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This is the first of a three part story. Part two will be submitted following reader response [unless the response is totally and uniformly negative.]

All characters are at least 18 years old.


The summer before my senior year in high school I threw out my fantasies because they were silly and replaced them with new fantasies that were even more ridiculous. Until then I dreamed I was pitching for the Cincinnati Reds and was heading toward a no-hitter; I dreamed of winning the lottery, becoming a billionaire and taking care of all my family and friends, I dreamed Anne Worely fell in love with me and we were king and queen of the senior prom. After that my new fantasies were to have Lisa, my best friend’s sister, sit on my face, and to lick my father’s cum out of my stepmother’s freshly fucked pussy. These were fantasies I could work on!

A little bit of background: Tom and Lisa moved next door when Tom and I were in the third grade and Lisa was in fifth. We were “Los tres amigos,” and then the three musketeers until Lisa bloomed into a girl and grew tits – somewhere about the eighth grade. In the seventh grade Tom and I went out for football and became jocks. Shortly after that we started growing pubic hair and we both developed an impossible crush on Anne Worely. We would tell each other fantastic stories about what we would do to and with Anne as we beat our pathetic little weenies. One November night Lisa caught us and neither of us could look Lisa in the eye until way past Christmas.

Now Tom is six-three, two hundred ten pounds of muscle and bone. I am two inches taller and ten pounds lighter. Tom is a shoo-in for starting quarterback on our football team and I will try out for wide receiver, the position I earned my junior year. Lisa is first string on the varsity volleyball team at the university. She was offered a position with a modelling agency, but her parents pressured her to turn it down because it included posing nude for Playboy Bunny of the month. She gets my vote for Miss Universe.

We are all home for the summer and hangout together without further supervision because both sets of parents work.

Our favorite pastime is sitting by their pool shooting the shit and drinking a beer or three. We talk about anything and everything, with no subject off limits.

“So,” Lisa says one day, “how often do you guys masturbate?”

“What?” Tom and I say simultaneously.

“You heard me. How often do you spank the monkey? You know, choke the illegal bahis chicken?” We all know you do it. I want to know how often.”

“I don’t know about Tom,” I say, “But I only do it about five or six times a day.”

“You’re shitting me,” Lisa says.

“That’s about the same for me,” Tom says.

“You guys are so full of shit. There’s no way you jack off that much.”

“Okay, during football season I cut down to three or four times a day. It affects how fast I run if I jack off during the day. And I would never chance doing it in the shower after practice.”

“Yeah, me too,” Tom says.

“I think you guys are putting me on.”

“Honest Injun,” Tom says, holding up two fingers on his right hand.

“Really,” I say.

“Do, do do you guys?” Lisa says before she starts giggling so hard she can hardly speak.

“Do we what?” I say.

“Do you ever do it together?” she manages to say before breaking into another attack of the giggles.

“Not in a long time,” Tom says

“When was the last time?” she says.

Tom looks at me quizzically and I shrug my shoulders. I honestly can’t remember the last time. It had to be at least a year – possibly two years – ago.

Lisa is giggling again.

“Do you really want to know? Or are you happy just to laugh at us?” Tom says.

“I’m not laughing at you. I really want to know.”

I feel my cock twitch in my swimsuit and glance toward Tom in time to see him adjusting his suit to push the bulge to one side. Our gazes meet and we both turn to his sister who is lying supine on a recliner/lounge chair in a white bikini. Her lounger is slightly behind us so both Tom and I are looking up her thighs to the crotch of her bikini bottom and a perfect camel toe. The late morning sun is glistening off the perspiration and suntan oil on her golden thighs and legs and I admire the blond stubble on her otherwise perfect complexion. I imagine how the soft fuzz would feel on my tongue as I lick that smoothly toned belly.

Lisa catches me adjusting my swimsuit and smiles. She pulls the edge of her top to make sure her tits are well hidden from my prying eyes. The action draws the material tight against her nipples and that causes my cock to twitch again.

I apparently got away with ogling. Tom, not so much.

“What are you looking at? Little brother?”

“I don’t, don’t know,” Tom stutters.

“Of course you do,” Lisa says and sits up in the recliner, her legs fall one on each side of the illegal bahis siteleri chair and her crotch is splayed before me. The way her bikini crotch is strains against her pussy lips pushes me to full erection. She concentrates on Tom and leaves me to my indecent appreciation of her delicious looking pussy lips.

“Last time I saw you without a top, you had little nubs that looked like tits, only smaller.”

“So what? You want to see how they’ve grown over the years?”

“Oh, yeah,” Tom says and adjusts his chair for a front-row view.

Lisa swings her left leg over the recliner and momentarily, the crotch of her bikini panty fails to contain her. I am treated to a glimpse of heaven as her pussy lips slip past their confinement and shine before me like the holy grail.

I salivate shamelessly. God, that woman is gorgeous beyond description. “How about you squirt?” she says,” You want to see the latest development?”

“Absolutely. I’d love to see your new puppies.”

“Okay. But it’s going to cost you.”

“I’m game. How much do you want?” I say.

“Me too,” says Tom.

“Oh no, it’s not money I want.

“What then?” Tom and I say at the same time. I feel a knot in the pit of my stomach and I know it’s a combination of anticipation, excitement and trepidation about what Lisa might want.

“I want to see you both jack off and come on my belly at the same time.”

“Not a problem,” I say, “I’ll cum a lot quicker and more copiously if I can see your pussy, too.”

“That’s not on the table in this deal. Maybe some other time. What about you Tom?”

“I’m okay with the original deal.

I get up to sit on Tom’s lounger in front of Lisa.

“Both of you stand and take off your swimsuits.”


“Just do it.”

I look at Tom and see him grin from ear to ear, His trunks at his knees and still falling. I had forgotten how well-hung he is. But right now it isn’t hanging. All eight inches of him are sticking straight up from his massive ballsack like a flagpole. Angry blue veins protrude around his shaft to feed a deep purple plum at the apex. Precum runs down the shaft to pool at the crop of ginger-colored kinky hair at the base. Lisa’s eyes are fixed on the massive tool.

I am embarrassed to let my pocket dragon out of the cave.

But a deal is a deal and I don’t want to give Lisa a reason to change her mind. I unbutton my trunks and junior jumps out like a jack-in-the-box.

Mine is no longer than canlı bahis siteleri Tom’s but I am quite a bit thicker, especially at the base. I am hard as granite and of that same shade of purple. I have been leaking precum the whole time we have been playing this erotic game and my glans and shaft are totally wet. Lisa looks at me, smiles and licks her lips. My cock jumps in appreciation.

Lisa leans toward Tom and me. Her face is less than two inches from my throbbing member.

“Will one of you please undo my top at the back?”

I move quickly to the left and grab for the delicate white strap. It takes a little effort to untie without breaking it or hurting Lisa. At last her tits are free and l am left with a bikini top in my hands. I stand back and start stroking my cock rapidly. IT squishes in my hand and sends electric current to my toes and eyebrows at the same time. Lisa squeezes her tits and rubs her nipples between forefinger and thumbs. I start my internal camera to record this moment for all future jerk off sessions for the rest of my life.

To my left Tom is grunting like a rutting pig. His face is scrunched up in an all-consuming grimace. He is close to hyperventilating.

“Tom. Tom, BREATHE, TOM!” I shout at him, lest he faint on us. My balls churn and I feel the eruption start deep in my scrotum. I point the purple head at Lisa. A thick rope of milky white semen plops on her left tit, covering it like the first snow on the mountain peak and slides down to her belly. “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” I Say.

“Oh , God, yes. That is exactly what I’ve been missing.”

I bathed her other tit and the space between her tits with rope after rope of goo and then Tom erupted on her, too. From shoulders to waistband, Lisa is a shimmering puddle of silver white semen. She lies on her back again and spreads her legs to each side of the recliner. She rubs the man cream on her tits and belly, then takes a dab of cum out of her navel and puts it her mouth. Junior twitches to release on more drop. “There is a little more where that came from if you want to get it straight from the source.”

“Dream on Squirt,” Lisa says.

“Oh you know I will,” I say.

The air is heavy with the smell of sperm and semen but underneath it – like a song within a song is the unmistakable fragrance of frangipane.

I have an uncanny ability to pick up and distinguish faint scents and fragrances.But we will leave that for the next episode in this fantasy tale.


Dear readers: please comment on this as a start of multi part story of incest/taboo. A. Should Lisa and Tom continue into the next part? B. Should I proceed directly to my second fantasy as it involves my sexy step mother?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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