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Sometimes it takes a certain set of circumstances to make a sexual relationship occur but most often it is a spur of the moment act of lust that is driven by thoughts of pleasure. The act of adultery is a perfect example of this and it doesn’t take much seduction for two adults to engage in sexual intercourse if they both are seeking mutual satisfaction. Both former statements seem to be how and why my wife attracted her most recent lover. And although her affair turned out to be one that was filled with passion and pleasure, I wasn’t surprised that she decided to fulfill her needs with taboo sex. Keep in mind that we have been married for forty-five years and during that time her appetite for sex was nearly insatiable. Her hormones always seemed to be running high until she reached menopause and then she calmed down quite a bit. It finally reached a point that we had sex so infrequently that we both became disinterested and rarely got together.

By this time my wife was sixty-five and I firmly believed that she would never put out again because she never seemed in the mood. What made it so hard to understand was that she had been so sexually active during our early married years that she made me a cuckold just four years after we were married by offering herself to a family friend. Subsequent to that initial affair, she had a very active sex life with friends for a nine year period before ceasing her extra-marital activity. The main reason she stopped was because she was concerned that her family might discover her affairs and she would bear the shame of being an adulterer.

However, flash forward to about three months ago when I noticed an improvement in my wife’s general attitude and a renewed enthusiasm for life. At first I was stymied by the change and could not put my finger on the cause. I questioned her at length and didn’t get much of an answer that could explain her upbeat attitude. Weeks went by and she acted more like she was forty-five than sixty-five and a suspicion slowly began to form in my mind. I had seen this attitude before and it was when she was sexually active with other men. But what had caused the rapid change and how was I going to discover the truth?

I began to ponder any recent changes in her outside activity and surmised that she had been going to her mother’s home to care for her just about the time that her attitude changed. She spent three days a week caring for her mother and other than that, she was usually in my company. Then she started using sexual innuendo in her small talk like she frequently did years ago canlı bahis and she also began dropping subtle statements about her former extra-marital sex. Now it all added up and it became apparent that her renewed zest for life had been the result of extra-marital sexual activity. But who was her new lover and where was she having intercourse?

I quickly surmised that during the three days that she was caring for her mother that she was having sex with someone. I decided to drive by her mom’s house to see if there were any strange cars in the driveway and after a couple weeks, the only vehicles I noticed were family members. Nothing seemed to make sense until I noticed that the same car was there every time my wife was there and you won’t believe whose it was. Keep in mind that my wife has several siblings, most of which are sisters. However, she also has brothers and one in particular is very close to her. He is just two years older than her and they grew up in a close family relationship and did everything together. And when I say everything, I mean everything, including sex.

After we had been married a few years my wife confessed to a teenage incestuous relationship with her brother as an experiment in sexual relations and the experience left a lasting impression on her psyche. After they consummated their first love session which included exchanging reproductive fluids, they continued for several weeks until her brother enlisted in the military service. It was shortly after that when we met and were married. However, for decades after we were married, her brother always seemed to migrate to her side at all the family gatherings and his hands were very busy when he thought no one was watching. I shrugged it off as excessive hormones on both of their parts because he was always as horny as she was anyhow. And quite honestly, if she had shown any interest in having sex with him at the time, I wouldn’t have objected to it because at least it would have been family cock.

Now all the parts of the mystery came together like a jigsaw puzzle and I was almost certain that it was my wife’s brother who had made the big change in her life. Keep in mind that even though she was sixty-five, her body didn’t look a day over forty-five because she had kept herself physically fit. Her brother was also a picture of physical virility at sixty-seven and I firmly believe that he could still father children at his age. My wife and her brother were very sexually and physically compatible and I believe that if they hadn’t been brother and sister, they would have become bahis siteleri husband and wife.

After two months of carrying on an extra-marital affair, my wife came to me with a passionate confession that was brought on by the psychological need to purge her secret. Apparently her conscience could only hold a secret for so long and it was time to reveal all. She had done this several times in our marriage especially when she took on a new lover that I was unaware of. In her own way she was actually seeking endorsement for her activity and I was the only one she could tell her secret to without risking adulterous rumors. Of course she didn’t see anything wrong with the sexual liaison she had arranged with her brother and the more frequent they got together, the better she felt about her activity. She was quite adamant about her affair and vowed to continue as long as her brother wanted her.

After questioning her at length, I formed a very vivid picture in my mind of what actually transpired between them. She was very detailed with her description of their activity and left nothing to my imagination. It was obvious from her account of their sexual activity that she was coming home with a tremendous amount of seminal discharge still inside her womb after having intercourse with her brother. Apparently my wife and her brother had plenty of opportunity to have sexual relations when her mother was taking her afternoon nap and my wife insisted that her brother inseminate her vagina every time. Fortunately, she was infertile after passing through menopause, otherwise she would have certainly been pregnant from her brother’s virile semen.

My wife was quite emphatic when she stated that she tried to retain as much of her brother’s cum inside her vagina that she could after he ejaculated. She explained that she wanted to savor the warm wet feeling of his masculine seed long after he planted it deep in her womb. She actually placed some spiritual value on the biological essence that was contained within his reproductive fluid and commented about nursing his living seed inside her body. She even went so far as to explain that she wanted to have some of his semen artificially implanted in her uterus to make their biological coupling permanent. Apparently she had found a kit containing a speculum and a syringe on the Internet that was manufactured for this purpose and she wanted my help implanting his seed in her. She believed that if she took his living sperm cells inside her birthing cavity that they would become biologically linked for life. Perhaps there is bahis şirketleri some validity in her reasoning because a woman’s mind could make her feel biologically linked with someone if she believes it to be true.

My wife’s vivid description of her three month sexual affair is so compelling at times that I literally feel like I’m in the room watching. She spares no details and describes her brother’s cock as being so long that her uterus gets pushed up in her belly when he penetrates her fully. Her cervix also gets massaged and it dilates every time because his cockhead is very large and it covers the entire opening when he ejaculates. She really gets graphic when she describes how much cum her brother ejaculates. Apparently he has a voluminous discharge and she says it feels like a volcano erupting inside her womb when his prostate explodes. She usually has him withdraw his cock a few inches when he begins to discharge to leave enough space for his semen to accumulate inside her vagina. She does this to ensure that most of his semen remains inside her after he is withdrawn.

Apparently, my wife’s renewed sexual encounter with her brother three months ago was brief and somewhat hurried but he did get to empty his balls in her nonetheless. After they renewed their relationship by exchanging reproductive fluids, they vowed to continue and now they are making mad passionate love like husband and wife. They are always fully naked when they have sex and they both reach an orgasm to make their intercourse a consummated act. My wife even admitted that she enjoys having sex with her brother much more than just any stranger because she is committing incest and she knows that it is taboo. It makes her feel wild and wicked and young again.

At this point, I do not see an end to their relationship as long as her brother can produce an erection and discharge huge amounts of semen. Quite honestly, I hope they never stop because I have never seen such a marked improvement in my wife’s attitude about life. About a month ago, my wife told her brother that she informed me of their sexual activity and he was extremely happy that she finally did. He always felt that I should know about their affair because he was convinced that I would condone it because she was keeping it in the family. Years ago he used to drop hints about committing incest when he was a teenager without confessing that it had been with my wife. And now when I see him he tells me not to worry about her cheating on me with strangers because he is taking good care of her. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have ever seen my brother-in-law so happy. My only wish is that they might invite me to watch and I will definitely savor the sight of his semen running down the crack of her ass. Viva la incest, long may it live.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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