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Chapter 4: Only child

Iliki slept over and stayed in the bed of Paige’s roommate. They made love again in the morning, took a shower together, and went for pancakes for breakfast at Pancake House. During breakfast they talked about their plans for Christmas break. Paige would go home to Dallas and hang out with some friends. Paige had to admit that her high school friends were not good friends. She really had no good friends, outside the sorority and the dance team. Her connection to the sorority was not what she wanted it to be when she arrived on campus.

After she was kicked out of the house most of the other girls shunned her. They were afraid of her. She was a lesbian. Would she attack me? Would I become a lesbian? A few girls still welcomed her with kisses (on the cheek) and hugs at Monday night dinners. A few girls secretly hoped that she would approach them. Those girls had had less than satisfying sexual experiences and wanted more, but just could not ask their boyfriends or their hook-ups. Lick here. Use your fingers like that. Can you just make it all last longer?

Iliki said that she was planning on going to Orlando for a couple of weeks with all of her younger siblings, but that really did not appeal to her. “Paige, it will be dreadful. My dad thinks that it will be great. Truthfully, this is for him and the babies. Bekka and Sara really don’t want to go ether.”

“Hey, can you come to Dallas? I can’t think of anyone else I would rather spend Christmas with. My parents will love you. They have often suggested that I bring friends over. We have a working ranch with 150 acres and lots of animals. I know the perfect horse for you to ride. Oh, please!”

Iliki told her dad she did not want to go to Orlando for Christmas and wanted to go to Dallas instead, to be with a good friend from school. David was very disappointed but glad she had formed a good friendship at ASU. Noelani, Carlos and little Jacque had moved into the corner house next to David. She was not going to Orlando anyway and just wanted Iliki to be in LA for a long weekend during break. Agreed. Iliki spent the first weekend of Christmas break in LA and flew to Dallas on Wednesday, December 18th.

Paige picked up Iliki in her father’s brand new Volvo XC90, the one with the heads-up display. Her father was a captain for American airlines. At forty-nine, he was one of the youngest captains on the 777s. He had a good salary. Her mother inherited part of a real estate fortune that included a Four Seasons Hotel which she managed. She also inherited one of her family’s ranches outside Dallas.

Paige was an only child. Her parents were happy with one child. Paige was lonely. Her parents had their jobs and business but she was often left to her own devices. Her parents gave her everything. What she valued the most was the eleven years of dance lessons, beginning at age six. For her, dance was freedom. And riding her mare which she named Ginger, after Ginger Rogers. Riding was freedom as well. Her parents found it odd that Paige, who often complaining of being lonely, would enjoy riding alone or practicing her dance moves in her upstairs studio alone.

Dinner the first night of her stay with Paige was a simple affair. Her parents had a full-time cook/housekeeper named Alain. Her parents liked that he was gay because he would have no interest in their very desirable teenage, cheerleader daughter. Alain had been living on the ranch for the past six years, ever since his long-term relationship boyfriend died. Alain made a soufflé and served it with grilled vegetables. Paige’s father was probably somewhere over the Pacific on his way to Tokyo.

Paige gave Iliki a tour of the house, the grounds, and the stables before dinner and introduced her to Beyonce the black mare that Iliki would ride for the next couple demetevler escort of weeks. After dinner the girls talked and talked and talked some more. Paige had the sister she had always wanted. Iliki looked up to Paige. Paige was super popular. Everyone on campus knew Paige. She was the captain of the dance team.

The reason most of the other kids knew her was due to the Sigma Chi Survey. Akin to Facebook, the Sigma Chi fraternity published a website in January that listed the hottest girls on campus. There were awards for best body, best ass, best smile, best hair. Last year, Paige won two categories, best body and hottest girl. That was January. Until that time, she was a little sister, always hung out there, took Walter Schott from Delta Tau Delta to the Kappa formal, and attended the Delta Tau Delta formal at the end of her freshman and sophomore years. This notoriety only made her feel lonelier. The girls talked until almost midnight. Iliki stayed in the large guest suite down the hall from Paige’s room. Paige’s parents’ quarters consisted of a large suite of rooms on the first floor that included a hot tub, a sauna, a library, a sitting/reading room and two walk in closets that were each 400 feet square.

Paige was in her room for no more than five minutes when she got the urge to be close to Iliki again. She tiptoed down the hall even though she didn’t have to. Her mother knew what Paige saw in Iliki, she knew Paige was a lesbian as they had openly discussed it and knew why Paige invited Iliki home for the holidays. Paige knocked and walked in. “Is everything ok?” asked Iliki. Paige turned on the dimmer very low so as not to flash a bright light into Iliki’s eyes. Paige sat on Iliki’s queen sized bed. Iliki sat up. Paige reached for Iliki’s hand. She brought her guest’s hand to her face and used it to stroke her cheek. She kissed the back of Iliki’s hand. “I could not get you out of my mind. May I lay here for a little while? Iliki moved over and Paige returned to the dimmer and turned the light off. Both girls wore pajamas. Iliki never slept in pajamas but thought it a good idea to get some, since Paige’s father was in the house and she did not know how cold it would be at night. Paige slipped back in the bed next to Iliki. They were both getting warm. Iliki remembered Paige’s incredible kisses after the Arizona game so she turned to Paige. Paige responded eagerly by pulling Iliki closer, putting her left hand around Iliki’s neck and gently and slowly pulling the guest’s face to hers. The kiss was as wonderful as they each remembered.

Their temperatures went from warm to very warm. Paige broke the kiss and started nibbling downwards, while unbuttoning Iliki’s pajama top. When Iliki felt Paige’s breath on her left nipple her temperature turned from very warm to hot. When Paige moved her left hand to the waistband of Iliki’s pajama bottom, Iliki instinctively spread her legs under the covers. Paige knew what that meant. It meant that Iliki was burning up and needed some attention.

Paige wanted to dart her fingers past Iliki’s slippery lips but maintained her pace and inched her hand into Iliki’s silk panties. Iliki moaned. Paige could not wait so she finished the search and found Iliki’s pussy soaking wet. “Fuck that feels good.” Paige slipped a finger into the girl’s vagina. It was warm. Iliki moaned louder. It was at this moment that Iliki realized that Paige was being a good host but that she was not being a good guest. Not wanting to waste any time, Iliki darted her right hand into Paige’s panties.

“Yes, God yes! I need it so bad.” They softly rubbed each other’s clits and inserted fingers into each other’s warm holes and licked each other’s nipples. “Oh babe, I am so close,” whimpered Paige.

Iliki had been holding back her orgasm in order to be mindful dikmen escort of her guest status. A guttural plea escaped Iliki’s mouth, “Mmmmmeee tooooooo.”

“Let’s come together,” said Paige. It is not an easy thing for two people to synchronize their orgasms, especially for two people who are only making love for the second time. “Now!” exclaimed Paige and she went over the edge. One second later, Iliki came. They cooled down by kissing deeply. Paige was first to pull her hand out of Iliki’s panties and stuffed her dripping fingers into her waiting mouth. “You have the best tasting pussy, ever,” said Paige. In reality, all girls who practice proper hygiene taste pretty much the same. Still, that is a sexy thing for lovers to say to each other.

Iliki put her fingers to her lips as well but Paige spoke next. “That was great. I think we are very compatible. We even came at the same time. I have to use the bathroom. Would you mind if I used your bathroom and came back to sleep with you?”

“Sure,” was Iliki’s response. They slept well and snuggled on and off all night. Neither girl had actually slept with another person in the same bed before, ever. It was wonderful for each of them.

The next morning they showered separately because Iliki was sound asleep when Paige woke. After breakfast, Paige was eager for a ride. Paige’s mother had already gone to work. Alain prepared omelets and fruit and packed a substantial picnic lunch for them to put in their saddle bags. Iliki had never ridden a horse so needed a lot of coaching along the way. The horses mostly walked but Paige had Ginger trot and gallop a bit, just to show off. The ranch is 10 miles east of Dallas so they were able to make it to Arlington in about an hour. They looped back to the upper pasture on her uncle’s ranch, a favorite spot of Paige since childhood.

They sat under her favorite oak tree on the bench they often used for barbeques. “Paige, I don’t mean to pry into your private life but tell me something. How did you realize that you were a lesbian?” Paige never talked about it. She was silent. Iliki was uncomfortable and knew she should have kept her mouth closed. “My older sister is a lesbian, is married to a wonderful person, a doctor. They live in New York City.”

After more minutes of silence, Paige said, “I will tell you. It’s very upsetting and personal.”

“If you don’t want to share, I have no desire to hurt you.”

“You can know…. I knew that I was different since I was about eight, just before my first period. I just felt different. I wanted to be a woman like my mother. In high school I was popular, attended events, but I could not develop close friendships with boys. My parents said that was because the other girls were jealous. That sounded wrong. I don’t know that. I know that the boys stared at me and the jocks asked me out but I didn’t see too many physical differences between people. I went to movies, kissed boys…and girls. I found that I liked girls more. I had some minor sexual experiences in high school, lost my virginity at17 to Roger Sampson, the quarterback. I also played around with my girl friends. Nothing lasted. Some of the girls stopped talking to me.

“At ASU I made friends in the dorm my freshman and sophomore years but I was looking forward to living in the Kappa House my junior year. I did extra service time to earn credits and learned at the end of my sophomore year that I would get my chance. I moved in.

“During that summer—between my freshman and sophomore years at ASU—I was volunteering at the horse vet office—and I met one of the young doctors. She had just graduated from Vet school so she was about 26. We started hanging out after work. She told me that she had a very difficult time with people, especially male people. She dated a little but since ankara escort she was always overweight, no one was interested in a relationship. She was overweight, sure but probably by only 40 pounds. And she had a darling face and a great smile. She invited me one night to watch a movie at her apartment. It was High School Musical. Anyway, she leaned over and kissed me. It was a great kiss. The kind of kiss I like, different from the boys I had dated. One thing led to another and she took my clothes off and went down on me. It was great, the best sex of my life. We hung out all summer and hooked up a couple more times. I realized I like the taste of pussy and hate the taste of semen.” Those were good reasons but another explanation was coming, Iliki thought.

“When I returned to school my sophomore year I still wanted to have relationships with boys, fall in love, get married and have a family. Near the end of my sophomore year I was dating a really nice guy from Delta Tau Delta named Walter. He was a math major, sweet, soft, great kisser, very loving and respectful. By February of that year I was ready to take it to the next level. I had sucked him off a few times and he was begging for us to have intercourse. He wanted to be an officer of the house. I was talking with one of the upper classmen in Kappa about the guys at Delta Tau Delta and she told me a disgusting story. In order to become an officer of the house, a Delta Tau Delta guy had to have sex with a girl in the house and have it witnessed by two other brothers.

“I was horrified and I didn’t believe it. Fraternities are born of legends. The Betas had a tradition, rumor held, that a girl who wanted to be a little sister at Beta had to suck off a boy who slathered jam on his hard cock. ‘With a name like Smuckers it had to be good’. Anyway, I didn’t have a place for us to have privacy anywhere. He told me that he arranged for us to use one of his brother’s rooms when the guy would be gone. I was very reticent to do it. He kept bugging me.

“I was over there on a Saturday night, got very tipsy and we went up to his buddy’s room. I saw him lock the door so I knew we would not be bothered. He put on soft music and the vibe was good. I was relaxed. We started making out. He pulled his pant down and his cock sprang up. I started getting warm, he pulled off my jeans and started going down on me. He was pretty good. He asked me if he could put on the condom. I said OK and he rolled it on and got between my legs. I was light-headed. He was semi-drunk and asked me to guide him in. I did. It took some time but it felt good, he pumped for a minutes then shouted ‘yes’ loudly in my ear. It scared me but what happened next was horrible.

His brothers charged in the room and he screamed: “Tony, Dan, I’m in cunt. I’ve scored cunt in the house!” I tried to get him off me but he kept laughing. The guys were laughing, one guy snapped pictures. I still could not get him off of me so I dug my nails into his neck. He screamed and hit me hard in the face with a closed fist. I was stunned. The guys were laughing. I couldn’t breathe I was so scared and angry. I was shaking. I found my jeans and struggled to get them on. I had blood on my hands. More laughing and more pictures. I grabbed my blouse and finally got it over my head when I got out the front door but about ten other people saw me naked, saw my nose bleeding all over the place and no one stopped to help me. I will never put a disgusting penis in my mouth or any part of my body again, ever.

I dated him on and off for two years prior to that. I paid for his car to get out of impounds and all I was to him was a wet hole, a conquest, a cunt. I hate men! Men are pigs. I moved into the Kappa House, was living in a room with three other girls. Long story short, I was attracted to another girl. I don’t want to tell you her name or anything descriptive about her. We were alone one night and she started kissing me. I welcomed her advances; put my right hand under her shirt. We kept kissing and another girl walked in. We were both kicked out of the house. I am attracted to girls and repulsed by boys.”

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