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Ceri set her mouth into a firm line that showed her determination. She wanted to get a nice present for her father’s wedding and she would do anything to make sure it happened. The problem was that the eighteen year old did not really get enough pocket money, and didn’t have any saved. With her dad and Jilly setting the date for just four weeks away she needed a speedy resolution to match their lack of planning.

And now she knew what it was.

She knocked before entering her brother’s bedroom. Joe was three years younger than her and has always been one of her best friends in the whole world. Sure, he was a bit of a brat but now he was growing out of that. In fact he had really grown up to be a handsome young man, just as Ceri was pretty. He smiled and looked up from his desk where he was working on his computer.

“Hi sis!”

“Hello brother of mine. What are you up to?”

This was a false question. He was up to what he was always up to at this time of day. Working on some of his photographs to put them onto the family website, or maybe one to hand in for an assignment.

“Oh, you know, just touching up some pictures I took last week.”


“Yeah, life class.”

Ceri looked at the girl on the screen. She was about fifteen years older than the pair of teens and her body was not perfect. Ceri could tell from the stretch marks that the woman had been pregnant, or just let herself go at one time. She was trim enough now though, albeit her boobs were sagging. Ceri thought she looked very pleasant.

“Good shots, brother.”

He shrugged, getting bashful as always. “I’m getting better. Nothing too special about these ones. I need a new camera really.”

Ceri grinned, tossing her strawberry blond hair. “Dad still holding out on you?”

“Yeah, he thinks it’s just a phase.”

An idea rolled into her young head. “Hey, what if I told you there was a way that you could buy the camera on your own?”

He looked puzzled. “How? We’re talking three, maybe four hundred dollars for the one I want. And I don’t want to get a job yet because it will…”

“…Interfere with school. I know. It has nothing to do with that. What if you could make that kind of money in a week or so, with only a couple of hours doing something you enjoy?”

He swiveled his chair away from the monitor and looked right at her perplexed.

“A couple of hours? You have my full attention!”

Ceri decided to go straight in for the crunch. What was the point in beating around the bush on this one? Her heart was pounding lively in her chest and she could feel her face go red. Coughing, she drew breath. “How about you take some photos of me?”

He laughed. “You don’t become a model in a week, sis.”

She crossed her eyes at him. “Don’t be dumb. I want you to take photos of me like…” She tapped the screen with a long nail. “…this.”

Joe’s mouth dropped open. “Nudes?”

“Yeah. Naked shots.” She put her hand on his knee, feeling him trembling just as much as she was. “There’s a site online. I found out about it from my ex, the creep. They give prizes for the top nude photos and stuff. I thought that I might stand a chance of winning. Not top prize but I should make SOME money I would think.”

Joe was still sitting there open mouthed. Ceri felt that old odd tingle right down in her pussy. Damn it, why was it turning her on to talk to her BROTHER about this? The reason she’d chosen him was because he was a good photographer and it would mean nothing sexual going on between them. She put it down to being very horny because of her current ‘single’ status. Might be time for a good old clit bashing tonight. That thought turned her on even more and she tried to push it away. Her nerves helped. What if he said no?

“So what do you say, Joe?”

“Y-yes. Sure. I’ll… do it.”

“Excellent!” She jumped up, hugging him excitedly. “We’ll do it tomorrow, after you get home from school. I’ll be ready. That’ll give us an hour and a half minimum before dad gets home!”

Joe’s mouth dropped open when the door to his sister’s room opened. She had certainly excelled herself in dressing up for the occasion. He took one long look at her, scanning his eyes canlı bahis upwards from the floor. Although not tall she was proportioned just right for her height. Her legs looked extra long in the black knee high boots that laced up the back. Her thighs were mostly bare, showing a goodly amount of soft pink skin that finished at a black mini skirt. A white blouse that was almost transparent in sheerness covered her body. Through it he could see the slightly darker lacy material of the bra that cupped her small but perfectly formed tits. She had unbuttoned the shirt until it showed the clasp of her bra located at the front. Her strawberry blond hair flowed over her shoulders and framed her sweet teenaged face. She had big brown eyes that she had inherited from their father that gave her an intensely strong stare. Her nose was a little button and her lips soft and pink. She had applied just a little makeup to accent her features but not so much that she looked slutty. Although Joe had to admit that the clothes did just that. Especially the choker that she wore around her neck, a small diamond pendant hanging from it.

“So how do I look, Joe?” She asked, turning a slow twist for him. As she did her lightweight skirt flew upwards and gave him the merest flash of her panties. White and very, very brief he noticed. The teen gulped before he could answer. “Great sis! Not what I’m used to photographing but… great!”

She laughed so that her whole face lit up. “Oh c’mon. Like you haven’t dreamed about taking pictures of a woman dressed like that. Just because all your photography professors are so stuffy! I know you have a good imagination. I’ve noticed how you always trim up the pubic hair of those mingers that make you take pictures of in class. I bet you have lots of positions picked out for me already.”

“Hey!” He held up his hands, displaying the camera. “I’m just good at planning and taking pictures. Always pays to be prepared!”

Ceri winked at him and then motioned around her room, freshly cleaned for the occasion. “Where do you want me first?”

“Well, you told me you were going to do the secretary thing so I figured we could do a set called ‘Just Home From Work’. So how about we start at the front door and then work our way up here?”

Ceri chewed her lip. She hadn’t thought about actually going out of the room for this. She supposed it made sense though, and their dad would not be home for ages yet. “Okay. But only on the inside. I’m not sure what our neighbors would think about you taking pictures of me in this.”

They went to the front door and Joe took control. “Right, sis. I figured we could just do some candid shots down here. Nothing to show anything off but you in the outfit. Act like you’ve just come into the house from a day at work.”

Ceri searched around and spotted one of their father’s old brief cases by the coat stand. Picking it up, she let him take a couple of pictures of her holding it, pretending to shut the door, hugging it, taking something out of it, and so on. The camera flashed away and she started to get into her role. Having her brother ordering her about took all of the strain out of the occasion. The strobing of the flash and the clicking allowed her to think herself into the role of a film star on a shoot. Although in very racy clothing!

The string of the panties she was wearing had ridden up her ass uncomfortably, so she hooked it out with her forefingers. It made her laugh to see her brother blush at this.

“That’s enough of those.” Said Joe. “I’ve got about thirty of you down here already! We don’t want to run out of time here.”

“Where next?” She replied.

“The stairs. Just walk up like you’re going to get changed.”

Ceri gave him a funny look and then it dawned on her. Joe knelt at the foot of the stairs while she went up, slowly, putting the weight on the toes of each foot. It was difficult in the boots but she enjoyed it. Showing off her ass to her brother for a few up-skirt photos really got the youngster buzzing.

Joe also enjoyed it. The stairs made her thigh muscles get nice and long and look taut beneath her creamy skin. He could see almost right up her skirt and the creamy globes of her firm young ass were presented bahis siteleri for the eye of the camera. The material of her panties was white and lacy and disappeared almost right up her bottom. He licked his lips as he admired her pink young cheeks. She had a beautiful ass! It was too soon when she reached the top of the stairs, so Joe called her down again. “Hitch up your skirt further and do it again.” He ordered, the veneer of the camera slipping over him. He just hoped that she did not see the raging hard-on he had stuffed down his pants. He had never expected to get turned on like this over his own sister and so had not thought to wear anything to cover up an erection. All he had on were a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt too short to pull down at the front.

He admired once again as his sexy sister walked up the stairs. When she reached the top he told her to keep going and ran after her. He had her stand in the door to her bedroom and lean against it, a hand on her hip, as he took some artistic shots from front and back. It was funny how his sister was pouting slightly for the face shots and he had to tell her to stop it and look natural. Then took a photo of her pink little tongue as she poked it out.

Joe flicked back though a couple of shots as he said. “Now I want some of you taking off your blouse. Just move really slowly and obviously for me so I know right what you’re going to do… that’s it. From the back first. Undo all the buttons and pull it open wide, make a performance of it… you got it.” The teen licked his lips as his delicious sister dropped the blouse to the floor with a low slow flourish. She stood there in just her bra and he could not help knocking out a few more pictures of her soft, naked back. “Now put it on again and this time turn to face me.” He enjoyed a quick view of her ass again, and knew that many men would lose their loads to the sight of that firm derrière. If she had not been his sister he would do so right now too! But that would just be… odd.

He straighted in erection in his pants before she turned around, all buttoned up again. “Now this time I really want you to work it. Hold each button before you open it. Start at the bottom, not the top sis. That’s it. Show me your navel first.” She had a trim little waist, almost nothing of it really, and her belly button was pierced. It looked so cute with the little jewel glittering in it. When she reached the final button her had her stop while her took some shot from different angles. The way the material lay across her boobs really made them look big and ripe and firm. Just so edible. Her got her to arch her back so they stood out. His mouth watered as he was forced to photograph her firm peaches. All trace of his jokey sister was gone as she worked her honed young bod for the shots. She just looked damn sexy and it was easy to see why all the boys at school had a crush on her.

“Right now undo that button.” She did so and the shirt fell backwards revealing her young cleavage hooked into the off-white bra. Joe loved the way that it accentuated and lifted her young breasts. She had chosen one that was slightly seethru and he could see the soft pinkness of her nipples through it. They were hard and pressing against the material almost like she was turned on. He wondered whether her nips always stood out like little bing cherries on her flesh. Nervously he took a few more pictures, still moving around her to get a raft of good shots. She was so trim and flexible with the body of a gymnast.

“How about I take off my skirt now, bro?” Ceri said, playing with the waistband. Joe’s erection was not lost on her. As he moved around he had forgotten to cover it up. She could tell that he was a reasonably endowed boy, not too big but still rather pleasant sized. Ceri liked looking at a good erection tent and, despite herself, found that checking out her brother’s packet was really very pleasant. Damn no, it was more than that. It was hot!

“Sure sister.” Joe replied. “Turn around first though. I want to get you from the back.”

I bet you do. She thought, her minx like mind already working on how she would look hottest for her photos. Turning, she stood on tiptoe as she hooked her thumbs into the material. bahis şirketleri Slowly, using the click of the camera like a metronome, she slipped the skirt down over her ass. She had chosen the very thinnest white g-string that she had, one that had come with a different set of lingerie than the bra. It was slightly different in color but it showed off her ass so much better than full panties. As it came down she felt her ass bare to the air and shivered. It really was quite cold, or she really was very flushed! Holding onto the skirt she bent forwards, lowering it to the floor. She heard the audible hiss from her brother and allowed herself a little giggle. Naughtily she shook her hips so that her bottom rounded back at him. She enjoyed the way that his hot eyes must be sliding over her. His gaze was so passion filled she could almost feel it on her tight young buttocks.

“You like my ass, Joe? You think that the men on that website will want to look at it? Will they lose their load over my firm young buttocks, Joe?” She whispered through clenched teeth, hoping he would hear.

“Yeah, you have a great butt, sister of mine. I certainly think that they’ll stroke over that tight little beauty!”

After several more shots she stood, whirling to face Joe, hair spinning out around her. She had a naughty little plan to tease her brother some more. Her tits felt compressed and uncomfortable in the bra and so she used her shaking fingers to unhook the clasp at the front. Her boobs, full and ripe as they were, did not fall from the bra but rather stood up for his inspection. She pulled the two halves back, seeing the look of pure lust in his eyes before he lifted the camera to take more pictures. She allowed her eyes to drift down to the tent in his pants and grinned at him. “Do you think I have nice tits too, Joey? Are they a good set?” Cupping them she offered them to him. Squeezed them. Kneaded them in her hands. They were still covered in lines from the material of the bra and her pink edible tips stood out, all turned on.

“Christ yeah! You have a great rack! Not huge but boy are they pert. I bet you the guys really go to town on them.”

“Oh they suck my nipples Joey. Some guys only do that before they cum! You wouldn’t believe it. I just love having my boobs handled by strong hands, and my nipples licked Joe. You know Mikey, the guy in your year? Before I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago he used to lick my nips daily. Problem is, since then, nobody has licked them Joe. I’ve been missing out since Sam moved away you see. I could always count on her!”

Joe almost dropped his camera. “Sam and you… did the whole… lesbo thing?”

She rolled her eyes. “If you want to call it that then yeah. I liked her a lot Joe. Like a good cock too much to be fully lesbo. I’m bi though. Had my first kiss with a girl even!”

Joe groaned and his sister laughed, loving the way that he was squirming on the spot. She wondered what his cock would look like out of his pants. It looked so tight in there for the poor thing. Walking up to him brazenly, she wiggled her knockers at him. They were so firm they barely moved at all, and he was such a good photographer that he managed to keep his calm enough to take some shots. Blatantly the girl turned and bent from the waist. Her little ass stuck up in the air. Click, click, click went the camera. She looked between her legs at Joe, feeling a complete hussy. The enormity of the moment hit her. How many boys had dreamed about their sisters standing there in just a brief pair of g-string panties, waving their asses at them? Ceri felt wet between her legs and knew that Joe would now be able to see it. To make sure he did she placed her feet wide on the floor and arched her back. She was startled at the amount of warm moisture pressing into her crotch. Her pussy had come open and the panties had ridden up into the crack just a little. She could feel the cold air on her asshole.

“O-okay sis… now f-or the m-money shot…” The boy was shaking so much that she would not be surprised if all these last pictures turned out to be complete cack. Not that she cared now. She just wanted his eyes on her hot, itchy little body. Goodness would she have to frig herself after this!

“I bet this will get me the money, Joe!” Standing, she turned around and pushed down her panties. If she had not done it that quick she would have lost the nerve. As it was her pussy became bare to the air.

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