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She stood in the kitchen, placing various mugs with hot cocoa on a tray as he walked in. He looked at her. She was wearing her long robe. It was open and he could see her pajamas underneath. The pajamas were a soft material and were very conservative looking. It consisted of a button down short-sleeved top and a pair of short boxer type pants. They were both loose on her, but that is why she had a robe on to cover up. She looked up at him and smiled.

‘Do you need any help?’ he asked as he moved towards her.

She smiled at him as he slipped his arm around her waist.

‘Could you take this in?’ she asked, ‘I need to get more chips and dip.’

He smiled and leaned in, kissing her.

She kissed him back and pulled away laughing.

‘Come on,’ she said, ‘we have people waiting.’

‘They can wait,’ he winked at her, ‘besides, it’s chilly. It is a good way to warm up.’ He leaned forward to give her another kiss.

She laughed and moved away.

‘You just take those mugs in before it gets cold.’

Laughing, he said, ‘Oh, just wait until I get you alone later..’

She laughed as she picked up the tray that held the chips and dip.

‘You HOPE to get me alone later, you mean.’

With that, she bumped her hip against his bottom, making him move towards the door.

He entered the living room and walked towards the coffee table. Carefully he placed the tray with the hot cocoa down.

‘Here you go, ladies and germs..’ he winked at the two couples already sitting in the living room and finished with his best English manservant accent, ‘Tea is served.’

His friends groaned. They all reached for a mug.

One of the guys took a sip and said, ‘Hey, want to throw another log onto the fireplace and start the movie, Jeeves?’

‘Hey honey?’ he said to her as she placed the tray with the chips next to the other tray.

She looked up at him as he continued, ‘Did you leave the kitchen light on?’

He held his hand up to his eyes as he pretended there was a bright light shining from the direction of the kitchen.

She looked towards the kitchen as he held out his middle finger towards his friend and wiggled it. She turned back towards him with a questioning look.

‘Oh sorry, I thought it was on.’ he quickly pulled his hand back so that she didn’t see what he did.

The two couples burst out laughing. She knew why they were laughing. She has always maintained a prim and proper appearance in front of their friends. This is why she could not wear any of her other nighttime sleep wear to this overnight get together. Those were slinky nighties; see through tops, bottoms and a few daringly small items.

He walked over to the chest by the fireplace and took out another log and tossed it carefully onto the fire. He walked over to the couch where his partner had already gone. She was tucked under a blanket and had left enough for him to climb into.

He sat down and lifted the blanket to cover him. He reached over and grabbed the remote and started the movie.

One couple sat in the other couch to the left of them. They had angled the couch so that they did not have to twist themselves into an uncomfortable position to watch the movie. The other couple was on their stomachs on the carpeted floor. A blanket covered them.

The usual first of the four or five movie trailers started to flash on the screen.

He turned and smiled at her. He wiggled a little closer to her on the couch and moved an arm around her. She smiled as he did this. He knew she loved being cuddled during a winter’s night by the fire while watching a movie.

She didn’t care that their friends saw this. Her closeness to him isn’t something she hid from them.

He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips as the second trailer hit the screen. She kissed him back once and pulled away.

She laughed and whispered to him, ‘Hold on there. This isn’t alone, you know.’

He chuckled and winked at her, but he stopped and leaned back to watch the movie.

About a third of the way through the movie, he found himself stroking her arm with the hand around her. She didn’t make a move to remove the hand nor did she do anything to encourage it. He assumed that she was thinking it was an unconscious action on his part.

He continued to stroke and caress her arm as he looked over at the other two couples. The couple on the other couch was leaning into each other, wrapped up in watching the movie. The couple on the floor too was engrossed in the movie.

He decided to wait a little longer and smiled to himself.

Roughly halfway through the movie, he snuggled up closer to her. She turned to him and smiled. He leaned forward quickly and kissed her. She let him kiss her for a moment longer and moved away. Her eyes returning to the movie.

He moved his other hand to her lap under the blanket.

He waited again, leaving his hand on her lap. Slowly he moved his hand along her lap. His hand moved from her lap to her thigh. Just as he stopped moving his hand, one of her hands rested on top of his. He güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri turned to her and saw her looking at him. He smiled at her and she leaned towards him and kissed his cheek.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ she whispered.

He turned slightly and whispered back, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He smiled innocently as he pointed at the other couples with his chin, I’m just watching the movie like the rest.’

‘Mm hmm, sure you are.’ she replied and turned back to the movie.

He however continued to look at her. He slipped his hand away from under her’s. He moved it onto of her’s and gently lifted her hand. He then placed her hand on her other lap and moved back to her thigh.

Grinning mischievously, he leaned forward and kisses her on the side of her neck. He kissed her again, moving up her neck and stopped right below her ear.

She shivered slightly at the touch of his lips on her neck. She’s always been sensitive there and he knows this. She found herself slightly annoyed that he would use this knowledge against her with all their friends here.

His kisses were soon mixed with little, quiet sucking. This made her forget about her annoyance.

She let herself relax slightly. Enjoying the feeling of his lips moving and massaging her neck, she felt herself tilt her head slightly to the side.

His hand, still on her thigh, gently squeezed as he moved up her thigh.

She felt his breath along her neck and ear. She shivered as she felt his hand moving and the warmth of his presence so close but not touching. She started to shake her head. She turned to tell him to stop.

‘Shhh,’ he whispered softly by her ear. ‘We’re trying to watch a movie.’

His hand slid back down along her thigh, moving teasingly towards her inner thigh finally to rest on her knee.

She closed her eyes as she felt his lips once again on her neck. He moved along the side and close to the back of her neck. She knew she was in trouble, his lips closed on the spot. She sighed quietly and shivered as she felt his mouth draw tightly against her neck. Her skin softly tugged by his warm, soft lips.

His hand now moved slowly along her thigh. She felt herself move her legs apart under the blanket. His hand reached the top of her thighs. She felt his hand, fingers against her skin through her boxer shorts.

His lips opened a little wider and closed around more of her neck. Her eyes tightened as she forced herself from making any noise. She felt his teeth on her neck.

Her eyes still closed tight, she whispered, ‘Mmm.. this is not fair.’

He let go of her neck and whispered seductively, ‘But it feels so good.’

His fingers moved up from her thigh and pressed lightly against her warmth. She shivered as she felt his fingers touch her. It was as if sensual electricity moving from his fingers through her boxers to her warmth. She felt her legs spread a little wider and a wetness move from within her.

His hand moved slowly along her warmth. Carefully, he made sure his fingers stroked along her. Making sure his fingers moved up over her clit and back down along it. Making sure his fingers pressed against her warmth and between her gates of her warmth. He felt her wetness begin to spread along her panties and through her boxers.

‘I want you..’ he whispered quietly in her ear.

She didn’t say anything because she feared that if she even tried to open her mouth, she’d let out a loud whimper.

His fingers pressed along her. She felt herself move a little against his fingers.

His other hand stroked up from her arm to her shoulder and lastly to her neck. He placed his hand on the back of her neck. He moved her head, guiding with his hand, to face him. Her eyes still closed.

She felt his lips touch hers. She opened her mouth to kiss him.

He kissed her lower lip and slowly slid the tip of his tongue along her trembling lip.

He slid his fingers along her warmth past her clit. His hand moved up and felt the warmth and smoothness of her skin, slowly. Quietly.

He kissed along her lower lip and up along her cheek.

‘I want to feel your wetness on me..’ he whispered and started to kiss down her cheek to her neck.

His fingers moved up and then down, slipping under her boxer top and slowly under her panties.

She felt his fingers move under her panties and towards her clit. She sighed excitedly, hopefully quietly too and opened her eyes. Their friends were intently watching the movie. She was too excited to stop. She moved her hands to grab the blanket and lifted it to their shoulders.

As she did this, he felt her move and scoot lower. He felt her lean back. Her body moved forward just as his fingers moved down along her clit down between her gates of her warmth.

She bit her lower lip as she felt his fingers touch her clit and move past down between her warmth. She felt her body move forward. She pushed her head back against his hand as his fingers slid slowly in her. She felt so excited. She was doing this, practically güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in front of her friends.

His fingers curled slightly and pressed constantly against her skin, against her clit. His fingers fit perfectly. He moved them in her. Sliding his fingers along her clit and in her wet warmth.

She felt his fingers move. She could feel her gates of her warmth spreading to let his fingers in. She felt the wetness spreading out and along his fingers. She felt the muscles of her warmth involuntarily squeeze his fingers.

She concentrated on being quiet and moving her body with his fingers. Slowly she moved her hips against his fingers.

He moved his fingers deeper against and in her. He felt the wetness slicking along his fingers down to his hand. He felt the smoothness of her warmth against his fingers.

He glanced at their friends’ back and leaned in close to her ear.

‘You feel so good. So wet.’ he whispered in her ear, ‘I want to taste your cum.’

She felt herself shiver at his whispering. She wasn’t sure what he said but his tone and urgency she felt. She also felt his fingers. How good they feel spreading her. How wonderful they felt when she squeezed down on them. How electrifying they felt constantly moving up and down along her clit. How hard they felt moving slowly in and out of her.

Suddenly he stopped. His fingers still in her. Her body trying to move him, but his hand and fingers pressed against her. He didn’t let her move.

She whimpered softly and opened her eyes.

One of their friends had gotten up and walked towards the bathroom.

She tried hard not to move. She tried to concentrate on the screen.

He had laid his head on her shoulder.

As they heard their friend close the bathroom door, she felt his fingers slowly starting to move again. Slowly, rubbing along her clit. Slowly spreading her gates of her warmth and sliding deep in her.

She closed her eyes again and started moving against his hand again. She knew their friends could turn around any second. She also knew the friend in the bathroom can come out anytime.

His fingers stroked long and smoothly along her and in her.

‘Can you cum quietly?’ he whispered.

Not really knowing and not sure she really cared; she bit her lower lip again and nodded.

His fingers started to move faster.

She whimpered a little, quietly.

He moved a little harder against her. His fingers stroked harder against her. Constantly, his fingers stroked her clit. Continually his fingers moved through her.

She bit her lip harder. She tried to catch more of his fingers. Push harder against his stroking.

His fingers continued to move. Faster than before. Stroking so smoothly along her skin. Her wetness allowing his fingers to move easily in and out of her.

She moved her hands under the blanket to his hand. She grabbed it and tried to push his hand, tried to make his thick, slick fingers move faster.

He let her hands grab his, but did not let her move his fingers faster than he is moving.

Suddenly he stopped again in her.

She opened her eyes and turned to yell at him for teasing her like that. She stopped the moment she heard their friend exit the bathroom.

Their friend walked past and plopped himself down by his partner.

She closed her eyes and started to push his hand and fingers against her.

He pulled his fingers out of her.

She nearly screamed. She opened her eyes and looked at him angrily.

He was grinning. He moved his lips to her ear and whispered, ‘Follow me..’

He got up facing her. He put his fingers that were in her in his mouth and started to walk away.

She got up and made sure to grab her robe around her. She hoped no one would see or smell her excitement. She followed him down the hallway to the bathroom.

He stood by the door and let her in. His excitement evident in the form of a tent like shape extending from the front of his pants.

She stepped in quickly and started to pull off her robe.

He closed the door behind her and faced her.

She dropped her robe to the ground and turned towards him.

He grabbed her boxers and panties, roughly tugged it down. He grabbed one of her legs to lift her foot out from her clothes.

She reached out with one hand to balance herself against the wall.

He knelt down in front of her heavily. He moved her leg onto his shoulder. He hungrily leaned forward to place his lips on her wet warmth.

She moaned quietly feeling this.

His tongue moved out along her clit and down towards her gates of her warmth. His mouth opened and she felt his wet lips hungrily close against her gates of her warmth. His tongue moved past her gates of her warmth and push into her.

She arched her back slightly pushing her hips forward against his face. She moved against him. She wanted to cum. She was so close before.

He moved his tongue fast. His lips pressed against her gates of her warmth and clit. His tongue stroked in and out of her.

She güvenilir bahis şirketleri forced her hips harder against his face.

He growled or moaned against her, she couldn’t tell. Yet she shivered feeling the vibration against her clit.

He stopped and pulled his tongue out of her.

She growled and reached down to grab the back of his head. She tried to force his head back against her.

He allowed his head to be pushed roughly forward, but his lips surrounded her clit and he sucked carefully and deeply.

She sighed.

He let go of her clit and pushed her leg off his shoulder.

She opened her eyes, again about to yell at him. She saw him grabbing at his pants. She licked her lips.

He couldn’t tug his pants down, but got his hard cock out. It will have to do, he thought.

She watched his hardness throb in his hand as he moved clumsily towards her.

He grabbed her leg again and lifted it. He moved his cock towards her.

She shivered as she felt his cockhead touch her gates of her warmth. It seemed to throb electrically against her. She closed her eyes and pushed more weight against her hand on the wall.

He moaned slightly as his hardness touched her. He moved his cock head along her gates of her warmth. He felt her wetness spreading along the top of his cock head.

She bit her lower lip again. She wanted to push down against him. She wanted him to fill her.

He moved forward, allowing his cock head to enter her.

She lowered her head onto her arm and moaned. She felt herself spread for his cock head. She felt the hot hardness opening her.

He moaned too. He could barely stop himself from pushing hard into her.

She felt his cock head throb in her. She felt her warmth respond. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She let her leg bend.

He growled as he felt her slide herself onto him. His body shook as his hard cock was enveloped in her hot, smooth wet warmth.

She started to move. She pulled up and came back down.

He tightened his grip on her leg and placed his other hand on her hip. He started to catch up with her movements.

She felt him starting to move with her. She was too far-gone. She wanted to feel herself moving against him. She wanted to feel him moving against her. In her. His cock. She wanted to feel him stretching her. She wanted to feel her warmth sucking him. She wanted this hard and fast.

So she moved harder against him.

He felt her gripping him. His hardness enveloped by her heavenly smoothness. His body moved with her. He tried to slow down, wanting to savor the sensation longer but his body wasn’t his to control anymore. It was her’s to do with.

She moved herself faster.

He tightened his grip. He knew he made a mistake. He knew he was in trouble.

She pushed faster.

He felt himself throbbing harder in her. He heard her whimper quietly. He moaned now.

She squeezed his cock. She didn’t do it on purpose. It was her body. Her body wanted to move against him harder. Her body wanted him to spill himself into her.

He pushed. He concentrated on holding off. He wanted to cum with her.

She felt her leg being lifted higher. This spread her more. Allowed him in deeper.

He felt more of her against his cock. Her skin against his cock. He closed his eyes and let her do it to him.

She moved harder still.

He moaned.

She moved faster.

His cock throbbing hard, feeling the constant stroke of her smoothness along his hardness.

She felt his skin slapping against her’s. She felt her clit rubbing against his skin. She opened her eyes and grinned at him. She knew she was the one in control now.

He groaned and whispered at the same time, ‘Yes..’

She heard his control over himself slipping. She felt it in the way his body responded, moved. She closed her eyes and moaned at the pleasure she felt herself.

‘Faster..’ he moaned faintly.

She pushed hard against him. She felt her hand on his shoulder. She was squeezing his shoulder with her nails.

‘You’re so smooth, so warm,’ he moaned again, ‘All over my cock.. it feels so good’ he whispered.

She felt his voice pleasure her too. The sound moved past her ears and in through her. Moved along her body and into all the places that felt good. Then she felt it. It was the tingling of a strong climax building. She heard herself moaning low.

He moved with her. He knew he was too far-gone. He could not tease her anymore. All he felt was her control. Her movement. She was all around him. He felt her. He smelled her excitement.

‘Yes!’ he moaned quietly, but more intensely, ‘do it..’

She felt it spreading from deep within. It moved out from somewhere below her stomach.

‘Oh yesss,’ he hissed.

She felt her warmth contract hard against his cock. The sensation coming along and through her warmth through her body. Her clit throbbed. Yes, she was doing it to him the way she wanted him. The way he made her want to do it to him. And she was smothering his cock with her warm juices.

He groaned again as he started to move hard against her.

She felt him cum then. It spread in her opposite of her climax. This pushed her over again feeling his warmth in her. She shivered again as she felt herself climaxing, continuing to do so. Almost harder each pulse, over and over his almost spent cock.

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