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“Trust me.”

Why is it that when I hear those words from your mouth, I can’t wait to see what’s next?

Over the past few years our “relationship” has grown from tentative to hot to downright inspiring. Tantalizing. Stimulating even, in more ways than one. We’ve found that we both enjoy coming up with new ideas that the other might not dream up. Whether it be our imaginations, ideas from television, or (as in this case) from reading a good book (Laura Corn to the rescue!). Often times, we can figure out what the other is up to from the start…

But this time I look at you a little dubiously. In one hand you’re holding an old tie. In the other you’re holding a sturdy wooden hanger – the type with the strong metal hook that spins. Hmmm… the tie could possibly be a blindfold. But the hanger??!!

We’d just gotten back from a short hike at a nearby park. It was a very tempting hike – our hands frequently strayed, we’d occasionally pin each other against trees to press the lengths of our hungry bodies together as our tongues simulated the act we both so enjoy… But while there was plenty of opportunity, you’d held yourself back. And I’m always too timid to make that first move…

Once we returned, we showered, deciding to visit the whirlpool tub later – after dinner. I’d jumped in with you and we lathered each other’s bodies to the point of hungry need. Soapy hands washing skin, stroking, probing, teasing… You holding me captive, facing you as you devoured my mouth, neck and breasts while washing my hair. Me sliding down your body to tease your hardness with my mouth…

This time we didn’t hold back. After rinsing my hair, you’d taken me by the hips to hold me against your body – your hardness thick against my belly. I’d slid a foot up your leg and then hooked my thigh over your hip, wishing my legs were longer… Finally, I put my foot back down, and turned so that my back was against you. Your hands moved to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples, your mouth again finding my neck as I raised my arms to slide my hands around your neck while I rubbed my ass against you. I dropped a hand down to find your cock as I came up on my toes. You bent your knees a bit as I guided you into me, moaning as your mass invaded my heat.

My hands went to yours, my fingers entwining with yours before I led them down to my hips. Then I dropped my hands as I leaned over, bracing myself against the back wall as you began a nice, steady, lazy rhythm. If the people next door were in their room, they definitely heard my vocalizations as you gradually sped up – your cock eventually slamming into me, touching every part of me along the way, eventually driving me to climax (with a pleasured squeal from me) before you exploded into my depths as my pussy quivered around your shaft…


Now, I sit on the bed in a camisole and panties, hair damp, body satisfied from the release but always ready for more where you’re concerned. I look up at you standing in front of me – holding the odd inventory, watching your eyes laughing at me, daring me to take the bait.

Why not?

You take my hand in yours and urge me from the bed to the lowest step by the Jacuzzi tub. You turn me so that my back is against the wall. You retrieve the armless chair from the desk, bring it over to set it next to me, and then climb onto it, standing up to somehow hook the hanger to the fire alarm above my head. Feeling ornery, I lean down a little to nuzzle your cock through your boxers, noting the reflexive twitch. You immediately start. “Hey, hey, behave.” But you’re smiling when I look up at you. I wipe the saucy smile from my face and replace it with a look of feigned innocence. Yeah, right!

You step down from the chair, grin, and say “Just for that, I’m gonna have to keep you from doing such things.” Uh-oh. You take the tie and bind my wrists with one end of it, leaving the rest of the length free. Just the sight of you tying my wrists makes my breath quicken and my juices flow…

You step back up onto the chair, urging my arms above my head with the tie. You wrap the other end of the tie around the base of the hook of the hanger and gently pull it taut so that I’m fully stretched out against the wall with a little bit of slack so that güvenilir bahis I’m still comfortable and can move just enough. Then you secure the tie with a knot.

When you get done, you look down at me. My eyes are large as they gaze back at you. But my skin is flushed with excitement and my chest is rising and falling quickly with my breathing. You know I’m okay.

You step down from the chair and then move it a couple feet away from me. And then you turn back to savor the sight of me, secure and at your mercy, quivering in anticipation. My nipples are taut in expectation, and darned if you can’t almost smell my excitement from where you’re standing. You can feel the pleasant hardening of your dick and know that this is going to be a very satisfying arousal process.

I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next, grateful that the tie wasn’t used to blindfold me. I definitely want to see what’s going on for this one! I watch as you take the “toy box” (our traditional box of sex toys) from the dresser, bring it over, and sit it on the edge of the tub, and pop the top. You have the box sitting away from me, so I can’t see inside. Then you go grab something from your own bag, carry them over and add it to the contents of the box.

You fumble around a little behind the lid and then move towards me. On your hand, I see a soft, wool mitt. Definitely not something that was in the original inventory… You brace your hands against the wall on either side of my head and lean down to give me a hot, hungry, anticipatory kiss. My body reacts with instant need for you and I whimper in response. You pull back and chuckle, knowing that if I’m this worked up now, I’m going to be frantic later.

Then you move the hand with the mitt to my wrists and slowly, slowly begin to slide it over my skin – sloooowly down one arm, and up the other. Back down the first to my neck and then down over my upper chest. Over one breast, slowly, softly, teasing my skin and making me squirm. Then the other breast.

I moan quietly. My eyes have closed at the sensation of the softness on my skin and your heat behind it. You watch the wool as it slides against my skin and you find yourself hardening even more, your boxers starting to tent.

You slowly move your hand lower, brushing the softness over my abdomen, tickling my sides as you slide the mitt over me.

Down to my thighs… slowly. You urge my left leg onto the next step up and then slowly slide the softness over my pussy. Looking at me, you can’t resist pressing your lips over the skin under which my clitoris rests to kiss me there. I groan. Your cock hardens more. My hot musk surrounds you, making you a bit heady…

Before my scent makes you lose control, you move your attention back to your task and slide the mitt down over one leg then back up the other. You give my puss one more teasing kiss before moving away.

You look at my face and smile at the look of need there. My breath is coming out in strong gasps through my open mouth. Slowly, my eyes open to look at you. You smile at me and move back to the box.

You pull out the massage unit and extension cord. That wonderful massage device that sits on the back of the hand, held in place by coil bands that go over the palm. I watch enrapt as you plug it all in and move back to me, sliding your fingers behind the coil bands and adjusting the unit. You flip the power switch and enjoy how the unit makes your hand a perfect massager. You note my smile and know that I’m thinking the same exact thing.

Beginning at one shoulder, you slowly move your hand up one arm and then back down the other, noting how varying the pressure of your touch will alter the effect of the massager. You move your hand down to a breast, first covering the small orb with your hand, feeling my nipple scratch against the palm of your hand. Then you use just your fingertips on my skin, teasing the mass of my breast before bringing your fingertips to my nipple, pinching it between your vibrating fingers. The hard little bud stands tall and proud. So much so that you get an idea. You flip off the power to the unit and go back to the box. My eyes widen when you pull out the nipple-clamp jewelry and bring the beaded chain back to me.

You adjust the screw türkçe bahis on one clamp so that it holds the clamp open about a quarter of an inch. You look at me and tell me to let you know if it’s too much. Then you squeeze the clamp open further, and gently bring it down on a nipple. The clamp is too wide to pinch my little nipple, so you slowly begin turning the screw, and the clamp slowly begins to take my nipple captive. You watch me as the feeling of the small torture device begins to take effect. You keep turning the screw until I ask that you stop. Then you put the other on my other nipple in the same manner.

The feeling of the rubber on the edge of the clamps holding my nipples taut has me almost gasping. The feeling is SO erotic – pinching almost enough to hurt and making me very, VERY aware of every bit of aching need in my body. As soon as the first clamp started squeezing on the first nipple, my body went into overdrive. I can feel my juices flowing freely, wetting the tops of my inner-thighs. Oh hell, it makes me want to be FUCKED so badly!

The entire process of affixing the clamps to my little nubs has you raging. Not only are your boxers fully tented, but you can feel the wetness of your pre-cum on the material. You’re already dying for release, but there’s so much more you want to do to me. And you know you’re going to enjoy every minute, despite the ache of your body.

You turn the massage unit back on and move your hand to my abdomen. My skin trembles beneath your touch and I gasp occasionally as you tease my belly with your vibrating hand, sometimes tickling me, always driving me more and more crazy.

Down lower still to tease my thighs. My left leg is still up on the next step, so you can easily slide your hands to my inner thighs to tease my skin with your fingertips.

Finally, you lean in close to me, watching my close-eyed face as you slide your hand so that your palm is cupping my mons, your fingers lightly rest on my pussy lips. I groan and shift my body wantonly. My tongue darts out to wet my lips and then I gasp as you put gentle pressure on my pussy through your fingertips. You chuckle and then drop down to your knees in front of me.

You first notice the wetness that is covering my skin. You smile to yourself in pleasure then take the hand-towel that is on the edge of the tub beside us and gently clean me up a bit. And then you again notice the scent of my need – one of the greatest aphrodisiacs you know. Your cock lurches and you smile to yourself. No giving in yet…

So much to try. You first grasp my pouty lips with your fingertips. The vibrations buzz through my skin and over my entire pussy. I gasp in response and my hips barely grind against the wall. You smile. You remove your fingers and then use those of your unencumbered hand to gently spread my folds, allowing my clit to peek into the open. You spread me wide, raising your arm so that your hand is splayed over my mons as your thumb and forefinger hold me apart. You take the first two fingers of your massager-hand and slide them over the skin of my pussy lips that is spread wide, slowly working your way inward. I begin whimpering. You slide my fingers to either side of my clit, sliding them up and down beside it, but never touching the engorged bud. You know that if you do, you’re liable to actually cause me pain and not pleasure. My whimpers continue. You move your fingers down lower, your fingertips graze over the rest of my pussy. And then you drop your free hand, letting my labia fend for myself. You bring your middle and ring fingers to my wetness and slowly start to slide them into me.

My groans are in the form of your name as you slide your fingers deeper and deeper into me, my wetness almost making them float. When you’re in, you move your mouth towards me, resting your chin on the heel of your buzzing hand. And then you open your mouth and snake your tongue to my clit…

For a fraction of a second I go completely still. Then you hear my gasp and then my breath begins to come out in verbal pants. Your fingers begin searching the front wall of my pussy as your tongue gently strokes my quivering nub. I groan out your name and you can feel my body begin to tighten around your fingers.

Your fingers continue their güvenilir bahis siteleri search inside of my as your tongue licks me again and again. You faintly make out words in my gasps: “Higher, a little right – not that far, micro to the left….” You follow the instructions with your fingertips. Suddenly I shout – my body begins to buck beneath your ministrations as you find my G-spot. You desperately try to keep your fingers pressing against the same spot as you suck my clit between your lips and torture it with your tongue. My inner muscles spasm around your fingers and I groan again and again. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm racks my body. You’ve never witnessed anything like this in your life!

You notice that my legs are giving out, I’m practically hanging from my wrists. Regretfully, you know that you need to stop before I get abrasions on my wrists from the fabric of the tie. You pull your fingers from my sopping heat, flip off the power to the unit and slide it off of your hand. Your hands move to my waist to support me as your tongue coaxes the last few orgasms from my body. Then you rise, still supporting me as my body begins to come down from your amazing ministrations. All I can do is gasp and rest my head against your shoulder. You gently remove the clamps from my aching nipples and let me regain my strength against you.

When my legs seem stable, you reach up and untie the knot at my wrists. You take them in your hands and gently rub the skin, noting that while there are strain marks, I haven’t gotten any rub-burns.

As soon as my hands are free, I take control, pushing you to the nearby chair. You sit down and I immediately straddle you, my hands on your shoulders, lowing my dripping pussy to your raging hardness. I sit down on you in a single movement – I’m plenty wet enough to fully lubricate you. Once I’m seated, my eyes close, my head drops back and I just grind down onto you wantonly, loving the feel of you stretching every part of my insides.

As my heat envelopes you, it’s all you can do to not blow your load on the spot. As I pause to grind down on you, you manage to regain some control and wait for me…

You don’t have to wait long. I plant my feet on the floor, raise myself to slide up your cock until you’re almost out and then roughly let myself drop back down onto you. You grunt at the feel of my body crashing down onto yours, and I immediately slide back up you, repeating the action. And again. And you know that I’m incoherent for my need to be fucked.

You don’t even think twice before putting your hands on my ass, and you stand up to take the two steps to the bed with you still deep inside me. You sit me on the bed, and I slide back, releasing you. I position myself so that my head is on the pillows, my hands moving up to the wall to brace myself. You grin roguishly, knowing that I will settle for nothing less than a complete and thorough fucking. And you’re more than happy to oblige!

You take my ankles and spread my legs, again sliding into my depths, and then you pull my ankles together so that your chest is resting against the back of my thighs and you’re buried fully and deeply in my body. You can feel, with satisfaction, yourself resting against my uterus. I look up at you and say “Please…”

And you break. You roughly pound into my body as I brace myself for full impact. I want nothing more than your body plundering mine, filling me totally and completely. There is nothing but your cock driving into my pussy, our hips colliding, allowing the full satisfaction of the perfect fuck. Neither of us notice our escalating cries of lust – we only know the feel of our bodies fulfilling each other, and the impending release.

Mine comes first, fueled on by the impact of our bodies and the feel of your cock stroking every inch of my cunt. You vaguely hear me cry out your name in satisfaction and you can feel my insides squeeze the life out of your aching cock. And at that, you let go completely, the tingling in your balls moving up into your cock as you pound into me a few more times. And, finally, you explode into my very wiling body – sweet release.

Minutes later, we stir. Both of us totally spent. But somehow…. hungry. Ravenous! You roll off of me and manage to stand as I let my legs fall to the bed. You hold out your hand to me. I look at you suspiciously.

“Trust me.” You say.

And I do, and I laugh as I give you my hand and you pull me up and toward the shower so we can wash up for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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