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You had business in Georgia that I didn’t know about, coinciding with the week I had the house to myself. I wasn’t aware that you were coming to the States, unknowing that as I slept, you were sneaking inside my domain.

I awoke with my hands tied to my headboard, a blindfold of some sort covering my eyes, rendering me blind. I panicked, struggling against my bonds, feeling the rope dig into my skin until you spoke.

I had never heard your voice before, but I knew it was you. Sensual and appealing, it was more than the exotic lilt of your voice that gave you away; it was your phrasing, the way you pieced your sentences together, the endearments no one else called me. I relaxed a bit. I was still confused and curious, but no longer felt any fear.

You explain that you were there to show me what I was missing, to cure what you termed my “frustrations”. You ask if I am willing to allow you to do this; I know that, if I decline, you will have release me immediately. Part of me considers this, but the rest of me is curious and a little thrilled. I nod my consent.

Immediately your fingers start unbuttoning my nightshirt, parting the fabric to reveal soft flesh underneath. Your fingertips lightly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stroke my skin…just barely skimming the surface, teasing nerves into life. For several minutes you continued, gradually drawing closer to my nipples, watching my chest rise and fall in anticipation.

Your thumb grazed across the surface of my nipples, causing me to gasp softly. While your hands begin manipulating my breasts, you lean down and kiss me lightly, lips moving across my face and down my throat. You nibble on my ear lobes, tugging them gently with your teeth…trailing small bites down my neck and shoulders, across my collar bones.

Moving southward, your mouth eventually closes over a stiffened nipple and I moan, shifting toward you. Your tongue flicks over it and you delight in watching my body react, spending several minutes alternating between kissing and licking each nipple until I am panting, moaning my need for more, unable to lie still beneath you.

Your hands pull down the waistband of my pants, dragging them over my hips and past my calves, tugging them off completely. I lie there in darkness, heart beating rapidly, air cooling the wetness I can feel at the apex of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the my thighs. I feel your lips against my stomach as you kiss your way down, past my naval, while your hands stroke the outer and inner contours of my thighs, coaxing them apart.

I moan softly as your fingers move to my center, lightly stroking my slick folds before one slides inside. I gasp, my breathing harsh. You continue, feeling the tightness of my channel as you slide in and out, stretching me slightly. After a minute or so you curl your finger upward, searching for that little bundle of nerves; when you find it I squeal, arching upward, seeking more. You gently force a second finger inside and I groan loudly, the sensations almost too much to bear.

You lean close, your lips teasing my swollen clit, tongue sliding around it, circling several times before flicking across it. You feel my body tense, telling me to let go and cum for you. Your tongue descends on my clit again and all the sensations sweep over me, my body shuddering in release.

I feel your hands leave me, your lips trailing kisses up my torso, your weight shifting as your body straddles mine. You kiss me deeply, thoroughly; güvenilir bahis şirketleri your voice in my ear you tell me that you are going to penetrate me now, if I am ready for that. I give my consent. Your hands reach down, gently pulling my legs open wide as you settle between them. I feel the head of your cock nudging my entrance; you press forward insistently.

I gasp as it pops inside. You gradually sink into me, savoring the sensation as my body stretches to accommodate your girth, until you are fully embedded. You hold still for a moment, continuing to kiss me, giving me time to adjust before you withdraw again.

Then you thrust hard, causing me to groan against you. You set up a rhythm, long hard thrusts with shorter, shallower ones. The head of your cock presses against that cluster of nerves inside me with each thrust, causing waves of pleasure to course through me. Your breath becomes harsher, heavier as you move, your hands roaming across my skin; my body arches as your pace increases. As you move your fingertips find my clit, stroking insistently. I cry out, convulsing in orgasm. You feel the clenching of my channel around you and you thrust hard and deep, grunting in my ear as you release your cum inside me.

You collapse on me, skin on skin. Both of us breathing hard, exhausted and satiated. I thank you, asking you why you didn’t start with the spanking you always tell me I so desperately need; you explain that there is plenty of time for that, you have a few days to spare.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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