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Please read part 1 — “The Naked Bike Ride”


Compared to the disaster that was the pre-ride painting party, the rest of the Naked Bike Ride went pretty much as planned. Andrea, Mark, Malcolm, and Emma stayed towards the rear of the pack, letting the serious riders go ahead of them, but without being too far back that they were in danger of falling behind the main group.

As Emma led the pack, she had a smile on her face for the first time that day, as she was finally doing what she thought this day was going to be all about — the ride. She had grown sick of watching Mark and Malcolm practically drooling over her friend’s naked body, and she was honestly a little upset at Andrea for insisting on stripping naked in front of the guys and not realizing that they wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off of her.

Mark made sure to ride behind Emma, partly because he wanted to avoid any unnecessary eye contact with Andrea, but also because he didn’t want to be distracted by Andrea’s naked brown ass. Even with his dick being drained just a half hour before, he knew there was no way he could watch her ride her bike from behind without getting excited again.

Andrea couldn’t decide whether she wanted to try and forgive Mark for cumming all over her — after all, rubbing sunscreen on the guy’s dicks was all her idea — or if she wanted to punch him in the back of the head for ruining the bodypaint she was so proud of. Based on the irate expression on her face, it seemed like she was leaning towards the latter.

Malcolm insisted on riding at the rear of the group, with the excuse that one of the links in his bike chain was bent, so he needed to be able to pull off without crashing into anyone else.

The truth was, however, that, unlike Andrea’s “best friend” Mark, Malcolm hadn’t actually blown his load yet, meaning he was riding around with an extreme case of blue balls. Indulging in the sight of his little sister’s soft, round ass was, obviously, not something he considered normal, but, as long as it was on display, he was going to enjoy it.

The bike ride, which had officially attracted 488 riders, most of whom where partially or fully naked, made it’s first of two 5 minute breaks designed to allow the slower riders time to catch up to the faster ones. During the break, Malcolm noted that, while there were plenty of naked, bodypainted people all around, only a few, maybe 5 or 6 at the most, had gone completely nude, without any paint whatsoever. His little sister, of course, was one of them. Her supple brown breasts, soft ass, smooth tummy and succulent pussy seemed to attract gazes from every direction. Malcolm couldn’t help but get a bit aroused as he watched every guy who slowly rode past her take in every inch of her smooth flesh, while she stood there, completely un-bothered by the constant stares, if not a little oblivious to them.

Right before the end of the first stop, Andrea – still seated on her bike – looked over her shoulder at her older brother.

“Hey,” she addressed Malcolm with a smile, “Just wanted to thank you again for coming on the ride today. I promise, after we’re done, you’ll never have to see my pussy again, let alone touch it.”

As his sister continued to look over her shoulder to talk to him, Malcolm watched Mark slyly turn his head to look back at Andrea. He watched him slowly stare down his sister, starting at her luscious neck, down to her hard brown nipples, to her pussy that was being squished by her own bike seat. Mark’s eyes were trained on Andrea’s beautiful womanhood as she turned back around. She gave Mark a furious scowl that sent him turning the other way without a fight.

“Oh yea,” she added in a slightly hushed tone after turning back to face her brother one last before the ride started back up, “And thanks for not completely losing control like Mark did.” She gave one of her patented eye rolls to the sky, before placing her own hand atop her brother’s.

“So, yea… thanks for being a good brother and respecting me, even if I put you through a lot.” She looked down to take an appreciative peek at the big dark cock that had just an hour ago dripped precum all over her, before remembering that he had put his boxers back on.

For the next leg of the ride, Andrea was in a noticeably better mood. Having a brother that respected her, whether she was fully clothed or butt naked, made her feel a lot better about the whole Mark dilemma. Every minute or so, she’d shoot a loving smile back towards her brother, forcing him to quickly shift his gaze from her ass cheeks to her face.

The riders came to an uphill portion, meaning most of the riders where now beginning to stand up on their pedals, leaning forward on the handlebars in order power up the incline. Malcolm’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground as he watched his little sister slowly straighten her legs, stick her ass straight up, and lean forward. Andrea’s thick thighs and plump lips hid her labia quite well while he was kartal escort bayan painting her. But now, as he was seeing the entirety of his little sister’s sex, spreading and tightening subtly with every pump of the pedals, his heart nearly stopped.

Is she doing that on purpose? She has to know that I can see her entire pussy. There’s no way she could expose herself to me and everyone around us without being at least a little apprehensive. My sister is absolutely crazy.

As Malcolm’s eyes were lost on Andrea’s upturned ass and exposed, slippery pussy, he didn’t realize that his sister had, once again turned around to shoot him a smile. By the time he looked back up, her face had soured into an angry glare.

“Ugh,” she exclaimed with an exaggerated eye-roll, “Of course you’d be looking at it.” She faced front again, shaking her head and mumbling angrily to herself once more. With a defiant look on her face, she stuck her ass even higher in the air, letting her hips swing even further from side to side as she pedaled.

Every time the riders approached an incline, Malcolm would watch intently as his sister went from sitting on the bike seat to standing on the pedals. Each time she did, he got another look at her soft pussy, including the barely noticeable, glistening layer of fluid that was beginning to drip from her lips as she made more and more contact with the bike seat. Malcolm felt himself licking his own lips, wondering if he was watching his sister become aroused right in front of him, before forcing himself to echo the words in his head that his own sister had said to him…

There’s nothing sexual about it. It’s totally normal to have a bit of a reaction after extended physical contact. So obviously, any girl would start to get a little wet after having her lips rub on a bike seat for a half hour, regardless of the circumstances. Besides, she’s your sister. You can admire her backside all you want, but as soon as you start staring at her little pussy and thinking about sex, you definitely crossed the line.

Malcolm took the final break as an opportunity to ensure his sister that he was in no way trying to — as she called it — “perv on her”, after she caught him staring at her pussy. He laid his bike down, and walked over to Andrea who, still sitting on her bike, was looking down at her phone. With a body language of uncertainty, he slowly placed his hand on her opposite hip; in what he thought was an innocent, brotherly embrace. As his fingers landed on her outer thigh, she jerked her head up in surprise due to the sudden contact, before confirming that it was just her brother, and returning her gaze down to her phone.

He wasn’t sure how she’d react to this kind of contact. Putting his hand around his sister’s waist while she was clothed was no big deal at all. But gripping your sister’s waist as she sat butt naked was a different story. Luckily, she didn’t react, probably excusing the slightly awkward physical contact as her brother’s own way of being affectionate. He pulled Andrea closer into his bare chest for a moment, taking the opportunity to run his eyes along the sea of soft, brown flesh that sat quietly before him.

“Hey,” Malcolm said, in a soft tone, “You know I wasn’t… like… trying to be a creep or anything. I just never saw your pussy before today and, I guess, I just thought it was pretty nice. Just admiring the way it looks,” he added, attempting to convince not only her but also himself. “Like you said before, nothing sexual at all.”

“Oh that’s just great,” Andrea responded with a tone of sarcasm but with a sly smirk, “My brother tells me I have a nice pussy, and that’s supposed to make me feel better.”

“Whatever,” Malcolm mumbled back, “You know what I mean.”

“Yea, yea. I know. It’s fine,” Andrea finally responded, obviously not as bothered by the incident as she was initially.

Malcolm, with his right hand still around Andrea’s hip, pulled her even closer. His semi-hard dick was now squished against her left butt-cheek, with only the thin layer of fabric of his boxers in between them.

Andrea smiled to herself as she felt her brother’s dick slowly stiffen against her own skin.

“Man, it’s a shame you have to keep that beautiful thing all covered up. I’m sure most of these ladies would love to see what your packing.” She moved her hand from her phone to give Malcolm’s stiff shaft a quick squeeze through his boxers.

“Hmm. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re not naked. You might send some of these girls into shock if you’re standing around with your cock all hard.”

“Heh… Yea, you’re probably right,” Malcolm chuckled, trying to sound casual as a huge puddle of precum was forming inches away from his sister’s grasp.

“But anyway,” Malcolm continued, more confidently, “I was thinking since it’s, like, the only weekend we get to see each other, we can chill at my apartment for a bit when we’re done with the ride. Maybe like order a pizza escort maltepe and just, like, watch some Netflix or something.”

Andrea had, indeed, made plans with friends to meet at a bar that night, but she was totally willing to break them in order to spend some time with her big brother. She was glad her brother had invited her to her apartment. Malcolm is a pretty quite guy, and after a few hours of social interaction, like they’d had today, he usually is done talking to people. Maybe tonight they’d actually get to bond like brother and sister, the way they had while they lived together for 3 years during high school.

Malcolm was also glad that he had invited his sister to his apartment, but for a few very different reasons. Malcolm’s state of arousal, caused by his sister’s hands, had still not been dealt with. As weird as it was to him, watching the way his sister used her body so sexually, while still remaining innocent in her head, made him think that he’d be able to find a way for his sister to bring him to completion without causing some sort of weird family incest situation. The thoughts ran through his head as they got off their bikes and walked back towards the shady tree to get dressed.

If Andrea managed to get Mark to cum all over her, while still claiming that she had no sexual intention at all, why can’t she do the same for me? I mean, she’s the one that put me this situation. I would never force her, but she does kinda owe it to me to help me out. And besides, she’s my sister. It would never actually mean anything.


Realizing that this may very well be the last time he’d get to see his beautiful best friend naked from head to toe, Mark watched in agony as Andrea reached into her bag to retrieve her clothes. Malcolm watched too, but was more focused on how he’d get his little sister to bring him to orgasm later that day.

Mark, who had once again taken a seat against the tree, attempted to sneakily snap a few pictures of Andrea with his phone, as she stood there naked, still talking to Emma. He decided to take as many pictures as he could before he was caught. Most of them were blurred or didn’t give a clear view of her tits and pussy, but a few of them where perfect, full-frontal shots. Mark didn’t care if it made him seem like a creep; there was no way he was going to let this opportunity go to waste.

Emma noticed Mark taking pictures out of the corner of her eye, and quickly alerted Andrea, so that she could cover herself up. Instead, with a furious expression on her face, Andrea stormed towards Mark, before stopping 5 feet in front of him, and assertively placing her hands on her hips.

“What? It’s not enough that you came all over me? Now you want to take a bunch of pictures to jerk off to later? You really are a creep, Mark.”

Mark, stunned after being caught, was speechless. He wasn’t sure if he should apologize, or if he should take the opportunity to snap a close-up of Andrea’s plump pussy, regardless of the consequences.

“You know what,” Andrea said, after accepting that Mark was not going to respond. “Fine! Go ahead and take a picture. Maybe if you spend all your time jerking off to those pictures of me you won’t end up cumming on me in real life!”

She took a few steps backward, allowing Mark to capture all of her body in the frame. He nervously raised his phone making sure to capture every inch of her body. It didn’t matter that she wore an angry expression; he knew he’d be jerking off to this picture many, many times.

Just as Andrea was about to begin putting her clothes back on, another idea popped into her head.

“You know what, Mark? Since you’re such an enthusiastic photographer, how about we put your skills to use? Take my phone and snap a few pictures that I can put on my blog when I get home.”

Mark, now serving as the groups’ amateur photographer, stayed seated against the tree as he instructed Andrea through the various poses that he thought her blog-followers would appreciate.

“Okay. First, stand straight up, spread your legs just a bit, put your hands on your hips, and give us a big smile.”

Andrea, being more concerned with the quality of her blog posts than the fact that she was furious at Mark for taking creep-shots of her, tried her best to follow his instructions. The first picture was a success. Andrea’s legs where spread just far enough to clearly expose her lips, and the wide smile on her face would show everyone on the internet how proud she was to show off her bare body.

“Now, keep your hands on your hips, but turn around so that you’re looking back at me over your shoulder.”

She turned her body around, and looked back at the camera over her right shoulder with a devious grin. She stuck her ass out flirtatiously to the right, while pushing her ass upward just enough to reveal her pussy to the camera. pendik escort Mark had her rotate her body just the tiniest bit more to the right so that the photo would also include her a hint of her delicate brown nipple.

They went through various other poses; with Mark making sure that he had captured every part of her body. Mark found the entire process extremely erotic. Not only was she getting into any pose that he told her to, she’d also be willingly sharing all of these photos on the internet, where they would be viewed by friends and strangers alike.

Mark made sure to get plenty of photos of Andrea’s ass, which still had the handprints that he had put on them before the ride. He even had her get into a pose where she playfully covered herself, her right arm covering — or, in this case, attempting to cover — her breasts, while her left fingertips teasingly covered her pussy.

Finally, Andrea decided that she wanted pictures with everyone from the group. First, she posed alongside Emma with the tree in the background. To Mark, there was something so erotic about a completely naked, beautiful woman posing confidently next to a clothed one. It was obvious by Emma’s expression that she wasn’t completely comfortable posing with a naked woman in a photo that would be shared across the internet. Truthfully, however, Emma might as well have been invisible; everyone who saw the photo would be staring at Andrea.

Then, she posed with Malcolm; still just wearing his underwear. Andrea lovingly wrapped her arms around Malcolm’s lithe yet muscular torso and pulled him tightly towards herself. Malcolm responded by putting his own arm around Andrea’s right hip, perilously close to her bare ass. Mark found this photo even more erotic; a young, exposed, vulnerable woman posing with a big strong man; let alone the fact that they were siblings.

Finally, it was Mark’s turn to pose with Andrea. Emma prepared to take the picture while to two best friends awkwardly got into position. Andrea still refused to speak to Mark, but Mark knew she would let her grudge go for a moment in the interest of getting a perfect photo.

Boldly, he wrapped his left arm around her curvaceous hip, while tenderly placing his right hand on her tummy, just below her belly button. He pulled her into his chest, before putting on the cheesiest smile he had ever achieved, and facing the camera. He could tell that Andrea was fighting every muscle in her body not to rip his hands off of her, but the picture was just too important to her.

Mark went through all of the pictures that they had taken on Andrea’s phone, claiming he was checking for any ones that were too blurry. His mind raced with excitement, knowing that, in a few hours, these pictures would be on the Internet for him and everyone else to relish. To his surprise, Andrea came to the tree and sat next to him.

“So… do you think these pictures are any good?” Andrea began in a calm tone, not wanting to seem overly friendly.

“Yea! I mean… Yea. You look great in them.”

“I just don’t want all of my followers to think I’m some kind of perv who goes around flashing her naked body to everyone. I want them to know it was about the bike ride, not just my private parts. I mean, if somebody hadn’t ruined my bodypaint, none of this would have been a problem,” she added, giving Mark a cold glare.

Mark ignored the last part, but reassured Andrea that posting the pictures was the right thing to do.

“I think your followers should see how happy you were to go naked today, so that maybe they’ll participate next year. Also, you’d be really brave for posting these pictures online where anyone can see them… you know… friends, family, strangers… whoever.”

“Plus,” he added, attempting to drive the point home, “I bet your blog will get a ton of views once these pictures go public. They’re really good.”

“Hmm,” Andrea finally replied thoughtfully, “I guess I will post them then. Lets just hope all of those views aren’t from you, though.” She shot Mark a flirtatious glare before using his shoulder to push herself off of the ground. He watched breathlessly as she walked back toward her bag; her heavenly ass cheeks jiggling slightly, exposing just a hint of her lips.

Andrea decided not to put her bra back on, as her body was glistening with sweat and she didn’t want to ruin it. She pulled the tank top over her head, which, without the bra, left most of her breasts exposed. She stood there completely bottomless for a minute or so as she went back to checking her phone, drawing the gaze of both Mark and Malcolm directly to her plump little pussy, before sliding up her shorts, and signaling to Malcolm that she was ready to go.


Andrea sat patiently on the black leather couch in her brother’s dimly lit living room as she waited for him to finish showering. She was actually pretty impressed with how well maintained the place was. Maybe he was starting to care a bit more about himself after all, she must have thought. Her main complaint was that his apartment, unfortunately, had no air conditioning, meaning he mostly relied on the fan in his bedroom to stay cool.

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