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Nancy could still hear the water running. She tentatively pushed open the bathroom door, pausing in the doorway to admire the faint silhouette of Graham’s naked body behind the shower curtain.

After a few moments of watching him lather himself, Nancy asked, “Graham?”

Graham paused and turned to face her; Nancy was thankful that the shower curtain wasn’t completely transparent, which saved her from blushing. He was clearly waiting for her to continue, so Nancy asked, “Mind if I brush my teeth?”

She mentally chastised herself, Wow that wasn’t so stupid a question that you couldn’t wait until he finished showering.

Graham didn’t answer her at first, just continued to stare at her through the shower curtain. Finally, he said, “Not at all.” He went back to washing up, turning to the side.

Nancy sighed softly and walked over to the bathroom sink. Her pink toothbrush was in the holder beside Graham’s blue one; somehow that looked right to Nancy. She reached out to grab her toothbrush then stopped. She didn’t really need to brush her teeth, anyways. Nancy walked those few steps to the shower and put a hand on the curtain, tempted to yank it open.

She was about to pull back when Graham suddenly opened the curtain himself. Nancy could feel her face flush as she took in the sight of his wide, bronzed chest, dark hair scattered generously down his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri chest. She didn’t dare look lower, especially since his dark eyes were burning into hers. Nancy felt faint as she read the hot promise in his eyes; she knew he was giving her a chance to turn away if she wanted.

But she didn’t want to leave; Nancy took a deep breath and stepped into the shower with Graham, her silk nightgown brushing against his wet body. Graham’s eyes never left hers as he ran his hands down to the hem of her nightgown, slowly lifting it to her waist. The warm, damp air touched her bare, sensitive mound, and Nancy moaned. Graham’s grip on her hips tightened as he lowered his dark head down to kiss her. He was savage in his domination of her mouth, thoroughly exploring the wet cavern with his talented tongue. She ran her hands up to thread her fingers in his damp tresses, tugging lightly on the hair. Graham deepened the kiss and pushed Nancy against the tile wall, rubbing his cock back and forth across her lower abdomen. She lifted one leg and curled it around his hips, nudging him even closer so the head of his penis nudged her feminine folds.

Nancy pulled back and breathlessly asked, “Condom?”

Graham leaned in until his mouth was inches from hers, “No need. I had a vasectomy,” he kissed her hard, “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

He güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shuddered against her as he worked his length into her tight sheath. Nancy bit on her lower lip to keep from screaming; he was so big. Graham pushed until he was sheathed fully within her, his coarse pubic hair rasping against high in between her inner thighs. He waited a few moments, giving her body time to adjust to his invasion, before pulling out and thrusting. She gasped and ground her hips against his, the sensitive nerve endings within her shooting white-hot bolts of pleasure to the tips of her toes.

Graham continually thrust into her, his teeth clenched and his face tight with savage lust; Nancy kept his gaze, her own eyes widening as each jab pushed her closer to the edge. The heat from the running water mixed with the heat from Graham’s naked body seared her, dampening her nightgown so it was plastered against her feminine curves.

Nancy threw her head back and cried out as intense waves of pleasure overcame her; she heard Graham’s answering cry as he reached orgasm seconds later. He thrust deep one last time, pushing so hard within her that Nancy shivered as he shot his seed into her.

Both of them breathed raggedly and stayed in their wet embrace as they recovered from the intense sex. They pulled away and Nancy sighed as Graham’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri seed began sticking to her inner thighs.

Graham whispered, “Damn,” under his breath.

He knelt down and washed between her legs, his thick fingers jabbing at her folds. Nancy gasped when she felt the tip of Graham’s tongue flicking her clitoris. She watched him lick the outside of her vaginal lips then move his attentions to the slit between; she was still very sensitive after sex, and she came again within minutes. Nancy was still panting when Graham turned off the shower and scooped her up in his arms. She leaned her head against his moist shoulder, and he leaned down to brush a kiss on the crown of her hair, as he carried her into his bedroom.

Graham stripped off Nancy’s damp nightgown and laid her down on his plush bedspread; he immediately joined her, pulling a sheet up to cover their nakedness. The two laid side-by-side, their hands intertwined between them.

Nancy asked, “Graham, I have to ask…why the vasectomy?”

Graham had a smile in his voice when he answered, “Did it dampen your ardor?”

She scoffed, “You know it didn’t. But I wonder why you did it.”

“Well,” he answered, “I’m not sure I ever want children.”

He released his hand from hers and cupped her face. “Does that bother you?” His voice was so deep and serious.

Nancy smiled and kissed his palms. “No,” she answered honestly, “I’ve always known you to be responsible and honorable.”

Graham laughed, and the sound warmed her. “Be sure to tell that to the rest of the guys at work.” Then the laughter turned into a strangled groan as Nancy’s fingers brushed against his cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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