and pretty and totally out of his league. What would even make her give him a second look. But there in lies the biggest mystery and maybe perhaps the most overlooked aspect of human nature. What you see is always not what’s true.

She needed someone to listen to her. Actually listen to her. Not talk to her just for the sake of replying. But listen and understand. Have some sort of basic connection to her and empathise with her. Tell her that she is not insane in thinking the way she does. But most importantly, someone that made her feel wanted and loved for no reason other than wanting and loving her.

And that’s all he could offer. He wanted her. He craved her. He wanted her mentally and physically. When the talking got regular, he listened, he empathised. Not because he was trapping her, for the lack of a better word, but because that’s what he really did. He would think at night that something somewhere is not right. How can such an amazing woman, who lacks in nothing, be talking to her with genuine interest. How can she like him, and dare he say love him, a guy who is nowhere close to the amazing person she is.

The more they talked, the more they entangled. They couldn’t be without talking to each other for a long while. And as it happens with every adult relationship, they started getting sexually comfortable.

It was time to meet. Enough of talking. She and him, both apprehensive about it. But it had to be done. Like how you pull the Band-Aid off a wound. It had to be done. The apprehension in both of theirs mind wasn’t about how they’ll behave istanbul escort or talk. It was whether they are good enough for the other person or not. Did they sell the dream but will fail to live up to the expectation? Did they invest a lot on something which will result as a fail. It had to be done.

He would point out she looks good in blue. So that’s what she wore. She told him she likes her man to smell good. So he wore his best perfume.

They meet at a coffee shop. Cliché Awkward hug done and awkward smiles done. Coffees ordered. Small talks over.

He takes the leap. Hold her hand and looks in her eyes. And says, “I’ve waited so long for this moment. I’m not going to ruin it with awkwardness or being shy. Let’s go to my place. And be with each other.” She stares back with the eager acceptance in her eyes. And nods gently. Bill paid and stuff gathered.

They get a cab to his place. He hold her hand all the way. Sitting as close to her as possible. Move his hand on her thighs. She involuntarily opens her thighs slightly but realises she is giving away her eagerness.

Longest cab ride they took in their life. Every traffic signal is like eternity. Every brake hits hard. They reach his place and take the longest elevator ride. He takes his time to open the door. Teasing her.

Once inside, they lock the door and just look at each other. Lust, pure hunger, the need to just devour each other. She drops her bag and he gathers her in his arms. They kiss hard and deep. Like they are teenagers. Breathing heavily. Bodies crushed to each other. His hand exploring her body. Making her feel feeling she thought had died.

He throws her on the couch. Gets on top her, kissing her like there is no tomorrow. And she responds. Opening her mouth to play with tongues. He kisses her neck. Behind her ears. She moans softly. He gets up and stares at her with pure love in his eyes. She stares back with a smile that reciprocates the same love and tells him, “Yes, I want you to make love to me.”

He takes off his shirt. And pulls off her top. Kisses her boobs softly. Then kisses her again. He struggles with her bra, so she helps. She opens her bra for him and he kisses her tits softly. She had forgotten what real lust of love is. She can’t help it and moans when her tits are kissed.

He kisses and sucks both her tits. Squeezing her boobs softly. He can’t take it anymore. He stands up and she notices the bulge in his jeans. She doesn’t needs to be told what she needs to do. Because she wants to.

She unbuckles the belt, unzips the jeans and take his cock out of his boxers. She strokes it gently while staring him in the eyes. He is going avcılar escort crazy. Watching and feeling those delicate soft fingers stroke his cock. And that’s when she licks the head. He loses it and moans. She know she has got him. She kisses the head of his cock and begs her, “Please baby, suck it. Take it in your mouth.” She takes the whole cock in her mouth. Deep in her throat. He does everything to not shout. She starts sucking his cock. Moving those soft juicy red lips all over the length of his cock. Taking all of him deep. Giving him the sloppiest and the best blowjob of his life. She sucks the head, she licks the head, she sucks the cock, she licks the cock, she plays with his balls and then, she sucks his balls. And that’s when he loses it. “I’m gonna cum baby. I’m gonna cum so hard” he says.

“I want to taste you baby. Please” she says.

And take his cock in her mouth. Sucking him faster. “I’m cumming baby. Aahhhhhh” he says. And bursts in her mouth. She doesn’t stops. Keeps sucking him and throws him over the ledge. He can’t stand anymore. He collapses on the couch. She is still sucking and swallows. Sucks him dry.

He looks over to this goddess and her smiling face, and gets crazy for her. He throws her over carpet. Takes off her shorts and panties. Spreads her legs and gives her legs a nice lick from feet to inner thighs. He sucks, licks and kisses her inner thighs. Near her clean shaven juicy pussy. But staying away from her pussy and driving her crazy. He keep teasing her. Then when he can see the desperation in her eyes, gives her pussy and nice lick from bottom to top. And then stops. “You want more of it baby?” he asks. She can’t speak. Nods her head.

He spread her legs further and sucks her pussy lips hard. Spreads her pussy lips with his tongue. And pushes the tongue in her pussy. Starts tongue fucking her pussy while pressing her clit. Uses his one hand to pinch her tits. She wriggles and moves with the pleasure. She moans and sighs. When she nears her orgasm, he stops. Gets up and holds her hand so that she can’t pleasure herself. When the feeling subdues, the sucks her clit. Hard. He flicks his tongue at her clit and sucks it. Kisses it. While fingering her pussy. He pushes 2 fingers in and keeps sucking her clit and licking it.

When she nears orgasm again, he picks up the pace. Fingers her deeper and harder. Sucks and licks her clit hard.

She bursts into an orgasm. She moans and screams. But he keeps licking and sucking. Until she is spent.

All these emotions from her has made him hard again. He nears her face and makes her suck his cock again. Make it sloppy wet.

He then lifts and spread her legs. Rubs and slaps her pussy şirinevler escort with his hard cock. Looks at her teasingly and asks, “Do you want it baby?”

She nods at him. He smiles and continues to rub his cock and slap his cock at her pussy.

“I didn’t hear anything. Where are your manners?” he says

“Please baby, put it in there. Please fuck me with your cock.” She says.

He smiles and pushes his cock inside her. Deep. Without warning. And let’s his cock sit there for a moment. She gasps with the sudden push of the cock. But her pussy adjusts to the cock and she smiles.

He starts fucking her. Deep and slow. Cock moving in and out slowly with her pussy wrapping around it.

She can’t hear or see anything. She is enjoying it. Not just the sheer fact that he is physically fucking her. But it is someone she is crazy for. Someone she wants to fuck her. Someone who is much more than a cock. But for now, she wants to enjoy the sex.

He lifts her legs up and keeps them on his shoulder. Almost folding her in half. And fucks her deep. Pounds her hard. Balls slapping against her. She is moaning her. And he enjoys it. He feels he is about to cum. So he stops. Kisses her

She pushes him away and tells him, “Don’t you fucking stop. Keep fucking me. Fuck me. NOW!!”

He turns her over to fuck her from behind. Pushes his cock in and fucks her hard and fast and deep from behind. Grabbing her from her hips and ramming his cock in hard. He spanks her ass red. Pulls her from her hair and whispers in her ear, “You like that huh? You like how I fuck you?” She says, “Yes. Don’t stop. Spend me.”

He bends down and rubs her clit while fucking her from behind. She starts to lose it. She wants to cum. He wants to cum. He picks up the pace and moans hard. She is screaming, “I’m cumming baby.” And they both cum at same time.

The collapse on each other with their moans still vibrating in the room. Sweaty and with all sexual juices. Entangled to each other.

He turns over and holds her in his arms. She spoons into his large body. And they cuddle.

“You’re a dream come true for me baby.” He says. “I’m really very sorry if I ever made you unhappy, angry or disappointed you. You are the most precious person in my life.”

She turns around and kisses him gently and says, “You have no idea what you mean to mean. All the anger or unhappiness or disappointments we might have given each other, will only make us strong. If we can over come them and still love each other, it’ll be the strongest bond.”

They both had a genuine smile on their face. But a genuine sorrow in the mind that it’s time to go home. Don’t know when they’ll get a chance to spend a long time again.

They stay like that for a bit and get ready to leave. This time, the elevator ride down is the shortest ever. This time, the cab ride back to Cafe took the littlest time ever.

But this time, the love and connection was stronger. But this time, there was no apprehension. But this time, there was genuine happiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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