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After the first four days D and I moved into a wake up routine each morning. It seemed we fucked and sucked each other for hours each night after class and were dead tired every morning. When we woke, we would shower together and then I would eat her pussy and/or she would suck my cock after we showered together and dried each other completely. It was wonderful to have this sexy young woman’s body in my hands and mouth each morning loving her pussy with my mouth tongue and hands, We just couldn’t get up early enough for 3 hours of fucking before class. So we gave each other oral pleasure in the morning.

Then during the day we would touch each other whenever we had a chance. It was a sexual game. Then at night we either ate dinner some place close to the hotel or in our room. Knowing that no one was going to bother us at night, we concentrated all our built up passion, all of our lust for each other and fucked our brains out.

But, we took each other everywhere, in the hot tub twice, on the desk and in the big chair in our rooms. We even did it front of the big window facing the pool one afternoon. We were sure a bunch of folks saw us. D wrapped her legs around me and I held her in front of the window and let her pump on my cock until she got off. Some days we didn’t even get undressed. We just couldn’t wait to fuck!

We took each other in the shower, in the tub and on the sink while I still had shaving cream on one side of my face. When we finally separated, D had most of it on her face and over her body, especially between her thighs. We even did it on the floor a few nights when our passion was so great we never made it to the bed. She attacked me one day after class and we stripped each other right behind the door to the room. We slammed against the door and wall as we fucked each other like animals.

Some nights D would wake me up so I could fuck or eat her or both. Some nights I would wake her and fuck her with so much lust it scared both of us. We fucked in both rooms and even on her balcony one-day. Her modesty was gone now. She knew what she wanted and did what she wanted when it came to sex. We were careful not to get arrested but we did fuck in public places some nights when we were out and couldn’t wait to get back to the room.

When we were together we were always embracing in some sexual way or we were locked together in a passionate lovemaking session that went on for hours. It was sex, yes, but it was now something more. We both knew it. We both loved what the other person did and knew we were drawing closer and closer together. I was wondering if we were both going to loose our partners and move in together. Some days I was willing to do just that. Some days I wasn’t. She felt the same way. She knew she was having more than lust for me. But we told each other it was the sex and nothing more. We both knew it wasn’t true but we hung on to that idea.

After D and I would call home each night we hold each other and I held her she started crying on more than one night. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she was thinking about leaving her husband but she wasn’t sure. She was wondering how I felt about that? She also asked me if I had ever considered leaving my wife.

I told her I had but I was also on the fence. And, since I had children I didn’t know if I could. Since D had no kids she felt it was easier for her if she did separate from her husband. I asked her why the change of heart and she told me I how she felt about me. That she had changed and now felt more than lusts for me. That I had opened her eyes and made her understand what sweet loving mutual sex and closeness felt like. She now knew what sex was supposed to be like with someone who she cared for and wanted. She was not going to go back to the old life style she had been experiencing with her man since they had been married. And she told me that when she got home, she was going to have a long conversation about that part of their life with her husband.

It wasn’t that she didn’t still love him, because she still did. It was the fact that she had grown, matured with regards to sex and wanted more and different types of it. She now realized there was more to sex than the missionary position once a week and more than cumming just one time, if that. He would have to learn to eat her pussy and she would train him to do that. She was sure she would want that most every night. It was the number one thing on her list of changes. If he didn’t do that and change so they could experiment, she was either going to leave him or tell him she wanted to have other men. That would make him either leave her or try to accommodate her sexual needs. Either way she would get more and better sex. She looked at me as she pressed her lovely body against me and asked in a little girl way, “Will you come see me if I need you Bud? Will you take care of my pussy for me if he doesn’t? If he leaves will you still fuck me when I need fucking real bad?”

I moaned and cupped her snatch as I kissed her and whispered, ” You know I will D. mobilbahis güvenilir mi I will even stand in line waiting for your man to finish so I can have seconds. Would you like that? Two guys fucking you one behind the other.”

She moaned and whispered as she licked my neck, ” Well he would have to stand in line and wait for you to finished. If there’s seconds he will get them not you baby!”

I asked her again, “Would you like to try two dicks in you at same time?”

She was the one who moaned now as my fingers slid into her pussy hole. She told me, “Oh yes! Two cocks sound very evil. And two are always better than one. Speaking of two cocks, Curt called me and wanted to know if we would see then again. What do you think?”

As she laid there with her legs open welcoming my touch I smiled and said, “You can’t get enough of that big huge cock can you?”

She began to rock her pussy on my hand and smiled up at me saying, “Well if I get his cock you get Silva’s pussy and I know you liked her.”

I smiled as we lay there playing with each other’s body. Finally she said, “I told him I’d call him back tonight. What do you ant to do?”

I said, ” I’ll leave it up to you D. But tomorrow is our last night together and I don’t want anyone with us tomorrow.”

She said, “OK. I’ll call him and tell him we’ll meet them at the hot tub around 10 PM. That gives about two hours any ideas?”

I smiled and said, “Oh God I have created a monster!”

She picked up the phone and as she straddled my cock and lowered her pussy down on it she told me, “Yes! I think you have.”

She moved over me on the bed with the phone next to her ear. As she waited for someone to answer, she began to move up and down on my cock. I began to lick and kiss her very firm young breasts. When Curt came on the line I sucked hard on her nipple and she yelled “ouch”!

Curt asked what was wrong and she just told him something had bitten her. She then told him that we would meet him and Silvia at 10 PM in the hot tub. We began to make soft gentle love on her bed this time. Up and down she rode my hard on as we both worked towards our mutual orgasm. Then all of a sudden, D moved off my cock. I arched trying to keep it in her pussy. She reached between our bodies and took the hard thick of my shaft in her hand as I continued to pump away. As her hand begins to stroke my extremely hard I knew she could felt her own wetness coated over it. I cupped her pussy with my hand, we both moan from this pleasure. She used her other hand to cup my balls weighting them. She said, “I just want to know how you feel so when I get home I can do the same to my old man and see if he measures up. And with the D began to suck and lick my cock like she never did before. It was screaming to cum and I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer.

As she took her tongue and licked all around the fat purple head. I moaned and rolled her over on her back and as I kneel between her thighs. I told her, “I want to eat your pussy D and you can measure that too with what you husband does!”

Her hands grab my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. I lick and kiss all around it making love to it. I knew this orgasm will be a good one, hard, fast and it will make her go nuts as she pumps her cunt on my face. But she was already going wild fucking my face. When she gets to this point in the love making, I know D doesn’t give a shit about anything but cumming! The building could be burning and she would hold me there until she finished getting off.

There was a time she would make me shut out the light in the room or keep the light off or she would have some clothing on to help cover her. But now D didn’t care that was completely nude laying there with her thighs spread wide-open and that I was looking directly into her cunt. The curtains were all open and all the light sin the room was on. She had gotten over her shyness completely and now wanted to see everything she was feeling. I smiled as I wondered how her husband would take the new D? But then she pushed my face harder into her cunt and I knew all she wanted was to cum!

I had taught her well. D moaned out loudly: “Eat me! Oh yes eat me! EAT ME. DAM IT!! EAT ME!! OH FUCK YES! OH GOD! THAT’S IT JUST LIKE THAT!! MUMMM!! OH YES! OH YES! IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD BABY.”

I feel her stiffen and try to hold off, but the building orgasm has taken over and as I press my mouth against her clit and sucked it, it hits her. I bury my nose against her wetness and let my tongue lick her clit like a cat licks milk. “AHHHHHH MY GOD YES. YES. YES. YES. THAT’S IT. THAT’S IT. I’M CUMMING. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She screamed as I lick and suck hard on her beautiful cunt. She told me later that it felt like her insides were being sucked out of her pussy. I was sucking her pussy that strong. She said, “It like my very sole was being sucked in to your mouth. God I love the way you eat me!”

As I suck and suck and suck on this sweet, pussy, which was spread wide open mobilbahis in front of me, I hear her breath coming is short gasps. And when I put my tongue into her hole as deep as I could insert it, I used my middle finger to go deep into her ass hole making her screamed with sexual delight.

I begin to fuck her pussy with my tongue again and again until I got her to moan out loud one last time and begin to pump against my face. The feeling of her ass being fucked with my middle finger and my tongue licking and fucking her pussy at the same time, made her begin to cum like a river. More and more of her juices flow over the lips of her pussy and into my mouth. I lap them up. The juices filled my mouth and covered my face as she try to hold my head tighter against her pussy feeling my lips and tongue giving her what she so desperately wanted.

She dropped her legs over my shoulders and began to hump my face up and down. She pushed forward and then up lifting her body off the bed surprising me! I fall backwards, and she followed me keeping her cunt tightly against my mouth. As she sat on my face now, she lifted her ass pumping her cunt in time with my sucking. She was thinking: “Jesus this man really knows how to suck a pussy.”

She rammed her cunt against my wet face one last time as she continued to cum. She felt her body begin to close down. Just as she starting to recover a little, she felt me suck her extremely swollen clit between lips, and softly bit it with my teeth. Rockets went off again inside her head and body as the roaring come back in her head and she held my head as hard as before as she sat on my mouth and climaxed again. D’s body pumped and thrust on my mouth as she covered my face completely with her pussy and ass.

Every cell in her body felt like it’s on fire. The heat radiating from her pussy felt like she was burning with a high temperature. Her body was slamming my face, but I held on to her hips and sucked. D felt like her heart was beating so fast it scared her She couldn’t catch her breath at all now. She screamed, “Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!! MYYYYYY!!!! GODDDDDD!! YESSSSS!!!!!”

I had my arms under and around her thighs as she bucked wildly. She pumped so hard, my lips slide off of her pussy and she slammed it back down on my mouth. My head was trapped between her squeezing knees on the side of my head and her hands pushing and pulling my head hard into her cunt. I have trouble breathing now as pleasure swept over her and the taste and smell of her pussy and cum was making my wild for your body.

I rolled her over on to her back and I begin to go completely out of control with my own needs. As I stay between your legs, I start to suck, and lick and finger your pussy and ass so hard and fast it drove you on and on and on. Her juices were flying all over everything. It looks like her pussy is urinating. But she wasn’t, she was cumming. As her body humped up and froze in the air this time, screaming: “OH!! OH GOD!! OH GOD YES!! OH. . . OH . . . YESSSSSSSSSS!!! OH. . . GOD. . . YESSSSSSSSS. . . BABY!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSSS.S!!!”

I move my face from side to side and used my tongue, mouth and fingers to work over every inch of her pulsing sex. I even used my nose to help stimulate her body. I rubbed it on her very hard and very swollen and extremely sensitive clit. D’s cum juice was smeared from one side of my face to the other and dripped off his chin and on to her stomach. It was in my hair and all over my head. I was one sticky mess, but I knew it is going to worth it because now she was going to fuck me like I knew she do with that fantastic young sweet body.

As I moved out from between her pussy, I laid on top of her. I looked into her beautiful face and smiled. She smiled back at me as she wiped away some of the wetness that had covered me. She told me, “Thank you Bud! Thank you for knowing how bad I wanted that! “

It had been a very long time since I have felt like this about any woman. I like everything about D. I smile and give her wet pussy one last long slow lick and allowed her to get up. I lay there with a super hard on and watch my lover put on the smallest bikini I ever saw. I smiled and said, “Well I got to admit, you are one beautiful piece of ass D!”

She hit me on my arm and took my hard cock in her small hands and said, “And you look like you could crack ice with this dam thing. God Bud you are so hard. I wish we had the time baby!”

I told her not to worry I was sure someone would help me with it tonight. She smiled as she wiggled her sweet ass and walked to the door. I got up and slipped on my suit. We head to the hot tub with her cum still inside her. I pull D close as we step into the elevator and whisper, “I wonder how old Curt will like the taste of all that cum you have inside your pussy cum?”

She squeezes my cock as the elevator stops and we walk to the pool area. Silvia and Curt are already there waiting for us with drinks. Curt saw D take off the beach cover she had on over her micro bikini. mobilbahis giriş He smiled and told her, “My god D you look fantastic in that thong.”

She told him thanks and move into the water and sat next to him. As the time went by and we talked as we drank the pitcher of drinks Curt has brought. As the night grew later the four of us were all that was left around the pool and hot tub. Silvia told us she was burning up and moved to sit on the edge of the hot tub. I watched as she sat there with a bikini that was as small or smaller as D’s. Silva smiled as she saw me look at her. She told me Curt had purchased the suit for her and for me. I thanked him and told her how good she looked in it. I said, “Both of you ladies look good enough to eat!”

We all smiled and Silvia turned to me and said, “Do I look better now?” She had removed her top and I could see her nipples harden from the cool air blowing on them. I moved closer and as D and Curt watched I knelt and sucked on Silvia’s nipples as my hands lifted her large breasts. She held my head as I sucked them like a little baby! My lips, tongue and hands couldn’t get enough. After a few minutes she whispered, “Let’s go back to the room Bud.” I looked at D and saw Curt was occupying her. He had moved her to the edge of the hot tub and had her thong pulled to the side and was licking her pussy. D smiled at me and licked her lips as she held Curt’s head against her snatch. I knew how she loved her cunt licked. I said, “If you don’t mind, Silvia and I are going back to my room. I’ll see you in the morning. If you need me call me. OK?”

She smiled and said, “Oh I won’t need you tonight Bud, I’m sure Curt will take good care of me.” She grabbed his huge lump sticking out his bathing suit. She smiled at me and said, “I’ll see you in class.”

Silvia snapped her top back on and we walked to the elevator. She was all over me as we got in and the elevator doors closed. When we got to the room I was shutting the door and turned around to see Silvia just stepping out of her bikini panties. Her bikini top was hanging on the chair arm. She bent down and smiled at me as she pulled her panties off her feet. When she stood up, this beautiful woman was now standing there naked smiling at me. As she walked towards me she said, “I don’t want to spend a minute getting undress Bud, I want you to fuck me good baby! See how wet I am for you?”

I looked between her thighs and could see the wetness shining on her pussy. I said, Silvia you are beautiful baby!”

She smiled as she rubbed her body with her hands and said, ” I want your cock in me Bud. Let’s fuck on the balcony!”

Her words made my cock rise faster than it had started seeing her dam beautiful well built body. Silvia was 100% different than D. She was tall D was short, D was heavier and was built much bigger than D, and Silvia was a woman who had fuck god knows how many men, and women, D had fucked two men, her husband and me. She was like D in one way, she was burning with heat, sexual heat. I desperately wanted to take her in my arms and fuck her like an animal until I shot a huge load into her fat pussy! But I smiled and took her hand and she took my cock as we walked to the balcony.

When we got out on the balcony porch she immediately knelt in front of me as I remained standing. Her touch and lips were actually hot on the skin of my cock. As her hands traveled up my thighs and then between my legs, I spread my feet as she cupped my cock and balls in her hands. As she slipped the hard cock head into her mouth, I moaned and reached for her big tits.

As her head pressed down she took the entire cock shaft in her mouth and down my throat. As I began to fuck her face, I felt her tongue lubricating that part of my cock shaft in her mouth. She was breathing in rhythm with my pushing my cock down her throat. She had the deep throating talent that D had not achieved yet. God she could suck a cock! My desire and excitement was so high I felt ready, so very ready. But Silvia knew how to keep me from cumming by working me hard until I was almost there and then she would slow down and back off until I had recovered.

She continued to caress my body as she sucked my cock better than anyone I have ever had. A loud groan escaped my lips as she held my cock up with her fingers around the fat purple head and used her tongue to trace the underside of my cock shaft and then back down to my ball sack. She took each ball and sucked it. Then using her tongue again she licked back up and over the head before her mouth closed back around it. She sucked and sucked and sucked as my legs began to weaken..

She took my cock all the way down her throat and I held her head as I began to spew cum into and down her throat. She moaned as I filled her mouth and fucked her face as I continued to hold her head. My legs bent and I felt like I was falling. Somehow I managed to stay upright until she had sucked me dry. Then she moved back and laid down with her back on one of the chase lounges. As she went back she pulled me with her. I was now squatting over her big breasts. I saw her nipples hard and long. I remembered from last time how red they would be in the light of the room. I moaned when she told me, “Fuck my tits Bud. I know you want to do it, slid your cock between them and fuck them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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