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Author’s preamble.

My story The merry wives of Windsor was intended as a stand-alone story but a couple of comments made me realise that there were two more stories to tell. Sandy Smith with her son Shaun, then Cathy and Carl Cornell. I am publishing both stories simultaneously so you might like to check out The merry wives of Windsor: Cathy.

This is the tale of Sandy, her with a libido as big as her breasts and an open mind, and her son, Shaun.

Tags: MF, MMF, incest, DP, anal, impreg

The merry wives of Windsor: Sandy

“Do make me a cup of coffee darling,” Mrs Smith asked her son when they arrived home. I’m going to shower and get dressed before I start on our meal.”

Shaun pulled his mother’s body close, feeling her breasts cushioning into his chest. They kissed like the two lovers they had become. Still holding him close she cautioned him, “We need to be careful, son, while your Dad is around. We must act normally and that means no flirting or quick gropes. Don’t worry, you and I will be fucking each other a lot in future but let’s not give your Dad any signs just yet.”

“OK, I guess we can be discrete so long as I know we can mess around when he’s not here.”

“Believe me son, soon you will be fucking me in any position anywhere in the house.” She hugged him again and they went their separate ways, she to her shower and he to his room where he fired up his computer and shot the shit out of the enemy soldiers in his game. He was called down for dinner when his Dad got home and they all tucked into the pasta bake set before them. The three of them sat and watched the TV for an hour or so before Shaun announced he was going to play on his computer, leaving his parents alone.

Sandy was on the sofa and she asked her husband to come and cuddle up with her. He knew that when she was in a cuddling mood, they were going to be fucking like rabbits when they got to bed; she just liked lots of kissing and cuddling to build her up. Tony was feeling a bit randy, knowing that his wife would make it up later so he had her shuffle down the sofa: he sat behind her and she laid back in his arms with his hands coming round to play with her breasts as they watched TV and he drank a couple of cans of beer. Eventually they went to their bedroom and Sandy lost no time in stripping then lay in the middle of the bed, on top of the covers with her legs open and welcoming.

In their bedroom games, they would often act out their fantasies. From time to time, she would act like a total slut and he would rôle-play one of a variety of lovers she would bring to their bed. Sometimes it might be one of their friends or it might be a complete stranger who would ravish her roughly. A favourite fantasy would be him pretending to be their son or her brother or her father. Whichever scenario they chose, their sex would be terrific. When he settled next to her and started seriously playing with her tits, she kissed him and whispered, “Shaun, would you like to fuck your Mummy tonight. Fill me with that big prick of yours and fuck me rigid.”

“Oh Mum,” he responded getting into her fantasy, “let me suck your luscious tits.” Thus, the fantasy played out with her husband, acting as her son, giving her what she wanted. At one point she screamed out, “Yes Shaun, fill my cunt with your incestuous sperm, give me your baby.” And she was overcome as he shot his load into her.

They were kissing and hugging again after their massive climaxes when she whispered in his ear, “Darling, I know our games are just fantasies, but would you like to make this one be real by letting Shaun fuck me while you watch?”

He sat back to take in the surprise suggestion from his wife. “Would you let our son fuck you? That would be incest and illegal.”

“True, but if it is only us involved, I don’t think any of us would be going along to the police to report it, would we? The question is, how would you feel about bringing him into our bed? I’m not going to suggest we bring anybody else in – none of the friends we’ve rôle-played. Just this one fantasy we could live out.” All the time they had been whispering he had been stroking her pussy while she fondled his dick. It was definitely growing as they talked about bringing Shaun to their bed. Twice in a night was very unusual for the two mature lovers these days but Tony was certainly showing clear signs of interest. She bent down to his growing erection and said, “Let Mummy suck this back to life, my baby, and then you can have your wicked way with me as you fuck Mummy hard.”

Their second session of lovemaking was even wilder than their first; she sat cowgirl fashion as ‘their son’ banged into his Mummy relentlessly. Afterwards, when they were both sated, Tony said, “If you are happy with the idea of letting Shaun fuck you, we can do it tomorrow. Will you tell him or will I?”

“Yes, I would love to fuck our son, so long as you are happy with the idea. How about we do it like this: I’ll wear just a housecoat when you come home from work, nothing particularly canlı bahis unusual about that if I take a shower beforehand. After we have eaten, you can play with my tits in front of him, and then invite him to sample my wares himself. He’s been ogling them for years enough so I don’t think he’ll pass up such an invitation. Then we can let things progress, as they will. If you invite him, he will know he has your blessing.”

“That sounds like a plan. So if you are wearing just your housecoat tomorrow, I will know you are still up for it.”

Sandy gave her husband a loving kiss then turned her back and drifted off to sleep with his arm wrapped around her, idly fondling her breasts and relishing the thought of the incestuous addition to their bed tomorrow.

The next morning, life in the Smith household appeared normal. Sandy wore her bathrobe as usual, her breasts swinging free beneath it as she fed her husband and son but as soon as Tony left for work, she was on her son’s lap, having shed her robe and was now wearing only the skimpy lace bikini panties she loved. They kissed long and passionately as she undressed him then impaled herself on her son’s young prick and just sat there squeezing her pussy muscles every now and then.

“Listen Shaun, I don’t want you surprised by what happens tonight: I want you to act nervous and unsure. Your Dad is going to expose my tits to you and invite you to play with them: before the night is out you will be fucking me while he watches us. Don’t forget, we have never fucked: yesterday’s session on Jane’s patio never happened.”

“Oh Mum, does this mean we get to fuck with his permission?”

“Yes, it means we will be able to fuck our brains out so let’s jump the gun and make a mess of your bed.”

After their morning tryst, she took a shower to clean her son’s deposit from her pussy and, drying herself, decided she would do all her housework wearing just a skimpy thong. Sandy kept her son at bay for the rest of the day, telling him to save himself for what could be a marathon night for the family. She wanted her son to be eager to go tonight and thought her near-nakedness would keep him on the boil. Shaun went around all day with an erection getting harder and harder. A couple of times he came behind her and reached round for the lovely breasts that were swinging as she worked, poking his erection between her bum cheeks, but she turned in his arms and kissed him as sexily as she could then told him he had to wait. He eventually realised she was just too much temptation so retired to his room and started up his computer, loading his favourite shoot-’em-up game. Sandy let him go with the caution not to masturbate. “I want those balls of yours full of your cream for me tonight.”

Sandy hummed happily to herself as she prepared their evening meal. She defrosted some bread rolls she had made and frozen last week. She made a rich onion gravy and braised some steak for four hours in the slow cooker. She baked a layered chocolate cake and gave it a thick filling and coating with a chocolate fudge sauce. She prepared the vegetables and put them ready to steam, and then it was time to get ready for the fun. She decided to luxuriate in the tub, pampered with her favourite bath oil for a while; she fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples, imagining it was Shaun. She was so tempted to put her hands under the water to play with her pussy and clitoris and reluctantly pulled her hands clear just as the excitement was starting. Sandy hoped that her son had denied himself relief just as she had done. After shaving her body where necessary, she stepped out of the tub and dried herself before walking naked to the master bedroom.

She dried her hair, fashioning it into that lustrous wave her husband liked so much, put on minimal makeup except for her lips, which were heavily coated in glossy scarlet. She was already wet between her legs and so decided not to wear that tiny thong she’d had in mind, settling instead for a pair of more substantial but still sexy red panties. She selected her lovely scarlet silk housecoat and tweaked her nipples deliciously before fastening the belt loosely round her waist. Perfect timing, she thought, as she heard Tony’s car pulling into the drive.

She skipped quickly down the stairs and welcomed him with a light kiss so as not to mess her lipstick. His face was covered in a huge grin as he held her at arm’s length, looking her up and down. She still seemed as beautiful as the girl he had married almost 20 years ago. “Are we still going to do this?” he asked.

“God, yes Darling, I’m as horny as hell, feel my wet pussy.” She pulled her husband’s hand between her legs to prove her point and felt his tool hard in his pants. “And you certainly seem UP for it,” she giggled almost girlishly. She felt like a teenager preparing to lose her virginity.

“Let’s do it then. That lump you are feeling has been with me all day.” He gripped her bum and pulled her groin into his as he thrust his erection into her abdomen.

She hugged bahis siteleri him for a few seconds then broke away saying, “Dinner’s ready so let’s eat so we can get to the desert.” He slapped her bum and followed her to the kitchen where the table was already set. “Give Shaun a call while I serve up.”

Shaun came down from his room a couple of minutes later wearing jeans and a white tee shirt. The meal was on the table so he sat opposite his mother who gave him a wink that her husband never saw. Tony had loosened her robe belt and pulled one side of the robe open until it covered her right nipple but only just. The effect of this made the swollen nipple peep out whenever she moved her hands and arms as they ate. Shaun could scarcely keep his eyes off the sight before him.

When the meal was finished, Tony stood behind his wife and, looked his son right in the eyes, reached down and pulled his wife’s robe even further so her whole tit was on display. “Don’t you think your mother has lovely tits Shaun?”

Even though he was expecting this, his face coloured up in embarrassment but he never took his eyes of the lovely globe and hard nipple. It was one thing to think about it but entirely different as his father caressed and squeezed the soft flesh.

“Come and feel how soft they are son. You used to suckle these when you were a baby, do you want to suck this lovely nipple into your mouth now?” Tony pulled her robe apart on both sides so her upper body was completely exposed to his lusting gaze.

“Come and feel Mummy’s tits, Baby. I want you to.” She took hold of Shaun’s hand and brought it to her breast, moaning as he ran his thumb over the nipple. Reaching across seemed awkward so he stood up, moved to her side and continued fondling the squishy flesh as his father fondled the other. With one hand pulling her son’s mouth to hers, she gave him a kiss that made his erection almost painful. Sandy’s other hand came down to feel her son’s rock solid shaft and said, “I think our son likes his mother’s tits,” then looking up to her husband continued, “Let’s take him to bed Darling.” She stood and let Tony remove the robe completely then, taking Shaun by the hand, she led him upstairs, her husband following them to the master bedroom.

Sandy stood her son next to the bed and pulled his shirt over his head then knelt and opened his flies before pulling his jeans down. She removed his trainers and socks before throwing his jeans to one side then turned to the boxers hiding the cock she wanted. Pulling them down and off, she stroked Shaun’s hard tool saying, “Oh Daddy, our Baby is all grown up.” She could not resist taking her Baby’s cock deep into her mouth for a few seconds then stood and hugged him to her body. Wrapping her arms around his neck and thrusting her groin to his, she pulled him into a tongue-swapping kiss.

She clambered onto the bed, pulled her knees up and spread them wide. “Get that big prick right up your Mummy’s pussy, my Baby. Don’t mess about, just fuck Mummy’s cunt.”

Shaun needed no further urging; he had been waiting for this all day. Kneeling between her spread legs, he watched her spread her labia for him so he aimed at the target she was displaying and entered her, sinking all the way in a smooth thrust. She groaned as his pubic bone hit hers, wrapped her legs around his arse and moaned, “Oh yes Baby, fuck me hard.”

Tony had mixed thoughts when he watched his wife welcome her son between her legs and into her body and him start pumping in and out. There was more than a twinge of jealousy: as far as he knew, his wife had never strayed from her marital bed. But his thrill that they were now living one of their favourite fantasies quickly overcame his doubts and his own tool was rock hard. He quickly stripped and sat on the bedside chair watching them, hearing their groans and moans, hearing his wife’s entreaties for her Baby to fuck her harder and the slap, slap, slap of their bodies coming together as his son redoubled his efforts. Tony stroked his erection slowly.

Shaun was a young man, fit and virile who had been denying himself all day while his mother had been prancing around almost naked. “I can’t hold it back much longer Mum,” he panted.

“Fuck me Baby, shoot it all into me,” she called back. Her own orgasm was fast approaching; it was triggered when he rammed home and she felt his prick jerking as he filled her cunt with his cream. “Yes Shaun, fill me, give me your baby,” she screamed in her ecstasy. Shaun’s prick never fully softened; he just slowed down a little, stroking unhurriedly in and out of his mother’s pussy as he regained his strength. The continuous fucking kept giving his mother lots of little aftershocks. When he was back to fully erect, he hooked her knees over his shoulders and doubled her body, pressing her thighs into her breasts then began pounding her again.

Tony was fascinated by his son’s stamina as Shaun continued his relentless fucking. Tony listened to the sloppy sound of his son going in and out and thought, somewhat bahis şirketleri incongruously, that the sound was onomatopoeic: it sounded like ‘fuck fuck fuck’ with every stroke. Sandy was moaning incoherently, getting louder and louder as her son caused multiple orgasms to wrack through her body. But Shaun was not finished yet: he pulled out, flipped her onto her knees and banged right back into her. He reached under her and mauled her tits, almost viciously squeezing and twisting her nipples to propel her to a higher level of ecstasy. She was beating her hands on the pillows and screaming in total rapture when she felt her son once again thrusting to full depth and spitting more sperm into her womb.

Shaun gave his mother a light slap on her bum as he rolled off and lay flat on his back beside her, his prick now quickly deflating. She had collapsed onto the pillows, equally exhausted for the moment. Tony noticed that they were both utterly drenched with sweat. He went quickly to the bathroom, grabbed two towels, threw one to his son and proceeded tenderly to pat his wife’s body dry. She turned over to let him dry her front, her bosom rising and falling with each heavy pant of her breath.

“Holy shit,” she gasped, “never in my whole life have I ever been fucked like that. You’re a fucking animal Shaun. Thank you for fucking your old Mum to a standstill.” She twisted her head and gave her son a long, loving kiss before turning to see her husband standing over her, his towel still patting at her body, now trying to clean the sloppy mess out of her gaping cunt. She noticed his prick was rock hard and leaking his fluids continuously. She reached out to his erection and pulled it to her mouth saying, “Let me take care of that for you Darling,” as she took it between her lips and sank her mouth all the way down until her husband was thrusting into her throat. He was so eager that it only took a few strokes before his prick began to pulse and she felt his sperm hitting the back of her throat and filling her mouth. Wow, she had never known him to be so eager.

Tony climbed onto the bed and they were laid side by side with Cathy in the middle, encouraging her two men to play with her tits. It was a lovely sensation having her breasts sucked in stereo, enhanced by feeling a finger from each man slipping into her pussy. Meanwhile she had a cock in each hand and was hoping to get them both aroused again for her next ambition. It was not surprising that Shaun was first to grow so she concentrated more on her husband. The atmosphere in the room was highly charged and reeked of male and female pheromones so Tony was soon back to full size.

“I want both of you in me at once,” Sandy announced. “Tony, on your back, you’re going to be fucking my cunt and this young stud is going to fuck my arse. Shaun, there’s some KY in that drawer, you will need it.”

While Shaun was retrieving the lubricant, Sandy settled herself onto Tony’s cock and bent forward to kiss him. Shaun saw her rosebud waiting for him: he carefully spread some lube around her anus, slipping a finger inside and soon added a second, and then a third finger as she relaxed and he stretched her hole so it could accommodate him. While Shaun was preparing his mother’s arse, Tony was slowly moving in and out of her pussy as much as he could from this restricted position; Sandy was just enjoying the luxurious treatment. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt her son’s cock nudging against her anus: she hadn’t been double penetrated since her wilder teen days, before she married Tony.

Shaun pushed the head of his prick into his mother’s tight passage and she felt the hole expanding to take it. He held still for a few seconds then inched his way in slowly, seeming inexorably until she was fully impaled. The two pricks inside her had not yet synchronised their thrusts and it was a glorious random interlude before they got together with one thrusting in as the other pulled back: her heart was beating in her chest at the same rhythm. Her lovers grabbed a tit each and again it was random stimulation exciting her. She was surprised to feel an orgasm building so soon and partially suppressed it, sensing that a denial now would give her a bigger thrill later but it became increasingly difficult not to succumb to the demands of her body. Eventually she let her body take over and all she could remember of the next few minutes was the constant pounding of the pricks in her cunt and arse: it seemed that her men were locked into their own competition over who would come first. Shaun was first but only by a few seconds and Sandy was dimly aware of both her holes being flooded with sperm. The three of them collapsed onto the bed, all of them panting, trying to catch their breath.

Shaun was first to recover and, although he could have gone again, he thought his parents needed some time alone to sort their thoughts out between themselves. He gave his mother a gentle kiss and thanked her then left to take a shower before going to his own room. Sandy was pleased that he had left them. She turned, hugged her husband and quietly said, “Darling, tonight was wonderful; much better than any fantasy rôle-play. I want Shaun to fuck me again and again, now I’ve tasted the ‘forbidden fruit’.”

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