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Fresh from the steamy shower, she strolled into the bedroom, wearing nothing but a thick long towel wrapped around her. She sat in front of the make up mirror and began her usual primping, getting ready for her third date with her new found boyfriend.

He was unlike the many men that she had encountered in her past. She couldn’t really determine what was different about him compared to the others, but felt a new found excitement with this man.

He was about six feet tall, well built, and had jet black hair and deep translucent blues eyes. The kind of eyes that seemed to penetrate you when they looked at you, as if to be able to see inside of your thoughts. But to her, his most appealing attribute was his mouth. His smile was almost brilliant with his perfect white teeth, and his lips were full, yet masculine. Very kissable, as she knew very well.

The door bell rang at precisely the time that he said that he would be there. Another plus in his favor, punctuality.

She ran from the bedroom to the door, slowing the last few feet before it, not wanting to give him the impression of her anxiousness. She opened the door and invited him in.

He handed her a bouquet of red roses, just as he had done so, on their previous dates. Each time a fresh bouquet of roses. As he stepped in the apartment, he leaned in to give her a kiss as he handed her the roses. It was a quick kiss, but it was a full, wet, soft kiss nonetheless.

She asked if he’d like a drink before they left. He accepted and asked for Red wine. She moved to the open bar in the kitchen and poured two glasses of the fragrant wine into the glasses.

As she sauntered to the love seat where he was sitting, he remarked on how nice she looked. She then sat next to him as they each took a drink of the wine. They began talking about how they each felt about each other, both inwardly ecstatic that they both felt the same as the other about their relationship.

After two glasses of wine and some more conversation, she began to feel a bit more intrigued ,physically, about this man. Their conversation began to lessen and they each moved closer to each other for some much needed contact.

He slid his arm around her shoulders as he waited for her acceptance. Much to his glee, she snuggled in to his side. They sat like this for a few minutes. He decided to move around to kiss her, this time with a more intent meaning.

Before leaning in to kiss her, he gazed deeply into her eyes as they were nose to nose with each other. For that fleeting moment, she knew that tonight would be the night that they would move another step further güvenilir bahis into their relationship.

He pressed his lips to hers. She parted her soft, wet lips and slid her tongue out as he was simultaneously doing the same thing. The tips of their tongues touched, then began to snake over each others until their tongues began a wet, slow, sensual dance together.

His breathing was becoming more rapid as was hers. The fire in their loins began to flare at a more intense rate than ever before. He pressed against her chest, relishing the soft mounds of her breasts as they felt full against his muscled chest.

She wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him in to her body as she began to lean backwards on the love seat as they passionately kissed. He was eager to follow her until they finally rested in a prone position, with him on top of her and both of them half on and half off of the small couch.

She pushed against his chest with her hand after a few minutes of this awkward position and stood up, holding her hand to him. He grabbed it and stood, following her.

They walked into the bedroom and she hadn’t quite made it completely into the room yet when he grabbed her with his arm around her waist and pulled her into him with a firm tug. They stood just inside the room and he kissed her long and deliberately once again.

She began tugging at the buttons on his shirt, quickly opening the shirt to rid him of his clothes. He in turn began to lift her blouse upward to undress her. She slipped away when he did, smiling.

“Nope. I will do this myself, just for you. You just watch! Okay?” she said

His smile gleamed as he silently agreed. She then pushed him onto her bed.

What seemed to him to be slow motion, he watched intently as she did a slow disrobing for him. His own strip show. He watched as she removed her blouse, exposing her low cut bra. Her full, creamy white mounds bulging over the low cut cups enticed him further still.

She began to unfasten her slacks, slowly unzipping them after undoing the button as she faced him. Then she moved to the side of the bed where he lay propped up on his elbows. She turned her back to him, then slowly slid the slacks down past her hips, then over the globes of her butt until they were free enough to free fall as she let them go.

The panties that she wore was a thong. The back made a perfect T at the top of her luscious ass cheeks. They were white and had a lace fringe. When she turned facing him again, he noticed that the front of the panties was a low V cut front.

His excitement was a furnace now as he felt türkçe bahis his rigid manhood pressing against the thick black denim pants her wore. She began to tug at his belt buckle, when he pushed her hand away and said “My turn to tease You, My Lovely Vixen”.

He stood up and spun her onto the bed where he had just gotten up from. She was smiling as he began to slowly taunt her with his unfastening of his jeans. With the belt and button undone, he slowly unzipped the metal zipper. As it reached the bottom, she could see the large form of his excitement outlined in the dark blue nylon briefs that imprisoned his hard cock.

After stepping out of the fallen jeans, he too turned with his back to her. He slid his thumbs on either side of the nylon briefs and slowly slid the under pants down over his hips. She was moaning for him as his muscular ass cheeks became fully exposed for her view. And when he turned to face her, she actually gasped as his full erection filled her eyes. He was about six to seven inches in length, but the girth is what made her gasp. It was easily three inches around.

“You okay?” he asked, with a concerned look.

“Oh, I’m better than Okay!” she said with a big grin, as she couldn’t stop looking at his thick, hard cock.

“You like?” he asked.

She motioned for him to come to her. He didn’t budge.

“I have to show you something before we go any further. Something that has caused me embarrassment in the past.”


He stuck his tongue out. His tongue extended past his lips about four and a half inches. Her eyes widened as she looked at his pointed tongue.

“And THIS is what you are embarrassed about!? Oh My God! That’s fabulous!”

Feeling better with his secret out in the open now, he began to smile.

She felt her crotch begin to become very wet now, wondering if he had the knowledge of how to use the tools of pleasure that God had given him. She smiled with her thoughts including her thought of “If he doesn’t know how, I’ll SHOW him how”.

She extended her hand to him and pulled him onto the bed next to her. She unfastened her bra with a flick of her thumb and forefinger. Her breasts bounced slightly as they sprung from their confinement.

He immediately placed his hand on one of her exposed breasts, kneading the firm mound. He lowered his face down to the other exposed breast and covered his mouth onto it as wide as it would open. At this moment, she knew that he did in fact know how to use his “tools”. His tongue swirled around the circumference of her breast sending a tingling down her chest and deep into her weeping güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy.

After he glazed each breast with his saliva, He stuck his long pointed tongue out to its length and licked a trail down her chest to her tummy and stopped just above the tuft of fluff at her otherwise shaved pubic mound. He slid her laced panties to the side, then he looked up at her, and began to slowly wag his long tongue back and forth over her mound. Her eyes were glazed with lust at his talents so far.

He began to move further down until his nose was at the cleft of her swollen lips. He took in a long deep breath, breathing in her arousing scent. With his nose poised at the top of her fold, he snaked his tongue out and downward. She felt his tongue as it lightly grazed down the seam of her puffy lips and didn’t stop until the tip had touched the pink rose bud of her ass.

He then curled his tongue inward with pressure. She felt the tip as it pressed against her anus, probing with enough pressure to enter past the tight muscle of her sphincter. Instead, he began to retract the long wet tongue upward, keeping the strong pressure, until it had slipped between the wet puffy lips of her now aching pussy.

The tip of his tongue reached her opening and protruded inward, gathering the nectar that was beginning to seep from her pussy. Then retracting his tongue more, the tip sliced easily through her soft folds until the strong tip was gliding firmly over her hard clit.

She moaned and raised her hips from the bed as his tongue danced from side to side over her flesh trigger. He stopped just short of her climax, only to lower his head down for a more frontal attack on her wanting pussy.

His mouth was directly in front of her opened pussy now. He slid his tongue outward, passing between the meaty folds of her lips. He continued pressing his tongue out until it was buried into her velvet tunnel, further than any other tongue had been before.

As he began to wiggle his tongue up and down as fast as he could, he pushed the tip of his nose firmly against her hardened clit and started rubbing it firmly from side to side.

Within seconds, her moans became louder as she reached her pinnacle . As she began to climax on his tongue and face, he made his tongue begin to quake as if it had a vibrator inside of it.

She could take no more. Her belly tightened and released wave after wave of her lust and excitement out through her contracting pussy. He lapped and sucked every couple of seconds, hungrily lapping down all of the juices that flowed freely from her nether region.

In the following stage after her release, she asked him what he did down there with his tongue.

He replied with a smile, “That’s what I call My Thunder Tongue!”

She smiled with a relaxed look and commented, “Well, your turn is next!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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