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Part One: Tricked

“Monica, I don’t feel so good.”

Startled, Monica Jensen jumped and turned toward the doorway of the bathroom. Hanging onto the door jam and looking like death warmed over was Lilly Banks. Her shiny black leather covered head was hanging down loosely, and she swayed from side to side like a listing ship.

“Uh Oh Honey what’s wrong?” The minute she said it, she felt stupid. It was obvious; Lilly was drunk off her ass and looking like she was going down for the count at any second. Setting aside the makeup stained cotton ball she’d just finished using, Monica quickly took one last look at her freshly scrubbed face in the small medicine cabinet mirror and headed across the bathroom. Slipping her arm around the obviously drunk girl’s waist she hoisted her against her side and turning halfway around, headed down the hall to her spare bedroom located at the end of the corridor. Lilly wasn’t a lot of help. Feeling quite lightheaded herself, Monica realized she’d had a few more drinks then she usually liked to consume on any given occasion; she was definitely a couple of drinks over her own enforced restriction.

Finally, feeling like it had taken her hours, they reached the bedroom. Monica managed to get the door opened and her charge deposited on the full sized bed without any mishaps. Standing here looking at her, she realized she’d have to get her out of that skintight costume. It would be downright cruel to leave her in it; if she woke up with a screaming bladder, boy oh boy, getting that off in time to do one’s business would be a bitch. She considered going downstairs to get Mitch to come up and undress his girlfriend, but a feeling of uneasiness centered in the vicinity of her heart and she ditched the idea.

Mitch Rhoades, god they’d known each other forever. They’d become best friends in Junior High, two nerdy misfits with braces, pimples, and a love for math and science that none of their others classmates could ever understand. They practically lived at each others houses. She knew that both sets of parents had assumed they’d end up married someday, but the fact was, their relationship had never entered those dangerous waters. They were closer than any siblings could ever be, and she knew that to him, she was the sister that as an only child he’d never had. They told each other everything, and in the twenty years that they had known each other, their bond had grown rock solid.

Neither one of them had ever married; numerous love affairs had come and gone, but that “special” someone had never come along for either one of them. Monica knew for her that he never would, no one could eclipse Mitch in her heart. She’d loved him since the day she stumbled into him on the threshold of Mr. Danner’s Science class at the start of their seventh grade year. Her heartache when he’d grown out of his awkward stage and started turning the heads of everything female had never really dissipated, but over the years she’d gotten resigned to the fact that he’d never see her in the same lustful light that she saw him. Most of the time she was okay with that, but every so often, like now, when he dragged in a new girlfriend…

She’d met Lilly for the first time just two weeks ago. She seemed like a heavy partier; not really Mitch’s type at all. Looking at her sprawled out on the bed she had to wonder what in the world he really saw in her. Ruefully looking at the Cat Women Halloween outfit she’d poured herself into Monica thought she might know. This girl oozed sexuality. Her shock when she’d opened her door to the pair earlier this evening had yet to fully disappear. Lilly, had come in the door pulling Mitch behind her on a leash hooked to a studded black dog collar around his neck. He was wearing nothing else but a black leather loin cloth. Monica knew her shock must have shown on her face; he shrugged, and grinning slapped Lilly on her ass before saying “She made me do it.” Standing there in her Raggedy Ann Costume had made Monica feel dowdy as hell. Every year she and Mitch threw a Halloween Party, this year it was her turn to host. They always invited mutual friends and co-workers. This was the first year she was unattached, so she was the odd one out for everyone else had brought a significant other. As the evening progressed, every male eye in the house had ogled Lilly at one time or another, much like every female had drooled over Mitch’s over exposed body. She’d drown her sorrows in the highly spiked punch she was serving to her over lustified guests.

Sneaking away upstairs to get out of her costume and maybe wallow in a little self pity had led her to this. What should she do? Let sleeping beauty lay and swelter in that tight leather, or should she be the polite host and get her out of it? Looking down at herself, she had to laugh out loud. She’d only been able to get the makeup off her face before being interrupted. She still had her dress and pantaloons on, her head spun just a bit, reminding her that she probably needed to get downstairs and get her guests on their way and let Mitch know where Lilly had ended up. He’d been putting the punch away at a good rate too, so she had no doubt he’d illegal bahis be sleeping it off in here with Lilly tonight. That thought made her very unhappy. She sighed. if only… Oh well, that was never going to happen. Deciding she’d rather get Lilly out of her costume than to have risked Mitch attempting the sport, Monica set to work. This wasn’t going to be easy…

Where the hell were the girls? Mitch closed the door behind the last of the departing guests, and looked around the disheveled living room. It was a mess, but he’d help Mona clean up in the morning. He knew he was too looped to drive, and had counted on the fact that he and Lilly would crash in Mona’s spare bedroom. Knowing Lilly, he was sure she’d be pretty ripped by now. They were just three weeks into their relationship and he already knew she had a drinking problem; he also knew he wouldn’t be with her much longer as that just wasn’t his scene. It wasn’t like Mona to just disappear though, especially from a party she was throwing. It wasn’t in her to be rude, and she would consider not saying goodbye to her guests very rude. Mitch made the rounds in all the downstairs rooms turning off all the lights and looking into every nook and cranny making sure Lilly wasn’t passed out in a corner somewhere. He figured he’d find her in the upstairs bathroom perched over the commode, or maybe even lying in the bathtub. It wouldn’t be the first time. It was Mona’s absence that made him fret the most. Assured that the downstairs was secure he walked somewhat crookedly to the stairway and headed up.

God, the tight leather made her feel like she’d been melted and molded into this thing. Standing in front of the vanity admiring herself in the mirror, Monica had to admit she looked damned good in this outfit. It had taken her forever to get it off the passed out Lilly, but once she had, the temptation to try this outrageous costume on had gotten the best of her. She’d never dare wear something like this out in public as she didn’t consider herself the sexy type. She wasn’t ugly or anything, in fact she was kind of pretty. She just didn’t have the sex kitten attitude to pull something like this off. And who in their right mind would want to struggle in and out of this thing more than once? It had been complicated to figure out; getting it off Lilly had been a royal pain in the ass. It was like a flight suit, you had to step into the legs, pull it up and struggle into the full length arms, then fit the headpiece over your head, tuck in your hair and hope like hell when you went to zip it up that it fit. It had, perfectly.

The cat eared top piece came down to cover half of her face, leaving only her mouth and chin visible. Looking back over her shoulder at the passed out Lilly, Monica realized for the first time that their looks were somewhat similar; same colored green eyes, short red tinted hair, and even the same body types. The gently oval shape of their faces was eerily alike as well. Grinning and studying her face more closely in the mirror, Monica bet she could traipse right downstairs and no one would be the wiser. Of course she wouldn’t, she’d never have the nerve, but it was a fun idea. Which reminded her again that she’d better get changed and back to the party before people started leaving. Her friends must be wondering where she was by now.

Gathering up her lame Raggedy Ann Halloween fare, pantaloons and all, she decided to just go to her room and quickly change. She slipped out of the spare bedroom and hurried down the hall past the bathroom and was just easing open her bedroom door when she heard a voice behind her.


Jamming her arm through the semi opened door Monica tossed her costume in, jerked her arm back and slammed the door before turning guiltily around. Mitch was at the top of the stairs a couple of yards away looking at her.

“What are you doing?”

Not knowing what in the world to say, Monica just shrugged.

“Have you seen Mona?” Mona was Mitch’s pet name for Monica; he’d called her that from day one.

Embarrassed, confused, not wanting to get discovered, Monica pointed to the spare bedroom. Mitch frowned while looking at who he thought was Lilly; she was acting odd as hell. None of this was making a bit of sense. Looking down the hall towards the other bedroom he tried to get his slightly inebriated brain to wrap around what he’d been told.

“Is she okay?”

Monica shook her head quickly, and raising her voice a couple of octaves in order to attempt to imitate Lilly’s shriller tones croaked, “She’s asleep.”

Mitch took a step towards her, confusion evident on his face.

“She’s asleep in the guest bedroom?”

Again Monica nodded her head; she was now on the brink of a full blown panic attack. What the hell had she gotten herself into?

Mitch shook his head trying to clear out the cobwebs. He thought about Mona’s behavior this evening. She hadn’t seemed very happy now that he thought about it, and he had seen her heading to the punchbowl more than a few times. Maybe she’d gotten drunk, although he’d never known her to do that, but hey, strange shit happened sometimes. She must have come illegal bahis siteleri upstairs and somehow ended up in the wrong room. Maybe he should go check on her? Looking back to Lilly he wondered if she was as drunk as he’d assumed she’d be. She wasn’t acting like it; she was acting weird, but not drunk weird. She was just standing there as still as a statue staring at him. Hell, he hoped she wasn’t about to go off on another jealous tangent over Mona. Lilly couldn’t understand their friendship, in reality not many of his girlfriends ever did. That was why he’d let her bully him into this ridiculous costume tonight, what there was of it anyway. While she looked fucking fantastic in hers, he’d felt like a damned fool trooping around in his loincloth. In fact, as he looked at her now he thought she looked even better than she had earlier. His cock suddenly did an instant replay of its reaction to her this afternoon, which not surprisingly had ended up being one of their better fucks. Lilly was hot in bed, but he’d had hotter. She had aversions to particular acts that he found almost a necessity, and he knew that sooner or later it was going to present a problem. He was too orally inclined, both giving and receiving, to go without it for very long. And since she’d stated to him that she’d NEVER done that for any guy and she wasn’t starting now, he’d refrained from asking. It had been hard, but as anally oriented as she was, he’d felt that made up for it somewhat. Looking again at the shadowy bedroom door down the hall he thought maybe he’d sneak a peek at Mona later. Right now he had a pussy-cat to conquer, and she wasn’t speaking. That was always a sign she was pissed. He’d kiss her and make her start purring. His cock throbbed at the idea as he stepped towards her.

Monica was in a hot debate with herself and her mind was going a million miles a second. She watched her best-friend look at her then towards the other bedroom and knew he’d head off down there to check on her. As he looked back at her, she saw his eyes go over her body slowly. Oh shit, what was he thinking? Okay, it was time to confess. She would just tell him the truth, they’d both get a good laugh out of it, and she’d send him down the hall to Lilly. But before she could utter a single word, he stepped closer to her and whispered, “Here kitty, kitty.” His voice was low and intense, his eyes gleaming in the darkness like a nocturnal predator. Monica panicked, turned, grabbed the doorknob, twisted, and rushed inside, but he was fast. Grabbing her tail he halted her mid step; He chuckled and slowly pulled her backwards. She was at a loss for words and ideas, she’d never do anything in the world to hurt or embarrass him but she didn’t know what in blue blazes she was going to do now. When Mitch had pulled her back flush to his chest he dropped her tail, wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his lips into Monica’s neck. She thought she was going to faint. Her head spun, she felt dizzy and disoriented. This was a scene out of the many fantasies she’d woven around them over the years, not the costumes of course, but just being held like this by him.

“This outfit drives me wild.” His voice was strained, almost hoarse; she could feel his erection pressing into the small of her back. A germ of a naughty realization was growing in Monica’s mind. He truly thought she was Lilly. Maybe if she was very careful she could fulfill a few dreams tonight, and no one would ever know any different. Lilly was wasted, she’d never remember anything. Mitch was pretty mellow also, if she could get him to sleep afterwards… maybe, just maybe. But did she dare? What if he noticed a difference? There was no way she could take off this costume; she tried to remember if Lilly had any scars or birthmarks, but she couldn’t, she just hadn’t paid that much attention. But they were lovers and he’d know her body, right? The only light in the room was coming from the hallway and the single window beside the bed. If she got him all the way in here and closed the door then they’d only have the moonlight, which really wasn’t bright at all, and they’d be cloaked in shadows.

Monica’s heart was beating like a drum. She was fighting indecision when Mitch reached up, cupping her leather clad breasts, finding her excited nipples already fully extended. She hadn’t realized that she was so aroused; the sensations caught her off guard and she moaned to herself. That made up her mind. Fuck it, this was a perfect opportunity, and she wasn’t going to blow it. If it blew up in her face she’d deal with the consequences later. She’d just have to be careful. Slowly turning in Mitch’s arms she looked up into his smoldering blue eyes. Without even thinking about it her arms wrapped themselves around his neck, and she pulled him down to savor their first kiss. His lips were hot, smooth, enticing; she opened her mouth and licked around his bottom lip before letting his taste totally consume her. She thought she felt the muscles in his neck stiffen for just the tiniest moment before he wrapped her in tight and devoured her.

Something wasn’t right here. Mitch was trying to think, but Lilly was kissing canlı bahis siteleri him into a state of oblivion. The eyes, something was different. The expression was one he’d never seen in those green depths before, and her taste, that was different too. What was going on? He wished he could get his mind out of his cock, but it wasn’t possible at the moment. This kiss was like a fiery inferno, drawing him in deeper and deeper. He gave up pondering and just let himself go. Her tongue was silky. Entwined with his, they’d go from his mouth to hers, each following the other. Mitch loved to kiss, and he could do it for hours. Lilly never liked to indulge in that much, but she sure was into it now. He could hear the little whimpers in the back of her throat, deep and sensuous. Usually they were almost shrill, and even grated on his nerves somewhat. But not these, which were more like smooth warm brandy. He knew something didn’t add up, but his brain wasn’t able to filter anything right now.

This was getting out of control. Monica knew she had to do something now, or she’d fall to her knees and beg Mitch to fuck her into next year. She also knew that the minute she opened her mouth the gig would be up. Pulling away she gently disentangled herself from his embrace and backed up a step. He tried to grab her again, but she held up a palm and stopped him. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she knew she had to shut that damned door. It’d just be her luck for the real Lilly to stumble out into the hall looking for the bathroom or something, and wouldn’t that be a royal cluster fuck? Walking unsteadily around Mitch, Monica carefully pushed the door closed. The room became much darker; she’d left the hall light on, so there was a slice of light trying to reach under, but it didn’t penetrate into the darkness very much. Ironically, the moonlight coming in the window right beside her bed made that area of the room the brightest. Mitch turned and reached toward her, but she backed away again even deeper into the shadows away from the bed. He grunted, totally disgruntled, before turning and making his way to the bed and sitting on the end of it.

“Lilly…?” His voice was definitely strained. He tried looking into the shadows where she stood, but could barely make out her cattish outline. “Baby is something wrong?” He was flabbergasted, they’d just shared what was probably one of the most passionate kisses he’d ever experienced in his life, and yet she was acting odd as hell, and totally out of character. Usually by now she’d be all over him, wanting to be fucked as bad as he wanted to fuck her. He heard her clear her throat, and something in the way she did that made bells go off inside his head. That sound was very familiar, but it wasn’t a Lilly sound. He had to think. He squeezed his eyes shut, something was lurking around the edges of his consciousness but he still was in a semi drunk horny laden haze. Things just weren’t quite coming together. Shadows shifted and he watched as his leather clad lover stepped out of the darkness and made her way toward him. He wasn’t sure what he expected; more than likely she’d been playing and he’d find himself tackled in a minute. He braced himself to catch her, but the tackle never came. Instead, she slid to her knees in front of him, pushed his legs apart and wiggled in as close as she could get, slipping her arms around his waist as she snuggled the side of her face against his stomach.

Monica was so scared she was trembling; she hoped Mitch couldn’t feel it. Standing there in the shadows she’d almost chickened out, and now she felt guilty. She’d never lied or deceived him in any way before and it just felt wrong to do it now. Then she heard his voice and all the old longing and dreams came crashing down on her. She wanted this so much, but she knew she couldn’t let him make love to her. He was bound to notice the difference, but there was always other ways to make love. Her lips tingled and her mouth actually watered just thinking about it. Before she could lose her nerve she went to him.

His sexy cat was shaking, and he could feel her whole body moving with it. Mitch debated asking her if she was cold when she shifted and her warm lips skimmed across his belly, followed by her tongue. He was so surprised that when she placed her palm on his chest and pushed he didn’t resist but laid straight back on the bed. With his legs hanging over the side and her between them his mind was going all over the place. This was the big taboo. Lilly didn’t let herself get in this position. So what was she up to? Dare he hope she’d finally decided to explore this possibility? It didn’t seem likely. But he’d wait and see where she was going with this. Hands lightly stroked and then kneaded his thighs. He felt warm breath on his lower abdomen this time, and realized she was placing wet little kisses all over the area. Any rigidity his cock might have lost came rapidly flooding back. He throbbed almost uncomfortably under his leather confinement. She kissed and she licked, and nuzzled her nose into his belly button while her hands continuously moved freely over his thighs. His cock became his universe as he waited for some kind of contact there. He found himself breathing harder and harder as he waited and waited. The touch, when it finally came, was almost hesitant, a fleeting caress. Mitch groaned, there was no way he could have stopped himself.

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