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I picked up the stack of papers and they slid out of my hand and scattered across the floor of my bedroom. “Shit!” I bent over and picked them up. Moving really sucked. I had never planned on having to change addresses and move all my crap but my living situation had to change. I missed Ana. It sucked but life moved on. Sort of. In the pile of papers was an envelope with script writing on it. I opened it and saw it was an invitation to a wedding. Fucking great, a wedding, like I’m interested in that at the moment, I thought. I saw it was for John and Stephanie. John worked for me a couple of years ago and, oddly enough met Stephanie at a party held at my house. In fact, of all the weird things I could have, I had a copy of a videotape from that party with the two of them fucking. I smiled and remembered the past.

The party was small but fun and loud. The house was not very cramped and people milled about, listening to music, watching the big screen, chatting and a poker game had broken out with a few guys in the game room. The doorbell rang. Somewhere along the line someone had gotten the munchies and called for a pizza. I opened the door and there stood this incredible brunette. Her hazel eyes twinkled as she saw what was going on in the house. Being a gentleman, I invited her in. She handed me the three large pizzas and laughed, a laugh that was attractive in a unique way. “Nice party.”

“Thanks. My name is Dan, and you are?”


“It’s great to meet you Stephanie. Want to hang out awhile? You are more than welcome to.”

She laughed that laugh again. “I’m working but I get off in about an hour, invitation still open then?”

“Sure is.”

At that moment John had come from the game room and the poker game to retrieve the pizzas. Their eyes met and I knew it was fate. I smiled and walked off.

Three hours later John was asking me quietly if he could use my room. I grinned at him secretly wishing it was me who would have a shot at the great looking Stephanie. I told him sure.

I ended up crashed on the couch and was awakened in the morning by the two love birds leaving. “Thanks buddy,” John said as they left, a smile a mile wide on his face. I went upstairs and pulled off my clothes, glanced at the closet and saw the video camera on its tripod sitting there. Holy shit, I thought. I had set the thing up to record lovemaking sessions with my current girlfriend Wendy. She was really into the visual thing and it was to be a surprise. It was set to activate on motion. I checked the chip. It had been run for a few hours. I had secretly taped John and Stephanie fucking. I tossed in my mind if I should watch it or not. I decided to convert the data over to video and keep it safe and maybe someday see what happened.

I rolled the invitation in my hand and decided that maybe it would not be a bad idea to go to the wedding and give the two of them a small present. I smiled and wondered who was available to go as a date; after all, I shouldn’t go stag.

One week until the wedding and no takers. I guess I had fallen from grace as of late. I was now at the point of just going with a friend as opposed to a date. After coming home to my new condo I noticed the light flashing that I had a message. I glanced through the mail and hit the button. “Hi Dan, it’s Desta from over in güvenilir bahis the Accounting Department at work. Hey, I heard you were going stag to John’s wedding and as it turns out I was planning on going alone too. How about we go together? We wouldn’t have to call it a date or anything, just two co-workers attending a friend’s wedding right? Call me or stop by my floor if you’re interested. Hope you say yes it would be a blast. Bye!”

Desta, Desta, my mind searched to match a name to a face. When it finally did I smiled and nodded my head approvingly. Desta was attractive and I remembered now that someone said she liked to have fun. She was petite, about 5’2″ with short, curly, brown hair and sexy brown eyes. Her petite frame was compact and firm. The other feature about her was her skin tone. She was the daughter of mixed parents and her skin color was gorgeous. I would definitely have to say yes. My hand involuntarily massaged my cock through my pants as I thought of her. I know she had said just friends but you never knew what could happen at a wedding and I was horny enough at the moment to not really care.

I thought about the DVD stashed upstairs, the one with John and Stephanie on it and how Stephanie would look in her wedding dress, all sexy and glowing. I started to picture her naked and wondered about the sex she and John had engaged in that was stored on that disc. My cock started to swell. I leaned back against my kitchen counter and unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my hardening nine inch cock from the opening. The more I thought about Stephanie naked and fucking the harder I got. My hand slowly strokes my cock making the head swell, my finger teasing the underside. Pre-cum glistened at the tip. My stroking became a bit faster, my mind now seeing Stephanie in front of me, sucking my cock, her hazel eyes looking up at me as she worked my man tool into her mouth, her tongue teasing it. Faster now, my hand nearly a blur, my balls tightening, I could feel it rising, my cum deep from my balls. With a loud grunt and exhalation I came, a big, thick, white stream of cum launching from my cock, then another stream and another stream, each landing with a small splat on my kitchen floor. I tilted my head back and sighed, hoping Saturday’s wedding would be fun.


I arrived right on time to Desta’s place and, after parking my car, knocked on her door. She opened it and smiled, her teeth sparkling, eyes twinkling, and invited me in. She was wearing a short skirt that flowed off her petite and firm ass and hips, stopping at around mid thigh. Her legs were great looking, skin smooth and glowing. “Shall we? She said as she gathered her small purse and a wrap to cover herself with later if it got chilly.

“Let’s go,” I said, crooking my elbow for her to take, which she did. Always the gentleman, I escorted her to my car, opened her door, made sure she was seated and closed it for her. As I walked around the car I was content with the fact that, even if nothing happened between us it would be a fun day with a great looking woman.

The ceremony was as could be expected and the reception was loud and fun. Toasts had been done and food was being consumed along with a good amount of alcohol. Desta had disappeared minutes ago and I was wondering where she went. Finally ten minutes later türkçe bahis she appeared wearing a mischievous grin, holding up a small plastic card. “What the hell is that?” I asked, yelling a bit over the music. She leaned in close, “John and Stephanie’s room key. I talked his mom out of it saying we were going to decorate it for when they got there later.”

I smiled and laughed. “That’s a great idea, let’s go.”

We left the ballroom and headed for the elevators and then up to the honeymoon suite, letting ourselves in with the key. Desta had acquired some gag decorations and a gag gift basket for newlyweds which she carried into the room. We set about decorating and the place looked great. We put the gift basket on the bed. It contained condoms of various colors, edible undies, a couple of sex toys, play handcuffs, that sort of stuff. I then retrieved the DVD from my jacket pocket. I went to the desk in the room and started to write a note to them. Desta leaned over my shoulder asking what I was doing. I explained to her that I had a mystery DVD of the first night John and Stephanie had ever had sex, or at least I thought it was as I never had watched it out of respect. “You’re telling me that you never watched it?” Desta was incredulous. “You, Mr. Dan, Dan the ladies man?” She laughed. “That’s right hotshot, I’ve heard about your reputation. Tabitha still says you were the best she ever had even if you were an ass to her.”

I groaned. Great my reputation has now preceded me. “Listen, I don’t know what she said but…” Desta held a hand up, “Don’t sweat it Dan, I think you are a nice guy no matter what she said. But hey, let’s make sure the tape is the real thing. It would suck if you left it here and it was video of you sleeping or something.”

Relieved that she decided to let the Tabitha thing go, I went over to the DVD player in the room. “You have a point it would be kind of funny if I wrote them a note to enjoy watching their first ever sex with each other and it was nothing but an image of my room or worse.”

I came over to where Desta sat on the bed and using the remote turned the T.V. and DVD player in, hitting play. The disc started up showing my room in my old house, the door open, and two figures coming into view. Then the door could be heard shutting, and the light from my bathroom came on, setting the room in a diffused glow but bright enough to make out everything going on. It was John and Stephanie. He stood in front of the bed and she had come from the bathroom. When she reached him she went right to her knees and started undoing his pants, pulling them down to his ankles rapidly. I looked over at Desta and she was mesmerized watching Stephanie start to lick the swollen head of John’s growing cock. I have to admit it was pretty sexy. Soon Stephanie was sucking John’s cock hard and fast, really getting into it. They were both moaning, Stephanie’s free hand rubbing her pussy through her pants. Again, I glanced over at Desta as I had sensed movement. Desta had shifted her skirt up and put one leg on the bed, her hand caressing her pussy through her panties. I decided to be bold. I stood, reaching for my pants, undoing them and letting them fall. My cock was very hard and hung there in space between Desta and me for a second before she realized what I had done. She looked up at me, back güvenilir bahis siteleri at the screen and Stephanie sucking John, to my big cock, and then to my eyes. In a flash her hand was on my cock, stroking it, and then her lips wrapped my cock head into their velvety embrace.

We both alternated between watching each other and the action on the screen. Stephanie was doing an incredible job sucking John off and I wondered how the guy had held out this long. Desta was doing an equal job of giving me a fantastic blow job, her small mouth and lips hugging my big cock, her tongue teasing the underside with each up and down stroke of her head.

On the screen Stephanie had popped Johns cock from her mouth and stood up, peeling her clothes away. Having seen her just minutes before in her wedding dress I knew she was incredible looking but now seeing her on this two year old video, naked, brought things full circle. John was an incredibly lucky man. They moved to the bed and I could hear her ask John to fuck her well over the sounds of Desta sucking me off. Then my cock was in the air. “I need that cock in me.” Desta panted as she now stripped and climbed onto the bed, laying on her back and parting her legs. I moved forward and crawled onto the bed and looked at her cute, tight, little pussy. I had to taste it. I lowered my head and licked it twice before she pulled my head up. “I need that cock. Now.”

Not one to deny her request I shifted positions and just before leaning to enter her realized I needed some form of protection. I saw the gag basket on the bed, reached out and tore the wrapper at the bottom and fetched out a condom. I quickly rolled it onto my throbbing dick and positioned myself over Desta. I held my cock in one hand and teased her wet slit, knowing that she was going to be tight. Her hips bucked under me, “Fuck me with that big cock now!” I leaned forward and entered her. She moaned in pleasure as did I. She was tight but it was nice, her pussy gripping my big cock as it pulsed deeper into her. I started to thrust, grabbing her legs for leverage.

I glanced down and saw her gaze was moving from the sight of my huge cock fucking her to the image on the screen of John doing the same to Stephanie. Desta clawed at my back pressing my ass down into her, wanting ever inch of my cock to be in her tight pussy.

I pulled out and had her move onto her knees, facing the screen. I positioned myself behind her and entered her again, grasping her petite, firm hips and ass cheeks as my cock plunged in and out of her from behind. She moaned and cried out in orgasm, her body shaking from the pleasure. On the screen John had pulled out from Stephanie and just shot his big load all over her tits and face, which Stephanie lapped up with a finger and her tongue. I was nearing my limit and knew I would cum soon. “I want to taste your cum,” Desta moaned. I quickened my pace and pulled out from her, yanking at the condom. She spun around and just as her face got to my cock I let loose, the first hot jet of cum hitting her in the cheek and lips before she could get her mouth open to take the next shots. Desta slurped on my cock taking the remainder of my load and she had another crashing orgasm.

We slumped together onto the bed catching our breath. I hit stop on the DVD player. Desta got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up, I did the same in the room and finished my note to John and Stephanie, safe in the knowledge that the disc really had them on it.

Dressed and cleaned up, my wedding date and I returned to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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