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It was a long drive down I-5 from the Pacific Northwest to Chico, California. We arrived at the hotel about 3 pm and got settled in to our room. We were here for my beautiful wife Patty’s 25th High School Reunion and we were a couple of days early. We were looking forward to seeing (in my case meeting) her classmates and sharing stories of their lives post-high school. We had a full social itinerary from Thursday through Sunday, but it was Wednesday— a day to unwind from our regular lives and from the long drive down.

We took a short nap after unpacking so we’d be fresh for dinner. After a leisurely shower and a cocktail, we headed down to dinner at the steakhouse and nightclub located in our hotel’s basement. The reviews of both the food and the nightlife were very positive with many of the locals calling it their favorite night spot. We were both thrilled when we learned it was in our hotel!

The maître d’ set us up at a booth by the dance floor. It was only eight o’clock and he told us things really began to hop around 10 so we had another drink before ordering dinner.

There was a jazz/soft rock trio playing and they were very good. We enjoyed our drinks and eventually some wonderful food as we listened to the band and watched the crowd begin to fill in. It was an attractive crowd and very diverse. As I watched the broad spectrum of people fill the tables and bar area I came to realize what a closed up white bread community we currently live in…

The band picked up the tempo at about 9:30 and people began to fill the dance floor.

I took my last bite of dessert and asked Patty to dance. Then I took her by the hand and lead her onto the dance floor.

The music was delightful, it seemed to flow right through us. Our hearts, minds and bodies began to meld together as the music played. We began to notice that other couples were reacting the same way. It became clear to both of us early on that this could be a special night.

Patty wore a short, sleeveless red dress with a plunging neckline that clung tightly to her skin and displayed her legs and her every curve beautifully. She danced in her bare feet and a spectator could easily catch brief glimpses of her garter and the tops of her stockings as she twirled under the lights. We held each other tight as we waited between songs.

“Bradley.” Patty said “This is so nice. It’s great to step away and do something different. I’m feeling so good right now. This feels like a dream. The music, the lights, and we’re surrounded by beautiful couples…” she paused and let out a long sigh… “Love is in the air.” She whispered as the music began again.

I felt a twinge in my loins.

We danced another dance or two and then returned to our table for another drink. I ordered us a bottle of champagne. It just seemed right on a night like this.

As we watch the other dancers we began to notice that the couples were no longer limited to a man and a woman. There were now several female couples and more than a few male couples enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Patty and I both looked at each other, curious to see how the other was reacting to this unexpected turn of events.

Now Patty and I are both very liberal thinkers even though we live in a conservative community. We regard ourselves as open minded but up until now we’ve never been in a situation that might draw our true attitudes and values into the open. Looking around the dance floor now, one thing was for sure… we certainly weren’t “in Kansas anymore” as the saying goes.

We sipped our champagne as we watched this diverse gathering sway to the music. There were now people of all races and persuasions, all shapes and sizes. There were some dancers that were so beautiful that they looked like movie stars, they were here mixed in with the rest of us mere mortals. It was quite a sight to see for Patty and I who rarely step away from our rural white-bread resort community. As we watched it became clear that we were becoming mesmerized by the cultural diversity. We really felt like tourists now! And curious, so curious…

I found myself intently watching a male couple on the dance floor. The men were about our age and not remarkable, but not unattractive by any measure. I watched as they moved and turned. I watched the placement of their hands, I watched how their bodies touched. I felt a stirring in my loins. I began to feel uncomfortable—

Turning to Patty I asked “Do you think you’d enjoy dancing close like that with another woman?”

My question caught her a little off guard, as she was intently watching a couple of very attractive ladies dancing seductively with each other.

“I don’t know” she responded. “I guess it isn’t out of the question. They do look like they’re enjoying it.”

We sat silently, sipping our champagne as we continued to watch.

“How about you?” She said as she stared deeply into my eyes.

I knew she was watching my eyes for any sign of hesitation or deception. Despite halkalı otele gelen escort my best intentions, the champagne had begun to act as truth serum. I remained silent.

“Would you dance with a cute guy if he asked you?” She said, pushing the question further in an attempt to extract an answer.

My eyes panned across the dance floor again. There were definitely some handsome men out there and I was honestly entertaining her question… Now I’ve never been with a man and I’ve never cheated on Patty — not even with a woman. The thoughts that were crossing my mind right now were making it very difficult to answer her question. I honestly have entertained impure thoughts that have at times crossed over into the realms of bisexuality. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to feel another man’s touch. But that’s just natural curiosity, right?

My eyes glazed over as I succumbed to the truth serum. After another sip I began to answer.

“Up until right now, Patty, I would have quickly answered ‘no’ but strangely I’m not as certain of that answer…” my voice trailed off as my eyes again panned the dance floor.

Patty scooted over in the booth and put her arms around me tightly. She looked up and smiled.

“Go on…” she said.

“I’m sure you know, Patty. I’m sure you’ve seen my porn and know I’m at least a little curious. You know. I’m no different than any other man. The idea of having sex is always intriguing. That’s just the male brain. And I’m a male.” I muttered almost incoherently in my effort to be honest but still avoid provoking a negative response from Patty.

“So you would.” She stated staring blankly up at me…then she smiled, almost a giggling smile.

I took her by the hand and brought her back out onto the dance floor. We danced a few songs before Patty excused herself to visit the powder room. I returned to the table and ordered another bottle of champagne.

Patty scooted back into the booth with a naughty smile on her face. She shuffled herself close again and rested her chin on my shoulder. Looking up at me again she began to speak.

“I met the cute girls who were dancing earlier while you and I were talking… they’re really nice” she continued. Smiling and sipping her champagne as we gazed out towards the dance floor.

Suddenly one of the girls was at our table. She asked Patty if she would like to dance.

“If it’s alright with you” they both said simultaneously in a somewhat questioning tone.

Startled, I quickly responded “Oh. Oh yes, of course. Please. Enjoy yourselves!”

I took a large sip of wine as Patty scooted out of the booth and into the arms of her gorgeous dance partner. The twinge in my loins this time was much stronger.

I watched intently as my wife twirled and spun and dipped with her lovely partner. They danced together as though they were long-term partners, never missing a step. I watched as their feet tip-toed, their hips swayed and their breasts touched and rubbed around each other. When they’d spin their skirts would lift and the whole room got teasing glimpses of their nearly bare bottoms. Both women had large round breasts and as I watched them pressing against each other I felt myself begin to get a little more moist…

The music changed and a slow song began. Patty gave a look to me as if to ask if she could continue. I nodded a strong YES and then discreetly reached down and adjusted my now swollen package to a bit less uncomfortable position. My fingers were wet when I brought them back up to my glass.

I watched intently as my wife and her beautiful partner swayed to the music. I became even more aroused as they began to run their hands all over each other. Patty had her hands under her dance partner’s armpits and as she moved them down towards her torso and hips she made a clear, yet brief, detour at the sides of the other girl’s breasts, squeezing them gently.

I almost choked on my champagne. Oh god my mind was running wild at this sight.

Patty parted her legs a bit as the music slowed. Her partner pressed her thigh against Patty’s pelvis.

Oh my god, I thought to myself, Patty is dry-humping that girl! I thought I might drop a load in my pants at that moment.

When her dance partner ran her hand up the back of Patty’s thigh and lifted Patty’s skirt to fondle her ass, I definitely felt a surge of liquid expelling from my loins into my pants.

The song ended shortly thereafter and the dance floor cleared as the band broke for a smoke and a drink.

Patty returned to her champagne and ordered another glass for her friend.

“Bradley, this is Lisa. Lisa, my husband Bradley.”

“God that was hot.” Was the only response I could muster.

They both smiled and feigned modesty as they slid into the booth.

Patty began asking Lisa questions. What do you do for a living? Are you married? Do you come here often?… The usual small talk. But all halkalı rus escort I heard was blah blah blah, I love to come here to dance, blah blah blah. Lisa was gorgeous and I found myself hoping to see them kiss.

It’s tough to be a guy. My mind was mush so all cognizant thought had ceased. Of course that’s the moment Lisa noticed I was still here.

“Have you ever watched Patty dance with another woman before?” She asked me.

Fortunately it was a simple question with an easy answer.

“Not before today” I responded “she is a good dancer though, don’t you agree?”

“Yes she is.” Lisa said. “You’re a lucky man Bradley. Patty is a very enjoyable dance partner.”

Patty leaned in towards Lisa saying “Awwwww. That’s a sweet thing to say Lisa. What do you say we step out on the floor again together right now?”

Their eyes met. They were only inches apart from each other. Suddenly both Patty and Lisa brought their lips together for a short, wet kiss. Then they scooted out onto the dance floor. I heard them giggle, just a bit, as they found their place and began to dance together again.

I could honestly say that in my memory, I’ve never been so aroused. My package was uncomfortably swollen and I feared that I’d be displaying a wet spot in the front of my pants soon. The fact that I was still sitting here watching these two super hot women dance together was not helping my problem. But honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife and her partner.

“Hey Sailor, wanna dance?”

I was startled and brought my focus off of my wife and her girlfriend, and back to the man standing above me asking me to dance. I was unable to respond. Frozen. I just looked up at the handsome man leaning towards my table and asking me to dance.

“I’m sorry” he said “l didn’t mean to startle you. I’ve just been watching you and I see your dance partner is otherwise engaged. Maybe you’d like to have a dance with me?”

My mind was racing. I was so confused by this whole scenario. “Could all of this really be happening?” I thought to myself. Was I drunk? Or drugged?…

With sudden clarity I returned to my senses. I looked up at the fellow. He stood silently waiting for my response. He was dressed smartly. He had handsome features. He was just the kind of guy I’d occasionally envisioned myself experimenting with. “What the heck.” I thought to myself as I rose up and took his hand. We headed towards the dance floor and I followed his lead. After all, he’d been the one with the courage to ask me for this dance. It seemed only right to let him lead.

The music was lively but flowing and as we began to dance I immediately began to feel at ease. I felt comfortable moving to the music and I quickly shed any hesitation or misgivings about dancing with another man. I was far from home with nobody to judge me. I felt myself begin to relax and enjoy the music. I lifted my eyes, as I’d initially avoided eye contact. I slowly mustered the courage to look him in the eyes. My body began to melt as we moved together with the music. He was very handsome, as I may have said, but now I was noticing that I was actually finding him attractive. I mean attractive like I might even be able to kiss him if things worked out that way. It was the first time in my life that I’d experienced this feeling with another male. We continued to dance and I felt his hand on my lower back. He pulled me closer. I complied without hesitation.

Suddenly I felt a SLAP! on my ass. I looked away from my dance partner’s face only to see my wife, Patty, grinning from ear to ear as she and Lisa danced past us. I laughed. Looking at my partner I said “She’s pretty funny sometimes…” He chuckled as if to let me know he understood my nervousness.

We resumed our dance. He held me close and I was becoming overcome with a sense of calm. Dancing with this strange handsome man now seemed so natural, so right. I didn’t want the song to end. It did however, end. The band paused as he and I remained standing together.

“I’m Bradley.” I said.

“Tom” he responded. “Another dance?” He asked.

“Absolutely.” And with that the music again began to play.

It wasn’t really a slow song but it was soft and melodic. He again pulled me close and this time I put my hands on him, too. We moved together with the music and I soon found myself massaging him, feeling his muscular body, feeling his chest and shoulders. He was definitely not feminine. I eventually even ran a hand around to his back and briefly across his ass, just to see what it felt like and to see his reaction. It felt nice, manly, and his faint smile was very encouraging. He responded by feeling my ass as well. I smiled too. Not as faintly.

When the song ended Tom gave me a peck on the cheek. I took his hand and asked him to join us at our table.

When we arrived back at our booth, Patty and Lisa were already there and they’d gotten another glass for Tom.

“Ladies, this halkalı türbanlı escort is Tom” I said. “Tom, this is my wife Patty and her new friend Lisa.”

We all talked for a bit while the band was on break. Both Lisa & Tom worked close by and this was a place they liked to go occasionally to blow off steam. They’d never met but they’d both been here before. We shared our story about Patty’s reunion and we also made a point of explaining what a bizarre plot twist this night had become for Patty and I. We came clean about this being our first experience of this nature. We both thanked them for making us feel so comfortable.

Tom and Lisa excused themselves to go to the powder room. I took this opportunity to check in with Patty…

“I already told you that I’d entertained some mam on man thoughts occasionally, but what about you Patty? Have you ever thought it might be fun to try another girl?” I asked.

Without hesitation Patty said “Oh Hell Yes. I’m no different than any other woman. There’s something special about a feminine touch. I’ve wanted to try making it with another girl ever since I was a teenager!”

“Why did you never tell me?” I asked.

“It has never been a possibility in our lifestyle, Bradley. We don’t hang out in a socially progressive crowd. It’s not like you’ve ever really told me that you could be bisexual either.”

“True story” I said. “Well the cat’s out of the bag now. Shall we seize the opportunity.”

“Oh please, please Bradley. This opportunity may not come our way again.” She pleaded.

Tom and Lisa returned just as the band began to play again. We took our partners by the hand and went back to dancing.

The first song was lively and Tom and I demonstrated our best moves for each other. He was a very good dancer. Whenever we could we pulled each other close for brief physical interaction before spinning away again. It was really fun but I admit I was ready for something slower by the time the song ended.

My wish came true as the band began to play a soft slow melody. I looked at Tom’s eyes as he drew me in. He stood a couple of inches taller than I and when our bodies finally came completely together I suddenly felt a little feminine. My head lay against his chest as we swayed. I was experiencing a feeling that was so foreign, so unexpected but I felt such warmth associated with this feminine emotion that I allowed my body to melt with his and follow wherever he lead.

I felt our torsos come together and for the first time in my life I felt the unmistakable lump on Tom’s leg. He had a hard-on and he was rubbing it against my leg. “Oh god” I thought to myself “this is moving so fast, but it’s so god damned hot!” He felt so good as he swayed and rubbed his hardness on me. I began to subconsciously play with his chest as we danced. Now I was starting to wonder about his cock. Was it big, fat, cut??? So many questions… we danced together slowly as my mind contemplated all of the questions. I soon developed the little visible wet spot that I’d been concerned about earlier—but now I didn’t care. In fact I think I was a little proud of it. I too was sporting a woody and I think on some level I wanted the world to know.

We enjoyed our mutual exploration as the song played on. I began to caress his nipples, which had become hard and very easy to tease, and I soon felt his hands on my buttocks. He was squeezing and pulling me tighter. I could feel my own hard-on grinding against him now. I let one hand slide down his body and I briefly caressed his cock through his slacks. He too was wet now.

Patty and Lisa danced slowly towards us and soon we became a four-some. We all brought our bodies together as the song wound down and quietly ended. I kissed Patty and rubbed my hard-on against her hip as we all stood together. Then she kissed Lisa as I leaned up on my tip-toes and kissed Tom. I passionately kissed Tom. This wasn’t a peck on the cheek. This was a passionate — I want you now!— kind of kiss. Patty was giving Lisa the same treatment while gently grinding her hip back against me.

We made our way back to the table and without conversation I paid our tab.

As we all made our way out of the club there was no question as to our intentions as a group. Elevator going up. We’re taking this evening up to our suite.

When we arrived at our suite Patty asked me to put on some music and open another bottle of champagne while she and Lisa freshen up. I tuned in Pandora and had it plat the “Temptations” station. Then I retrieved the champagne and 4 fresh glasses.

Once the wine was opened and poured I asked Tom for his jacket and hung it up for him. He was still standing so the two of us just naturally began to dance again to the smooth Motown sound. He felt even more sexy with his jacket off. I caressed his chest and nipples again and he pulled me in tight against him as we swayed. I pressed my hard-on onto his and felt the undeniable electricity generated by our two cocks rubbing up against each other with only a few thin layers of cloth between them. It was a new thrill, to feel another cock rubbing against mine, a moment I’ll never forget. I brought my hands up and ran my fingers through Tom’s hair. I pulled his head down gently and we kissed each other passionately. Our tongues wrestled as we thrust our cocks against each other.

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