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Mara worked as a marketing manager for a popular software company in Silicon Valley in the bay area of Northern California. As a graduate of nearby Stanford University, with a dual degree in Marketing and Engineering, she understood her product and job very well. In her younger days, she did whatever was necessary to learn her craft, from studying the markets, to learning her competition, to honing her own skills to best reach her objectives. Among those skills were her many feminine charms. She wasn’t a slut, by any means, but knew that she was a woman, and a woman had certain God-given assets that could help them in their chosen endeavors.

Mara was of vague Hispanic and Eastern European decent: tall, long raven black hair, with brown skin and green eyes. She was about to turn 30 and was proud to have worked herself up through the ranks to become manager of their premier product line at such a young age. It had not all been easy for a pretty young woman to be taken seriously. Guys hit on her all the time, and clients were constantly trying to bargain with her for her body. However, from this, she learned what people want, and how to satisfy those wants to sell her product and maintain her own integrity. Sure, she had slept with some of her clients, and even some of her competition, but never to close a deal. That would not be ethical.

What she enjoyed most was giving guys, and gals, little teasing flashes during the course of her work. She quickly learned that a slightly shorter skirt, a loose-topped dress that would show some cleavage, especially when she’d bend over a conference table to point out a feature of her product, or putting her hair up for business meetings (which showed her lovely long neck), then letting it down when they went out for drinks or lunch, and the right makeup and clothes, all helped her obtain cooperation from clients as well as co-workers. The flashes always looked like an accident, never intentional. That way, she could maintain her professional stature while still getting the job done. And besides, it turned her on!

“Mike, come into my office, please.” Stated Mara. “Sit down.”

Mike was her right-hand-man, always there to bail her out and give her the info she needed. He was over 40, married, and had tons of experience in the software world, but not leadership abilities. He was a perfect fit in this job as primary support engineer.

“Do you have the timeline flowcharts for Hypercorp ready yet? I need them for the 11 o’clock meeting.”

“They’re almost ready. I’ve been swamped getting the Softsend and Vaporware presentations for tomorrow ready for you.” Responded Mike.

“Oh, that’s right. They are coming in tomorrow. Look, I know you have been working hard on them, and even working late,” She responded. And, leaning forward in her chair, she bent forward, pressing one breast with her bicep to show it and the lace top of her bra as she extended her hand to touch his, “But, please, this meeting is in two hours. You can put off the other things until later. I’ll get you help if you need it.”

Mike noticed the pretty lace that barely covered half of her full brown breast. And the touch of her hand on his did it for him.

“Of course, I’ll get it ready for you Mara. Don’t I always?” Mike sighed, knowing that it would mean more overtime tonight.

“Yes, you do. Thank you. What would I do without you?”

She felt slightly bad for using this technique on Mike. But it worked on most guys and she really did have to have the flowcharts for the meeting.

The data was ready and the meeting commenced on time. It was in the main boardroom, with five members of Hypercorp and an equal number from her company, Cyberdot. (The founders had thought that was cute back in the dot com days of startup companies.) Mara led the presentation, showing the flowcharts and market projections that Hypercorp could expect from buying their product. She leaned over to pass out the copies directly to the CEO of Hypercorp, who was sitting nearest her. His eyes lingered briefly on her cleavage. Her hair was up for this one, and she wore a V-neck business suit with a skirt a few inches above her knees. She was all business, talking up a storm, selling the merits of her company and product. The presentation went well and after the question and answer session, they seemed to be close to reaching an agreement. Mara suggested they all go to lunch together and they could discuss any details that were left unanswered. They all agreed and left for a fancy restaurant nearby where Mara had closed deals before.

She rode with her main team member, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sean, a hot young hunk who had only worked there about six months. She sat up front as he drove his SUV so that they could discuss strategy. He noticed the lace edge at the top of her thigh high stockings as her skirt rode up, and pretty cleavage as she climbed up into her seat. She noticed him staring and smiled. On the way there, she let her hair down. There was more work to be done and this was part of the next step to closing the deal.

At the restaurant, She made sure to sit near the CEO and VP of Marketing of Hypercorp, two older gentlemen she could use her charms on. The deal was stalemating as lunch was completed. Mara stood between the CEO & VP to point out a couple of key features of her product, letting her hair fall over the CEO’s arm. She pressed her breast innocently against his arm when she turned the pages in front of him. He squirmed under her touch. Turning to the VP, she pointed out some different items, giving him similar treatment, and touching his leg with hers. Her perfume and touches had the desired effect. The deal was signed before they left the restaurant.

There were hugs and congratulations all around for the Cyberdot team. Sean even got a big hug from Mara and special thanks for his work in sealing the deal.

“Thanks for all your work on this deal, Sean. It’s a pleasure working with you.” Said Mara when they were alone later.

“You’re welcome. And I enjoy working with you too. But I know that YOU are the one who actually sealed the deal for us, and I admire the way you handled it.” Said Sean.

“Well, I’m sure I have no idea what you mean. It was a good team effort.” She replied, wondering how much he really knew about her techniques. “Hey, why don’t we go out to dinner together tonight after work to celebrate. We need to discuss the presentations we’re making tomorrow sometime also. We’ll put it on the company’s account since it’s work related.”

“Sure, I’m free tonight and we do need to be prepared for tomorrow. I’ll see you after work then.”

That evening, after they had finished their work for the day, Mara contacted Sean about dinner. She accepted his offer to drive her there. He led her to his big SUV, with an occasional hand in her lower back to guide her. He held her arm to assist her in climbing up into the car, enjoying the view of her long brown legs as her skirt rose up again. She felt a stirring inside at his touches on her back and arms. It was so rare to find such gentlemanly gestures in such a young man and she thoroughly enjoyed them.

The drive was short and the wait at the restaurant was not long. As they sat waiting for a table, their legs touching, Sean leaned over and whispered into Mara’s ear. Feeling his breath against his ear gave her goose bumps.

“See that couple over there? They can’t wait to get home to tear each other’s clothes off! I bet they’ll be doing it within 30 minutes of leaving here tonight, don’t you think?”

Glancing at the couple, Mara replied, still in her business-like tone, “That’s an interesting observation, Sean. That’s something I like about you. You read people well.”

Mara thought to herself about the couple and imagined them doing it. Sean had awakened thoughts in her mind that she had been suppressing. She hadn’t been with a man in almost a month and she envied the woman across from them who probably WAS going to seductively ravage the guy she was with, from the look in her eyes.

“Your table’s ready, sir.” Said the matre’d, jarring her back to reality.

Sean led her with his hand on the small of her back again, and held the chair for her to sit. She thought to herself that it was nice to let someone lead and guide her for a change. She spent so much time manipulating others and really welcomed the break from being in charge all the time. They sat at a small table near the back, facing each other.

After ordering, they discussed the next day’s agenda while sharing a bottle of fine wine in celebration of their victory this day. Mara touched his hand a couple of times to get his undivided attention and to emphasize a point. Sean gazed into her eyes to show that he was, indeed, paying attention to her. Upon settling tomorrow’s work needs, she raised her glass for a toast.

“Here’s to a great partnership and may we continue to have many more successes like the one today. I look forward to working with you more closely in future projects, Sean.”

Sean held her hand and raised his glass, “And I look forward to working even closer to you, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Mara, helping us both reach our goals and innermost desires. Cheers”

Clink. They drank the wine and Mara thought to herself, ‘Innermost desires. That was a strange thing to say. If he only knew what my desires were right now. Or does he? Hmm.’

As they ate, her tensions abated and they enjoyed casual conversation. She noticed that he stole an occasional glimpse at her breasts and seemed to be very pleased with them. His eyes twinkled as he talked to her, and was his foot touching her leg on purpose or was it accidental? She noticed him watching her eating and lingered on a bite, sticking out her tongue to lick it before letting it slide between her red lips, where she chewed it with her lips almost making kissing movements. Yes, he noticed. She took a celery stick and inserted it into her mouth a couple of inches, then slowly drew it out, only to repeat before finally drawing it out and slowly biting off the end of it.

She stood to excuse herself to the restroom and Sean, the gentleman that he is, stood also. Her eyes were drawn to his crotch where, she was thrilled to see, there was a definite, large bulge.

“Excuse me. I’ve got to go to the little girl’s room.” Mara smiled, feeling giddy from the wine and from knowing that she was turning him on.

Upon returning, Sean noticed that she had let her raven hair down once again. It fell around her shoulders and framed her face nicely. Furthermore, her stockings were no longer covering her long, sexy, brown legs. On top of that, one button had been released on the top of her blouse, showing a hint of the lighter skin beneath the tan line on her breasts. She looked very soft and feminine.

They finished their delicious meal, drank some more wine, and ordered creamy cheesecake with strawberry sauce for dessert. She dropped a shoe and trailed a toe up under his pants’ leg onto his leg, enjoying the feel of the rough hair on his calf. He smiled and offered a forkful of the cheesecake to her lips. Smiling back, she licked the red sauce off of it before sucking the bite between her pursed lips, chewing sensuously before stretching her neck up so that he could see her swallowing it down her throat. She offered up a bite to him in the same way, holding it shy of his lips, inviting him to stick out his tongue to taste it, which he did. Her breasts were practically falling onto the table as she stretched over to feed him.

Mara lowered one hand to her legs, which were hidden by the long tablecloth. She caressed her leg and raised her short skirt higher as she moved the hand between her legs. He gave her another bite, which she ate the same way. Sitting back, she lowered her foot from his leg and raised it up between them, rubbing along the inside of his thighs. She gave him another bite of the cheesecake. Seeing his manly mouth biting it, she raised her other hand up until her thumb found her panties. She pressed it onto her clit to try to quell the desires that were welling up there. When he finished taking the bite, he held her hand, licked off some sauce from her finger, and sucked it into his mouth to clean it thoroughly. She bit her lower lip and raised her foot up even higher, touching something hard there. She felt his firm cock reaching down his pants’ leg and sized it up with her foot. Upon offering her the next bite, he lowered his other hand under the table and began rubbing her toes, her foot, her ankle, and her calf, unencumbered by the stockings now. Her toes worked his cock and he spread his legs and pressed it up into her foot.

“I hope you have enjoyed your dinner and please come again soon.” Said the waiter, smiling. He had seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere.

“Oh, yes, we have enjoyed it immensely. One of the finest dinners I have ever had. We’ll come again soon, I’m sure. Thank you.” Replied Sean.

Realizing that they both looked flushed, they hurriedly paid the bill, gave the waiter a generous tip, and rushed hand in hand outside. While the valet retrieved Sean’s car, he put his arms around her and pulled her close to him, kissing her passionately on those full red lips. Mara was more than ready for the contact by now, and kissed him back, holding her arms around him also. Their tongues met in heated battle while both lowered their hands to grasp each other’s butts. She felt his hard muscles as he flexed his crotch into her vulva, pressing his hard cock into it also. He squeezed her firm round muscles in his big hands also, admiring how sensuous his senior partner felt güvenilir bahis şirketleri in his hands.

The car arrived. There was a puddle right by the passenger door from a recent rain. Seeing this, Sean swept Mara up into his arms easily and placed her into the seat, with another quick kiss before rushing around to the driver’s side.’Strong,’ she thought. ‘I like that!’ As they drove away, Mara reached over and grabbed his cock through his pants.

“Do you mind?” she asked sweetly, “I didn’t have enough dessert.”

“No, please help yourself to as much as you want.”

With that, she unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. He moved the seat back to allow her access. She knelt down on the carpeted floorboard on her side and reached inside his underwear to free his cock. She stroked it with one hand while grasping her breast with the other hand, moaning in anticipation. Leaning over it, she licked the head, then opened her mouth and swallowed as much as she could into the back of her throat. With greed born of abstinence, she hungrily stroked and sucked his hard member, pumping her head up and down, taking as much as she could possibly fit into her hot mouth, licking it with her tongue all the while.

He pulled her skirt up to her waist and caressed her bare buttocks. She had on only the barest of lace bikini underwear, almost a thong. The lace matched her bra, a pearl white for her business suit. He slipped a finger down over her ass, feeling her wet crotch, down to her hard little clit. She had a mini orgasm when he touched it, and hummed on his cock in appreciation, her butt contracting and doing a pelvic tilt in response to his manipulations.

“We’re here.” He stated.

Looking up to see what he was talking about, she saw that they were back in the Cyberdot parking lot, deserted except for their two cars. He had parked right next to hers. She leaned up and kissed him passionately and said, “Fuck me!”

He held up his pants and came around to her side of the car and opened the door.

“Take your panties off and stand up here.” He ordered her.

She pulled them over her butt and off her legs, then climbed out to see what he had in mind. They kissed and hugged there in the parking lot, his cock still sticking between them.

“Bend over the seat.”

She stood on the pavement in her high heals and bent her head and chest onto his car seat. He raised her skirt to her waist, fondling her firm butt in the process, and inserted one finger into her wet pussy to see if it was ready. It was. Dropping his pants and lowering his shorts, he held his hard cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down her lips and over her hard little clit, making her wait for it.

“Don’t tease me any more. Fuck me now, here! Put it in me, please?”

With that, he slid it between her engorged pussy lips and pressed it into her with one long push. It went all the way up into her with ease, until his balls banged into her clit. He stroked in and out, feeling her ass cheeks and pulling them back onto his cock. He slid his hands up the back of her blouse and unhooked her bra, freeing those big round orbs. He reached under her to grasp them, filling both hands, rubbing and pinching her nipples with his fingers. She moaned loudly at the manipulations and pressed back against him even harder. He responded by fucking her harder and harder, his balls banging into her clit with every stroke.

“Oh, yes, Oh, yes. Gooood. You are sooo goood.” She moaned loudly.

They fucked furiously for a while, there in the moonlight, under the stars, until she started feeling the ripples of approaching orgasm inside her. She clutched his cock with her muscles inside, pulling on it as he fucked her hard. The gripping on his cock set him off and he shot the first load up deep inside her. She started cumming too, her butt quivering and her body wracked in one big orgasmic spasm. She screamed out in total ecstasy. He squirted load after load up inside her until she was full and it was running out and down her thighs. She collapsed on the seat, with him holding her up, barely able to stand himself.

They managed to pull themselves together after a few minutes and get their clothes in order somewhat.

“Would you like to come over to my house for a drink or something? It’s still early.” Mara asked him.

“I’d love to. I’ll follow you, OK?” replied Sean.

As they got in their cars to go, Sean discovered a little present she had left him. Removing her panties from his gearshift, he put them to his nose and inhaled.

‘Sweet! I’ve got to get some dessert for myself when we get there.’ He thought. My many thanks to Life_Isa_Fantasy for her insightful editing of this story. Without her suggestions, support and female perspective this story would not have been possible. If you liked it, please vote. If you have any comments, I would be happy to hear them. Cheers, MagicFingers.

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