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I walk into a crowded room, and can’t help but notice you. There’s a small group around you — both men and women. You glance at me as I walk by.

There’s something visceral about you; something magnetic. I wait a bit, hoping the crowd will disperse. But it doesn’t.

I step near the edge of the crowd, right in front of you. You look at me, and I’m staring. You’re startled, not sure if you should be alarmed… but you also feel a hum, a tingle, deep inside you. You look away, but smile.

I’m drawn to you, and step into your circle. You look at me, surprised by my boldness. I ask if I can speak with you, just for a moment. You agree, and we step away from the crowd. Since your crowd has lost it’s focus, they begin to disperse.

I look into your eyes, lean close to your ear, and whisper: “I can feel your fire. It’s time to release it.” Your eyes go wide; your lip trembles. Should you be afraid, or should you hope — that you may have finally found what you’ve been seeking?

You feel a little fear, but the flame of your desire is lit. I tell you, “Come with me,” and you nod. I take you home, and you’re still a bit afraid. What have you gotten into? Are you safe? What’s going to happen? As you look around, you realize that I’m prepared. I’ve obviously done this before. Maybe you’re in good hands… maybe you have found what you’ve been seeking….

I notice you looking around as I hang up your coat. You’re getting more comfortable, more at ease. Your heat is building as your fear subsides. I hand you a glass of wine, and you accept with a smile.

I ask if you like to dance, because I need to get close to you; I need to feel your curves, your softness, your fire. Without waiting for your answer I turn on soft music and sweep you into my arms. I feel you melt against me, and I feel my desire build. You’re almost ready to surrender… almost.

After our first dance I stop, holding you closely. I lift my hand from your güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri waist, and into your hair. You’re expecting a kiss, and I want to devour you. My hand buries deeply into your hair, and I pull back, exposing the curve of your neck. My lips brush the base of your neck. With each kiss getting more insistent I continue up your neck — sometimes gently, other times not. You’ve sagged against me; I feel the length of your body pressing against mine as I ravish your sultry neck.

I suddenly stop — and look deeply into your eyes. Then, without asking, my lips finally meet yours.

Your lips are as soft as I imagined; mine burn with the fire you feel — the fire of our desire.

My tongue tastes your lips as they part; your lips encircle my tongue and gently suck on it. I can tell you’re feeling lightheaded, and lost in the moment. The hand on your back slides lower, and I feel your luscious curves swell under my touch. With my hand cupping you, I squeeze and lift, pressing your body firmly into mine. You feel my desire, my hunger, pressing back.

You lift your leg over mine, trying to pierce your hunger with my desire. That is inevitable now, and soon.

My hand looses your hair, and reaches down to cup your swelling breast. You’re lightly panting, and I feel a gasp from your breath as I rub the swell of your nipple through your clothing. You want my touch, and I want your pleasure.

While one hand is cupping your heaving breast, the other draws up the hem of your dress. The hem inches up, revealing the top of your stockings, and, finally, your bare flesh. I feel your silky softness, and it’s a softness that burns brightly in my hand. My hand caresses that softness, and slowly, but firmly, glides over the lace that hides your treasure.

Your hips start to roll, pressing my hand over your lace-covered mound. I feel the moistness, like liquid fire, burn my hand. Our desire is white güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hot, and won’t be held at bay much longer. We need to join together. We need to be one — soon.

My hand glides between your legs on a cushion of heat and moistness. I feel your hand reach out and cup the front of my trousers. My fingers, slick with your wetness, find a home between your parted lips. You gasp, and I’m careful to slide over the outside only… for now.

It’s all I can take. I MUST have you now. I lift you, and your legs wrap around me as I walk with you to the bed. Sitting you on it, I pull your dress over your head. You feel my heat; you feel my haste; you know I’m burning and will be consumed if I don’t submerge into your liquid fire. Once your dress is gone, I remove your undergarments so you are gloriously naked before me.

I take a moment in wonder at this heavenly sight. Then I push you down on the bed and firmly part your legs. All hesitation is gone; I have no more willpower to resist. Kneeling between your legs, I taste your delicate nectar as my tongue dances in your pool of liquid fire.

It’s purity and perfection tastes like nothing short of the nectar of the gods. My tongue dances over your lips, reveling in your taste. None have ever tasted so sweet; none have been more succulent.

Not content to only dance over your lips, my tongue, with a broad stroke, parts your lips and slides in. Now, my lips are gently caressing yours. I hear you gasp; I feel you grasp my tongue inside you. I feel you’re close; close to your center and white-hot flame; close to the first of many orgasms this night.

My face is slick with your nectar. My tongue glides up, and teases your clit. Lightly, at first; and then firmly. I draw your clit into my mouth and suck on it. I work, up and down, and your flame will no longer be denied as your body rocks with pleasure, and the waves of your orgasm wash over.

You’re güvenilir bahis şirketleri panting, and spent, but still hungry for more. Now I will not be denied; I gaze into your eyes and they burn; burn with hunger and passion. I’m at your entrance; you can feel my pressure on your lips… and I wait, but just for a moment.

I press forward, parting your walls as I’m drenched in your liquid fire. I feel your heat; it’s a soft, silky, white-hot heat that cannot be denied. I press in further, and you feel me caressing your walls with each stroke. I feel I am encased in your love; we’re a perfect fit.

Our flames blend in mutual fire. There is no pretense; only a deep longing for satisfaction and release. We move in rhythm, and the world follows. And now, our time is at hand.

Your heat burns brighter; I feel you clenching me. You’re wanton, with complete abandon, and lost in this moment. There is only this moment — and your need for release.

Your waves and pleasure peak; your grasp grows stronger and you orgasm. It’s your deepest ever; you feel waves of pleasure you’ve never before felt burst out and light our union. And this — this is my signal.

As you ride the crest of your orgasm I join you. I fire my seed deep within; you feel my release and are swept even higher: higher than you knew was possible.

Now, we are both spent, and our desire is sated… or almost so.

I look into your eyes and see your gratitude. But one thing remains….

I withdraw, slick with the fruits of our blended passion. There is one more thing I want to do, but I will not ask, for fear you may deny me. So I quickly kneel before you, lift your legs, and taste your treasure — devouring the blended fruit of our passion.

You’re surprised, but you feel your heat grow. It’s so erotic — being pleasured this way after our release. For me, the taste is beyond succulent; our blended sweetness exceeds the sweetest nectar.

You enjoy my attention, and my insistence, and you respond. Your passion grows again; your body responds to me. You feel another crest approach, and a small orgasm washes over you. It’s the perfect ending to our perfect lovemaking.

Now that you are satisfied, I gaze into your eyes, and we kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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