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As I wake up this morning, my thoughts turn to the evening coming. After you get off work, I am planning to pick you up and we are going to spend a wonderful evening together. I am so excited about it as I rub the sleep from my eyes. I slowly roll over and get out of bed.

I walk to the bathroom and turn on the water in the shower. As it starts to heat up, I can feel the heat between my legs increasing. We spent all of the previous day completely tormenting one another over the phone. Both of us trying to out do the other with what we say or do. I’m thinking about it as I turn the shower on and the hot water steams up the bathroom.

I take off my jammies and step into the burning water. It stings my skin a little as it runs down over my shoulders and down by back and ass. I stand there for a few moments, letting the heat soothe me as I move my hands down along my body. I lightly run one hand over my pussy, feeling the heat coming from it. It is so full of a need to be fullfilled, but only you can give it what it needs. I slip a finger in my slit and feel my engorged clit, begging for a release.

I rub my finger over my clit, imagining your tongue lapping at it. I envision you kneeling before me, holding my lips apart as you slip your tongue in and brush my clit with the tip. I start to moan, thinking about how much I want your touch. I decide that now is not the time for release as I want you to be the one to please me.

I wet my hair and begin washing my body. My hands run over my breasts and I think about how you touch them. How it feels when you bite the nipples. How your tongue slips along over them and how erect they get when I’m close to you. I move my soapy hands over my stomach and down between my thighs. My pussy is still burning with a need from you and I jump a little when my hand passes over.

I finish bathing and stand under the water a little longer, enjoying my thoughts of you and the evening coming for us both. As the water starts to grow cold, I shut it off and step out. I grab a towel and dry myself off, then wrap it around me.

I start to get dressed for our evening together. I put on a black bra, tight black tshirt and a long black skirt. I wear no underwear because when I come to pick you up, I’m planning to let your hand slip up under and feel my wetness. Just enough to let you know how much I want you and to get you excited for our night.

I leave my hair down because I know you’ll be wanting to grab it by the handfuls during the throes of passion. Wouldn’t want anything to get in your way. I put on some black eyeliner and put on my black velvet strappy shoes that you love.

I walk out of the bathroom to my PC and sit down in the chair. I see that you’re online and send you a message asking if you’re ready for our evening. You tell me that you are and that you can’t wait to see me. I tell you how I’ve been so hot and ready for you since our phone conversation and you respond with how I’m making it hard for you to be at work. I send you kisses and tell you I’ll see you soon enough.

I go through the rest of the day, waiting for it to be time to get you, thinking about how much I can’t wait to be in your arms, feeling your touch, kissing your lips. I’ve thought about sating the throbbing between my legs several times, but I know it will do me no good as you are the only one that can truly give me what I desire.

Finally its time to come get you and I go out and get in my car. On the way, I hike my skirt illegal bahis up to mid-thigh, preparing for you. I pull out in front and see you there waiting for me. You open the door and get in. You lean over to me and kissing me so passionately that I’m not sure if I can wait until we get to your house. I grab your hand and, as planned, slide it up under my skirt until your fingertips are at my lips. The wetness there is hot and dripping and you smile a devilish grin.

You make to move your hand in further, but I pull it away. I tell you that it isn’t time yet, we need privacy tonight, but it will be worth the wait. As I drive to your house, I tell you about how much I have been needing you all day. How all I have thought about it your touch, your mouth, your cock. I tell you about how I’ve been wet all day from it, my pussy suffering from a constant throb that only you can satisfy.

We pull up to your house and we get out. We walk to the front of the car and start heading towards your front door when you pull me against you and plant a kiss on my lips that make my legs weak. Your tongue slides in past my lips, rubbing against mine. You hold me so close to you, I can feel your heat and the hardness of your cock, pressing against me.

We walk together to the door, your arm around my waist. You open the door and let me in, coming in behind me and closing it. Once the door is closed, you push me up against the wall and kiss me again, this time your hands finding their way to my breasts. You press hard against me as your mouth consumes mine. We are locked together, kissing, as my hands come up around your neck.

Your hands slide down along my sides and grab the material of my skirt. You slowly start to lift it, kissing me the whole time. As you get the silky material up to my waist, you hold it there with one hand as the other moves down to my hot, wet lips. You whisper in my ear how hot it is that I get so wet for you, but more than that how hot it gets you when you smell my wetness. Your fingers find their way to my clit and start working it over as a moan escapes me. Your mouth finds mine again, muffling the moan as you continue to rub me with your fingers.

You take your hand away and start undoing your shorts. As they drop to the floor, you push forward, pinning me to the wall, impaling my hot wetness with your cock. Again I moan as you penetrate me, feeling you drive into me, filling me your your hardness. I’m on the verge, as I have been all day, and feeling you inside of me brings me that much closer. You very slowly move in and out of me, slipping easily along my hot, wet cunt. You continue to kiss me as you thrust so very slowly, allowing me every moment of excrutiatingly wonderful insanity.

As you start an outward stroke, you pull out of me and kiss me tenderly, biting at my lip lightly as you pull away, dropping my skirt. You look in my eyes, smile and take my hand. You lead me to a chair and seat me down. You kneel before me, smiling at me, making my heart melt with your stunning eyes. Still smiling, you move your hands down along my thighs, still covered by my skirt. You follow my legs with your hands, over my knees and down my shins. When you get to the hem of my skirt, you slip your fingers under it and place your palms on my bare shins. You run your hands up, retracing their steps up over my knees, taking my skirt with them.

Your hands glide along my inner thighs, still moving my skirt along. You lean in close and leave small, illegal bahis siteleri sweet kisses on my knees and thighs as your hands still move further upward until they are nearly at my mound. As they get close, you move your hands outward, taking my skirt with them, fully exposing my pussy before you. You again look up at me smiling, then pounce face first between my legs. You put your hands on my hip bones as you press your face into me, sliding your tongue along my slick slit. You haven’t actually pressed it through to my tender and throbbing clit, you’re simply teasing me. I throw my head back and moan deeply as your actions are driving me completely insane.

You glance up at me as your tongue slips through my lips and gently graze my clit. I moan louder and you too moan against me, sending shivers through me as you again bring me so close I can taste my release. You ever so slowly, run circles around my clit, moving your hands from my hips and back down along my thighs, stroking them, taunting me. I moan again, begging you please, please won’t you let me come for you. You take your mouth away and tell me it isn’t time yet, that you will let me come, but only when you are ready to let me. You move your mouth in again, sucking and licking. You start increasing speed and as my breathing increases and I start moaning more loudly, you slow the pace, letting the fire you’ve built up inside me die down a little.

You do this, bringing me to the edge and letting it fall back over and over. Lapping and sucking at me, I grab your hair tightly as I keep moaning with each increase in momentum. Eventually you pull your mouth away, your lips and chin soaked in my juices, and raise yourself up to my lips. You kiss me, shoving your tongue deep in my mouth and pulling me closer to you. I can taste myself on your lips and it sends a jolt into me, causing my crotch to throb even more. As you start to move away, I lick your lips lightly.

You stand before me and again take my hand. You lead me to your bedroom, stroking me and kissing me along my neck as we walk. You move behind me as we enter your room and continue guiding me to the bed. You stand behind me, kissing my neck again as your hands move up along my hips and up under my shirt. You pull my shirt up over my head, kissing my back, neck and shoulder blades before starting to undo my bra. Once my bra is unhooked, you slide the straps down along my arms, freeing my breasts. As it falls to the floor, you resume kissing my back, moving from the top of my tattoo down to the bottom of the one above my ass.

Your fingers slide into the waist of my skirt and pull it down as your kisses continue down my ass and the backs of my thighs. I step out of my skirt and you move back up, still kissing as you go until you reach my neck again. You tell me to get on the bed, on all fours, leaving my ass towards you. I look over my shoulder and see you taking off your shirt and shorts. Once they drop to the floor, you get on the bed behind me and insert a finger into my wetness. I close my eyes and moan as your finger is joined by a second and moves in and out of me, sliding easily from my juices.

Again, you bring me to the edge and then take your hand away, only to be replaced again by your hard and ready cock. You slide inside, holding my hips and pulling me onto you hard. I gasp, almost coming right there, but you keep a slow and steady pace after the initial deep thrust. I can feel the curve of you rubbing my walls canlı bahis siteleri and moan so loudly, you think I might just release. You slow down your motions even more, then suddenly thrust deep in me again. I scream out this time and again ask please let me come for you. You tell me its still not time, but it will be soon. You keep pushing into me, back and forth, sliding so easily as I feel the dripping along my thighs.

You continue taunting me, slipping in and out slower and slower. Your fingers grip firmer on my hips, pinching at the skin as you again drive deep and hard, only to resume the slow pace again. My arms are getting weak as I strain from the position and continually being brought to the edge of completion, only to be brought down again. You pull out again and kiss my lower back as you move me to roll onto by back. You come up between my legs, laying against me and kissing me deeply. Your hands come up into my hair and I can feel your slick, hard cock against me. I whisper in your ear how much I want to come for you. You whisper back how you will let me have my release soon, just a little more playing.

You move back down along my body, nibbling and kissing spots on the way until your face is again between my legs. You kiss the lips there, throbbing and hot, kissing every inch before sticking your tongue in again. You insert three fingers and move in and out with each quick flick of my clit. I moan, arching my back and thrusting my pussy into your face harder, pushing against your fingers violating my insides. I moan your name and tell you how your touches make me crazy. You speed up a little as I tell you this and as I moan continuously, you again slow down, causing my build up to slow as well. Your fingers are still working my insides and your tongue is slathering my clit as I still move against your hand, striving to get my orgasm.

Your fingers move around inside me and I scream out how I want to come for you and that I want you to come with me. I beg you to please come with me to bring me to my completion. You pull your fingers out and lick the wetness away as you again move up along my body. As you place a gentle kiss on my lips, I feel your cock penetrating me again. I push against you as you push inside and pull you closer to me, digging my nails into your shoulders. I can feel the muscles in your back working as you push harder and faster into me. You lean in close and sink your teeth into my special spot along my shoulder and I scream out. Your teeth bite harder and your thrusts increase in speed. My nails start to tear into your skin and you breathe in quickly against my skin.

I again beg for you to come with me because I’m close and want us to come together. I moan and scream several times. In my insanity of lust, I say your name, how good you feel, how I want to make you come for me. You bite into the other side of my neck and moan against me as you thrust harder and faster. I push my hips up into you with each of your inward thrusts, my grip on your shoulders increasing. I’m so close, so ready to explode as you bite me harder. I scream out as my pussy starts to twitch and you moan against me as you find your own release. You still slide in and out slowly as we both finish. You lay on top of me, still inside as your mouth again finds mine. You kiss me so long, stroking my tongue with yours. Our skin is slick and shining from sweat as you pull out of me and lay down next to me.

I swing my legs over yours and run my fingernails along your arm. I look into your eyes and tell you how amazing that was. How completely satisfying of a lover you are. You lean in and kiss me again, holding me close to you. We fall asleep, intertwined with one another, in sated bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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