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She was having problems with her marriage when she met him on line. Then the day came her husband moved out. They started spending more time talking on line. They played a game together and were just friends but now she found herself single and wanting to know more about him. She rushed home after class each day to talk to him. He was a marine and still young only 20 years old. But he seemed to be more of a man then any other men she knew. He described himself as 6 foot 3 inches tall, brown eyes, brown hair, and slender built. She was 5 foot 5 inches tall, hazel eyes, 36C, reddish brown hair, medium build.

They talked on line for a week before they began talking on the phone. The game they played fell into the past as they spent every spare moment getting to know each other. Spending 4-10 hours a day talking you get to know someone and what they are like she thought. They had so much in common personally, socially, and sexually. She dreamed of meeting him night and day. If could only be what he seemed to be, and not just saying what he thought a woman wanted to hear a man say. She wanted to meet him and make him the happiest man on earth, but if only he was true to what he said he was.

Two weeks after they started talking she got paid and found a good deal on air line tickets; this happened the same day she got a photo of him in the mail. He looked better then she could have imagined. She had not sent him a photo of herself yet but she asked him would he prefer to see a photo first or to meet her. He answered after a few moments that he would love to see what she looked like but wanted to meet her also. No she replied you must pick one or the other. Without a moments thought he answered quickly, he wanted to meet her and touch her. Nervously she told him to pick her up at the airport in 3 days time. She called and made her travel reservations.

The day came for her to fly and she hated flying. She got to the airport and got on the plane moments before it left. She didn’t want to sit and wait for the plane and give herself time to have second thoughts. The flight went smoothly. She got off the plane and got her luggage picked up. As she looked around he was not to be found. Her nerves are going crazy and a few moments later she see’s a man walked towards her with a serious look on his face. She stands up as he approaches her. He gives her a hug and says hello. Then quickly he grabs her bag and says lets get out of here. Holding her arm she follows him out the door. Then she stops him and looks into his brown eyes. What’s wrong she asks him? He looks into her eyes and with tears in his own eyes he says your more beautiful than I could have imagined, I just want to be alone with you. And they walk in silent to the car.

They begin driving and he reaches over and takes her hand and places it on the growing bulge in his pants. Without thinking she lets out a small gasp and says Oh My God. He looks at her and asks what’s wrong. Nothing she replies with güvenilir bahis a smile on her face. She wonders how any man could have anything that large in his pants. They do not get far from the airport before deciding they will never make it the 2 hours drive to the base where he is stationed.

So they stop at the next hotel they find and nervously get a room. They walk into the room not sure what to do now they are finally face to face and alone. He walks over and tilts her head back and looks deeply into her eyes. He lowers he face to give her a light kiss that quickly turns passionate.

She can not believe after two weeks of talking she is now alone with this gorgeous man and he wants her as much as she wants him. He pulls back just to look at her and the tears appear in eyes and slowly fall. She does not understand and asks why he has tears in his eyes. Barely answering in a whisper he replies, you are more beautiful than I imagined. He hugs her in a tight embrace. Slowly he begins to lay her back across the bed. He kisses her softly on the lips and slowly kisses every inch of her face before moving to her neck. He kisses her ever so softly on the neck giving her goose bumps all over her body. She is so nervous she reaches up to feel him and to reminder herself this is not a dream and that she is really here with him alone at last. His hands begin to explore her through the clothes she is wearing. He can not seem to touch her every where fast enough. Nor can she touch him fast enough.

She pulls back and says she wants to change into something more comfortable. She gets up with his eyes watching her every move. She opens her bags and gets out something but he can not see what. Alone in the bathroom she lets out a long awaited breath and a tear flows down her face. She knows she has found that true love she has been seeking her whole life. She begins to undress and put on the sexy nighty she bought for him. Fixing her make-up she slowly opens the door and walks back toward him.

She gives him a soft push and makes him lay on his back. He eyes drinking up every inch of her body as she does. He can not stop looking at her eyes and tells her how beautiful they are. She slowly lowers her body on top of his, while looking deep into his eyes as if seeing his very soul she begins to kiss him. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. She can feel the bulge in his pants waiting to get out. As she reaches down to undo his pants he stops her. No he says, there is something I have been waiting to do for you.

He rolls her onto her back and lowers his body down hers kissing her body as he goes. He reaches down with his mouth and raises her nighty with his teeth while looking up as her face. Her whole body begins to tremble. Through the black thong she is wearing he kisses her softly and smells her musky scent. With a soft moan he pulls her thong off with his hands slowly. Feeling her trembling he asks if she is ok. She answers softly; türkçe bahis yes I am more than ok. She knows he has never gone down on a woman before, would he surpass her expectations. They had talked about exactly what she liked and how she liked it now was the time to find out. He touches her softly with his hand, running his fingers along her silky folds. Very slowly he dips a finger between her lips and feels the soft silky wetness beneath.

She lets out a soft low moan of excitement and pleasure. As he pushes her legs further apart he looks up to see her face, her eyes on his every move. She watches him softly spread her moist lips apart. With a slight smile on his face he leans down to her and softly licks her. Hearing a soft moan from him and feeling his hot breath on her silky folds is almost more than she can handle. She tries to raise herself to meet his tongue but he holds her down. He is in full control now and she is starting to enjoy this. He runs his tongue from the tip of her hot swollen clit and dips his tongue into her waiting wet box of love. She can feel the vibration of his soft moans and his hot breath as he slowly begins to fuck her with his tongue. She tries her best to move but she can not. He brings his tongue back to her swollen clit and wraps his soft lips around it. Knowing how she loves to have it sucked he lets go and starts sucking and hard as he can. With a few nibbles and hearing her moaning louder now, he dips a finger deep inside of her. She cries out in sheer pleasure. He is having trouble keeping her still. Just as her whole body begins to tremble and shake she explodes into his mouth and he licks up every drop of her sweet juices.

With a smile he brings himself up to her face. She wraps her arms around him and draws him closer so she can kiss him and taste her juices still fresh on his mouth. This turns him on even more. She tells him that was wonderful and asks if he is sure that was his first time doing that. With a smile he replies to her I guess you enjoyed it. Smiling back she pushes him over and says yes but now it’s your turn my darling. She slowly removes his clothing that he has left on. Running her nails up his legs she begins to lick her lips as she watches his face. He leans his head back and grips the sheets. Spreading his legs open and lowering her body down in front of him, she takes his hardness into her hand and softly strokes him.

His pre-cum spilling out she leans her head down and licks it off. Licking in a circular motion around his head and then down the sides. He does not like teeth so she is very careful with him. She licks down the side and when she gets close to his balls she takes them into her mouth and sucks softly on them while stroking his hard cock with her hand. Now it’s his turn to start to try and move but as he did to her she holds him still. Licking her way back up she reaches his head and slowly dips her mouth as far down his hard cock as she can. Knowing it has been a while güvenilir bahis siteleri for him she expects he will not last long like this so she begins to suck hard as she also strokes him with her hand. Wanting his first full blow job to be something he will never forget. He is much stronger then he is and can not make him hold still. Soon as she is sucking his hard cock he begins moving and fucking her mouth. She clamps her lips around him as hard as she can and just concentrates on sucking him as hard as she can. Within moments he is cumming for her as he cries out how good it feels. She sucks him until he is limp and then she licks him clean.

Not ready to quit he pulls her to his side on the bed and begins touching and exploring her body again. He expects each tit with his eyes, his hands, and then his mouth. It’s not long before he has her ready to go again. He reaches down to feel and touch her silky lips and dip a finger deep inside of her. Sucking her soft smooth breasts, he dips another finger deep within her silky folds. Wanting her to cum again he starts fucking her harder with his fingers. Her hips begin rocking with his rhythm. Using the palm of his hand to rub her clit as his fingers explore deep inside of her, she rocks her hips even more and moans loudly. He feels her body once again begin to tremble, and he gives her breast a gentle bite as she cries out cumming.

Before she can recover he moves his body onto hers. She has her head back and eyes closed when he quickly dives his hard cock deep inside of her. Her eye’s pop open as she lets out a loud moan and cries his name out. He does not move after he is inside of her. She can feel his cock throbbing deep inside her hot wet pussy. Slowly he starts to slow his cock in and out of her. Trying to take things slow is becoming so hard to do. Looking into his eye’s she tells him to let go and just fuck her. She only wants that wild hard fucking right now. He smiles and asks her if she is sure that’s what she wants. She almost begs as she tells him yes that is exactly what I want right now, just fuck me darling. He pushes deep inside her as he reaches down to push her legs as wide as he can. He wants to be as deep inside her as he can.

And he begins to fuck her harder and harder. She cries out not once, not twice but three times she is cumming. He pulls back and tells her to turn over. Her legs still trembling, she does as he says without a word of argument. He lifts her to her knees and slowly enters her from behind. Moaning is all she can do now, totally speechless. He begins slowly at first, stroking her wet pussy with his hard cock. He reaches around to stroke her clit softly. With his other hand he holds her by the hip and starts to really fuck her hard. His body is slapping against her ass. He is so close now to cumming. He asks her if she will cum with him, and she cries out yes cum with me darling. He begins to fuck her faster and harder, she feels his body begin to shake the bed and her body. And together they both cry out as they cum hard.

Collapsing together onto the bed they try to catch their breath. As they drift off to sleep together she knows this is something for real and something she will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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