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I don’t advocate any drug involvement of any kind, unless it’s legal where you are. I also don’t condone any sexual involvement with a minor, nor do I make mention of such things. Any sexual encountered are with two consenting fictional adults.

I hope you enjoy.


For as long as I can remember I was born to Emilia and James Schmal. I have 3 older sisters, yea you guessed it. Beautiful older sisters I might add, and they each have extremely rare eye colors, that I once read only appears in 0.00001 percent of the world’s population.

There’s Veronica the tall silver hair, ruby red eyed stunner, sweet as pie too. She’s 5’8″, slim but buxom figure. Hips flaring out just right, her breast aren’t the biggest in the world, but still bigger than a handful I’d say. She’s 5 years older than myself, she used to let me sit and watch her get ready, and ask for my opinion. Well until I hit puberty, then I had a little accident of getting too excited. Mind you I’ve only ever seen her in her underwear. She still asks for my opinion when she’s going out on a date. I swear a trash bag would be the new fashion if she ever wore one.

Then there’s Victoria or Vicky for short the raven hair, with glossy purple eyes. She’s a wise ass out of the bunch. Out spoken, or maybe well spoken for. You may not like what she has to say, but she means well I think, unless she’s pissed, then she’s just being a bitch. A little shorter then Veronica by 3 inches. She wanted to be a model. I started teasing her when she found out she wasn’t tall enough. Victoria secret, I know it’s kind of lame, but it had the effect of messing with her when I wanted too. Her hips are wider than her older sister’s, same great legs, but smaller bust. I’d say a medium to large B cup. She’s 3 year’s older than me.

Then there’s Alexandria, an almost spiting image of her oldest sister. She’s definitely the princess out of the bunch. She’s a year older than me, and she and I hung out the most I’d say. Don’t let the princess act fool you though. She’s anything but a girly girl. Well actually she is that, but she likes hunting, fishing, and camping. The other two like camping, but they don’t care too much for the other two. Alexis and I always go hunting on opening day, and have a blast doing it. She doesn’t like cleaning them, so dad or I usually end up doing it for her. She didn’t like it when I wiped deer blood from her first kill on her face. But it was so hilarious, that it was worth getting in trouble for. I was secretly jealous that she bagged a bigger buck than me. She kept the rack, minus the head.

Then there’s me Alexander, Alex or Al for short. Sometimes dick or ass depending on who’s pissed at me. 5’8″, I was kind of chunky growing up, and Victoria used to poke my belly and make the dough boy laugh, god I hated that. Until I was 13 and really got into sports. I actually don’t care for them, but I wanted to get in better shape, and rub it in Victoria’s face. I played soccer, and football. I thought I’d tried wrestling but grabbing onto sweaty guys in little more than spandex grossed me out. I stuck through it my first year, and did pretty good (mainly because I wanted to hurry up and stop having to touch the other guy). The coach was sad to hear that I wouldn’t do next year, but he understood. I did get into karate after that. I liked that more, then got into Jujitsu. I didn’t have to wear spandex, so that was the selling point for me. Over the course of my highschool career I ended up focusing on those two intensely for two years, then my senior year I found a Bujinkan Ninjutsu school had opened up shop only 15 miles away.

At first I watched, and listened to the sensei. Who wouldn’t want to be a ninja? What I liked about it, was it’s non competition friendly way of dealing with an attacker. It wasn’t so much about winning, as it was about surviving an encounter. So in the end I stuck with that. Feeling pretty confident in what I’d be learning. There would be more training, so I had to drop the other two. The training schedule for it was a lot more aggressive than the previous two. Meeting 4 days out of the week. After I dropped the other two sensei told me to show up 5 days out of the week.

Our father died that year, just before I graduated highschool. The funeral the week prior to the ceremony. Everyone was devastated by the loss. Mom took it the hardest though. Luckily dad was a CEO of a bank, and had plenty set aside in case he died. Mom paid off the house, and told us we always had a room here. Victoria and Alexis started going to a university closer to home. I don’t think they wanted to leave mom by herself. Veronica moved back in too, I guess they all were worried about her. She was taking it really badly. I wondered if I’d find someone I could love that intensely. So now the nest was almost full minus one.

I’ve never been one to study, in fact I’m horrible at it. I’d rather be doing something, other than listen to someone talk, then do homework for hours on end. I’m undecided at the moment, but I did find ataşehir escort a job at a hotel. Not a bad job, some customers are worse than others though.

I’d gotten back from my morning run Saturday. I made it a habit to run early in the morning before work, and it just stuck, even on the weekend. I had training later at the dojo, lucky for me they did training in the evenings for the guys who had to work too. Veronica was up when I got home.

“Looking good Al, if you weren’t my brother I’d so marry you.” She was engaged to a douche bag earlier last year after she graduated with her bachelors. I remember hearing a whisper about him cheating on her. When I went to confront him about it, there was another car in his driveway. And a pretty little redhead walking out, her hair was a little messy. As I he answered the door I caught a whiff of something similar to one time when I didn’t know on Veronica’s door and she just so happened to be masturbating. It didn’t smell as good, but I knew what it was. OK so I have seen her with nothing on before. I slammed the door before I really got a good look though.

Anyways I snapped, Veronica was going to be crushed by this. There’s no way I’d keep my mouth shut about it. I hit him, and held his elbow in a position where I could break it easily. I forced him to call her, and tell her the truth. Then I warned him that I’d do worse if he ever approach her or any of my other sisters.

“Likewise sis. You’re up early, had trouble sleeping?”

“No, not really. I’ve just kind of got used to getting up this early.” She’s working as an interior designer. She plans on working towards being an architect, she was always the most creative when it came to drawing.

“Alright, but if you have something on your mind I’ll listen, and come up with horrible solutions.”

She giggle a little, “Oh it’s just, I thought a lot about dad last night. Didn’t sleep, then before I knew it, I heard you going out.”

I walked over to her sitting on the couch. “It’s a sweaty hug, but I’ll give you one.” Then I hugged her before she could say no.

“What’s the point of warning me, if you’re going to do it anyway.” She laughed, “God you stink, you smell like a boy. Go shower.” She fought me off.

I finished my shower and hopped onto my social media website. I had a new message from a girl I’ve never met before. She’s gorgeous, from the tiny picture I can see she’s a silver haired girl, with green eyes. Curiously I opened her letter. She introduced herself as Elena, 23 years old, and she’s looking for her relatives she just learned about. She thinks I might be one. I messaged her back, we could meet sometime but I might not be one. When she mentioned that her mother was separated at birth from her brother, I wondered if there is something that dad didn’t know about. Or maybe he did, but couldn’t find them. She has the same sure name as myself, so it’s possible. We decided that Friday would be the best time to meet. I shut my laptop and went to get a bite to eat.

“Mind if I use your computer after a while Al?” Veronica asked, as I emerged.

“Sure, just go easy on those websites sis.”

“Who me? I’ve never seen such things, I’m an innocent maiden.” She fainted being offended by my comment.

“Uh-hu.” I said not believing a word of it. When she moved back in, I mistakenly dropped a box, that had all of her toys in it. She was so embarrassed, I was embarrassed for finding them. Well I was only embarrassed after I picked up one of her fake cocks, it was a pink one, wondering what it was. Then it dawned on me what it was, as Veronica snatched it away, and quickly picked up the rest, telling me it was clean she promised. She has gotten over me knowing a little about her private time. I wanted to ask why she had so many, but decided to not be her punching bag, sister fu can be a deadly thing, I’ve never seen her angry with me, and I don’t intend to start now.

Vicky soon made an appearance, yawning as she emerged. I have to admit, she has a really sexy I just woke up face, and she’s not at all like she is, when she’s fully awake. She’s more affectionate, and submissive. “Hey there, the next karate kid.”

“Hey Victoria secret, I’m not doing karate anymore.”

“Fine, little ninja.” She kissed my cheek and gave me a hug.

“You should wake up more often, I could get used to this.”

“You wish, give me a hug back! Damn it!” I complied, in a hour she won’t be so nice. I loved how her breast feel against me. “You’re such a perv, I know you’re getting your rocks off right now.”

“If you know that’s what’s going to happen, then why do it?”

“That’s my secret.” Her face a little red.

While she ate her cereal, and drank her coffee. It would still be several more hours until Alexis came down. She was a ‘sleep’ all day kind of person. She remained me of a cat.

As I climbed the stairs to go get ready to go do something. I didn’t know what yet veronica was dressed and heading my way. “Headed out sis?”

“Yea kadıköy escort bayan I’m going to meet up with a friend for a bit.” She gave me a tight hug, and kissed my cheek. Damn! I’m scoring a lot with the affection so far.

“How do I look?” She asked as I felt her breast press into my chest. She was wearing a black short skirt, pink flip flops, and ankle bracelet on one leg, and a toe ring on the other. A pink tank top, that really clung to her, giving a slight glimpse at her toned lightly tanned tummy. Years at the gym really paid off I thought. Her ears lined with and assortment of different earrings.

“Stunning sis.” I said in amazement.

“Thanks little brother, I wore it just for you.” She teased me.

The way she said it made me blush. She pinched my cheek, “You’re still a cute little shit.” And she was off.

I didn’t do much, I went over to Justin’s house, (a good buddy of mine.) where he was getting high. He offered me a joint, but I refused it. The dojo does random drug screenings to ensure the safety of it’s pupils. While they are as safe as possible with things, they need us a 100%, and to live by a moral code since I am a reflection of them when I’m out and about. I used to get stoned, but I decided what I was doing now was more important to me. Victoria is the only one of my family to know that I did get stoned from time to time. She didn’t like me doing it, but she never ratted me out for it.

We played a few rounds of mortal kombat, which he always stomps me at. I get pissed off too. Just when I think I got him, he pulls a win out of his ass. One time I got him good. I kept winning and winning, then after he was over getting beat at that game, we went old school in some killer instinct, and I kicked his ass with the raptor, over and over again. I don’t know what it was, but it never happened again. Now I win maybe once every five fights.

I stopped at a movie vending machine on my way home. I got a movie I figured all of them would like, and I could stomach. I went inside the corner store that the movie rental was located at, and got a tub of ice cream.

“I’m back, and I got a movie and ice cream.” I yelled as I opened the door. I was gone for quite a while. “Maybe we can watch it when I get back.”

I heard three hushing sounds, and mom saying, “We’re here baby, what did you get?”

“I got the twisted reunion.”

“What’s that about?” Asked Alexis.

“About long lost siblings or something or other. Or maybe it was about old highschool sweethearts finding each other again.” I kind of forgot. “Something like that. It has a bunch of little side stories, and is supposed to merge into one plot.” I remember that part.

When I entered the kitchen everyone of them looked like they just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I jokingly said, “OK who died?” They all talked in unison, saying something that denied anything going on, except for Alexis

“No, why would you think that honey?” Mom said, mom is the milf of town. 43 years old, and everyone of my buddies has said they’d love to bang her at least once. The girls didn’t get their height from her either. She is the shortest one here, standing at 5’1″ tall. But she has every one of their good looks rolled up into one. She midnight black hair, with a little salt added here and there. Honestly I though it looked good on her. Her chest is the biggest of her daughters, I’d say a D cup, maybe bigger, full plump hips, she kept a work out regiment 3 times a week, her narrow waist and toned legs are a testament to her hard work. She’s a doctor, and spends a lot of time at the hospital. Especially lately, where she said they’re understaffed.

“Nobody died Alex.” Vicky said.

“Nothing like that.” Veronica said.

I knew something was up when Alexis didn’t speak. If it really was nothing she’d say so. She’s not very good at lying when it’s something she feels is important.

“Well OK, I’m going to get changed and head out. I’ll see you after 8:00 pm.”

I heard the hushing again when I came back down the stairs. My mind drifted to that weird message I got earlier. ‘No’ I thought, that can’t be true. But a part of me asked what if it was true, and what if there is more to that then I am being told.

It was more strengthening at the dojo. Then being shown a technique by experiencing it, then doing it over and over again. I was better off than a few others, I had other experience in my arsenal. Although Ted is a natural. He’s smaller than me, but boy is he quick. He can adjust to a situation quickly, and he’s smart enough to know he has less power. My size quickly became a weakness to him. Then we ended the day with sparing using the technique we just learned. You always have to start at the bottom I suppose. But I liked doing them anyways, I knew that this was going to be a blast to learn. I’m so going to dress up as a ninja for Halloween. Maybe Victoria or Alexis can get me into one of those parties.

I felt pretty good afterwards, it escort maltepe was business like usual in the Schmal household.

“Hey Alex.” They all said in one form or another.

“Hey girls I’m going to get a quick shower.”

“Ugh! We’ve been waiting forever, hurry up.” Vicky said.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch I’ll be done soon.”

“I’m not wearing any panties.”

“Well that’s a nice image.”

“You may know Jiujutsu, but I know sis’jitsu and don’t forget it baby brother.”

“Yeah, yeah got it wonder woman. I wonder what other grandiose claims you’ll make.”

“We can go right now if you want.” She came up to me and started tickling me. “I’ll make you piss yourself like I used to.”

“Fine! You win.” I said laughing and trying to get away.

“See no match.” I rolled my eyes.

We got arranged like we used to do. Veronica, Vicky, and Alexis on the couch, mom in the love seat, and me on the floor. The lazy boy stood vacant, I guess out of respect, maybe habit. That’s dad’s chair, and he’d always sit there when we all watched a movie. Sometimes mom would cuddle with him. Other times the love seat.

I sat in front of Veronica like I did when I was younger. Dad said you should always give the seat to a lady, until she leaves. I felt her grab my arm, “Here babe shut up here with us.” I sat in between Vicky and Veronica.

“No fair! I want to cuddle with him too!” Alexis whined and laid across Vicky to do so.

“Fine you crybaby.” Vicky said a bit agitated.

Veronica laid my head on her shoulder, then rested her head on mine, while holding my hand on her thigh. Vicky laid her head on my shoulder, looping her arm around mine, resting her hand on my thigh. I hoped I didn’t get a boner. Because Alexis’s head was so close to my cock as it laid limp against my leg. She’d definitely feel it if anything stimulated me. Which both of the oldest sisters soft breast pressed into my arms, would probably do the trick. It’s a very stressful time for myself right now. But soon I was able to find my center, as the movie started. I really felt loved that’s for sure, being trapped in a three way cuddle, by my beautiful sisters.

Alexis fell asleep, along with mom early on in the movie, Vicky was about to fall asleep, Veronica stroking my hair was putting me to sleep. She’s always had that effect on me. No matter what she can always get me to relax completely when I’m with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my sisters, Alexis and I can go hang out in the woods with just some baby wipes for a week hunting. Vicky and I can say just about anything to each other without the other getting butt hurt about it.

“I swear, she could sleep anywhere.” Veronica said stroking her youngest sisters hair. The movie has ended, and to be frank I don’t remember any of it. After a struggle trying not to wake up Alexis, although she sleeps like someone who’s dead. You could kick her in the face and she wouldn’t wake up. I carried her to her room, and laid her on her bed. Nobody woke mom up, other than a blanket being place over her, we left her to her silent slumber.

I like to sleep in the nude, cloths feel so confining, and they bunch up and twist. I laid there for a while, I was tired but my cock had other ideas. My three sisters kept appearing in my mind, naked and wanting me, the one in particular was Veronica. I’ve always fantasized about her the most. I know it’s a horrible thing to fantasize about, but I can’t help it. As I began to relieve the itch. I heard a knock at my door and Veronica asked, “Are you still awake?”.

Quickly I tried to keep my erection hidden, “Yeah, why?”.

“I’m coming in.” She opened the door and came over and sat on my bed. “Alex I have to tell you something.” She switched on my bed side lamp. I could see her gorgeous eyes sparkling under the low light conditions. They looked deeper, and just gorgeous. She was in a thin red nighty, it clung to her well shaped figure, and was doing nothing to ease my hard on. In fact it made it worse, I’m still a virgin so stuff like this can get it achingly hard. Like the flesh was about to rip hard.

“What is it Veronica?” I said sincerely, she probably need to talk about something, that helped me regain some kind of brotherly composer.

“I want to sleep with you tonight.” What? Does she mean what I think she means? Wait no, she probably just doesn’t want to sleep alone.

“But sis, I’m in the nude right now.”

“Oh, I just learned something new about my baby brother.” She leaned down kissing me lightly on my lips. “I don’t mind.” She pulled the covers back just enough to get in, her nighty is shorter than I realized. It was only for a moment, but I could see the smooth curvature of her bare ass. As she slid in and rested her head on my chest. “Mmmm, this is nice. You’re so warm.” I felt her hand run teasingly down my stomach. “You have a sexy body little brother, I’m kind of jealous of the woman who claims you.” My sense were on fire, I could feel every nerve rocketing the sensation of my beautiful oldest sister touching me. ME! Of all people. I hoped she wouldn’t go any further south, at least that’s what I tried to convince myself of. I could feel the cool flesh of her leg pressing up against my raging hard on, as she entwined it around mine.

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