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I can honestly say I have never felt good clean sex is ever wrong. A cock and a pussy are made to join together and to enjoy each other. Danyella and I met in college and I saw her date several men. What the sexual context of her dating was none of my business and I paid little attention to all the rumors. I had seen her with several different men on several nights. I know men of several races and didn’t have feelings about any of them. I saw her date several different men of color.

Some of the guys I knew and some I didn’t know personally. A lot of people knew who I was. No I was not the Football Quarterback. I was known as a guy better left alone if there was trouble involved. No, I am not a large man, in fact probably about average size. Well maybe my arms aren’t. I have done a lot of heavy lifting work in my life and no not weights. Although I have lifted them just for fun.

But dating Danyella was maybe a bad idea? I had a strict code with women, No always means no. I tend to become pushy when a girl tells a guy no. And sadly guys lots of times think no is maybe. They tend to push way past no on to maybe. I tend to ignore the no to a point to see if she is really a no or if she plays harder to get.

As I watched Danyella I learned her no was seldom final. She likely wanted to go further. Sometimes much further. I was as a party at a private house and things go very wild. Several girls danced on a coffee table and took lots of clothes off. The party was dominated by colored guys who were trying to fuck the white girls. And they had gotten several of them off in bedrooms and were doing just that.

Danny as she is called was up dancing. And was only in a very skimpy bra and panties. There were four guys really pushing her to get completely naked and they were telling her they planned to fuck her right there on the coffee table.

Her beautiful breasts finally came out for them and she continued to dance for them. But I heard her whisper she might be willing to let them take her to one of the bedrooms? But the leader of the group shook his head.

“No, Baby it is time you put out on display so everyone knows you are BBC pussy. We are doing you here in front of everyone.”

“No, Jerome, I can’t do that.”

She had finally taken her panties off for them too.

“Just take me back to one of the bedrooms and I will let you do me.”

“No, Bitch, Here and now on the stage.”

He grabbed her and put her down on her back on the coffee table and he began to open his pants as the others held her. She was fighting them. I stepped over by them.

“The Lady has said no guys and my guess she means it. She agreed to let you have her back in a bedroom so you have a choice.”

Jerome turned to me.

“Fuck off white boy. We are doing her here.”

One of the watchers yelled.

“Back off Jerome!”

But he was mad and not listening. The stiff arm aimed at the center of my chest may have worked for him several times before, but not this time. I side stepped his thrust and broke his nose with a high over hand right. and the short left hook put him to sleep.

One of his buddies turned from holding the girl and swung a round house that I stepped inside of and repeated the short left hook that put him to sleep too. The other two stepped away from her and turned my way.

The guy who had tried to get Jerome’s attention spoke again.

“Boys this is Jackson Garrett just so you know and unless you want to join the pile I think you should step back.”

They did, and I turned to help her up. She smiled at me.

“Maybe, you would like to join me in a back bedroom?”

“I like to take a girl to dinner first.”

“Would tomorrow night work for you?”

“I will pick you up at 6:30pm.”

And I walked out. I was told later the two who stepped back that I didn’t knock out joined her in a back bedroom then.

So That was how I got my first date with Danny. Yes she fucked me on our first date and our second. We began to date on a semi regular basis. I didn’t ask her to date only me and I was sure she was dating others. She told me she enjoyed sex and that part of that was variety in her lovers. I told her it was fine if that was what she enjoyed.

To be clear, I do have a rep, but I am not a boxer. I am a bare knuckle fighter. Which is a lost art. I have fought 38 times in a ring. I am not big enough to fight heavy weight, but I have knocked out 8 of them in the ring. Size doesn’t matter much to me. To date I have never lost a fight. In or out of the ring.

I had dated Danyella several times and enjoyed her lots. Yes each time we dated we did sleep together on our date. I hadn’t seen her at a party since we’d begun dating. But I had only been to a few.

I had not seen her in a few days and I was not sure how she felt about us? So I was trying to figure it out. Really exactly how I felt about her? I liked her lots. How güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri much? I wasn’t sure?

I went to a party at a private home that was to be a pretty wild one and the guys who lived there ask if I would come and kind of keep things under some type of control. They were worried about Rapes. The group I had the trouble with the night I had stood up for Danny happened to be working one of the stages.

I circled the 3 floors just keeping an eye on things. The group they were worried about were on the first floor working on some girls to dance on a small stage in the main room. It was fairly early yet at around 9pm and the trouble didn’t usually begin until much later. I was not expecting any trouble on this night. I had moved back down to the first floor and circled the group I had trouble with over them and Danny. They were teasing some girls but only just that teasing.

I had seen a few people I knew but no one I was really friends with. I moved back upstairs and circled on up to the third floor. Some bedrooms were beginning to be used by some of the girls. with some of the colored guys. There seemed to be more and more of that. As the time got later I moved back down to the second level and then on down to the first.

The group of colored guys were still playing with a few of the young white girls dancing down on that stage. One of the guys I had not knocked out turned and came up to me.

“Hey man, I wanted you to know the girl you got in the fight over a few weeks ago will show up here about 11pm. And she has agreed to dance for us.”

I nodded and looked away.

“No man I want you to know she’s agreed to do it. No forcing her.”

“Agreed to do what?”

“Don’t be knocking us out man. She has agreed to let us do her right here publicly man. The crowd will be big man word is out she’s gonna do it.”

“She’s a big girl if she spreads for you it is her call.”

It was just after 10pm. I circled and went back up stairs. I made a tour of second floor and on up to the third. I watched some guys working on two girls up there and they finally went into a back bedroom. I had lost track of time and when I looked I could see it was a little after 11pm. So I started my rounds toward going back down stairs.

I finally made it back down to the first floor and was surprised to find quite a crowd around the stage in the main room. I circled the room and I could see the same group of colored guys working the girls around it. There was quite a group of guys now. I figured maybe as many as two dozen? I could see several girls in the middle up by the stage. Soon they set a young woman up on the stage and she began to dance. I could hear them talking to her.

“Ok Baby, you going to get naked for us now?”

“Yes. I am going to do just that for you.”

“Where’s your hubby Baby?”

“He is right here in front by the steps of the stage.”

Her blouse was gone and she was just lowering her short skirt.

“Oh ya Baby get those titties out bare for us so we can suck on em. You going to let us put you on a table so we can have you Baby?”

“You guys want my little white pussy?”

Her tits were free now swinging for them. She slipped her panties off and danced nude for them.

“Baby you said if you got naked for us we could have you is that right?”

“You wanted me on display, here I am.”

She let them pull her off the stage and carry her over to a table. As they laid her on her back on the table a nude colored guy stepped up between her thighs. She lifted her hips slightly and his black cock came up to her vagina and he slid smoothly up inside her! Her husband cheered her on as the guy began fucking her harder and harder.

I looked back at the stage and I stopped dead still. Danny was already up dancing in the center of the stage. Her blouse was open and her bare breasts could be seen swinging freely inside the edges of the open shirt. They began talking to her, teasing and telling her how sexy she was going to finally be!

“Come on Baby you are going to become sooooooo special for us. You are going to finally become the true woman you want to be. You wanta do this don’t ya, Baby? Tell us you want this Baby?”

She pulled the blouse wide open for the crowd to view her perfect breasts for all to see them.

“Come on Baby tell us you want this.”

I heard her moan softly. And a.

“Um huh.”

“Come on Baby you need to just say it for us tell them you want to do it. Tell us you need to become a whore for BBC.”

She had dropped the top and was in just her thong now.

“Come on Baby say you want us to do you right now, just say you want it now!”

“Yes, Yes, I will let you now!”

She was naked and two of them took her off the stage and carried her to the table just off the front of the stage. They positioned her there on her back and pulled her thighs wide güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as a young black man stepped up between her legs. He placed the large head of his erect penis right in the opening of her vagina. And she screamed at him.

“Do it make me a slut.”

His hips slid forward and his cock slid smoothly up inside her til just his swollen nuts hung below her vagina. He began to fuck her hard. She moved back into him as they fucked.

“Yes, Make me the whore I am show them I am truely just that.”

As he groaned deeply when he came inside her she lifted her hips for the next guy as he stepped up and entered her and they began to fuck. I watched as she took the first six guys openly and fucked them openly as the crowd cheered her on. Several more guys stood waiting their turns. I moved off to make rounds.

It was much later when I came back down stairs and found Danny alone sitting on the edge of her table. I walked over to her.

“Do you need a ride home, Sweetheart?”

She looked up at me with a lost empty look in her eyes.

“Why, Jacks would you even offer to give me a ride home. I am sure you just watched me become a BBC whore publicly?”

“So you like to fuck? I already knew that Danny, so now I have seen you do it. How many did you fuck just now?”

“You really don’t know?”

“I watched the first six, Honey but I was working the party so I moved on.”

“So you didn’t see the next 8 fuck me?”

“Nope, only six, so the ride home?”

“I think I would enjoy the ride home Jacks. I will let you fuck me if you want to?”

“I told you Honey, I like to go out to dinner first. But to fuck you anytime is always an honor.”

She smiled at me and dropped her head.

“Help me find my clothes and I would love for you to take me home?”

We found Danny’s clothes and she dressed. I drove her slowly home. To my home. She looked at me without saying anything.

“Come inside with me.”

I took her inside and into my bedroom undressed her and once I was nude I joined her in my bed I held her tight and whisper to her.

“Go to sleep now little girl.”

She turned and kissed me. I heard her whisper back.

“Thank you.”

I woke early the next morning showered and dressed. I then started breakfast. I heard the shower running in my room and knew she would be down soon.

We ate our breakfast and sat over coffee. As we talked she ask why I’d brought her home to my home?

“I didn’t want you to be alone.”

“I was okay I just had a bit of shame to deal with, But I will get over it.”

“How is that?”

“There is another party next week and I am going to do it again. And again, and again, until I feel no shame.”

I was quiet for a bit.

“Does that upset you?”

“You are a grown woman Danny, you can do as you want. What I think does not really matter.”

“It could Jacks? Why haven’t we gone out again?”

“I have been trying to figure out exactly how I feel about you Danny?”

She looked at me with a little shocked look.

“Do you have feelings for me, Jacks?”

“My feelings are there for you Danny. I have just been trying to see how strong they are Honey?”

“Did my actions last night mess them up?”

“My feelings are a long way from my cock Danny. No I knew you enjoy fucking guys.”

“I have feelings for you too Jacks. That is why I fucked the boys publicly last night. I am trying to scare you off.”

When she looked up she had tears in her eyes that she quickly brushed away.

“You didn’t take me to dinner, but we did just have breakfast. So could we just go back upstairs and you fuck me?”

“Only if you go to dinner with me tonight.”

She nodded and I reached for her hand. Danny and I went out a couple times in the next week. And the party came around that she had talked about. Again I was ask to keep trouble down so I was there early.

Again I circled the three floors. And saw nothing that even looked like it could become a problem. Again the same group of colored guys were working the bottom stage. This time I saw what could turn into a problem. Five very nice looking couples that were white were all teasing their women about doing the dirty for the colored guys in public.

As I listened I figured out they were five married couples. and the guys were competing with each other about if his wife would really do it. All five were old enough to know better and good looking enough to be serious contenders to be teased by the group. One guy said his wife would really perform with the guys. The others were not quite as sure but they were all teasing their wives about doing it.

Up to this point it was just teasing, I made my usual circle but made a note to keep an eye on that stage for trouble to boil over. It was early yet so the chance was they would all get really drunk and go home. A few girls were güvenilir bahis şirketleri just starting to venture off upstairs for some sport fucking with the colored players that stayed up there.

I had ventured back around to downstairs as 10pm came around and the five couples were still at it. All five couples looked to be over thirty years old and I over heard some saying that they’d all been married more than ten years now. None of the wives would admit to having been blacked.

I was beginning to think I one guy who was bragging his wife was going to do it might be right. She really was beginning to act like she might do it. Another was really trying to get his wife in the mood to do it. The other three I could tell were mixed in their feelings. They wanted their wives to do it, but didn’t really think they would.

It was about 10:30pm and the guy who kept saying his wife was going to do it was really working on her. She was maybe the least cute of the five but still very good looking and had a good body.

He pushed her toward the steps to the stage and up she went. When she reached the stage she began to dance. Her little breasts were small but very nice and she shook them very sexy. Her panties finally came off and she was nude for all to see.

Two of the colored guys came to the steps but she stepped back/ I could see her mouthing questions to her husband and he was nodding for her to do it. She stepped up and held her hand out to them and she was lead off and over to a table near where her husband and the other husbands were cheering.

They quickly pulled her up over the table and spread her for a waiting nude guy who stepped quickly between her thighs and he entered her. Her eyes got huge as she realized she was being fucked by BBC. She soon hooked her legs over his hips and was giving him her little pussy completely. The husband and his friends were going crazy watching her fuck.

One of them looked back at the stage and pushed his friend to look at the stage. The man’s wife was up on it and maybe the best looking set of tits I had seen on the stage except for Danny’s were bare. She had the completely determined look on her face as she danced dropping her short skirt and then her thong to the stage .

Her shaved vagina was very wet and she was showing it. There was no hesitation when they reached for her. She followed them to a table near where her friend was fucking her third colored guy. They put her up on the table and she offered her pussy to the naked black guy who stepped up to her and he entered her in one clean thrust. She never looked around as she was suddenly just giving herself to him.

Her husband looked shocked but tried to look proud of her. The third wife was up dancing by now and they were cheering her on. She was a beautiful little dark haired woman and stunting in her dancing. Her tits came out and they actually may be better that Danny’s. The girls had made up their minds the husbands were going to get their wish.

She was soon on the next table and was giving it up totally to the men around her. The other two beautiful wives followed the first three and were soon all five fucking black guys. All but the first husband looked stunned. The guys from upstairs were all coming down and lining up for the feast on the tables. That is when I looked up on stage and Danny was already naked there. So six beautiful women were soon publicly fucking BBC.

I counted 56 young blacks involved in the fucking of the six women. I know more than 20 men fucked each of the five young wives. And I don’t actually know how many of the total number fucked Danny? But I do know the leader of the group lined up every black man there and had them stick their bare cock in Danny and she let them all do it. He glared at me the whole time. I made my round again.

It was after 2am when I rounded the small stage on the main floor. And found Danny still sitting on her very wet fuck table in now cold sperm. The cocky guy stood next to her talking to her.

“How about a ride home Danny? I will buy you dinner.”

“My man Jerome here is asking for a ride right now Jacks.”

“It is ok Danny. no worries. I won’t ask again.”

She looked up with a worried look and tears in her eyes.

“So have I got it done, Jacks?”

“What ever you want Baby.”

And I turned and walked away.

As I pushed the door open to go out I heard her scream my name.

“Jackson, Please Wait!”

And then I heard.

“You son of a bitch let go.”

As I turned I saw him slap her and knock her to the floor. In four strides I was back to him. I never stopped moving and I slipped the punch he threw at my head. The same over hand right I had nailed him with the first time broke his nose and blood went everywhere. But this time I shattered his jaw badly when I put him out.

I helped her to her feet.

“Sorry, I think I fucked up your ride.”

As I turned to walk out again she grabbed my arm.

“I Love you Jacks. Can you love me back?”

” I love you back “Danyella Cooper. But the bull shit stops now. You wanta fuck some guys you ask permission.”

“Will you make me Mrs. Jackson Garrett?”

And I did a week later.

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