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Introduction from the author

8/2011: Thanks again to blackstallion21 for helping me get this series cleaned up and headed in the right direction…


As he crept along in rush hour traffic, Kevin’s mind drifted back over the events of the last few months: The dinner night at Kristen’s house that started this mess, the bomb-shell email telling him that she was pregnant, her moving in to their house because of her psycho husband. It was a lot to shoulder. The conflicting emotions alone were enough to drive him crazy; his love for Misty, lust for Kristen, absolute terror over the child growing in her womb, guilt for the betrayal of his marriage vows. Correct that, continued betrayal…can’t forget that little nugget.

After their late night encounter in the kitchen to start the week, Kristen and he had pretty much kept their distance at home. The rest of the week was uneventful and crept by like a three-toed sloth. But it was finally Friday and he was looking forward to a relaxing weekend as he pulled his truck into the driveway.

When he opened the large oak door leading into the house, his jaw dropped to the floor. Just inside were two of the most beautiful vixens he had ever laid eyes on. Misty was dressed in a slinky light green dress that hugged her body, accentuating her chiseled athletic form and ended three inches above her knees. It tied around her neck and the back was completely open to just above her ass. The front had a deep v-neck that plunged well below her cleavage. Matching stiletto heels laced up her calves and brought her height up to over six feet. She was busy helping her sister by clasping a fine silver chain holding a diamond pendant that fell into her cavernous cleavage around her neck.

Kristen meanwhile was putting the final touches on her makeup. She was wearing a black and white sleeveless top of silk, also with a deep v-neck to show off her chest, and black dress capri’s that hugged her ass wonderfully and highlighted her curvy figure. Sexy wedge heeled shoes brought her almost to his height. Neither woman noticed Kevin as he stood staring for a full minute before he could speak.

“What are you two getting all dolled up for?” he asked finally closing the door behind him. Both girls spun in his direction, their faces lit with warm smiles.

“We’re going to dinner, didn’t you get my text?” Misty scolded playfully “You need to go get changed, we’re going to be late.”

“No, I didn’t get any texts.” he lied. Her text was probably lost in the 40 or so her sister had sent while she was enjoying a bubble bath with her favorite waterproof toy earlier in the day. “So where are we goin?”

“To Mandarin Gardens;” Misty replied. “Now hurry up and get dressed.”

He sighed and took another long look at the beauties before him, then headed upstairs. He quickly showered, and pulled on the first thing he could find: black dress pants and a dark plum colored long sleeve dress shirt. He looked in the mirror to asses the damage before heading back down stairs: his six foot and two hundred thirty pound frame stared back at him defiantly.

I don’t look too bad I guess. At least the shirt isn’t wrinkled. I could use a shave, but that will have to wait.

Satisfied, he ran some gel through his short brown hair and headed out of the bedroom.

Coming down the stairs he was greeted by whistles and cat calls from his wife and sister-in-law who were standing by the door.

“Hey, I’m not some piece of meat!” he admonished.

“Yeah, but you look so damn edible right now honey.” Misty assured him, stepping up and planting a kiss on his lips.

“Mmm-mmm. She’s right,” Agreed Kristen. “If you weren’t married to my sister I’d eat you right up.” She winked at him as she said that and mimed giving a blow job to her sister’s back.

“Back off bitch!” Misty howled, laughing as she fake punched her sister. “He’s mine!” Although she seemed to be playing along with it, the look she shot her sister could have melted steel.

“O-okay, ya’ll need to cool it or my head won’t fit in the car.” he told them, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah we can’t have that.” Misty agreed, “Let’s get going.” She grabbed his hand and they made their way out of the house with Kristen hot on their heels before he could protest.


It was about a twenty-five minute ride from their place to downtown where the restaurant was located. Kevin drove Misty’s BMW in silence, listening to the girl’s gossip about this and that like sisters do. It was hard to concentrate on driving. Misty was sitting to his right and kept squirming around, turning to talk to her sister or looking at the other traffic on the highway. Each time she moved, her dress crept higher and higher, showing off more of her tanned, toned legs. In the mirror he could see Kristen sitting in the back seat behind Misty. When he sister wasn’t turned around in her seat talking to her, her eyes were fixed on his in the mirror. She licked her lips seductively, sucked on her finger slowly, and pinched her nipples, causing them to strain against canlı bahis the silk of her top. Between the two of them they had him incredibly turned on by the time they got to their destination. He prayed Misty wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants as they pulled up to the restaurant where a throng of people waited outside of the building.

“This is going to take forever.” he sighed, surveying the group waiting for tables. He tossed his keys to the valet as he exited the car.

“It won’t.” Misty dismissed. “I’ve had reservations for a week.”

“Yeah, don’t you pay attention?” Kristen scolded. The look in her eyes betrayed the sarcastic tone of her comment however. That look said he was in for a long night.

The scene inside of Mandarin Gardens definitely lived up to its name: the interior of the building was a lush Asian jungle. Each seating area was tucked away in its own little stone grotto separated from the adjoining areas by thick sub-tropical plants and rock formations. This gave the illusion of being totally isolated, even though the other areas were still visible through the foliage. The entire far wall was a waterfall, which spilled into a slow moving stream that meandered throughout the space. Ambient light was provided by candles and Chinese lanterns.

The host, an attractive young Asian girl that introduced herself as Mei Lin, led them through a maze of paths to an area near the far corner, not far from the waterfall. The area consisted of a circular table of dark, heavy wood surrounded by a curving bench seat backed by low stone walls and greenery. Kristen slid in first, scooting her way around the table. Kevin looked at Misty and she motioned for him to follow her sister. As he slid in next to Kristen, Misty followed right behind, pinning him between the two beauties.

“So what do they have here that’s good?” Kristen asked, staring at the menu. “And what are these little numbers beside everything?” She was pointing to the small forty next to the roast duck.

“Well,” Misty explained, “food here is served in a community style, like you would at home. And everybody has some of everything. And the numbers are the prices.” She then began to ramble through the menu items for her sister, pointing out her favorite selections. Finally they decided on a bevy of dishes including Orange Peel Beef, Cantonese Chicken Noodles and Honey Chicken. They ordered their meal, along with some drinks from the bar for Misty and Kevin, and fell into subdued conversation about their various days. As they sat talking and drinking Kristen hooked her leg around his under the table and started massaging his calf with her foot. She kept stealing quick little glances at him as she did this.

At the same time, oblivious to her sisters’ actions, Misty’s hand crept into her husband’s lap and grabbed his crotch. He almost choked on his drink. Kristen eyed her sister’s missing hand, and the dopey look on his face, and smiled. The girls continued their various massaging until the waiter arrived with an enormous tray of food.

“Holy shit!” Kristen exclaimed when she saw how much there was.

Misty was steadily rubbing the hard ridge of his member through his pants as the waiter laid out the table. When he was gone she pulled her hand back to the top of the table and began to dish out servings of the various dishes while Kristen quickly slipped her own hand below and took up where her sister left off.

“Mmmm, this is soooo good.” Remarked Kristen as they dug into the meal. He wasn’t sure if she was talking about the food or the throbbing bulge that her hand kept returning to under the table.

“Yeah, everything here is great, especially their desserts.” Kevin agreed trying to keep his voice steady as Kristen squeezed the head of his cock.

Over the next forty-five minutes they sat eating and talking, and Kevin kept the waiter busy making trips back and forth to the bar. Throughout the meal, the women unknowingly took turns rubbing his hard-on under the table, and had him close to crazy. By the time dessert was ordered, he was past buzzed and heading towards quite drunk. Finally the waiter delivered the decadent dessert, along with the check, and they quickly devoured the massive chocolate creation, giving his over stimulated penis a chance to recover.

Misty excused herself to the restroom when they were finished with dessert. As soon as she was out of sight, her sister slid closer to him, her hand already resuming its position on his lap.

“I bet you’re ready to explode aren’t you?” Her soft voice in his ear sent shivers down his spine.

“You have no idea.” he sighed.

Kristen didn’t respond, just quickly unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and pulled it out. He moaned softly as she caressed the swollen length. Finally free of its constriction his member grew to its fully erect size in an instant. She kept her mouth close to his ear, whispering about all the dirty things she wanted him to do to her as her hand slid up and down his shaft. He was on the verge of release when bahis siteleri he spotted Misty through the foliage coming from the other side of the restaurant where the restrooms were located.

“You have to stop,” he said in a shaky voice, “Misty’s coming.”

She didn’t stop.

The pressure of her grip increased, and she started twisting her hand as it slid up and down his cock. He was starting to panic. Misty was getting closer with every second and her sister still had his dick in her hand, pushing him closer and closer to the edge. His heart was pounding in his chest, and still she wouldn’t stop. Kevin could no longer see his wife and knew she would be there any second but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed Kristen’s hand and pushed it to the tip of his dick. She instinctively cupped it around the head just as it spit a hot load of semen into her waiting palm.

“Ohh God!” he grunted through clenched teeth. He collapsed against the backrest, spent and out of breath.

Satisfied that he was done, his sister-in-law pulled her hand away, allowing him to shove his shriveling cock back into his pants. Her cupped palm was almost overflowing with thick, milky cum. Kristen quickly grabbed one of the many empty glasses from the table and let the goo ooze into it. She smiled at him and downed the load like a shot in one big gulp just before Misty appeared around the corner and slipped into the seat.

“You ready?” She asked. She nodded at Kevin sitting between them with his eyes half closed and a goofy smile on his face, “From the looks of him I’ll need to drive home.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kristen agreed. “He does look pretty out of it.”

“Hey, I’m not completely comatose.” he defended. “Why don’t you girls go out and have the valet bring the car around and I’ll take care of the check.”

“Okay.” They said in unison.

He sat and watched them walk out of sight. When they were at a safe distance he surveyed the damage Kristen had done: There was a large glob of cum next to his zipper that he tried to wipe away without much luck. There was also a wet stain on the leg where the head of his limp dick was stuck to his leg. He zipped his pants up, grabbed a glass of water, and poured some on the two spots, drying it with the clean corner of a napkin. That would have to do. He threw a wad of cash on the table and headed for the door.


The next morning Kevin was up bright and early, despite the hangover he had. He was in the garage when Misty appeared in the doorway.

“What are you doing up so early?” She asked, leaning against the door jamb. She was naked except for a sheer light blue wrap that didn’t do much to hide her gorgeous figure. “I figured you’d still be sleeping it off, especially after you wore me out last night.”

He looked at his wife, genuinely confused, as she smiled back at him.

“You don’t remember huh?”

“Uh, I guess not.”

She sauntered over to where he was standing and wrapped her arms around him, laying her head on his chest. “You were an animal last night when we got home. I came three times before Kris started pounding on the door telling us to keep it down.”

“Wow I must have really been out of it then.”

“Yeah you were. Not that I’m complaining or anything. So what are you doing up this early?”

“I thought we might go riding some this morning before it gets too hot. But looking at you, I think I’d rather come back to bed.”

“Riding sounds fun.” She laughed. “I have to go in to the office for a while sometime today though.” She pressed her body into his and looked up at him with those enchanting grey-green eyes. One hand slid down to gently squeeze his crotch.

“Can I ride this again?” She whispered playfully, giving him another, harder, squeeze.

“What’s gotten into you?” he teased. “Twice in one month?”

She kissed him square on the lips, before slowly sliding to her knees in front of him.

“I’ve been talking to Kristen a lot.” She paused, pushing his gym shorts down his legs. “She’d been sharing stories about some of the stuff she’s done in bed.”

Another pause as she ran her hands lightly over his growing erection.

“Some things I’d like to try.” She looked up at him, eyes sparkling mischievously.

“Is she up yet?”

“Oh, she’s up alright.” she said with a smirk. She was slowly stroking his penis now, bringing it to full attention “Or should I say down…on her knees puking.”


“Its morning sickness.” she admonished. “She is pregnant you know.”


“Now, shut up and let me suck your dick. Unless you’d rather I don’t.” She didn’t give him a chance to answer. Her tongue flicked across the tip once, before she slowly drew him into her mouth. He could feel her relax her throat and let the head of his cock slip further and further into her until the entire length had disappeared. She held him there, stroking his balls and massaging the bottom of his shaft with her tongue as long as she could. Finally she let him slide free with a gasp.

“Wow where did that come from?”

“Deep bahis şirketleri throat techniques 101 by Professor Kristen.” She smiled up at her husband and continued stroking and sucking his cock, never taking her eyes off of his.

“I’m going to cum.” he warned after a few minutes.

Instead of moving back and letting him shoot a load on her body somewhere like usual Misty quickly gobbled the length of his shaft again. With a grunt he erupted into her throat, emptying his balls of their fluid. His cock slipped from her mouth and he collapsed against the wall, breathing heavily. That was the first time he had ever came in Misty’s mouth and he was a little shocked.

“Mmmm.” she growled after making a show of swallowing the load. “Kris was right; I didn’t know what I was missing.”

“Well remind me to thank her for talking you into it,” he chuckled.

“Mmm-hmm. I’ll go check on her and get her ready to head out. Be back in a bit.” Misty said and bounded back into the house, clearly looking forward to the morning’s activity.

In the mean time Kevin finished fueling up the three ATV’s and checking the oil, before pushing the bikes out of the garage. Misty and her sister came around the corner of the house just as he was closing the garage door.

This is going to be a good morning. He thought.

The girls were wearing identical white cotton shorts over bikini bottoms that were tight enough to frame each cheek and ride up the crack of their asses. The bikini’s themselves were identical albeit in contrasting colors. Misty’s was hot pink and covered most of her full B-cup tits, leaving only the soft tanned skin of the outer edges exposed. Kristen’s was lime green, and struggled to hold her massive melons. Thin triangles of fabric covered roughly a quarter of each breast, leaving the creamy white skin of the rest for his eyes to feast on. The little pink buds of her nipples were just barely visible through the fabric.

He thought back fondly to when those suits were purchased: they had spent the day at the beach two years ago, and he was treated to and endless parade of sexy swimsuits as the girls tried on different designs and probed him for his opinion. One of the rare occasions Misty had let him rend an opinion on her sister.

“What are smiling about?” Misty asked sarcastically.

“Just thinking about how beautiful you look,” he complimented, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. He looked over her shoulder at Kristen and licked his lips, eyeing her up and down. She smiled back seductively and quickly flashed her tits at him.

“Umm, are you gonna let me go so we can ride or what?”

“Y-yeah, sorry… Let’s go.”

They mounted up and rode off into the woods behind the house. Their property was about forty acres, and was adjacent to a much larger tract of wooded hills and valleys providing a nice area to trail ride. They rode for almost two hours, crisscrossing the property on various trails, until Misty glanced at her watch and saw what time it was.

“Shit!” She cussed. They were stopped on the crest of a small tree covered hill about a mile from the house.

“What’s wrong?” Kristen asked.

“I’ve gotta head back to the house. I need to grab a quick shower and beat it to the office. Are you guys gonna ride a little longer?”

Kevin looked at Kristen questioningly. “You wanna ride some more?”

“Sure.” she said, “It’s beautiful out here.”

“Okay. Well I’ll call you when I’m done. Maybe you two can meet me in town for a late lunch. It’ll probably be around two.” Misty said.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Kevin walked over and gave her a quick kiss before she roared off to the house. They stood in silence listening to her engine fade away for almost five full minutes.

“Well.” he said at last, eyeing his gorgeous sister-in-law. “Want to get back to riding?”

“Absolutely.” she said as she climbed off of her bike. A playful smile crossed her lips as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her body pressed against him, squeezing her soft mounds against his chest. “But I’d rather ride you.” She and looked up at him and he bent his head to kiss her. Their lips met, softly brushing across each other, before parting and allowing their tongues to snake out. The slippery appendages slid across one another, each probing into the others waiting mouth to explore. He pulled Kristen close to him and ran his hands up and down her back as they kissed letting them hands roam over the soft mound of her ass before grabbing one plump cheek in each hand and squeezing. She purred in his mouth as he kneaded her fine rump.

He picked her up by her ass and Kristen instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Without breaking the kiss Kevin turned around and sat her down sideways on the seat of his four wheeler. Her hands dropped to his shorts and tugged at the drawstring, pulling the knot and pushing them to his knees. His hard-on sprang free and stood at attention between her spread thighs. Their tongues continued to dance as she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke. His right hand was planted firmly between her thighs, rubbing the fabric of her shorts against the hot wet hole down there. Kristen broke their passionate kiss and locked eyes with her lover.

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