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These are the last two chapters of the story. They are short and there isn’t a lot of sex, but the story isn’t just about sex. I hope it is enjoyable for you anyway. Please take time to comment.

D.O. Mann


Chapter 4

Sunday Morning

It had not been a restful night for Kelly. She woke more than once during the night. After her time with Jim and Emily Moore, she had gone to the tent of Rachel Simmons instead of going back to her own and she let her spend the night when she begged her not to throw her out. She had used the Moores for revenge sex and kept requesting to be pounded harder until it felt like she was almost being beaten.

Now, though still early in the morning, she knew she wouldn’t be going back to sleep. She looked at her tentmate, grateful that she had let her stay but understanding that it was time to not impose on her further. She carefully extracted herself from the sleeping bag they were sharing and exited the tent, being sure that the flap was rezipped before making her way to the row of portable toilets. Few of the campers were up to witness her coming out of Rachel’s tent, her arms wrapped around herself against the cool air with the sun just coming up. She wondered if it would cause a scandal but didn’t really care anymore. There was too much else to think about. Once the sun was up, she decided, she would go for another walk around the lake. She had to decide what she was going to do about everything.

As soon as the field kitchen was ready, she got food and sat at a table at the edge of the area, wanting to be alone. If the rest of her family had been there, she would have avoided them completely. As it was, she wasn’t sure about any of the other campers either. All of them, she knew, were either engaged in incest, or related to someone that was and didn’t care about it. Only Rachel wasn’t, being single, but even she was involved with those that were. Steve and the kids were just reaching the end of the food line when she finished eating and without a word to them, she rose from the table as they sat. As the canned music of a bugler playing reveille started, she thought to herself that it was time for her walk.

Never in a million years would she have thought her kids were involved in an incestuous relationship. But then, she wouldn’t have thought that about her husband until the day before either. Now she had to decide what to do about it. How was she to stop it? They seemed adamant that they were going to find a way to be together as a couple. She wasn’t sure that there was anything she could do to stop them.

Maybe she could go to the police. But doing that would land all of them in jail since she would be going against the non-disclosure agreement and the other three would be in jail for incest. Besides, she didn’t want her family in jail. No. she couldn’t go to the police.

Perhaps she should just cut ties with them. She had been considering divorce because of Steve’s big announcement anyway. But, did she really want to do that? If she did, what then? Where would she go? What would she do? Maybe she could stay with Wesley and Autumn for a while, but eventually she would have to get a job and find a place of her own. And, of course, they would want to know what happened and there was no way that she could tell them about this.

She could always move into another bedroom in the house and just pretend that they all had a life together while everyone pursued their own interest. No messy divorce and she wouldn’t have to worry about telling him any secrets about who she might be with because it wouldn’t be any of his fucking business. She might have to interact with them once in a while, but for the most part, she would have her own life.

Again, she was back at the campsite having gone completely around the small lake. At least she now had a plan. Steve wouldn’t like it, but she was sure it was for the best. She would negotiate with him and promise to go with him to functions that were required by his job so that they still seemed like they were happily married, but each would be free to see whoever the hell they wanted and neither could say anything to the other about it. And to hell with the fucking rules that Allison had introduced to her. She’d fuck whoever the hell she wanted and if he was married, let him worry about his marriage.

As she got to the dinning area, she saw her husband sitting at a table with their kids talking. She went to them and sat at the far end of the table. “Okay,” she started. “Here’s how it’s going to work.”

“You want us to leave so you and Dad can talk, Mom?” Brian asked.

“No. You might as well here this now. I know you don’t want a divorce, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without revealing more than I want. So, what we’re going to do, is this. I will move my stuff to another bedroom in the house. We will still be married in name, but that is about as far as it goes. I will appear at functions with you that you have to go to for your job, like the Christmas party and so forth, canlı bahis but other than that, you will leave me the fuck alone. We might take meals together at times, and there might be some other interaction, but you will be free to live your lives and I will be free to live mine. If I bring some guy in to spend the night, you don’t have any say about it. You can do the same. I don’t much fucking care. As for you two,” she turned to the kids, “I don’t suppose anything I say will stop you from doing this bullshit that you’ve started, but I don’t want to hear about it, see it, or have anything to do with it. Do I make myself clear?”

“Can’t we talk about this Kelly?” Steve asked.

“No. We’ve done enough talking. Talking is what got us to this point. You want to fuck our daughter, that’s between you and her. But I don’t want to know about it.”

“It’s not like that, and you know it, Kel!”

“No, I don’t know it! I only have your say so that it’s not like that. I don’t know what the hell to believe, but I’m done.” She rose from the table and walked away. She still had four guys to fuck before the end of the weekend, five if Tom changed to available before the end, but first she was heading to the portable toilets for some privacy so she could have a good cry.

When she finally exited the structure, she nearly ran into Logan Conner as he was coming out of the one next to her. With a sly smile and a raise of her eyebrows, she gave a nod of her head, and the two headed for the woods.

Sunday night. The Campfire.

Logan before lunch, Simon Bennett and his brother-in-law/uncle, Paul Crenshaw, in the afternoon. That was when she learned that Lisa had given birth to Simon when she was only thirteen years old, and the doctors had told her that she could die if she ever had any more. She had had her tubes tied after Michael was born to prevent any other pregnancy as it had been rather a close thing this time. That left only Bill Edgerton on her list unless Tom Conner changed his status. The irony of the fact that the men she was fucking for revenge sex against her husband for receiving incestuous blow jobs from their daughter were all involved in incestuous relations themselves never registered on her mind. Only Triston Conner the first night there hadn’t had sexual relations with a family member, but his wife, Allison had been with both of their sons with his full knowledge and approval. Besides, her time with him happened before she knew about the situation.

As the time for the nightly campfire drew near, she waited until the rest of her family were seated and picked a spot as far from them as possible, straight across from them. She planned to be getting her hole filled with Bill’s cum that night before retiring for the night in Rachel’s tent again. In fact, her sleeping bag had already been moved there. Tomorrow would be the last day in the camp. She was hoping that she could get a gangbang going before they all had to head home. One last fuck by all the guys there before she began her new life no longer sleeping in Steve’s bed sounded like a great time to her. As long as neither Steve nor their son, Brian, was a part of it.

“Who wants to share tonight?” Frank asked as the group gathered.

“I think it should be Tabitha,” Amanda suggested. “I’d love to know who it was.”

“Who who was?” asked Tabitha.

“The guy who kidnapped you.”

Tabitha grabbed Charles’ arm sitting to her right as if to protect herself. Amanda took note. ‘She doesn’t want to tell,’ she thought.

“There weren’t any arrests made in that case,” Frank spoke up.

“No, but that doesn’t mean that she is ignorant of the man’s identity.”

“Why would you think that?” Tabitha asked.

“I see it in the way you act. I hear it in the very political answer that Frank just gave. You know who it was, and I know it. But, for some reason, you aren’t letting it be known to the rest of the world.” Amanda saw Tabitha’s grip tighten on Charles’ arm and he took that hand in his right and slipped the arm around her protectively. “What if he were to try it again? What if the next time he went after me? If I know who it is, I can keep myself away from him.”

“I think you’re safe, here, Amanda,” Tabitha answered nervously.

“Maybe, here,” she agreed. “But what about out there? That’s where we live. I just want to be able to protect myself. So. Who was it? Someone rich? Powerful? Someone within the government?”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“Why? Because I have blonde hair where yours is dark? Am I not the right build?”

“Enough!” barked Charles. “I…”

Whatever he was going to say was drowned out by the loud crack of a shot from a firearm. “Everybody out of the ring of light!” Frank yelled. Another report sounded as people scrambled backwards from their seats, and then the only sound was Michael’s crying.

Frank knew that that wouldn’t last. He and Sarah had just started moving when a third shot rang out and they fell back down. Laughter bahis siteleri rose up from somewhere and echoed off the trees. “I will get you, Tasha,” said a cold voice. “Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and step into the light? I promise to make it fast.” Another shot rang out.

“It’s Mateo,” Natasha wailed in surprise. Another shot came, and she gave a small startled scream as it grazed the ground to her left between where she lay and where Steve Roberts lay. The judge had instinctively reached for his weapon when the first shot happened, but he had left it in his car’s glove box. He could do nothing except lie there with his dick buried in the dirt and wait like everyone else to be shot.

Frank looked at his wife laying beside him on the cold ground and nodded toward the kitchen area. She gave a quick nod back and they began inching forward in a low crawl.

“Frank!” yelled the voice from the woods. “Where are you, Frank? I didn’t see a weapon on you. That short piece you have nestled by your legs sure couldn’t be called one.” He laughed again. “That bitch can’t have my kids. You understand that, right?” Another shot.

Frank didn’t answer. He and Sarah kept crawling. It was slow going as they were trying to not make any noise.

“You’re a bastard, Mateo,” Tasha called out. He shot in the direction of the voice and she again let out a strangled sound of alarm.

“Did I get you yet, Tasha?” Silence. “I will eventually. You can count on that.” A twig snapped closer in to the group, and another shot rang out.

Finally, the two cops reached the trailer and quietly moved inside it. Before the next shot sounded, they were back out and looking for the flash from the muzzle. Then, Sarah swung a rifle across her back and began to climb the ladder on the side of the trailer slowly. Keeping as low a profile as she could, she lay on the cold metal of the top. She took up her position on the trailer, the cold seeping into the skin of her bare body as she adjusted the weapon. “Ready,” she whispered at last.

Frank rose and moved off towards the kitchen. He fired a single shot from his Glock as he ran then dove for cover. The shot was answered by one of the gunman’s own, and almost immediately after that by one from the top of the trailer. Frank moved again and shot twice more before diving back under cover. They waited. Nothing. The report from the woods wasn’t coming. It remained quiet.

Frank continued to move wearily to avoid being shot, Sarah staying on the trailer in a prone firing position. It took him ten minutes to find where the man was. When he found him, it was obvious the man was in no condition to fire his weapon again.

“Help me, Frank,” said the black man lying on the ground in obvious pain. His hands were bloody from holding the place he had been shot. The bullet had gone through his upper right arm and shattered the stock of the weapon he was using before flying off. It had missed his head by mere inches as it flew on into the woods while the pieces of the stock pelted the man’s face, cutting it up in places, some quite severely, and nearly taking his right eye.

Frank kicked the weapon, a high-powered rifle, away from his reach. “Clear,” he yelled. “Ambulance and police, Sarah. Better get everyone dressed, too.” Then, he turned his attention back to the man. “You shouldn’t have come here, Mateo. You should have left well enough alone. Now, you’ll get jail time instead of visitation rights.”

The police cars filled the area for two hours while they investigated the shooting. EMTs were allowed to patch up Mateo’s wounds and an officer was assigned to ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital even though his left hand was cuffed to a pole inside it. Though no longer able to be fired, his weapon was taken to be impounded. The weapons used by Frank and Sarah were also taken per regulations when a cop has to use a firearm, though they would be returned at a later date.

Finally, all the excitement died down and the red and blue flashing lights disappeared while the officers left the campers to deal with what had happened. “I think we should all just turn in for the night,” Frank suggested. No one argued as they, too, didn’t feel like sharing at the campfire. Brian and Amanda went to their tent to turn in for the night. Steve watched to see what Kelly might do first, but she was making a beeline to the tent that she had shared with Rachel the night before, and with a sad sigh, he continued to his own.

Kelly entered the tent, a pained and fearful look in her eyes. Rachel smiled at her and began rolling up the sleeping bag. Without a word, Kelly gathered the few things she had brought with her. Once it was all ready to go, she turned to the redhead and pulled her into a hug. “Thanks, Rach. I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help.”

“Not a problem, Kelly. Let me know how it goes.” With that, she exited the tent.

Steve Roberts had just pulled his pants and shirt off, leaving him in boxers and a t-shirt, and was crawling into bahis şirketleri his sleeping bag when the zipper on the tent went up opening the doorway. Another sleeping bag was carelessly tossed in and was followed by a bag containing Kelly’s other belongings. She crawled in behind them and looked at her husband, the fear and pain that Rachel had seen still there.

Once inside, she stood up and began pulling off the clothes she had on. It didn’t take long as she had not bothered with bra or panties. Then she stepped to her husband’s sleeping bag where he lay and settled herself on top of him. “I could have lost you.” She finally said tearfully. “That maniac was bent on killing and you were right next to his target.”

“I’m here,” he answered quietly. “It’s all over, now.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight while he kissed her neck. Her tears were flowing easily, and she began to sniffle. “It’s alright, Kelly. I’m not going anywhere. I love you.”

“Even after treating you like I did? I’ve fucked every guy in the camp except Bill Edgerton and Thomas Conner trying to take out my revenge for something you did when I’ve done so much more. How can you love me?”

“Because I always have,” he replied. “The fact that you hurt enough to seek revenge says that you love me, too.”

Kelly rose up enough to kiss him. It was true. She loved him completely and she realized the revenge sex hadn’t been anywhere as good an idea as she first thought. “Fuck me,” she begged. “I want to feel you in me tonight and you only. Erase the memory of the others here at the camp.”

He grabbed her around the waist and turned them so that he was on top while he kissed her. Once there, he struggled out of his boxers, releasing the average sized dick they had hidden.

“You know, your son has a much bigger cock then you. I don’t know how that happened.”

“I guess that’s what Amanda likes about him when they fuck,” Steve chuckled. “Are you going to try it?”

“Would you be mad if I did?”

“No. Remember Amanda was giving me blowjobs.”

“Has that continued since we’ve been here?”

Steve positioned his dick at the entrance of her pussy and shoved it in to the balls in one hard, quick thrust. “No,” he answered. “With all the pussy running around available here, I found other means to release pressure.” He began to move in and out of his wife’s pussy for the first time in more than two months. He raised up and began to ram his cock inside her, trying to reach places he knew he couldn’t reach. “It would be a good way to tell them that you accept them as a couple.”

“I’m thinking of giving up anyone other than you. That’s why I want to forget all the others I’ve done it with here.”

“There’s no need for that. They were there when you needed them. It’s alright for you to have some fun.”

“Talk later,” she moaned. “Fuck now.” And as his cock was rammed into her pussy again, she knew that in the morning, she would have a different cock inside her. A much bigger cock than her husband’s. A cock even bigger than the photographer’s. The biggest she had seen in the camp. And she was going to enjoy every fucking moment of that taboo sex.

Chapter 5.

Monday morning

Kelly was up early the next morning. During the weekend, cell phones had been placed in lockers in the shower house where they had all gotten rid of the clothing they wore upon arrival. But with the need to be clothed when the police arrived the night before, she had taken the opportunity to have it and she had set the alarm to wake her so that she would be up before any of the rest of her family. She wanted to surprise Brian and Amanda with what she had planned.

Since she was up so early, she helped in the kitchen before sitting down to eat. She wondered if the others, now having access to clothes, would still opt to not wear them. She herself hadn’t even considered putting on the shirt and jeans she had taken off in the tent she shared with her husband. Susan Edgerton, who was the one to do breakfast that morning, had opted to stay au naturãl. But that didn’t preclude others from dressing.

Brian and Amanda exited their tent without dressing. Kelly watched as they crossed to the kitchen area to get food. Her eyes dropped to Brian’s cock as it swung freely between his legs, and she could feel her pussy moisten in anticipation of her plan. The two spread their towels on a bench and sat together to eat and Kelly decided to go for a walk around the lake while they did so.

Her mind was still in a quandary, conflicted. Could she really do this? Could she follow through with such a bold plan? Could she actually fuck her own son accepting his cock into her pussy, his seed into her womb? And, what if this opened another door for her? Would she be more open to fucking her brother? Her father? Still, this was something that she had been taught was wrong. Then again, she had been taught that a lot of the things she did this weekend were wrong, too. A woman wasn’t supposed to have sex with anyone other than her husband, but she had done that often enough. Every man here except her son, Tom Conner and Bill Edgerton had had their dick inside her and pumped her full of cum. But all those others weren’t her son.

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