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I got home a little early and called my wife to see how her day was going. She said that she had had a long day and she was tired. I decide to give her a night that she will never forget.

When she got home and I greeted her at the door with a big hug, the kind that she gets lost in, and held her for a moment. “What was that for?” she asked. But I say nothing and take her by hand and lead her to the bedroom.

I sit her on the bed and get on my knees in front of her and slow take her shoes off and gently rub her feet a little.

“What is going on?” I just look in her eyes and smile and say nothing.

I ask her to stand up and I begin to unbutton her blouse, then I unzip her skirt. She protests a little and puts on a pouting face and says, “I’m really tired and I don’t feel like fooling around tonight.”

I just hold her close and say, “All you have to do is lie there and relax. I promise it will be worth it. Please.” So she reluctantly agrees.

After her skirt slides down to her ankles I ask her to sit down again. I take her blouse and skirt and hang them over a chair. I sit behind her and lightly stroke her back. I move her soft hair aside and give her a gentle kiss on her neck. A faint “Mmmmm” escapes from her lips. I unhook her bra and slowly slide it down her arms. Her breasts thank me for releasing them by hardening her nipples. I decide to leave her panties and garter belt and nylons on for now. I know she wore them for me because she knows how much I love seeing her in them.

“Why are you wearing these?” She doesn’t normally wear them to work.

She blushes, “I wanted to give you a special night tonight but work was horrible and I just don’t have the energy.”

“You are the sweetest.” I place a finger under her chin and gentle move her face to meet mine and I give her a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Lie down.”

She does face up across the bed where there is a small pillow waiting for her head. When she had gotten comfortable I get on my knees on the floor next to her head.

I whisper in her ear, “Don’t be alarmed, I’m going to blindfold you now.” With a surprise look on her face, I pull out a silk scarf and cover her eyes and gently tie behind her head.

“Why are you blindfolding me?”

“I would just tell you to keep your eyes closed but I know you would cheat.”

And that causes a slight laugh to come from her mouth. I tell her now she is not supposed to talk but just relax.

“I’ll be right back and no peeking.”

I leave her just lying there half naked in the dim candlelight for what seems like an eternity.

“What’s going on?” I hear her call out. I give no reply. After a few more minutes I quietly walk back in and kneel next to her head.

She senses I am there and asks, “what are you doing?”

“No more talking unless I ask a question of you.”

Then I begin to rub her temples and stoke her eyebrows, lightly massaging her face and neck. Then I take my hands away for a moment so she doesn’t know what’s next. Little does she know while I was away, I was in the kitchen slicing up her favorite fruits into nice bite size morsels. Just when she starts to wonder if I left again I gentle brush her bottom lip with a slice of banana. She opens up and I slide it into her mouth. I leave my finger there and she gives it canlı bahis a little suck. I continue feeding her bananas, strawberries, and apples, careful not to touch anything but her mouth.

“What made your day so terrible?”

She tells me that there was a big problem at the office and she had a deadline and the printer was giving her problems and she wanted to come home and surprise me but everything was going wrong.

“I’m sorry you had a bad day.” I hold gently hold her head and give her a long kiss on her forehead and she lets out a low moan.

After she is done eating I kiss her on the lips to clean off any juices that were left. I start to pull away and she tries to follow me with her mouth.

“Sweetheart, you are supposed to keep still. Lie down, I mean it.”

She sticks her bottom lip out and whimpers a little but reluctantly complies. With that I leave again for a few minutes and then quietly come back.

When I return I admire how sexy she looks. She looks so beautiful there, but I can tell there is a sense of anxiety because she does not know what is going to happen next.

“I’m going to remove the rest of your clothing.”

I lift each leg to unhook the garter clips and slowly slide the nylon off each leg. I lightly run my fingers up and down her legs. I stroke her inner thigh teasing her by almost touching her pussy but backing off at the last second. Then I ask her to raise her butt a little and I slowly slide her lacy thong panties off. But I decide to leave the garter belt on.

I examine her a little. She always keeps her pussy nicely trimmed, leaving a little patch of soft curly hair just above her now swelling clit. I must have not looked hard enough the last few days because I notice something odd. There is what appears to be a tattoo of a butterfly near her pussy. I smile and gently touch it and ask, “What’s this?”

From what has been happening tonight she must have forgotten about it because she squirms a little and giggles.

“It’s just a temporary tattoo,” she confesses and blushes. “I put it there yesterday to surprise you.” She must have had a wild night planned.

“It’s so cute, I love it.” I bend down and lightly kiss it and she moans softly.

“Roll over onto your belly.”

After she has gotten comfortable I spread her legs just a little bit for her next surprise. I insert a vibrator into her pussy and turn it on the low setting. It slides in smoothly because she has already started getting wet from the anticipation. This makes her jump a little.

“Keep still.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Yes you can, try.”

I give her a light pinch on her ass cheek and she gives me a little grunt but keeps still.

“That’s better.” After that I leave again for a minute.

When I return I notice her is breathing a little harder and she is panting a little. I smile and prepare for the next stage. The next thing she feels is the warm drizzle of the aromatherapy oil that I picked up earlier on her smooth back, which makes her gasp from the surprise. Then I start to rub the oil into her tired muscles. I rub her back, arms and neck. Next I drizzle a little on the back of her knees. She gives me a grunt when the oil hits her sensitive area. I start to rub her feet and move up her legs careful not to touch any of her pussy. bahis siteleri Now I drizzle some of the oil over her ass. I make sure to drip some extra down the crack of her ass and that makes her squirm. Then I start to rub her ass and hips. I dip a finger in the oil to get it nice and lubricated and run it slowly up and down the crack of her ass a few times. She lets out a gasp and clenches her cheeks from the new sensation. Her moaning gets more frequent from the low hum inside her vagina.

“Roll onto your back again.”

As she does the vibrator slips from her opening because of her wetness and she lets out a slight whimper. I reinsert it into her pussy. I could tell she was concentrating on holding off on coming.

“Don’t fight the urge to come. Just let it go.”

She gets control of herself. I don’t know how she does it. I leave again for a moment but I hear her holding it in. She knows how turned on I get watching her come so she must want to give me a good show. She is so sweet. Her moans are becoming longer and louder.

When I return, the next feeling she experiences is the warm drizzle as I pour the oil on each of her nipples. She inhales quickly when the oil hits each nipple. Then I drizzle a little between her breasts and a little in her belly button. She once again lets out a gasp and moan and now she is trembling all over as she tries to control her body. I slowly start to rub the oil into her muscles. I carefully make sure I do not touch her breast or vagina. Her moans now are getting deeper and I know just how to give her the release she needs.

I kneel behind her head and make sure my fingers are nice and slick. I start to rub her breast and then I proceed to slowly draw circles around her nipples. I can see that she cannot take it anymore and I whisper in her ear “Let it go.”

With that she loses all control as her body is ravished by an intense orgasm. Her hips begin buck violently and stomach muscles tremble and clench. Her grunts and groans continue for an eternity. Her toes curl and her hands clench tightly and release as each wave ripples through her body. I take my hands away and allow her body to calm down.

“Not done yet,” I tell her as I reinsert the vibrator back into her pussy.

And she lets out a gasp and long moans as I push it back in and I continue with her massage, rubbing the front of her thighs, teasing her again, and admiring her butterfly. After awhile I stop and leave again for a minute.

When I return, I whisper in her ear that it is almost over and she lets out a whimper. I position myself at her feet and look down at her glistening body. I lift her leg and bend her knee to place her foot flat on the bed. I do this to the other leg as well so that now her knees are up and legs are spread and she is totally exposed to me.

I notice that there is a large wet spot on the bed and I comment, “it looks like we are going to need to change the bedding afterward.”

At this point she is sucking on her fingers totally in another world and she lets out a slight giggle in between her moaning.

I wait just a moment and the next thing she feels is the vibrator being pushed and pulled, in and out of her moist pussy. Her pussy and inner thighs are covered in her juices. The air is filled with her scent.

Now I get my face bahis şirketleri down in between her legs, my left arm is curled around her leg with my hand flat on her tummy and the other hand is slowly working the vibrator in and out a few more times then withdrawing it completely.

She lets out a long moan and whimper. It slides out easily and a large stream of her cum leaks out and travels down the crack of her ass and flows over her anus. Her pussy is still gaping open because of the intrusion in her hole for so long.

I then stick my tongue deep inside and begin rub her hard erect clit. I hear her moans intensify and feel her stomach muscles tighten and her pussy clenches and she lets out a long, loud moan as her second orgasm hits her hard. I do my best to keep her hips still as my mouth is flooded with her cum. After her body is pummeled by waves of pleasure, her body finally begins to relax and she totally collapses and her breathing starts calms down.

I go and kneel by her head and give her a hard deep kiss. She hungrily laps up her own cum off my mouth and face with her tongue.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

“Stay, don’t leave,” she pleads as she gropes for me.

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”

She wines a little. I can’t blame her. I wait outside the door watching her. I let her think about what she has experienced and let her totally calm down.

I come back and lie down next to her. She immediately snuggles up next to me and wraps her arm around me. I gently untie her blindfold. I see her eyes and the tired depressed look has been replaced by so much happiness and joy.

“You are so beautiful, I love you so much.”

A tear rolls down her cheek. I give her another long gentle kiss.

“Was it worth it?”

She smiles. Then a devilish grin appears and her eyes widen. She forcefully pushes me onto my back and she jumps on top of me frantically pulling at my shirt and undoing my pants. From what she has just gone through I am shocked by her energy. She jumps off the bed and tugs each pant leg till she gets them off and jumps back on me, straddling my hips.

“No time for the blindfold. Close your eyes and you better not cheat!”

I close my eyes and she rips off my boxer shorts and impales her pussy on my hard aching cock. Her forcefulness makes me let out a loud grunt. She slowly begins to grind herself on my cock.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be able to take this.”

“No talking,” she quickly puts her hand over my mouth.

I know what she’s doing and I nod and she removes her hand. She starts to tweak her nipples and play with her clit. Both our moans start to quicken and deepen. She starts grinding her pussy on my cock hard, trying to get it as deep in her as possible. Her moans get louder and louder and her hips start bucking and that pushes me over the edge. My abs clench hard as my cock explodes deep inside her. The feeling of streams of cum shooting inside her pussy causes her third orgasm. Her pussy contracts hard on my cock, milking cum out of it. I came so much that cum is oozing out all over and leaking out of her vagina. She collapses on me in sheer exhaustion. I lay there holding her sweat-covered body not speaking, just breathing.

After she comes back down to earth she raises her head and gives me a gentle kiss. “I love you. You are so wonderful. You gave me such a wonderful night. I wanted so badly to come home and give you the special night.”

“You did give me a special night,” I tell her just before my lips met hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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