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Jess occupied space under her boyfriend as he thrust erratically into her. He smelled of axe body spray and stale cigarettes. Humping her as she lay there, long legs wrapped lazily around him, her eyes glazing over.

He grunted with his efforts, sweat dripping off his chin and onto her. Breathing hard, he made a few deep thrusts, grunting like a hog as he came.

He groaned into her ear and it was all she could do to keep from pushing him off. He kept thrusting lazily into her, the humidity and weight from his body making her feel claustrophobic.

He finally rolled off,

“That was awesome,” he said, pressing a sweaty kiss to her lips.

She lay unfulfilled, feeling like a sample shoe at Foot Locker.

Sean was an ok guy. Nothing fancy. They had met in 11th grade and moved in together right after grad thinking they would take on the world together, but he was a boy who, finally living free from his parents, spent all of his time gaming and ordering take out or drinking and smoking with his friends. She had quickly realized that she didn’t want a life of playing second fiddle to a Playstation. Plus, he had quit the competitive lacrosse team and stopped all physical pursuits, putting on 50 pounds in one year.

Jess was not only not attracted to him anymore, she actually disliked him as a person.

Maybe that was why she had pursued Geoff, he was everything that Sean was not. Ambitious, fit, hard working.

As she lay there beside her bum of a boyfriend she slid her hand down

between her legs thinking of Geoff. First touch, her clit was Sahara dry. She dipped a finger into her pussy and pulled out some of Sean’s cum and circled her clit. She sank into a rhythm and before too long Sean noticed, rolling towards her and tried to offer a hand.

“I didn’t realize I’d made you so hot,” he said.

He kissed her neck wetly causing her juice to dry up.

“Shut up Sean,” she groaned, reaching for her night table drawer. She pulled out her silicone based lubricant and the wand. As she leaned to plug it in Sean shifted under the blankets, grabbing her tit firmly in his hand and kissing her earlobe. She poured the lube liberally on herself, needing all the help she could get and clicked the wand on.

She immediately rolled her eyes back, letting the powerful vibration warm her clit., Letting herself give in to her body. She felt Sean nudge her onto her stomach and place himself between her legs. She was now riding her wand and he was pressing into her. Generously lubricated now, his semi-hard dick slid right in. He started thrusting. She clicked to a higher intensity and ground her clit into the massager. Sean grabbed her hips and rammed into her over and over.

“Holy fuck, babe. That thing is making your whole pussy vibrate.”

He slammed away groaning whileshe closed her eyes and thought of Geoff. Pretending it was him behind her instead of Sean and instantly she tightened around Sean’s dick and came twitching on her wand. She threw it to the side, unable to handle it anymore and thrust back into Sean, riding through her orgasm.

“Oh yaaaa. You love my dick inside you don’t you, babe. Cumming like a porn star,” he said, out of breath from his efforts his sweat dripping onto her ass.

Jess shut her mind and pictured Geoff’s big, silky smooth dick inside her instead. In and out, pressing onto her g spot. Pretending those were Geoff’s balls slapping into her clit. Jess felt the pressure building, could hear Sean moan that he was going to cum. She pictured Geoff’s boyish face when he came, and just as Sean’s cum splashed into her she screamed out, her pussy spasming around Sean’s prick while he finished unloading inside her. He stood up and grabbed a dirty towel from the floor, wiping his dick off.

“Here,” he said, tossing the smelly thing to her. “Clean yourself up.”

With that, he walked off, stark naked, to the living room where she heard him turn on his Playstation.


A few hours later, Jess walked through the front door of Conifer. She had been working here since a week after her high school graduation., She was only supposed to have worked through the summer before attending university, but she had ended up staying. Her grades hadn’t been good enough and she needed time to plan what to do next.

She saw Geoff through the pass, putting his mise en place together for tonight’s service. Her heart fluttered. There were obvious perks to working here longer than she’d planned. The moment she had seen Geoff, she had fallen hard. He was funny, and hot, and an amazing cook. Even his short temper excited her. Of course, he didn’t even know she was alive at first, but she was a cunning and tenacious girl that was used to getting her way from men.

Geoff wasn’t the first man she’d stepped out on Sean with, but he was the most difficult to seduce and that had turned her on even more.

Geoff looked up and saw her, looking at her as one would an inanimate object. Jess curled her lips into a flirty smile and waved to him. Geoff güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri didn’t smile, but he nodded curtly before returning to his work. Jess felt her clit tingle and decided she would need to fuck him tonight. It would be even better for her if he objected. She enjoyed chasing him.


Halfway through dinner service, Jess went to the washroom and removed her panties which increased her already intense state of arousal. She balled them into her hand and walked past the line cooks, slowing near Geoff. When he turned to garnish a plate on the pass, Jess slid her hand with the panties into the back pocket of his chef pants, lightly squeezing his cheek. He looked over his shoulder with an annoyed expression.

She watched as he checked his back pocket, then quickly stuffed her lacy Cheeky’s back into his pocket, his eyes almost popping out of his head. She winked salaciously and strutted back into the dining room. Througout her shift she made sure to bend over tables further than necessary in case Geoff was watching, but everytime she looked over he was engrossed with his work.

Not to be discouraged, Jess decided to flirt openly with a table of frat boys out to celebrate the end of exams. She was giggling at their jokes and taking a shots with them as they offered, which was encouraged in her job so long as she could still do what she was supposed to.

As dinner service wound down she was getting pretty tipsy and was now taking ice tea shots instead of the whiskey the kept ordering for her. As she handed them their bills one of them grabbed her ass. She startled at first, but recovered quickly, giving a charming grin.

“Thank you for the shots and giggles gentlemen. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening”

She looked up to notice that Geoff was staring at her. His jaw was tight and his eyes flashed with something she could swear was jealousy. He got a hold of himself quickly and turned away. Jess smiled.

“Ohhhh,” said butt grabber, nodding towards the kitchen. “Your boyfriend?:”

“Something like that,” she replied, handing everyone their change.

She wrapped up the rest of her tables and went to the back. The cooks had closed the line and were changing. Walking right in towards her own locker, she saw Geoff out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t need to change, but figured she could stall and wait until the others left. She removed her apron and shook her hair free as she watched people leave. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and was lifting it over her head when she heard Geoff’s voice right behind her, causing her pussy to flow freely onto her thigh.

“I think you misplaced these.”

He held a hand over her shoulder, her panties dangling off the end of one finger. She smiled and grabbed them, turning around.

“I knew exactly where they were.”

Geoff looked at her dangerously. “You have fun getting drunk with your buddies out there tonight?”

Yes, he was jealous. She knew it.

“Nice to have someone pay attention to me,” she challenged.

Turning back to her locker, she grabbed a tank top and slid it on. Geoff stepped closer.

“That’s all you’re ever looking for,” he breathed into her ear. “Attention. Regardless of the cost.”

He reached his right hand up her skirt and pressed two fingers easily inside her sopping hole. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, tightening around his digits.

“You get off on the attention men pay you.specially unavailable men.”

He slid his fingers out, only to slide them right back in. She groaned, closing her eyes,

“You want us all to fill that need, no matter what that means, and you’ll go to extreme lengths to get it.”

He slid his fingers easily in and out of her. She was getting close. So close. The pressure was building and just as she was about to release, he abruptly pulled his fingers out and walked back to his locker. She stood catching her breath. Geoff closed his locker and walked passed her.

“Meet me at my car,” he said as he passed. So low she almost wasn’t sure he had really said it.

She could still feel his fingers inside her. She grabbed her purse and shoved her panties in it. She might need these later.


She got into the passenger seat, unsure what to expect and Geoff drove off towards the river. He slid his right hand up her thigh and she parted her long lean legs. His middle and ring finger slid into her and he hooked his fingers as though summoning her. Her head rolled back onto the head rest, her lips parting as she ground herself onto his hand. His fingers didn’t leave her pussy until he pulled down a dirt road and parked in a dark spot overlooking the river. It was deserted.

Jess had almost cum again right as they turned onto this road, but the removal of his fingers delayed her gratification once more. Having been so close to the edge twice now, she felt down right ravenous.

He slammed the car into park, got out and came over to her door, opening it and pulling her out. He güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lifted her up against the car and pressed his hips into hers. Jess could feel his boner through his jeans, pressing against her naked cunt. She was drunker than she had realized and lacking coordination, she leaned in to kiss him, but he turned his face away, kissing her neck instead.

“Why won’t you kiss me?” she whined.

Geoff responded by putting her down and opening the back door. Seating himself, hepulled her in on top of him. She straddled him. Feeling his erection right on her exposed clit, she started grinding on him, looking for her release.

“I won’t kiss you because you’re not my wife. Because I don’t want you to think this is anything beyond just fucking. Because you’re an attention whore that practically begged me to fuck her. Look at you, dry humping me like a bitch in heat.”

Jess winced, stung by his words. She reached down and undoing his belt and zipper, dipped her long fingers into his boxers and pulled out his glorious cock.

Geoff groaned as she settled her hips above his, pressing her dripping hole over his rock hard dick.

“Stop Jess. I have condoms in my pocket.”

Jess laughed softly, and ignoring his request, settled further onto him and started rocking.

“Oh fuck, Jess.”

He could say all the terrible things he wanted about her, but here, in these moments, when he was inside her, she knew he was into her. He wanted her right now as bad as she wanted him in every other moment and that was everything.

Jess rode hard, rocking her hips into him, feeling him throb inside her. Her engorged clit rubbing on his pubic hair. She threw her hand to the side, planting it firmly in the steamy window and pressed hard down onto him. Geoff was bucking into her, breathing hard, his hands on her hips. He was close.

“Get off, Jess. I’m gonna cum,” he said.

Jess smiled deviantly and looked into his eyes, continuing to ride his dick to Nirvana.

“Get the fuck off,” he said, panicked.

“That’s the plan,”she giggled, slamming down harder.

She felt Geoff struggle under her, trying to get her off of him, but he couldn’t get any leverage with his legs. He just ended up thrusting into her harder.

The heat built up in Jess’ clit until it radiated out and down her legs, exploding in a burst. Geoff screamed, cursing as she felt his semen shoot in hot spurts against the spasming walls of her tunnel.

“Fuck, Jess. What the fuck.” He grabbed her hips and slammed her now limp body onto his dick like a jackhammer, as spurt after spurt shot into her. “Is that what you fucking wanted! Here have it all”

A few more violent thrusts and he was drained.

He tossed her off of him and tucked his cock back into his pants. Jess crumpled uselessly on the backseat, her legs and pussy twitching uncontrollably. Geoff opened the door and got out, only to get back in on the driver’s side. He started the car and drove fast, off of the secluded river road. Cursing, he stepped harder on the gas. Jess’s mind began to clear as she regained control of her body.

He was mad. Like really mad at her. She smiled, knowing that she was getting to him. He had cum so hard he wasn’t going to forget that anytime soon. He would keep coming back to her for more. Suddenly, she remembered the panties in her purse and she leaned over the passenger seat to grab it. Geoff didn’t even glance at her.

Jess moved to the side of the back, where Geoff couldn’t see her, and quietly used the panties to wipe Geoff’s jizz as it leaked out of her. She hiked her skirt up, so the rest would leak onto the seat and she discreetly tucked her cum stained panties into the fold of the seat, leaving just a tiny piece showing.

Geoff pulled into a Shoppers Drugmart and left Jess confused in the back seat. When he came out a minute later, he had a small bag that he gave to her. She opened the bag and laughed. A small blue box that read “Plan B” and a bottle of water.

“Take it,” he said gruffly.

“I’m on the pill,” she lied, trying to hand the bag back.

“The pill fails. I would never have cum inside you by choice. Take the damn pill.” He didn’t even look at her.

She conceded. What could it hurt? She took the pill out of the package and popped it into her mouth. Tucking it under her tongue, she swallowed some water and opened her mouth wide to show it was gone.

Geoff nodded his consent.”Get in. I’ll drive you home.”

Jess panicked. She couldn’t have Geoff drop her at home. Sean would be there.

She grabbed her purse from the back seat and looked Geoff in the eyes.

“Those frat guys gave me their number. I think I’ll shoot them a message and meet them for a nightcap.” She winked at him. “Thanks for a good time though.”

With that she leaned in and kissed his clenched lips, eaving her lipstick behind. She turned on her heel and walked off. Pulling out her phone, she messaged Josh, the guy who’d grabbed her ass.

Finished güvenilir bahis şirketleri work. Are you guys still up for a few drinks?

The response was immediate.

Hell yes. We’re at Beau’s.

She heard Geoff’s car drive off and she was suddenly filled with anxiety. He was going home to his wife. A woman he worshiped. And with reason. She was every guys wet dream. Curvy. Perfect skin. Full lips and bright blue eyes like an ocean. Jess smiled to herself as she imagined Max finding her panties drenched in Geoff’s cum in the back seat.

Jess spat out the pill that sat under her tongue and waited for her Uber.


Back in the dorm room with four of the frat boys, Josh, Devin, Drake and Cedric, she was wasted and didn’t even know how they had gotten there. They were holding her up, as they walked down the hall, all of them laughing about something she couldn’t remember.

They entered josh’s room and plopped her on the bed. One of them offered her a beer and she took it. Drunk as she was, she knew these guys wanted her. They looked at her like she was meat. She loved it. She had never been with more than one guy at once and the idea made her unclothed pussy drip. She stood up gracelessly and walked over to Devin, a large dark skinned man with broad shoulders and narrow hips. She wrapped her free hand around his neck and pulled him to her in a sloppy kiss. He kissed her back exuberantly and put down his drink so he could put his hands on her ass, pulling her up towards him.

“Mmmmm. You horny girl? ” he asked, as she pressed closer into him.

She was horny. In fact, she felt down right insatiable. She felt extra slutty tonight because she knew she probably still had Geoff’s cum inside her. Just the thought of adding more cum to that made her moan.

Devin’s hands were aggressively massaging her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and mashing them back together while they made out. The other guys were watching and Jess summoned Josh over. He put down his beer and pulled off his shirt as he walked up behind her. He started kissing her neck and reached around to grab her tits.

Jess released Devin’s lips and craned her head back to kiss Josh, sliding her tongue against his. Devins hands abandoned her ass as he took off his shirt and dropped his pants, revealing some plaid shorts with a tent. He walked back to Jess and pulled her skirt off.

“No panties? Girl, did you have this planned?”

She laughed drunkenly.

“Maybe,” she slurred. “Maybe I knew I’d met a group of men who could finally satisfy me.”

Devin slid his hand up her thigh to her pussy, cupping it in his palm, he pulled it away and examined it.

“Looks like you’ve already been satisfied tonight.”

“All that proves is that I satisfied another man tonight. Not that he satisfied me.”

Devin grinned. “Well girl, you’re in for a treat tonight then.”

With that he plunged his fingers into her sticky hole, sliding them in and out, while Josh fondled her tits and pressed his dick against her backside. Drake and Cedric started undressing and walked over to Jess, each taking a space to her sides. They ran their hands up and down her abdomen and thighs, kissing her shoulders. Jess reached her hand down and grabbed a dick in each hand. Cedric was a modest size and drake was big. The contrast of the two sizes excited her.

She couldn’t wait to feel them all cum inside her. Stroking the cocks in awkward grips, the guys started getting more intense, biting her shoulders and grabbing her flesh. All the while Devin was pounding her pussy with four fingers. Devin squeezed his thumb to his fingers and inserted his entire hand into her. Slowly at first, but then he picked up the pace. Thank God Josh was holding her up by her breasts or she’d be unable to stand.

They were all growling in a low primal way she’d never heard before. Devin’s hand was filling her completely, putting her in a space between pain and pleasure. She was glad she was drunk or it would likely have been more pain.

As she felt her pussy tighten and begin to spasm, Devin removed his fist, leaving her to have her orgasm in thin air, every touch heightened while she humped the air where his hand had been. Her cries were muffled by Cedric’s mouth as she came.

Devin’s body returned, naked and he scooped up her thighs with the help of his friends and positioned her onto his hips. Her stretched out pussy slid easily onto Devin’s girthy dick. Still riding the end of her orgasm, Jess immediately started into a second one, grinding herself onto his cock. She sank her teeth into his shoulder and humped him fast and hard, without any regard for his enjoyment. Her legs sealed around his ass and she pressed into him until she felt the valve release.

Screaming loudly, “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me. Oh God, yes. Don’t stop.”

Her orgasm slowed her pace, but she didn’t stop. She needed more. She needed him to cum.

“Holy fuck, sweetheart. You’re an animal,” Josh said from behind her.

He dropped his hands from her, leaving his friends to support her, Devin still pounding into her pussy. He pulled his pants down and stepped back towards her. Spitting into his hand, he rubbed it onto his cock. He positioned the head of his cock into her pussy. He must feel Devin’s cock sliding along his as he pressed into her.

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