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This story is a total fantasy and there is no violence and no one under the age of 20 is involved.


As I looked across the lounge and saw that my 27 year old daughter had crossed her legs rather obviously I knew she was ready. So was I. It seemed as if we both knew when we were ready and needful. My name is Elizabeth Kelly and I am a 48 year old widow. My story is a little complicated, but when we feel like this, all propriety just goes out of the window.

Whilst it had started to get exciting between us when she was just past her 20th birthday, it had been much more cautious and guarded with some gentle spanking. Since that time my husband Dennis had passed away after a long illness and my daughter Maureen had married Julian and after finding out that he had some feminine dressy underwear weaknesses had asked me if she could move back in with me.

To be quite honest my financial position was very precarious. In earlier times, Dennis had held a good job and unfortunately instead of investing in a nice house we moved into a bottom floor flat of some luxury apartments.

It was lovely and the neighbours were really nice people and our landlord John Smith had been a long time family friend.

I wont go into too much detail at this point, but suffice to say that just before she got married both Maureen and I stumbled into a sort of special relationship which involved playful spanking.

It was a relief for me as Dennis had started to become unwell and Maureen didn’t seem very satisfied with her relationship with her future husband Julian Gale.

Our relaxation would usually start with Maureen saying “I have been a naughty girl Mum.” We had to be careful of course and would always lock the door. With Dennis in bed it was quite safe.

There were little variations when Maureen would decide that I had been a ‘Naughty Mummy’ and the spanking arrangements had been reversed. I did feel some guilt at the time but justified my pleasures on account of Dennis’ illness.

Later on both Maureen and I found out that many women had family arrangements similar to ours and the general feeling was that as long as no one found out then it was OK.

Now we were living on our own we found we had the total freedom to do what we wished. We were still almost paranoid about anyone finding out so our number one priority was to make sure the doors were locked and curtains drawn.

Money was very difficult and we found that our little games took our minds of our worries and were so exciting. We had also started to read Internet stories and found out more and more about other little games and fetishes. We loved the racy conversations which were quite dirty. If anyone heard us we would die with shame.

As I watched my daughter this morning she slowly uncrossed her legs and walked over to the sink and simply squatted there facing me saying “I have been doing some squatting exercises Mum to keep fit.” All her underwear was exposed.

I smiled “You seem very good at it Maureen, but you will have to make sure your panties are nice and clean.”

She stayed there and giggled. We both knew our hormones were in tune with one another. She swung her knees further apart for me to have an extra look and stood up saying “I have locked all the doors Mum.”

I stood up and faced her saying “It is important to be safe, Maureen.” and opened my arms as she snuggled me into her breasts. She knew I had a fetish for her breasts and whispered “I am a big girl for you Mum.”

I groaned with pleasure. Since we had started reading the internet stories we both liked using the shocking words. She knew the ones that made me gush the most and whispered “Shall I say it Mum?”

I was bubbling now and nestled in further. She knew I was needful.

Maureen slipped her blouse off exposing her red brassiere and then in a very skilled movement managed to unclasp her bra exposing herself as she said “Big girls have nice Big Tits, Mum and like having their Nipples sucked.”

These were the sort of dirty words which excited us now and I moved my face in and opened my mouth to take in her Nipple. It was gorgeous. We were both enjoying our private naughties. I felt her hand squeeze my bottom and move down to the hem of my shortish skirt.

I didn’t do anything as I knew she wanted to tell me. She did “Open your legs Mum.” I obeyed immediately and felt her hands move up gently.

She whispered “Tell me about your underwear Mum.”

It was getting tense now for both of us. I whispered “No tights or stockings. Nothing.”

“Nothing at all Mum, do you really mean nothing?”

Although I was panting I wanted to giggle and muttered “Of course not Maureen. I have my knickers on.”

She giggled “Tell me about your knickers, Mum.”

I giggled as well “They are the light blue cotton ones with the small pattern on.”

“They have a smallish gusset, Mum, and go right up you.”

“Yes Maureen, those ones.”

“They go up your Minge, Mum. You like that.”

She was using the exciting words again and I wanted to do the same. I canlı bahis panted “Yes, it is nice Maureen. I like your Tits.”

We were both doing it now.

Her hand was moving up my skirt now and I kept my legs open.

She whispered “I like feeling your cunt Mum.”

“I like it as well Maureen.”

Her hand cupped my crotch under my skirt and pressed me gently. I sighed. It was gorgeous. I sucked harder onto her breast.

Her fingers were running back and fore now between my legs. It was so ecstatic I started to move my lower half and press back onto her hand. I knew I was humping myself on her hand.

She murmured “Your panties are wet, Mum.”

I knew they were and simply said “Yes, they are.”

My daughter could always shock me by saying something unexpected.


“Yes, Maureen?”

“Have you peed your panties?”

I really did feel shocked but realised she was joking and told her “For goodness sake Maureen, you know I haven’t.”

She laughed but kept her fingers which were now inside my underwear and moving “Just checking Mum.”

We had both cum to fruition at least twice but knew we could do it a lot more. Unfortunately the phone rang. We disengaged quickly and Maureen wiped her hand in a towel and picked it up.

I realised it was John Smith our Landlord. It was a routine call for him asking for his rent. For us it was a disaster. We had already missed 2 months. Maureen realised that talking on the phone wasn’t the best thing to do.

He was quite a very kind and compassionate man and we had known him for so many years as a friend. Maureen explained our situation, and asked if he could see us personally to talk about the problem. He seemed a bit reluctant but agreed and in 5 minutes we were sitting nervously in his lounge.

I explained that my daughter was going through a messy divorce and had no money. I was scraping by on my benefits which weren’t very much. It was inevitable that we went behind with the rent and there seemed to be no alternative except eviction. I had made a plea to John to be merciful as we had been such good friends when my husband Dennis had been alive.

As I said before he was a very kind man and when I had mentioned my dead husband I could see that he was in turmoil. He said “You know I have already let you off 2 months rent Elizabeth. My other residents all pay on time and if I keep giving you free rent then they will all want it. Can you ask Maureen’s husband if he will help or try some place cheaper?”

This was hopeless. I knew we had no chance with Julian. We had also become very used to our lovely flat and knew we would hate it in cheaper accommodation. Maureen had one more try “Mr Smith, please help us. Just tell us what you want from us. We will give you anything in our power.”

This took him by surprise and for a moment he had looked a bit strange “I suppose so Maureen, it depends on what you are prepared to do for me.”

It sounded unusual, but it was also a little opening. Maureen reacted almost immediately “We are prepared to do anything you want, Sir.”

Even the term ‘Sir’ sounded a bit servile and suggestive, but who was I to object.

John looked a bit thoughtful. I was unsure about the way he was looking, but at least he was talking to us. His next words were spoken very quietly “Do you really mean, anything, Maureen. Absolutely anything?”

I felt I wanted to say something but my throat just clogged up. Maureen reacted quickly anyway. She said “That’s right Sir, we will do absolutely anything.” I thought she was overdoing it with the ‘Sir’.

He looked a bit strangely at my daughter and then said “I think you are a lovely girl, Maureen and I have always liked you. But tell me. What about your mother Maureen. Will she do absolutely anything for me?”

I started to open my mouth to ask what he wanted but Maureen beat me to it “Yes Sir. She will do absolutely anything you ask.”

He hesitated before looking directly at me and explaining “I am older than you Elizabeth but you must realise that I have special ‘man needs’.”

I was unsure what he meant exactly. Maureen was quicker. She had told me that she had seen him buy some glossy magazines down the newsagents. We had joked about it at the time. Now she simply said “Do you like girls and women in short skirts Mr Smith?”

He blushed. So did I. Although my daughter and I had cavorted in some very naughty situations that had been a private family matter. The fact that we knew Mr Smith for so long made this a lot more real. In fact when Maureen had been a lot younger she had often called him Uncle John.

Now, Maureen took control of the situation. She could see that John was still nervous about saying things in front of me so she suggested “I think I know what you would like us to do Mr Smith and I can tell you that both my mother and I will do whatever you want. You probably find it difficult to explain to us both as you know my mother and father so well. Perhaps it would be better if I sent my mother back to our flat so that you can tell me your requirements. bahis siteleri I can explain to her later on.” John looked relieved.

I felt that I was being treated like a little girl and being sent out of the room whilst the grown ups talked. In a way it was demeaning but in all honesty I wanted to leave and let my 27 year old daughter sort out the details.

John looked at me and sounded embarrassed as he asked me “Would you leave us alone for a while, Elizabeth so that I can talk to Maureen privately?”

I nodded and simply stood up and left them. I didn’t say anything and neither did they, except for Maureen saying “I wont be long Mum.”

When I went back down to our flat, I nervously made a cup of tea and waited for my daughter. She returned after about an hour. She seemed to quite confident as she said “You had better sit down, Mum, I have something important to explain.”

Over the next 2 hours she told me what Mr Smith intended. It made me gasp. He was such a calm dignified man and what I was being told didn’t seem like him.

The one certainty was that we didn’t really have any option. Maureen emphasized this and I had to agree. It was due to start on the next day.


I waited with bated breath for my daughter Maureen to come out of her bedroom. She had told me some of Mr Smiths instructions. The first one was that he wanted my 27 year old daughter to put her old school clothes on for him.

Maureen opened her bedroom door and looked down the stairs at me. Her skirt was ridiculous. I shook my head. What was to become of us.

She knew I was watching and slowly turned around. I could see that she had little white knickers which seemed to be pulling right up her bum. It was humiliating for both of us but she seem to be more relaxed than me.

Maureen and I had been more than just close over the last 6 years and this had developed even more recently with her husband out of the way. Actually just looking at her now with her gorgeous plump bottom did things for me.

I did say to her “You do look nice Maureen. I know its rude but that little skirt suits you.”

She laughed “Thanks Mum, I hope he thinks the same. At least I know he will be able to see my panties.”

When Maureen had told me the previous evening that she was required to wear the uniform, I had almost croaked “What about me Maureen. I will look stupid in a school uniform with my big legs.”

She had nodded. “You know he is a fair man, Mum. He did say you may be a bit plump for those clothes Mum. He will allow you to wear your normal skirt and top but a few additions.” She explained.

I felt relieved. Maureen quickly followed up saying “You still have to do anything he wants.”

I pulled a face.

She immediately told me “And its no good you looking miserable Mum. He said that if he thinks that either of us are unhappy then he is not interested. We must want to do things willingly.”

I nodded. He had told me that already. He was such a nice man. But I was still worried about my big legs. When I had said this to Maureen she had laughed at me saying “He knows you are 49 years old Mum and that will be one of your main attractions.”

I was amazed “My legs?”

She was getting into giggly mood and nodded “Your big fat thighs. He likes fat.” I felt a bit intimidated.

Maureen now had her uniform on and said “He expects us both to go up to his flat in 10 minutes. We had better make sure we are both ready for him.” She looked me over in a sort of inspection manner.

I breathed heavily. She seemed to be fairly relaxed. I was anxious. I had put the shiny knee length boots on as she had told me.

As we made for the door she asked “What about the rest Mum?”

“The rest?”

She sounded annoyed “For goodness sake Mum. You know what I mean. Black knickers but no stockings.”

I groaned “Yes, Maureen I have. But please don’t talk to me as if I was a Little Girl.”

She shook her head in exasperation “Well that is how we may be treated Mum, so you had better get used to it.”

I sighed “The worst fear I have Maureen is that someone may find out.”

She agreed “That is my biggest fear as well Mum. We will have to discuss that with him”

I sighed. “We can say no, if we want Maureen.”

She just shrugged her shoulders “OK Mum, if you want us to get thrown out. He has made it plain if we want to leave we have to go tonight. Where do you think we can go?”

I wanted to cry. I knew this was impossible. My daughter was acting responsibly. I was in denial. I just pulled myself together saying “You are right Maureen. There is no alternative. We must do as he wants.”

She looked at me and said “And do it willingly Mum.”

I nodded “We will be willing.”

As we climbed the stairs to John Smith’s flat she said “He will be able to see that I am dressed as he wants. Make sure he can see the same with you.”

“But he said I could wear my normal clothes.”

“Yes, but there were some additions.”

I felt sure of myself “I have black boots and the bahis şirketleri black panties on.”

We were almost at the door “Yes Mum. He can see the black boots. He cant see your knickers.” I gasped as I understood what she meant.

She didn’t mess around. She just said “When we go in, just make sure you pull your skirt up so that he can see your underclothes. This is serious Mum. We cant afford you messing about.”

He had left the door open.

I had been there before. It was quite luxurious. He had already poured a cup of tea for us all.

He smiled nicely as we sat down. I knew my daughter was staring at me. As I sat on the settee I eased my skirt up to the top. I knew he could see my panties.

John looked as nervous as we were. He obviously liked the way we were dressed but something was bothering him.

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes and we all quietly supped our tea. Then he spoke nervously “Mrs Kelly, I know you and your daughter are good and respectable people and I really don’t want you to do anything that will upset you.”

I nodded. “We are very grateful for your help Mr Smith. We are quite desperate.”

He clearly had something on his mind. He finally came out with it “You know I am on the Church Committee, Mrs Kelly?”

As I nodded, Maureen spoke up “Of course we do Sir and we admire all the work you do for the Community and that you act as Assistant Curate for the Vicar.”

He nodded nervously then replied to my daughter “That’s right Mrs Gale, but I really want to carry on with this sort of work and I don’t want anything to spoil it for me.”

Both Maureen and I looked puzzled.

John carried on. He was a bit red faced as he said “I really cant afford for anyone else to know what we do behind closed doors here.”

It was as if a great weight had been lifted of my shoulders. He was as worried as we were about being discovered. Before I could say anything, Maureen blurted out “We we were worried about that ourselves, Sir. We give you our word we wont tell anyone.”

He sighed contentedly “That is such a relief. I give you my word that everything will be kept secret.”

I felt so relieved I just said “Thank you Mr Smith.”

There was definitely a different atmosphere in the flat now.

Maureen walked around the room admiring the pictures and just chatting generally. He was very amiable and offered us another cup of tea.

Whilst it was all very friendly, we weren’t doing the things he wanted us to do.

Maureen realised this as well.

There was a small bed in one corner of the room and Maureen laughed “This looks very comfortable Mr Smith.”

As she spoke she just dumped her bottom on the bed and swung her stockinged legs over the bottom rail,.

With her short school skirt, it was inevitable that all her panties were on display including between her legs.

John gasped and I could see his hand move down to his groin. I think it was to hide the growth but in fact he squeezed himself.

He saw me looking and muttered “I am sorry Elizabeth. Its a long time since I had this treat.”

I immediately sympathized “Don’t apologize Mr Smith. You are helping us and we want to help you.”

He sighed again and this time I saw him deliberately squeeze himself.

I felt pleased. I couldn’t think of anything to say but as usual Maureen spoke almost casually “You can pull it out if you like, Sir.”

It was obvious what she meant but he was a bit unsure of himself.

Maureen wanted to make sure he enjoyed himself “Pull your penis out, Mr Smith.”

He gasped again “Will it be OK for me to do that Mrs Kelly?”

I had a chance to say something positive “We are both married women John. We have seen these things before.”

He nodded and undid himself. As he pulled his thing out both Maureen and I were surprised. He was really big and it was so stiff. We knew it was working out well.

He slowly pulled his penis up and down in front of us looking from Maureen to me and back again.

Maureen told me “Pull your top up Mum, show him your Tits.”

I panted now. This was so unusual but very exciting. As I eased my top up, he could see I had left my bra off and he murmured “Thank you, Elizabeth.”

Maureen asked him “Do you want my mother to open her legs for you Mr Smith?”

He was panting now and stroking and squeezing his cock more urgently as he muttered “I would like that Elizabeth.”

I felt more in charge now and smiled as I stretched back on the settee with my skirt right up and my knees splayed. I still had my breasts out for him.

He was really panting now as he stared between my legs and then between my daughters legs. I felt nice as I thought he was looking at me longer.

We were both looking at him as he gasped and slumped forward. As he groaned I noticed he had a small towel at his side and quickly pulled it into place. I had thought that it was Maureen who had led him into this, but I realised that he must have intended to masturbate for us from the start.

When he had finished his activity he slowly sat back on the settee. Now Maureen took over again. She told him “You go to the bathroom, Mr Smith and my mother and I will make us all a nice cup of tea. Are there any biscuits in the kitchen?”

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